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June 3, 2022,

You can tell the depth and greatness of a competitive female submission wrestler by what those in the industry have to say about her.

With Xana of Belgium, the praise and historical dictation is voluminous.

Here is what the female submission wrestling encyclopedia Wrestle Wiki had to say about her, “In her early days as a wrestler she was trained by the great Beatrice Goffin, and since then she has gone on to make a name for herself and built up a fan following and has become a popular figure through her work with DWW, AmazonsProd, APL and Athena2.

As of late 2014, she holds a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, so she is very adept at applying lots of holds and in the process has developed her game to a another level which makes her stand out from the rest in the wrestling scene.

Xana has gone on to wrestle the big names in her weight class such as Ariel X, Nadege, Robin but the encounters that stand out the most are the ones with Antscha which originated from their days of wrestling at DWW events in 2003 and has spanned across to London where they met at Monica’s Wrestling Centre.

Her outstanding DWW resume includes a struggle with a young 19 year old Zsuzsa that lasted over 49 minutes.”

That is amazing.

Could you imagine in this day and age a match lasting for 49 minutes?  That may be the longest match in competitive female submission wrestling history.

Our wonderful Zsuzsa is still alive and well (primarily Antscha’s Productions), and still able to talk about it.

Now, let’s turn our attention to our associates at Femcompetitor Magazine and their admiration for Xana in a November 2, 2014 article.,, Xana’s press photo Editorial use

“The sensational Belgian wrestler Xana has achieved a remarkable career that has spanned well over a decade and when you review her matches, something beams out at you. Like a carefully controlled fine Belgian wine, Xana is clearly improving with age.

She is one of the few competitors that can boast having a stellar career at DWW and BFW (Belgian Fighting Women). When she was new, we could clearly see that she was very talented and if she stayed in the industry that she would evolve into one of the greats alongside her fellow country woman Nadege.

Her outstanding DWW resume includes a struggle with the sensuous Zsuzsa, an erotic decimation of the soft feminine Simona, a trembler with Danube star Edita, a tussle with Reni in front of screaming fans and a grueling match with shapely and strong Evi to name a small few.

Away from the Danube maidens she’s taken on the American super star Gia Primo, her Belgian circle of Orchilinda, Nathalie, Nadia, Anne Hurricane and the reigning champion Nadege.

Her wrestling resume reads like a who’s who international phone book.

With her slender shapely form that has acquired more muscle over the years, Xana’s matches earn your respect while reigning in your attention.

In the female submission wrestling world, this is the kind of track record that allows you to be compared to a fine wine and Belgium certainly has plenty to offer.”

Clearly the team at Femcompetitor Magazine was mightily impressed.

Time to walk down memory lane and enjoy one her classic International battles against a respected DWW Warrior named Simona.,, photo credit


This match, on the dark mats inside of the famous DWW wrestling room with the gray padded walls, has trouble with a capital T written all over it for the feminine shapely Simona.

Xana of Belgium is a super star. No gray.

Has been that way for years.

Still, to be the best, you must at least compete against the best and give Simona her credit, she has defeated a few DWW girls, including Iva, who is not push over.

Often when a person is overwhelmed by the talent, experience and strength of their opponent, one strategy is to completely surprise them with force, right from the beginning, hoping to catch them off guard and boost your on confidence.

Simona tries this tactic by rushing Xana at the start of the match. It works. Temporarily. To the surprise of the audience, she traps Xana in a head lock and takes her down. Then she fiercely adds pressure to the headlock trying to force Xana to submit.

Xana is an experienced war horse and will not go down fast and easy. Ever.

She withstands Simona’s initial surge and at approximately the two minute mark escapes the hold and in an upright position gains control of the match and now has Simona helplessly below her.

Xana is slim but virtually all muscle, so despite Simona’s weight advantage, Xana is just too strong. She relentlessly tries to smother Simona out while conversing with her French speaking contingent in the audience.

Simona is clearly in anguish, but for a brief moment, flips Xana off of her and rolls on top of Xana. Her advantage doesn’t last long as the stronger Xana erotically flips Simona’s feminine shapely body back over and in the form of a smother begins to dominate her again.

At this point, in the tennis world for example, a player would be tempted to tank. They would literally give this particular set away with a minimal effort so they could save their strength for the final set in a brutal showdown to win the match. If you have fallen far behind, why use all of your strength in a set that you are so far behind in and clearly going to lose. Stay in the fight and all you’re going to do is expend energy that would be sorely needed in the final set.

Though not an admirably strategy, it can be an effective one.

Perhaps Simona should have thought of that.

Once Xana was back on top, trying to smother Simona out with near pin counts, all Simona kept doing was to expend her energy in a fruitless effort where she was never going to escape.

She stays struggling underneath Xana way too long. Even if she escapes later, she will be too tired to execute any real submission plan.

This went on for literally 14 minutes. Literally. No doubt, her DWW pride against a Belgian rival.

It certainly provided us fans with some erotic moments but poor Simona began to tire and at about the 16 minute mark, Xana submitted her in a five count.

The girls were beautifully drenched in sweat and began to towel off.

The producer remarks to Xana how she is wet and perhaps should get a towel to dry off. Even take a shower. Xana takes a drink of water and does towel off her sexy body. It’s a very erotic moment.

There are no body scissors in this match, just pins.

It is explained to Xana that the match has taken over 15 minutes so if she attains the next fall and leads 2-0, then the match is hers.

If Simona extracts the next submission then the two must continue.

We sense Xana will be very motivated to win the next pin.

Throughout the conversing, sweet Simona has been very quiet as though she senses what is coming and come it does.

There will be no bull rushing Xana this time. It is the Belgium beauty who is the aggressor and she swiftly traps Simona in a headlock and takes her down.

Simona really should have conceded the first fall early because now she is out of strength.

It takes a few pin counts but within minutes Xana submits the short haired princess and the match is over.

Bravo Xana. We toast our wine glasses to you, filled with Belgium’s finest.

It’s only appropriate to do so, to commemorate and celebrate one of the best competitive female submission wrestlers in our glorious history.,, Xana’s press photo Editorial use

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