Historic DWW Match, Luzia Vs Barbara, Dressed To Thrill

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Observing the pre-match rituals of a historic DWW contest is somewhat familiar and often very predictable.

Let’s take Luzia vs Barbara.

Can we be direct?

Before we watch the match, again, we’ve forgotten the details. It’s been years ago. Still, having said all of that, we still feel this match, which takes place at what looks like the famous indoor recreational area, is going to be predictable.

Luzia is going to win. Is that direct enough?,, DWW Galaxy Photo Credit

How will she win? By how much will she win? Can’t really say. We just know that she is going to defeat Barbara who was a good journey level fighter.

So just as we are about to get comfortable with our exaggerated sense of self-importance, Barbara surprises us by warming up in a black dress. She looks like she’s about to go out to dinner at Terasa U Zlate studne in Prague.

Based upon the menu, we’d love to go with her.,, Terasa U Zlate studne photo credit

Here is one review by someone who enjoyed the dining experience at “This restaurant is a hidden gem in the old town of Prague. Located on the top floor of a 16th-century building with view over the city’s rooftops, it has everything one could ask for after a long day city stroll. The service was exquisite and the food was fabulous.”

Here is another.

“We had a corporate dinner here. An interesting experience. First, the view. Spectacular looking over the Prague skyline. And made me think about what it must have been like to have bee King Rudolf in 1600.”

Sounds wonderful.

The way that Barbara is dressed, we would fit in perfectly. Perhaps you too. Wear your best suit.,, DWW Galaxy Photo Credit

Seeing that we are dressed properly the management at welcomes us. Even tells us a little about themselves. They smile, “The restaurant, with a beautiful view of Prague, not only boasts the delicious cuisine and masterpieces of head chef Pavel Sapík, but also a beautiful terrace, which is an enticing place to have lunch, dinner or a glass of wine. During the summer months, guests can also use the private entrance into the Royal Gardens of Prague Castle straight from the rooftop terrace.,, Terasa U Zlate studne photo credit

The restaurant is located on the 4th floor of The Golden Well Hotel, which will convince you that Prague truly is “the city of a hundred spires”. Italian architects, Lorenzo Carmelini and Katrin Herden participated in the design of the restaurant’s interior, which includes a typical and interesting combination of modern design and renaissance elements. The history of the Golden Well Hotel building dates back to 1528. Around 1900, there was already a small pub in the building with a breath-taking view of the Prague rooftops. In 2008, the restaurant underwent extensive renovations of its interior and facilities.”

Very nice.

At Barbara’s DWW profile she states that she loves T-bone steak.

We’ll order her one.

Exceptional food, views of historic Prague from the rooftops and a beautifully dressed maiden like Barbara. What could be better?

Well, maybe watching the gorgeous Luzia wrestle Barbara.

Wait a minute. Luzia is wearing a stunning red evening dress. Or is it wine colored? What would you say?,, DWW Galaxy Photo Credit

Are they going to remove the dresses? It appears not. After stretching the two elegant women engage.

Perhaps it is a custom match.,, DWW Galaxy Photo Credit

Barbara initially gains control and even tries to finish Luzia off with a head scissors but the flexible blonde escapes.

There is plenty of hair pulling and Luzia fights from the ground up and as expected, Luzia procures the first fall with a head scissors.

Just as we predicted.

Now something surprising occurs. The two girls begin to disrobe. Wrestling in evening dresses? We knew that wouldn’t last. It is DWW after all.

The girls rest for some time.

Once they engage, dress or no dress, Luzia is the aggressor but Barbara is very game. Attempted head scissors is the weapon of choice from both beauties thus the only question is who will apply it most effectively?

Our prediction?

Well you already know. Does it work out that was in round two?

We get a surprise. Luzia is controlling the match, has Barbara flat on her back performing a school girl pin and from the ground, Barbara fiercely pulls her hair back and it is as though Luzia pulled a neck muscle and dismounts.

Both girls are tired and just lay there. Luzia keeps rubbing her neck. They actually lay there for over a minute. No problem. They earned it.

Once they start again, Luzia seizes Barbara’s hair like a girl on a mission with no desire to let go. She traps Barbara between her legs with a vicious head scissors. Barbara does not give up. They scramble around and soon they both have each other in a mutual head scissors from a stretched out and elongated position.

In these situations it’s like a game of chicken. As they both squeeze, who is going to tap out first?

Who do you predict?

We predict Barbara will. Luzia is always very determined and in an admirable way, filled with competitive pride. She rather be good than lucky.

“I’ve found that luck is quite predictable. If you want more luck, take more chances. Be more active. Show up more often.”… Brian Tracy

Barbara finally taps out.

What was unpredictable is that she quietly began to weep. Luzia then consoles her.

Very nice match between two classy girls.,, DWW Galaxy Photo Credit

Mr. Mark Philip David Billingham is an English novelist, actor, television screenwriter and comedian whose series of “Tom Thorne” crime novels are best-sellers.

He was once quoted as musing, “The day a character becomes predictable is the day a writer should think about moving on – because the reader certainly will.”

Perhaps. No, make that most likely. Still there are some of us who sense that at times we like predictability in life. There is a certain comfort is knowing that there is an agreed upon order.

In professional sports, don’t we love our dynasties?

Even with the great DWW where often their intense fully competitive matches were unpredictable, when it comes to Luzia wining time after time after time, that is somewhat predictable and if we are honest?

Desirable too.,, DWW Galaxy Photo Credit

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