Elite Competition, England’s Axa Jay Vs Germany’s Warrior Amazon, Match Review

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February 18, 2022,

Elite matches are a road marker as to where the power structure of an industry is and given the ferociousness of the match here, it is clearly in Europe.

Super Star Axa Jay of England and Warrior Amazon of Germany is a matchup for the ages.

We purchased at Antscha’s store and now we’re going to escort you ringside.


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In situations like these, a reviewer can ask beforehand, who is going to win and by how much.

Just like a television sports analyst desk, if you are who you are supposed to be and have extensive experience in the industry, you should be able to predict with a higher percentage of correct projections as opposed to ones where you obviously got it wrong.

Time to stick our necks out.

We have seen the video yet.

We are going by our research in watching both women wrestle in the past.

Our estimation is that both grapplers moved to a much higher level at the great Femwrestle Events in Troisdorf, Germany.

Previous to that, at TC Wrestling in England, Axa was an emerging wrestler who safely fought company fights. Once she traveled and wrestled in Germany and the Czech Republic, her game began to change.

The same can be said for Warrior Amazon. During a Femwrestle Event she dominated the gorgeous Deutschland Fitness Princess Brenda, as expected but struggled against a formidable Diana from the Czech Republic.

Both warriors have improved immensely since then.

So, we will stick our necks out here.

Though Axa has far more wrestling experience and, in our opinion, a higher technical skill level, we sense the sheer muscle of Warrior is going to be too much for her.

We are predicting Warrior Amazon in a close victory.

Time to ring the bell.

The two stand waiting for Antscha to introduce them and then go down to their knees to wrestle.

Axa gets off to a good start by pulling Warrior towards her in a floor to body scissors but can’t hold it. Early on it appears Axa does have the skill as she maneuvers Warrior around but she doesn’t have the strength.

Warrior keeps escaping.

Soon Warrior begins to mount Axa in a position of control and it doesn’t take long. The headlock is the most basic move in wrestling. If she applies the headlock to Axa, given her strength, she will submit Axa fairly quickly.

Flat on the mats, she applies a side headlock on Axa and the British Star taps out.

Appearing a little shell shocked, knowing Axa, she is not going to give up but she does need to change the momentum quickly.

Using the theme, if you can do it, I can do it better, Axa traps Warrior in a headlock of her own. As muscular and strong as Warrior is, you can’t grow muscles above the neck.

Axa submits Warrior in a headlock. Bravo.

1-1, the game is afoot.

As the two engage, learning from the past, both go for the headlock.

Axa takes control.

Having said that, she makes the mistake of trying to encase Warrior in a side body scissors which she doesn’t have the leg strength to secure.

Warrior, briefly in trouble, breaks the hold.

Now the sturdy German athlete begins to control the action.

She first tries to trap Axa in a foot joint lock. Looks painful but Axa escapes. Warrior is persistent and stays on top of Axa placing Axa in a situation to be submitted.

Warrior’s MMA skills are top notch but so are Axa’s and she keeps Warrior at bay.

Finally Warrior maneuvers herself in a top pinning position over Axa. Her muscle strength and weight is too much for the English veteran who gets pinned and counted out at ten.

2-1 favors Warrior Amazon.

It is apparent that Warrior has a distinct advantage. We doubt that Axa could pin count her to ten or even try for that matter. Axa will need to come up with a different strategy or beat Warrior to the punch with brutal headlocks.

Time to see if she can make that happen.

Now that it is clear that Warrior has that advantage you would think that she would keep repeating it over and over again until Axa stops her. She initially is on top again but oddly enough doesn’t try for a pin.

Axa quickly seizes a side headlock choke and Amazon quickly taps out. Great strategy on Axa’s part, very puzzling approach on Warrior Amazon’s engagement.

It is now tied 2-2.

The next round begins and we see Warrior in complete control and though she doesn’t appear to have a clear strategy, she maneuvers Axa around and keeps on her on the mats. She submits her with a solid neck hold.

3-2 Warrior Amazon.

Axa is now determined to even up the fight and is the aggressor in this round. She traps Warrior in a fierce head scissors, very smart move, and Warrior taps out.

3-3 tie.

Back and forth they go.

Warrior begins the next round taking advantage of her heavier weight and superior muscle strength. She appears to attempt the cross body pin smother approach but Axa escapes.

She then slides Axa into a side body scissors where Axa is in deep trouble but through persistence escapes again. Finally Amazon flattens Axa out with her body weight and angles the beautiful blonde into a side choke using all of her strength.

Axa succumbs and taps out.

4-3 Warrior Amazon.

We have to admit we find Warrior’s strategy puzzling. In the next round she encases Axa in a perfect side headlock where if she uses her muscles with a python like grip, Axa has to give but it appears for theatrical purposes and possibly over confidence, she let’s go and now mounts Axa.

Axa breaks the hold.

They both go back and forth until Warrior finally uses her body weight and a choke, as Axa lies helplessly beneath her, the British star finally taps out.

Despite her curious strategy, Warrior wins 5-3.

Brilliant match.

It is always satisfying to watch the elite compete.

~ ~ ~

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