DWW Classic, Edita Vs Clara, When Predictable Is Colorful, Sensational

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June 9, 2022,

It is not like a box of chocolates.

With this fight, you know what you are going to get.

And yes, historically speaking, at DWW, you virtually always know what you are going to get, but a match between Edita and Clara, two rock solid wrestlers, promises to be tough.

This video has been in our vault for years, so we forgot who won, so at first glance, given her extensive experience, we sense Edita should win this one.

She should, if her name means something.

The team at namesfolder.com educate, “Edita is Spanish Girl name and meaning of this name is “Prosperous in war“.

Clara is not one to be taken lightly. Less experienced but can be very tough as Susanne found out the hard way.

With a brilliant career that started as early as 2001, Clara’s resume includes engagement against Luzia, Edita, Jana N, Irene, Denise, Andrea N, Tiffany, Antonia, Eva, Laila, Vanda, Linda, Xana, Daniela, Barbara, Nadege and Kriszta.


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The year was 2004.

A very memorable year.

Mark Zuckerberg launches The Facebook, later renamed to Facebook, a social networking website for Harvard University students.

Oh, how the time flies.

Then, Edita is 29 and Clara 25.

The two begin by warming up as their slender, sensuous stealth bodies are on display in the studio room, not often shot in.

Like ferocious rams, the two lower their heads and march towards one another.

They don’t butt, but instead engage in upper body hand fighting.

This goes on for some time until Edita grabs Clara by the hips and takes her down.

In 2004, MMA was not the rage, especially with the DWW Girls, so while Edita is on top of the short haired beauty and trying to take control, though in a great position to do so, she doesn’t go for the choke.

Instead she tries to roll Clara into a body scissors.

It doesn’t work.

Clara takes advantage of the situation, elongates Edita and mounts her, then she actually does capture Edita in a side body scissors and begins to squeeze.

Edita is in trouble.

Clara rolls her to the side and squeezes hard. Edita yells “stop” and the younger girl gains the first submission.

1-0 for Clara (2:38).

The two gorgeous girls rest for a few seconds.

When they engage again, it is interesting how time periods mark where we are internally in the female submission wrestling world.

Here, Edita and Clara are engaging standing up. Most matches today, to help prevent injuries, start on the knees.

The other intriguing aspect is that the two warriors are submitting each other without using chokes.

They engage again with upper hand fighting, with neither gaining the advantage.

Edita finally breaks through and returns the favor to Clara by taking her down to the mats.

Clara tries to encase her in a headlock but being underneath, she is in too weak a position.

Edita gains control, grabs Clara underneath the chin, pulling her head backwards, and crunches her with a fierce body scissors. Again, different time period. We have researched tons of video and we rarely see the chin lock, pull the head back move.

Clara painfully taps out. 1-1 (4:10).

After a brief rest, the next round begins with hand fighting.

The two probe one another, looking for an opening. Two beautiful stealth bodies in motion.

Finally Edita finds an opening and takes Clara down to the mats and encases her in a floor to sitting body scissors.

Clara is strong and typically doesn’t give in easy so she holds out. Sensing that, Edita rolls the short haired elegant European beauty to the side and tries for a side body scissors.

Clara is in trouble, but hanging in there.

Edita gives up on that, maneuvers Clara underneath her, mounts her and tries for a school girl pin.

The pin counts start but Clara keeps bucking Edita off.

The ever flexible Edita flattens out and tries for a smother pin. Mission accomplished.

Clara is counted out. 2-1 for Edita (6:57).

The two begin standing up and engaging in upper body neck and hand fighting. This goes on for some time until Clara makes the mistake of turning her back on Edita who quickly seizes the opportunity and takes Clara down to the mats.

Clara is now in the bent over turtle position as Edita mounts.

The brunette is considering her options as she stays on top of Clara. Finally she decides on a chin lock and head scissor combination but as we said, Clara is not one to give up easily.

She shocks Edita by flipping her out, pushing her underneath and now Clara is on top.

Edita is no pushover either. Clara is trying the same exact chin lock and scissor on Edita to no avail.

Edita breaks the hold and now she is back on top of Clara.

A cross body pin attempt turns into a smother attempt.

As she has Clara elongated, Edita is relentless in trying to keep Clara pressed to the floor and counted out.

This goes on for some time with Clara impressively bucking Edita off again, until she can’t.

3-1 for Edita (11:37).

Exhausted, the two DWW Warriors lie flat on their back, resting.

Once they start, the usual upper body jousting and hand fighting begins. Typically this would go on for at least a minute except Edita lunges underneath, in a surprise move, and grabs Clara by the lower legs, lifts her up and lets her down on the mats before attacking from the top position.

In today’s world, that would be an extremely risky move because if you miss the clasp, you are in a prime position to be submitted for a Guillotine Choke.

But, this is not today’s world.

In that day’s world, it is time for Edita to attempt another chin lock and head scissor as Clara is efficiently scrambling underneath.

By the way, there are at least three girls watching and a male with dark hair who looks like Gunther, but can’t be sure.

Clara’s excessive wiggling and struggling pays off as she escapes and now mounts Edita.

But can she do something with it? Time is running out.

She can’t.

Edita breaks the hold and now has Clara’s head in a reverse neck crank while she is trying to use her legs for the patented scissors. Clara resists so Edita attempts a neck hold and smother pin.

The count begins but Clara bucks her off. Clara then breaks the hold and is now on top.


It doesn’t last as Edita flips her off and is now on top.

The difference is that Edita is adept at trapping Clara’s neck to pin her down. She does again. As the pin count starts, Edita uses the neck hold, with her body on top of Clara to secure the next pin count.

4-1 to Edita for a hard fought true grappling victory.

Old school and fairly predictable.


Absolutely captivating, colorful and spectacular.

~ ~ ~







DWW is a historic company that laid the foundation for modern fully competitive female submission wrestling and should be chronicled. Caution, many of their videos are adult in nature.