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February 19, 2021,

Medicines are readily available. With side effects. There is a theory that if the medicine doesn’t have side effects then it is not working.

Says the man missing an organ.

We like the effective medicines with very little side effects.

Sometimes it doesn’t come in a bottle and isn’t made by a pharmaceutical company.

Take competitive female submission wrestling., article,

We love it so much. We don’t kid ourselves that when we are watching it that we are not medicating.

We are. We have. We will.

Count on it.

“The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.”… Voltaire

It just feels so good when so many other aspects of life do not.

The most prolific side effects are joy and enchantment. Sometimes curvy serenity., article, cottonbro photo credit

The matches we love the most are the ones filled with fully competitive surprises.

Notice we didn’t say competitive surprises. Yes, we said fully competitive. Why?

They tend to be a lot more erotic.

Here are two that caught us by surprise and provided us with a very soothing medicating experience.

Rachel DD vs LWS Legend Honey, article, femwrestle press photo credit

What happens when you bring together two feminine gorgeous jobbers in a fully competitive match where one is in a foreign environment?

What happens can be something extremely erotic. Why? Because you don’t know who is actually going to win.

This occurred in September of 2014 when the legendary sensuous Honey of London Wrestling studios fame met Doommaiden’s company fighter in Rachel DD.

We’ll be up front and say that despite having produced and refereed endless matches, we can’t actually remember Honey defeating anyone in any match.


You would think that with all of that experience that Honey would win a few but we don’t recall her doing so, and we’ve seen her wrestle at many companies.

Rachel DD’s match record is not much better. She loses to virtually everyone she wrestles too, but we have seen her squeak out a couple of victories against some complete newbies. Mostly though, Rachel gets completely dominated by others.

Having said that, wrestling a ton at Doommaidens, Rachel has come a long way since her early battle in Las Vegas against Jolene where as a newbie she was thoroughly outmatched.

Completely, thoroughly, absolutely, positively, massively, perpetually, soundly and smashingly dominated.

So, we thought Honey would win here.

Honey’s challenge is that she has to be one of the thinnest wrestlers we have ever seen.

So what happened? A nice surprise. Soothing medication. One of these beauties was completely dominated.

Here is the producer’s description:

“Buxom blonde Rachel DD faces off against Honey of LWS in a competitive smother wrestling match. The only submissions allowed are by breast smother!

Rachel is a fiery competitor with a very respectable set of “assets” for this fight. She overpowers Honey right from the start and dominates her for the entire match. Rachel works hard to get just the right position for the perfect breast smother as she pins Honey down. And even when Rachel winds up on the bottom, she still tries to pull Honey into her chest and smother from below – not an easy feat, but worth a try!

Rachel forces Honey to submit from numerous successful pinning breast smothers. All the crushing, smothering, and rough handling wears Honey down to a completely exhausted state by the end of the match.

After her very decisive win, Rachel celebrates with a victory pose.”

Rare congrat’s Rachel.

We purchased and have watched it at least 5 times. A true erotic gem.

It was a sound thumping and smoothing of Honey who, as the match wore on, became more feminine and submissive as Rachel kept falling, rolling and maneuvering herself on top of Honey who passively gave in.



Here is another.

When we’re feeling a little depressed and need a domination pick me up, a nice surprise domination match will do.

This also occurred at the great Femwrestle Events in Troisdorf, Germany when Karina Gotika of Russia completely humbled and dominated the larger woman Thunder of London.

Our friends at Femcompetitor Magazine wrote about Karina with love.

Karina Gotika, Russian Goth Girl Grappler, Fun, Magnificent

Here is their detailed match summary with her surprising us against Thunder.

“We are very familiar with the formidable sensuous British, New Zealand wrestler named Thunder.  LWS Wrestler Thunder Strikes With Power and Lightning!

She is a larger fighter and can be a little intimidating, if not over powering. We have enjoyed a number of her videos and her strength is in her power and her technique is to be respected.

We had never seen Karina wrestle before, so when the two sexy to die for girls are introduced on the Femwrestle blue mats, dressed in what else, black, you can feel both the intensity and eroticism flowing.

We had to purchase.

Karina is very energetic and full of life and walks to the middle of the square circle to stretch.

Thunder says in an audible voice, words to the effect, “You can stretch all you want, that’s not going to help.” Some of her British sorority in the background laugh hysterically.


Red Flag.

We are from the elite high school sports world, in the most populated state in America, and what is the one thing you learn very early.

Never, ever insult your opponent.

And you want to know what this writer immediately thought when Thunder did that?

Thunder is going to lose.

Bulletin board material. Why motivate your opponent when you don’t have to?

Then it began.

Karina began to take it to her baby!

We’ll take passion over size any day.

The two met in the middle with the usual tug of war, like a chess match to fight for center position, and before you know it, to our surprise, Karina pushed Thunder over and was on top of her with a brutal chin lock.


Then the fun began. As Karina was on top of Thunder, riding her like a bucking bronco, she shouted a loud Woo Hoo!!!

Excuse me?

What does Woo Hoo in Russian mean, you ask?

My, my. Where are my manners? I’ll translate.

That’s Russian for, Yippee ki-yay mother pucky, you dare talk trash to me, I’m gonna kick yo butt!

While on top of Thunder, completely dominating her, Karina enthusiastically shook hands with an audience member.

Translation in audience speak?

This is gonna be child’s play!

Throughout the match, the smaller Karina made it very clear she would not be intimidated by Thunder’s size or reputation. When Thunder playfully slapped her butt, Karina slapped Thunder’s butt back harder.

Every time Karina had Thunder in a weak position, which was often, she would dance, prance and mug with the audience.”

What a match.

Oh, what a feeling.

We’re feeling better already. Talk about great medicine., article,, article, photo credit

Those surprise lopsided matches in the competitive female submission wrestling world, quite simply, are some of the best medicines around.

~ ~ ~

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