DWW Classic, Gorgeous Luzia (18 Year Old) Battles The Relentless Legend Hana

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March 17, 2022,

The world is a very different place for eighteen year old girls who love to wrestle.

The options are endless and the future is bright.

If she is good enough, she can receive a college scholarship where new women’s wrestling programs are being added at break neck speed. It is hard to keep.

A young female wrestler can also decide to break from college and try and make a name for herself in the squared circle with the growing wrestling promotions that recognize the talent and entertainment value that Lady Pro wrestlers bring to the ring.

New MMA female fight promotions are being added as well. Recently a new promotion from Canada produced a January 2022 promotion.

All of that is great news.

If you live and are competing in 2022.

DWW’s Luzia The Great, got her start and primarily competed in the 1990s.

For her to be competing as a wrestler, at 18 years old, in that time period was extremely unusual.

And special.

Luzia made every match look special.

Here is what the DWW Management had to say in their praise for Luzia, “She was an accomplished wrestler with the beauty and body to match.

Not only was she a great wrestler but a great person as well – always the consummate sportswoman believing very strongly in fair play.

Her wrestling record is unsurpassed.

I do not have to use a lot of words to describe her accomplishments as her record speaks volumes.

She had over 207 matches over her career spanning November of 1997 through November 2006.

Overall she won 80.2% of her matches and 72.3% of her falls (i.e. points awarded).

What makes this record even more remarkable is that, arguably, she was often given the toughest set of matches and opponents at an event.

She was often sponsored in 6 matches over two consecutive days and once did 8 matches over two days.  She was sponsored against a wide variety of opponents and types of matches, particularly by Gunner.

Speaking for myself and Gunner, we tried to give her the most competitive opponents we could when we sponsored her in those 6 to 8 match 2 day efforts.

We didn’t make it easy on her and give her easy matches to pad her record.  To the contrary, we made it as tough as possible.

Luzia never disappointed.

Even in her rare loses she did not disappoint, always giving her best and always with the athletic, sportswoman style that many of us loved so much.”

What an incredible summary of their views on the timeless Czech beauty and DWW Team One champion Luzia.

We went to the archives at Femcompetitor Magazine to re-produce one of those tough matches the management described.

Against the legendary Hana, any match was going to be tough.

Especially, when like Luzia at the time, you are only 18 years old and Hanna is 26.

 HANA (26) VS LUZIA (18)

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As if the DWW legends Hana and Luzia were not great enough, this match, when Luzia is at the tender age of 18 and Hanna 26, is why they became legends.

This is a classic.

Hana looking stealth in a black bikini with red trim is introduced from both the Czech Republic and Austria as she meets the Czech Princess Luzia, sensuously adorned in red, in the famous outdoor tent by the woods on a beautiful day by the mighty Danube River.

As always Jeff the Ref is smartly wearing white.

The two girls begin the match by head hunting.

Hana literally flips Luzia over as the gorgeous blonde spills onto the mats with a thud.

The brunette then traps her in a reverse headlock, surprising an exasperated Luzia. Hana then maneuvers her into a crunching body scissors and Luzia yells: “STOP!”


After a brief pause the two warriors begin again with upper body jousting as Hana soon gains control and aggressively flips Luzia again.

Luzia to everyone’s surprise hangs in there and catches Hana off guard with a squeeeeeeze tight body scissors. Then on to a frontal body scissors.

Hana efficiently breaks the hold and the two erotically and aggressively begin to roll around jockeying for position.

Luzia temporarily gains control but having none of that, Hana breaks it back and then launches herself behind Luzia, clasps the perfectly shaped feminine blonde from behind and punishes her with a brutal head scissors that Luzia cannot escape from.

Even at this point, the fact that Hana is ahead 2-0, the intensity of the match is beginning to take its toll on her too, as she lays flat on her stomach.

Jeff requests some ice for her head.

Will they call the match due to injury? It’s Hana, what do you think? Of course not.

Luzia sympathetically begins to gently rub Hana. As the management stated, she is the consummate good sport.

After about two minutes, Hana is back up as the show must go on.


Luzia starts back on top but can she hold the position? As she is face sitting Hana, the more experienced warrior breaks the hold, again.

A pattern is starting to emerge.

At the start of each round, Luzia is the aggressor, gains top control but can’t close the deal.

As soon as Hana gains control, as she does once again, every time, she does indeed close the deal.

This time around she painfully submits Luzia with an effective chin lock and forceful body scissors.


Okay, we think by now, we know how each round will begin.

Luzia begins as the aggressor, initially gaining the superior position, this time clasping Hana from behind but the Austrian breaks the hold and once more encases Luzia from behind.

She rolls the blonde and then attempts a grapevine. Luzia struggles and then breaks the hold.

Undaunted Hana flies on top of Luzia and goes for a full body pin.

Jeff begins the pin count, One, Two, Three….Three and a half? The audience laughs.

Luzia slides out from the hold.

Hana quickly gains control and this time with Luzia’s out stretched wide in a T formation, she tries for another grapevine and pin.

There is a delay and Hana looks back at Jeff as if to say “Count!”

The girls continue to struggle and finally Hana clasps Luzia in a full a body pin trapping Luzia’s left arm between her strong legs.

It’s over.

Drained, Luzia concedes.

There is a long pause as both girls are exhausted, but there is a dominant winner.

Jeff beckons them to stand and Jeff announces that there is a clear winner with Hana victorious at 3-0. Apparently the second fall didn’t count.

He then smiles that the final pin count of five was genuine, the crowd laughs and Hana smiles while she mockingly chokes Jeff.

Oh the memories.

What an impressive match from two beautiful girls who would go on to become DWW legends.

It’s a stroll down memory lane with the wonderful people of DWW. Back during the day, it seemed like these enjoyable jousts would last forever.

Always stay in the moment. Try and remember everything.

Now we are doing everything that we can to preserve them.


Because they were the foundation of modern day female submission wrestling and far beyond impressive.

fciwomenswrestling.com femcompetititor.com grapplingstars.com, DWW.at photo credit

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