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Instagram Models and beautiful skin go together like peaches and cream, peanut butter and jelly, pizza and beer, Chinese food and variety along with other examples that you can think of.

You can’t be one without having the other.

One of our favorite pastimes is to search the internet for gorgeous Instagram models and we are seldom disappointed.

We found another one.

Australian based fitness star Laura Henshaw is on top of virtually every skincare and fashion list as a gorgeous fitness model.,, Laura Henshaw Instagram photo

You wonder how she has time to take care of her skin due to her incredibly busy schedule.

Along with her impressive fitness and diet regime, Laura has co-authored a book about body-confidence, A Girls Guide to Kicking Goals, with friend and fellow fitness model Steph Claire Smith.

Talk about another sexy beauty. The good looking girls always hang out together.

The duo also collaborated on a workout and clean-eating app called Keep it Cleaner, which debuted at number one on the Health & Fitness app store. Laura has recently landed the cover of Women’s Health magazine and has been signed to Chadwick Models.

Very impressive. So is her beautiful and flawless skin.

Laura’s past includes modeling for clothing brands such as Vintage Market Place, Love Affair and Lady Fox.

In her early years she was approached about modeling several times growing up and finally pursued it after high school. She studied law in college.

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Wow, hard to beat that.

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Life changing? Well, if you an Instagram of Online Fitness Model, it can also be income changing.

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Christina Henry
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(612) 547-9958

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