England’s Legendary Jade, The Early Years, Vs Orsi B. And Ivy, Learning Curve

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June 13, 2022,

Historically speaking, virtually every Femwrestle match becomes a classic.

Not only due to the great wrestling that is about to occur on the blue mats, often International in nature, but it is also the star studded crowd looking on, that brings additional excitement, not only to the event, but to the matches as well.

It is one thing to compete in a private studio with other models in wait.

It is completely another experience entirely to compete in front of the elite of the female submission wrestling industry.

It’s like comparing an NFL playoff elimination game to a pre-season one. Both are supposed to be fully competitive but we sense it is not quite the same experience for the players.

And the fans.

Hungary’s Orsi B. vs the previously fantasy match oriented Jade of England, would be intriguing wrestling bout, but not headline news.

The fact that Jade has clearly upped her game by engaging in fully competitive matches, mostly within the England pond, which is an absolute upgrade from the fantasy dribble, it is also the awareness that she is adding more International Fights to her resume.

Kudos to her.

Her modern day match against Hungary’s Kimbra was a shocker, but that is a story for another time.

If you would like a warm up to this battle that is about to occur, we researched for you some of Jade’s competitive matches that you might want to check out, mostly at TPC wrestling:

tcw0349 vs Amethyst, tcw0338 vs Spice, tcw0314 vs Jinx, tcw0310 vs London, tcw0266 vs Mystique, tcw0259 vs Jenna, tcw0257 vs Laken, tcw0227 vs Axa, tcw0217 vs Sahara tcw0201 vs Jenna, tcw0196 vs Inferno, tcw0190 vs Nikkitta, APL 551 VS ZAHRA, vs Ivy at Female Wrestling Zone.

It is time to travel to Troisdorf, Germany for another Femwrestle Classic.

So, about that crowd.

As Orsi and Jade stand in the Femwrestle pre-match tradition, we see Pussy Willow stretching in the background, Axa Jay sitting, Aisa shaping her hair, super star Antscha serving as the referee (no pressure Orsi) and other wrestlers waiting their turn.


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The two beautiful warriors begin on their knees.   They start with the usual hand fighting and clinch attempts until the girls tumble and roll towards the seated audience in the corner of the mats.

Jade lands on top and as they struggle, Orsi traps her in a behind the neck choke as she is lying on the ground. Jade is trying to lurch out of this potential submitting hold and after about a minute, finally breaks free.

The crowd applauds. Possibly prematurely since Orsi still has the English Maiden trapped in a body scissors.

Having said that, at least Jade’s head is now free.

Orsi rolls Jade over and attempts a full body smother as Jade lays flat on the mats. They struggle and not securing a submission, Orsi falls back upon the most basic and potentially lethal wrestling hold, the headlock.

Jade squirms around but Orsi makes sure to hold on tightly to her head as Orsi maintains the upper position.

The power of the headlock.

Jade keeps squirming but to no avail. At about the 4:25 mark, Jade expresses, “I’m not going to get out of it”, and taps out.

Orsi leads 1-0.

As the re-engage, Jade attains the top position and attempts a headlock but Orsi breaks free. Still, the British star keeps the mount.

Jade cannot hold the top position and it is now dawning upon us that this is one of Jade’s earliest attempts to wrestle competitively.

She can’t stop giggling. As a result, Orsi takes control and will not relinquish it. At about the 8:25 mark, she submits Jade with an arm bar.

2-0 for the Hungarian star.

The submissions will now become quicker as Jade essentially concedes the match.

The good news is that Jade has now made a commitment to wrestle competitively and she would also take on Antscha and Aisa as well.

JADE VS IVY (Session Girl) Female Wrestling Zone  

As far as we can tell, Jade is now primarily focusing on her wrestling and, according to Wrestling Monica’s website, is the mother of two children.

In 2022, Jade has evolved into a very good wrestler.

Her transition is of interest, as watching people and athletes evolve and improve, often is intriguing.

In viewing this transition, we only wanted to view her wrestling when she fought outside of her company friends and associates.

Here, again a Session Girl named Ivy, you would think that Jade would be the clear winner and in the beginning of the match, she quickly obtained a submission from Ivy with a choke.

1-0 for the British legend.

Next, to our surprise, Ivy begins to control Jade from the ground and soon traps her in a triangle choke and Jade taps out.

1-1, Ivy scores.

We now have become more interested in Ivy and if you desire to get a better feel for her, she performs with Pippa’s team at the Submission Room.


The match begins to sway in Ivy’s favor as she mounts Jade and maintains control from Jade’s backside with Jade trapped in her scissors. This is indeed why you play the games because before this match began, we would have awarded it to Jade hands down.

As the match continues, Ivy is in charge from the behind controlling position and makes several attempts to submit Jade in a clean rear naked choke. Jade uses her experience to escape but to Ivy’s credit, she keeps the superior back and top position.

It is from the top that she clasps Jade and brings her towards her body and then once again forcefully applies a rear naked choke, this time Jade taps out.

Ivy leads 2-1.

As they re-engage, this time Jade manages to prevent Ivy from easily gaining the top position.

The two go back and forth on the floor in leg struggle and as Jade tries to gain the top position, Ivy cleverly slides Jade into a side bear hug scissoring hold, squeezes mightily and Jade grimaces and taps out.

3-1 for Ivy.

In the last round, Jade is the aggressor and it appears to pay off as she envelopes Ivy with a full extension smother. Jade desperately tries to force the smother yet Ivy won’t concede and eventually breaks free.

Now it is Ivy’s turn to be the aggressor and she eventually ties Jade up in a side body scissor, against the wall, and now it is time for her to squeeze.

To her credit, Jade withstands the charge, escapes and the match ends.

This writing is as of February 2022.

Based upon our extensive homework, Jade continues to improve and some of her recent victories, which we hope to review for your later, are surprising and impressive.

We can see how effective Jade is now in fully competitive action.

Sometimes though, to fully appreciate who someone is in the present, you have to temporarily walk back and review who they were, in the past.

~ ~ ~

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NOTE – Orsi B. of Hungary is a legendary Session Girl and research indicates will provide you with a great experience.

Her email is orsi.sessions@gmail.com

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