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April 26, 2021

Warriors defined as strangers from different ponds almost always provide for a far more intense and exciting fully competitive female submission wrestling match.


There tends to be less sympathy for an opponent than when you are fighting a fellow company fighter.

Too, you now have something to prove, not only to the audience there but also the larger one you can’t see who later will be watching the match online.


No pressure.

If there was ever a match that delivered the International goods in diamonds it was when America’s Skylar Rene met Europe’s DWW Orsi B. at the great Femwrestle events in 2014.

Not only are these two beautiful female gladiators from different fighting ponds, one would have to travel across the pond called the Atlantic Ocean to make this contest happen.

It is a classic.

Please enjoy at observed by Femcompetitor Magazine.

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It was November of 2014, match number three and there was anticipation in the air. Apparently there had been some technical problems and the Femwrestle Team would shoot the match with a second camera.

Honey from LWS once again serves as the referee and remarks how similar Skylar and Orsi appear in body style, and they do only Skylar appears to be a little heavier, tighter muscled and in more fighting shape.

Orsi is of DWW fame and is a very capable fighter but this will be an interesting test for her since given the market conditions and perhaps other factors, Orsi engages more in fantasy wrestling than the fully competitive type which will not prepare her for a battle like the one here where we think she’s about to be trapped in front of a live audience.

Once the match begins, the two girls feel each other out with some strong hand fighting.

As we suspected, Skylar is the stronger of the two and finally takes Orsi down to the mats and begins to gain control of the action. Orsi’s DWW training and over 10 years of wrestling experience pays off as she fights out of it.

Skylar is in front of a live audience and tends to fight far fiercer in those situations and thus is relentless.

Orsi’s hair accidentally flops in front of her face which is a temporary distraction and it allows Skylar to pull Orsi towards her, jump her from behind and the So. Cal Princess comes in for the kill with a fierce body scissors. Orsi’s beautiful legs struggles in the air and soon she passively submits.

The tone now has been set.

Orsi now fixes her hair and secures it., article, Orsi B. Press photo

Good idea. The less stoppage and distractions the better.

Now the two engage again and Skylar jerks and pulls Orsi towards her and begins to control the action. She begins to secure and upper chest and body scissors on Orsi as the Hungarian beauty tries to fend her off. Undaunted, Skylar now lowers it to a brutal side body scissor s and we don’t see how Orsi will escape this one.

She doesn’t but fortunately for her, both Fem Competitors are at the edge of the mats and Skylar asks to be re-positioned back in the middle of the mats.

All agree.

A temporary reprieve from the American gallows.

Ever playful, once the two girls are about to imitate the position, Orsi smiles and asks, “Can I start with me on the top position?” Honey and the audience laugh but not quite Orsi.

Fighting from the ground Skylar controls the action with her gorgeous strong tanned muscular thighs while she traps Orsi in a body scissors and sways her from side to side. Orsi isn’t going anywhere. This time Skylar uses her legs to toss so hard that the former DWW girl flips over and bottoms out off of the mats again.

Time to reset.

One thing that is becoming very clear is that Orsi poses no threat to Skylar.

Sorry. Sometimes the truth hurts.

The fight starts again and Skylar twirls Orsi around, circles behind her and traps her in a rear naked choke. Unable to break the hold and in anguish, Orsi taps out once again.

Time for a break and Orsi sure needs it.

She fixes her hair once again and the audience is very silent. The only sounds in the room are made by Orsi who is trying to catch her breath. Like a cat ready to pounce again, Skylar sits silent and eyes Orsi.

Now the hand fighting and struggle for position begins. As usual, Skylar is the master at maneuvering and firmly clasps Orsi behind the neck and pulls her forward.

Sound familiar?

Skylar remains on top and in control but makes the mistake of losing a certain amount of focus and Orsi pounces on her opportunity, surges her legs skyward and traps Skylar in a head scissors and simultaneously clasps Skylar’s right arm in an arm bar.

Now time to squeeze hard.

Skylar screams and to our surprise taps out.

There is some concern that Skylar may have lost a contact lens as Orsi probes her but the American is okay.

At 2-1 Skylar, will this become a DWW style battle?

If it does, Orsi needs to quickly ride the momentum and make her move here. If she can secure the next submission we have a true fight on our hands.

The hand fighting is more intense as the two swat at each other on their knees.

Any notion of a true competitive match quickly dissipates as Skylar yanks Orsi forward and once again and again and again controls Orsi from behind who too easily gave up her back. Skylar is not going to let her off the hook.

Once again she secures a rear naked choke and makes Orsi pay as she taps out.

3-1 Skylar.

Give Orsi credit. When the two start going at it again the roughness meter increase. The lady warriors are using their legs to throw each other around the corner of the mat. The grunts and groans are becoming more audible. This is Orsi’s last stand and she is making the best of it.

There is hope.

After struggling, Orsi gains control with a floor to sitting body scissors. Control is a tenuous word because Skylar is clearly the stronger of the two and pushes Orsi to the mats. That’s how she got there but Orsi was wise enough and quick enough to use her legs to trap Skylar.

This is where strength and stamina come into play.

More than a minute goes by and Skylar still can’t break the hold. Good for Orsi but, be that as it may, she can’t seem to close the deal. She just isn’t strong enough.

The Hungarian star tries another tactic and begins to smother Skylar but the American will not submit. The stronger of the two, Skylar rolls Orsi over but is still trapped in a mild body scissors.

That will not be sufficient.

Skylar is just too strong and regains the superior position with a side smother over Orsi’s chest and face. Orsi is showing her last signs of life and as she escapes, Skylar pulls her forward, secures a frontal choke and Orsi, clearly in pain, taps out.

Now with a few minutes left, it is just a formality.

4-1 Skylar.

As the girls rest and fix their hair, Honey announces, “If this is not the most popular wrestling video ever, I would be surprised.”

We would agree. It is a good one. A classic between warriors from different worlds. Ponds apart.

Only in Germany., article,

At this point, in a sporting contest that was once in doubt, but no longer is, the submissions will tend to come quicker.

Skylar gains control and is on top of Orsi and pushes her off the mats.

Both a little worse for wear, the two girls go back to the center.

Skylar is now completely in control and lies on top of Orsi using her body to tire her European opponent out.

For added measure, Skylar uses her weight for leverage.

She gains it.

Now she rolls Orsi again and as the tired Hungarian warrior lies on her stomach, Skylar lies on top of her from behind and applies the rear naked choke.

Game over.

5-1 Skylar.

Now that the match has ended, Honey asks if everyone is okay. Yes they are but admittedly drained.

This is the beauty of the live event.

You get everyone’s best or they will be publicly embarrassed.

No girl wants that.

~ ~ ~

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