Intense International Fight, Germany’s Rage Vs Hungary’s Aisa, Match Review, Aisa's press photo Editorial use

March 18, 2022,

We had to adjust our lens.

What lens?

The one we rank Female Submission Wrestlers with.

Sometimes rose colored.

We over estimated both Germany’s Rage and Hungary’s Aisa in terms of their fighting skills.

That is a compliment.

We previously saw them rack up victories against newer girls or ones that were hard working but lesser skilled wrestlers.

Based upon those victories, we almost projected them to an elite level.

Then, once we purchased over 50 videos from Antscha’s Productions fully competitive events, something intriguing happened.

Reality set in.

They are not the only ones we made this mistake with.

Because Kimbra was a DWW alum and trained with super stars Antscha and Viktoria, we over estimated her. Research indicates Kimbra fights hard in front of her group, whether it is at Antscha’s studio or at the Great Femwrestle Events in Troisdorf, Germany, where she was in front of a large Hungarian crowd.

Then she went to wrestle in England and guess what. Of the three matches we saw, Kimbra came away with a 0-2-1 record.

Her lost to England’s Jade was particularly shocking in the sense that, in her early years, Jade was primarily a fantasy wrestler at APL and TC Wrestling and perhaps we underestimated her as a result. Jade has massively improved.

When these two stepped into the ring at Monica’s Wrestling Center, we thought Kimbra would win easily.

We were completely wrong.

The way Jade woman handled Kimbra was shocking and we will admit, a little disappointing.

Having said all of that, this is why, as a magazine, we have to purchase the videos to watch the Fem Competitors wrestle in a fully competitive environment, outside of their pond and safety of their company fights.

It is the International matches that reveal what level they are really at.

This brings us to Germany’s Rage fighting Hungary’s Aisa, in a very competitive environment.

Based upon our previous inaccurate lens, we would describe both girls as Intermediate Fighters.

The translation of that, based upon our thinking, is that Intermediate Fighters will virtually always defeat new girls with no upsets in sight.

It tends to make them look far more impressive that they are.

Intermediate Fighters are very experienced and highly skilled.

What separates them from the industry elite are four factors. Experience, muscle structure, speed in maneuvering and technique make the difference.

Then when we review an Elite Fighter, and she is the focus of our article, we are sometimes surprised at how the elite easily dominate Rage or Aisa.

Now that our lens has been adjusted, we are ready for the excitement of an International Intermediate Fight.

GERMANY’S RAGE VS HUNGARY’S AISA,, Screenshot Antscha Productions photo credit Editorial use

Great fights take place in Antscha’s studio, and not having viewed this one yet, we think this promises to be another one.

Antscha will serve as referee.

After the introductions, the two start to engage.

Aisa gains the initial advantage with a weak headlock that Rage would soon break and take the top position. Aisa then tries to push Rage’s head back into a scissors. That move has potential but, to the audience applause, Rage breaks that too.

Rage is on top now, and may even have a plan, but Aisa’s defenses are preventing her from executing it.

Finally both girls have one another in a form of body scissors in the elongated position with Aisa possessing the stronger of the two holds.

The holds are broken but Aisa soon gains the advantage, from the ground, trapping Rage with a fierce behind the neck choke.

Rage is in trouble.

This goes on for a minute but Rage refuses to submit.

As Rage bucks like a bronco, Aisa hangs on for dear life but can’t close the deal.

Rage breaks the hold.

The German Princess now mounts Aisa and fights from the top. There is a struggle and Rage is making inroads until she finally clasps Aisa with a side body scissors, squeezes hard and Aisa taps out.

At the approximate 4:45 mark, Rage leads 1-0.

Time for Aisa, the more experienced one, to gather herself.

She does.

As the next round begins, after momentary hand fighting, Aisa seizes Rage with a headlock and drives her to the mat.

Aisa is angled from the side while Rage’s body is straight, the beautiful, shapely, porcelain German girl tries to kick out but to no avail.

Aisa has a tight grip on Rage’s neck and is not letting go.

Rage concedes and taps out.

1-1 at this point.

The two are smiling as they are about to re-engage but the smiles are hiding how the intensity level is rising.

Rage immediately grasps Aisa’s neck and takes her down but Aisa quickly raises her legs over Rage’s head and the two girls roll.

They both now have each other trapped in headlocks.

Aisa comes out ahead and has Rage encased in a side body scissors but not with much leverage. Rage gets to her knees and breaks the hold.

She falls forward on Aisa who is now under duress. The German princess continues to apply the pressure and has now trapped Aisa in a side body scissors. Aisa refuses to give, so Rage, maintaining the top position, now sets Aisa up for a smother.

Aisa breaks the hold to the applause from the audience.

The girls are now twirling around on the blue mats and soon Aisa clasps Rage in a tenuous body scissors. Rage keeps scrambling to escape.

Good job.

She does and now has Aisa bent over and folded like a pretzel. What submission hold Rage is angling for at this point is a mystery.

Her body is covering Aisa’s face and her arm is behind her neck so it looks like a headlock, choke and smother is in order. That does the trick.

Aisa taps out.

Rage leads 2-1.

After very little rest, the girls are ready for the next round.

They are still smiling.

Time to fight. Again.

Rage quickly grabs Aisa’s head and pulls it forward and downward. She is in the top position and slides into a cross body pin but keeps moving with Aisa underneath.

The two girls keep trying to head scissor one another as they struggle from the ground. Rage is on top but she is not in control. At one point she maneuvers into a reverse face sit but Aisa eventually breaks out of that as well.

Rage is persistent and solidifies the reverse face sit position. Since Aisa’s shoulders are down, the face sit can turn into an old fashioned pin. 1, 2, 3, 4, and Aisa is finally counted out at 10.

At slightly over 10 minutes, Rages leads 3-1.

Given the time that is left, Aisa is not going to win this.

Can she tie?

Time to find out.

The two slowly move close together and Rage immediately grabs underneath Aisa’s bended knee and pushes her backwards. Aisa counters by trying to trap Rage in a triangle choke but misses the mark and Rage escapes.

Rage immediately takes the top position as Aisa struggles below. Rage is in no rush, she’s winning, so now it is about positioning. She soon gains a dominate position, sitting on top of Aisa’s chest.

It looks like a forward moving smother would be in order but Rage let’s that go and tries something else.

The something else is a sitting triangle choke, but her grasps is tenuous again.

The audience applies as Aisa breaks the hold.

Time waits for no one. The match is over.

The two hug one another after a tremendous struggle.

Rage wins 3-1.

Another great International fight for the history books.

~ ~ ~

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NOTE: Both European beauties provide exciting and memorable sessions.

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