Femwrestle Joust, Xena Vs Amanda, English Teacher Provides Lesson In Wrestling

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June 8, 2022,

Explosive events affect the planet for bad or good.

Simple but true.

The year was 2013 and a meteor explodes over the Russian city of Chelyabinsk, injuring approximately 1,489 people and damaging over 4,300 buildings. It is the most powerful meteor to strike Earth’s atmosphere in over a century.

The incident, along with a coincidental flyby of a larger asteroid, prompts international concern regarding the vulnerability of the planet to meteor strikes.

Imagine that. One moment you are ready to eat a delicious meal and the next moment a massive piece of land is hurdling towards you.

Hard to believe. Thought that was only in the movies.

We are viewing a great movie here.

Featuring two beautiful girls, loaded with feminine muscle.

The Femwrestle Classics are always amazing.

It is time for a 2013 International joust between England’s Xena and Germany’s Amanda.

With these two powerful women, it should be explosive.

Who will win?

We don’t know. Zena is a formidable British fighter but she did lose to Hungary’s relatively new Mara. Amanda we don’t know much about which may mean she hasn’t wrestled a lot.

We’re going to go out on a limb and pick Xena to win.

Both ladies are thick, gorgeous and athletically strong as they pose for their pre-battle picture.


This could be explosive.


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The pre-match ceremonies begin with the legendary Honey, serving as referee, asking the two strong athletic women to come to the center of the mats and pose for pictures.

The gorgeous Amazons are loaded with beautiful feminine muscle.

A snap shot for the history books.

Time to begin.

The two begin on their knees with cautious hand fighting to try and establish some positioning.

Xena is the aggressor and encases Amanda in a floor to sitting body scissors with an attempt for a submission while Amanda counters by driving her elbows into Xena’s thighs.

No submission there, as the two struggle on the ground and Xena next attempts a side body scissors. Amanda is on the defensive but continues to fight Xena off.

The irony is that during the whole time, from the beginning of the match, Amanda has been in the top position but unable to do anything with it.

Xena changes that by rolling on top of Amanda. Xena appears to the be the stronger wrestler as Amanda struggles underneath the sexy thick British blonde.

Xena now decides on a reverse face sit as she rests her body on Amanda’s chest. At this point all Amanda can do is beautifully struggle underneath.

Xena now maneuvers Amanda into a bent over position and if she decides to, push her forward into a Guillotine Choke.

Xena maintains the top position and a vice grip on Amanda’s upper body. Amanda keeps trying to move away and the veteran Xena follows her, clamps down hard and, at the edge of the mat, Amanda taps out.

Xena leads 1-0 (4:29).

Xena is softly smiling. For good reason.

In round two, they start in similar fashion where Amanda is trapped between Xena’s super strong thighs in a floor to sitting body scissors. This time Amanda is more aggressive in lifting Xena up off the mats and pounding her down, trying to break the hold.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work.

Xena is still in control and slides Amanda into an arm bar head scissor hold. Amanda breaks the head scissor but not the arm bar and painful wrist lock combination. The German maiden taps out.

2-0 for Xena (6:55).

Xena now consoles Amanda for the second time after submitting her.

This confirms to us how new Amanda is. Xena would not have to behave this way with an experienced wrestler. Amanda has the strength, she just hasn’t developed the skill and if Xena doesn’t let up off the gas, due to sympathy, this will probably turn into a blowout.

As they engage again, a pattern is now emerging.

Amanda is very aggressive in the beginning, even pushing Xena around but she has no real submission skills or appearance of a plan so eventually she slides right into Xena’s arms and once again, very painful body scissors. It looks excruciating.

Amanda painfully taps out.

3-0 for Xena (8:33).

After a brief break, they engage once again.

Amanda goes into warrior pose but unfortunately, talented as she is, thus far, she is not able to back it up. Looks good though.

She lunges at Xena and in the process and misses badly.

Now she has given up her back and Xena is quick to pounce on that opportunity and traps Amanda from behind. This would be an ideal time for a rear naked choke but curiously Xena does not apply it.

They struggle on the mats for a minute but Xena is clearly in control.

In the elongated position, she mounts and lies on top of Amanda. The choke submission option is an easy choice. Xena applies it and Amanda taps out.

4-0 for Xena (10:46).

Though there is at least eight minutes left in the contest, the match is essentially over right now.


As we said, without knowing what was going to happen in this particular match, we have seen this before. The superior wrestler is running away with the match but instead of demolishing her opponent, as her skillsets indicate she should, she lets up off the gas.

Xena does that here.

She kisses Amanda on the forehead and the rest of the way, controls the match, is never in danger, but essentially spars with Amanda, laughs and jokes and the match turns into a training a sparring session.

That is fine but it not something we are able to review because there is essentially no competitive meat, scientific wrestling and tension since the match has already been decided.

We have always been huge fans of Xena. Her well-muscled body is gorgeous and her thick thighs are some of the most beautiful in the business.

This match occurred back in 2013 but Xena’s videos can still be found in Pippa’s Submission Room.

So, was the match explosive?

Yes, the first half of it and it was well worth watching Germany’s Amanda wrestle in a live event environment because it may not be something that we will ever see again.

This is why you take the time and record it in the fully competitive female wrestling history books.

~ ~ ~

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Note: Femwrestle now appears to be Femcom Girls Wrestling and they do have a clips for sale store. https://twitter.com/femwrestle?lang=en