Femwrestle Domination, Lilith, Czech Republic Routines Hungary’s Rebecca, 2,300 Words

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April 17, 2022,

Everyone looks like someone. Right?

She reminds me of her. She looks just like her. Haven’t you said that? We certainly have.

There is one Euro Princess who is unique and reminds us of very few. Virtually no one else.

That is Lilith of the Czech Republic.

It is an absolute joy to revisit the Czech Republic’s star wrestler Lilith’s memory again.

She is beautiful. Make that stunning. Female perfection.

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And is an exceptional wrestler.

Fantastic and feminine in form, blessed with a pearlescent glow and masterful in tactics, Lilith emerged as one of the globe’s most effective female submission wrestlers.

We’re ecstatic about her accomplishments, have chronicled her meteoric rise and highlighted many of her previous tactically brilliant victories. Femcompetitor Magazine featured her in an article.

Lilith, Wrestler Czech Republic, Painting Her Masterpiece

Lilith’s strength of technique are her one two punch of arm bars and chokes married to crushing ground floor body scissors. From time to time she employed leaping body scissors and head locks but the previously mentioned are her main meat and potatoes.

She loves to scissor from the floor. We love to watch her do just that.

And most important is her disposition. Always bright and sunny with a smile on her face. Virtually all of the time.

She comes from an era of stellar female submission wrestling in the Czech Republic with other stars and main attractions at the great Femwrestle Events in Troisdorf like Artemis, Siberia, Alkaia and Lara.

Her videos can be purchased at Female Wrestling Zone and those matches include jousts against the above ladies and Nica and Inanna as well.

Here we are going to walk down memory lane and review her matches against Hungary’s Rebecca.


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When the two beauties are introduced, Lilith looks elegant and sexy in a black bikini bottom and printed top while Rebecca looks very cute and subdued in her army fatigues green athletic wear.

Both girls are wearing knee supports. Two for Rebecca and one for Lilith.

Rebecca is a girl we have not seen much of so we are curious if the green military look might be significant of something. We certainly could not tell by the look on her face which is very expressionless and unexcited.

As the two ladies are brought to their knees to engage, Rebecca makes no effort at all to attack or defend herself. Lilith gladly takes the gift, traps her in a forward chin lock and choke and Rebecca instantly taps out.

Oh, wow. Please tell us the rest of the match is not going to be like this.

Only 45 seconds have elapsed.

We don’t know how to say this but Rebecca doesn’t look interested. If true, gonna be a long day at the office.

Once they start again, Lilith quickly pushes Rebecca around but this time Rebecca fights back and grasps Lilith in a headlock and exerts from the ground. Lilith will soon roll Rebecca into a body scissor by the edge of the mat but to our surprise, Rebecca holds on for dear life to that headlock.

Good for her. At least make an effort.

Lilith breaks the hold and takes Rebecca’s arms and brings the smaller girl back to the center of the squared blue mats. She skillfully traps Rebecca in a triangle choke, from the ground up. Looks moderately secure. Rebecca struggles and breaks the hold.

Very good. At least she didn’t give up.

Unattached, the two look at one another contemplating their next move. The good news?

Rebecca looks interested.


The Hungarian beauty has an intriguing fighting style. She is not aggressive at all but simply waits for Lilith to make the first move, as she does once again, then she tries to trap Lilith in a headlock. Lilith, encased in that headlock, responds in the typical way with a side body scissors.

The two struggle to a stalemate for some time but Lilith’s strength is becoming a factor as she breaks the headlock and retains her scissors.

Then for good measure, she adds a headlock as well.

Rebecca is trapped but she doesn’t give up.

Now, in a brilliant move, Lilith uses her strength to keep Rebecca in a choke while tightening her body scissors, forcefully pulls Rebecca backwards, simultaneously squeezes and chokes and Rebecca has no choice but to tap out.

At the 5 minute mark it is 2-0.

As usual, the gorgeous Czech girl has a smile on her face.

The two ready themselves.

Oh, no. Rebecca returns to the backup style. She keeps low and backs up while Lilith, on her knees as well, continues to stalk her. Rebecca keeps backing up and in a very symbolic moment looks behind her and sees that she is running out of room. Lilith seizes the moment, lunges forward while Rebecca bends down and traps her in an over the chop choke.

Easy peasy, Rebecca taps out. 3-0 Lilith.

Okay, so it is obvious that Lilith is going to win. The question becomes, by how much? We are going to stay with this match and not turn it off because we are curious how Rebecca is going to respond to the shellacking she is about to receive. (5:45)

Nice idea, but if the next segment is any indicator, this is going to be excruciating.

Hang in there.

The girls come together again. Lilith is in complete control and literally drags Rebecca to the corner of the mats. We look around the audience and it appears that Alkaia is smiling and taking a picture.

Star studded crowd.

Lilith has Rebecca trapped in an early triangle choke. Early becomes late quickly and Rebecca taps out. 4-0 Lilith (keep your calculator handy).

They rest only for a second.

As they begin to engage, Rebecca is not really engaging. She is doing the play possum thing again, waiting for Lilith to attack. Her face is expressionless. She is getting completely dominated and perhaps is pretending not to care.


Lilith does indeed attack and they simultaneously clasp one another in a headlock. Surprisingly Rebecca emerges with the hold.

Okay, her strategy worked for now but can she finish the Czech maiden off?

They struggle for a while with Rebecca in control. She’s not doing anything with this.

Finally Lilith breaks out and being behind Rebecca (again), she predictably traps her in the behind the body scissors and rear naked choke, pulls backwards and Rebecca quickly taps out. (7:53) 5-0 for Lilith.

Let’s keep going.

We’re challenging ourselves to finish this match (yawn).

We only review matches from the beginning, where we don’t know who is going to win. While we suspected the extremely talented Lilith would win, we didn’t expect a complete thrashing but just as we we’re sitting ringside, we’re going to be respectful and see this through.

As they engage again, Rebecca is trying her best to sustain a headlock which turns into an arm behind the neck choke, but Lilith easily thwarts that effort, rides on top of Rebecca, rolls her to the side with a body scissors and blood choke combination and Rebecca taps out. (8:49).

6-0 for Lilith. That’s what you have, right?

Steady as we go Mate. More torture ahead.

Time to engage and Rebecca is not even putting her arms up. They remain by her side, again with the play possum strategy.

Lilith is happy to take it. Smiling again. She captures Rebecca and takes her down to the floor and soon snaps her into a side triangle choke and Rebecca taps. (10:00)

Lilith leads 7-0.

Oh, well.

Watching Rebecca wear those green combat fatigues is a clear irony.

Tough as it is to watch, we’ve come this far and are determined to finish this.

Time to crowd watch. There is Alkaia, taking those pictures, sitting next to Artemis. Wait. There is gorgeous Jenna standing in the background (another gorgeous submissive Hungarian Princess Lilith would love to get her hands on, and choke).

Time to fight.

Rebecca plays passive again and begins to back up. Lilith slowly moves forward, both girls on their knees. Out of nowhere Rebecca lunges forward, grabs Lilith’s right arm, pushes her down to the mats and falls on top of her.

Very good.

Lilith secures Rebecca in a floor to sitting body scissors but Rebecca is determined. She keeps Lilith trapped in a headlock, squeezes and finally Lilith submits.

Wow, where was this earlier? (11:23)

Rebecca appears to be warming up. She’s on the board.

The next round begins with Rebecca being passive but alert. There is a difference from before. Lilith fiercely pulls her forward since she has left her body wide open and Rebecca counters. Lilith pulls her within a floor to sitting body scissor but Rebecca stands and begins to press her elbow on Lilith’s neck.

Rebecca is finally in fighting mode.

The two exchange holds for some time with Rebecca trying to secure an upper headlock and Lilith fighting to gain control with her legs.

As they struggle, two things are become apparent. Lilith is stronger and more skilled. Rebecca needs quick surprise strikes like she accomplished in her previous submission. The longer the struggle goes on, the more it swings in Lilith’s favor.

Lilith has a number of maneuvers in her arsenal to trap Rebecca and the most effective is when she manages to get behind Rebecca, lifts Rebecca in a sitting position, secures the rear naked choke, lunges backwards with Rebecca trapped and the Hungarian beauty has no choice but to tap out.

Which she does at the 15 minute mark. 8-1 for Lilith.

Well. In women’s submission wrestling, fans and friends do coach from the sideline but sometimes, as in the case here, you need a real coach.

If Rebecca had one, she would tell her to stop the playing possum act in the beginning of each round and go back to what worked. Quick strike and aggressive.

Since there is no coach, Rebecca plays possum again, slowly backing up, while Lilith pursues her and eventually catches her.

She captures Rebecca again, roughs her up a little and once again is maneuvering her into a submission.

Rebecca is holding on, literally with her arms around Lilith’s neck as she lays upon her back. Lilith forcefully breaks the hold and now sits on top of Rebecca with myriads of submitting options in front of her.

Rebecca begins to buck like a bronco and knocks Lilith off and as they struggle, eventually finds herself in the standing position while Lilith secures her with a scissor. Rebecca tries to close in on a headlock, which is not a bad strategy from the top. The problem is execution.

Lilith waits for the right time, whips her legs over and the other under and secures Rebecca in a triangle choke, literally flipping her over as the smaller girl lands with a thud. Trapped in the triangle choke, she taps out (17:03). 9-1 for Lilith.

The next saga begins with Rebecca repeating the storyline. She plays possum and smiles. Lilith moves towards her on her knees and smiles as well.  Finally Lilith indicates she is not going to chase Rebecca and beckons the girl in the military fatigues to come towards her.

Rebecca is not going to.

Lilith obliges and aggressively asserts herself on Rebecca who lifts her up in the air.

This could be dangerous. The referee asks Rebecca to stop and let Lilith down.

Rebecca does with a thud, but Lilith holds on with her beautiful legs and traps her in a choke.

Time to tap out.

Again. 10-1 for the sensuous brunette with the million dollar smile.

Time to star gaze. There is Antscha and Alice of Poland in the audience. Hey, gorgeous Jenna too.

This is the last round.


Rebecca plays, well you already know. Lilith moves in quickly. They roll around on the ground. Rebecca tries to secure a headlock but can’t. Lilith breaks the hold, sits on top of her foe and Rebecca immediately taps out. 11-1 for Lilith (our typing hands are cramping).

Oh, wait. It’s not over. Really?

Okay, one more round.

Lilith leaps at Rebecca, takes her down, is about to submit her and time is called.

Not a classic, but any match with Lilith competing in it has the potential to become one.


Here, we always knew that Lilith was going to win this match. The only question was by how much.

So, if you are Rebecca and you find yourself in this situation, what should you do?

Wrestle in unpredictable and unorthodox ways.

Her approach where she just waits for Lilith to attack her is an absolute disaster. She played right into Lilith wheelhouse. Over and over again. Was she trying to look cool? We’ve never seen any wrestler, even with moderate skills, take this approach.

The one time that Rebecca had success was when she caught Lilith off guard by lunging at her and trapping her in a headlock. She should have kept trying new things.

Having covered many sports and coached at a very high level ourselves, when we have entered situations against superior talent, we forced them to play to your game or attacked them in unexpected ways.

Never play to their game.

It is the only chance you have to make it a fight. Often we found the street fight approach defeated the highly structured approach because when the higher skilled structured fighter has Plan A take away from them, they rarely have a Plan B. They have been taught to compete a certain way and not improvise.

As we know in life, sometimes you need to improvise.

Hungary’s sexy Rebecca would have done well to apply that approach here.

~ ~ ~

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