Femwrestle Classic, Hungary’s Jenna Vs Czech Republic’s Alkaia, Under Duress

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April 27, 2022,

During our walk down life’s pathways, at different stages we evolve into different people.

So much depends upon which fork in the road we decide to journey down.

Yes, the journey will change you. Re-shape you. Mould you.

The great Femwrestle Events in Troisdorf, Germany, now historical classics, gave us a chance to see Fem Competitors wrestle away from their comfort zones of company fights. It was a path taken that revealed what level their wrestling skill was really at, away from the sorority confines and established pecking order.

Such a match occurred when Hungary’s Jenna met the Czech Republic’s Alkaia.

Objective as most Media Outlets may like to be, it is only human for some of the writers involved to have their favorites.

Jenna has always been a favorite of FCI.

She is feminine, nicely muscled, incredibly good looking and very low key.

Jenna can be mesmerizing.

Here, away from the safety of her Hungarian stable, she will be in tough, locked in a stranger fight with Alkaia who has fought outside of her comfort zone when she traveled to Pippa’s submission room to take on the popular Jade in a fully competitive submission fight.


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As the two beauties are being introduced, both are sporting sensuous black bikini briefs and a sports bra. They look fantastic.

Time to engage.

Alkaia quickly gains the advantage as she takes Jenna downward but Jenna is adept at clasping the Czech beauty’s neck and holding on for dear life in a headlock. They struggle for a bit with Alkaia still on top.

Jenna soon rolls her and now Jenna is on top.

The Hungarian Princess maintains the hold but doesn’t seem to have a plan except to secure the headlock.

That won’t be enough.

Alkaia returns the favor and flips Jenna up in the air as she rolls her and now she is on top.

On top, but not in control.

Jenna maintains the headlock but also has Alkaia’s arms trapped between her strong thighs.

They continue to struggle.

Alkaia has been quietly maneuvering her way back on to the top position.

This time she has Jenna bent over, lying defensive underneath.

At least a minute passes.

We now see what Alkaia was orchestrating as she can now apply a rear naked choke and begins to position Jenna in a two hold deficit as she traps the gorgeous, thick Hungarian girl in a scissor as well. With Alkaia’s high skill level, it is just a matter of time. Time has run out.

Jenna taps at the 4:41 mark. 1-0 Alkaia.

Jenna takes a moment to fix her hair, which had become undone. One can just imagine her doing that after a romantic evening.

Back to the match.

Jenna starts out well by once again encasing Alkaia in a headlock.

The challenge is that Alkaia is doing the same thing to her. Jenna has extensive wrestling experience, trained in the elite Hungarian compound, but compared to the other girls in that circle, she tends to have a more passive personality.

Fierce is not a word we would use to describe her.

Alkaia is quietly intense, relentless and determined. We are comfortable saying that about her.

The young Czech star begins to control the hold and gets on top of Jenna, riding the thick, feminine Hungarian beauty who becomes more submissive and passive, not mounting much resistance as she remains bent over.

Jenna doesn’t appear to have a strong plan but Alkaia clearly does.

Like an alligator, she rolls and stuns Jenna, who softly lays there as Alkaia dominates her, and taps out. 2-0 for the young, strong Czech beauty. (6:58)

Alkaia appears to be picking up steam when Jenna springs a surprise on her.

From the sitting position, Jenna quickly pulls Alkaia forward and traps her in a floor to sitting body scissors. Alkaia gasps in pain and quickly taps out.

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Very good sweet Jenna. Make a match of this. Jenna is finally on the board. 2-1 for Alkaia. (7:35).

In the next round, Jenna starts out as the aggressor. She leaps and temporarily traps Alkaia in a floor to sitting body scissors as she pulls her head forward. Jenna’s legs, especially her strong feminine thighs, are incredibly sensuous.

Unfettered, Alkaia immediately rolls on top of Jenna.

Jenna is hanging on for dear life but something is becoming very clear.

Alkaia is stronger.

Now Alkaia begins to use that strength to control the Hungarian beauty. From the sitting position, she grasps Jenna by the head and neck, squeezes her hard with a side body scissors and Jenna painfully taps out. 3-1 to Alkaia. (9:14).

If Jenna has a plan, she needs to use it now. The match is slipping away.

As the two engage again, not only does it appears that Alkaia is more skilled but stronger too. Jenna has a gorgeous athletic body but she’s undermanned here.

Alkaia takes her down to the mats. Jenna has Alkaia’s head encircled and trapped but it is strictly defensive. Nothing substantial is going to happen fighting underneath.

Though Alkaia is captured, she is completely in control.

Jenna tries to escape but now becomes trapped in the turtle position as Alkaia mounts her.

It is just a matter of time.

Alkaia rolls the shapely Hungarian star into a body scissors and rear naked choke combination. Czech mate. There is no escape. Jenna gives. 4-1 for Alkaia. (11:20)

We thought we saw sweat droplets on Alkaia’s sensuous strong thighs. Apparently we did as she takes a moment to towel off.

Once they engage again Alkaia gets the upper hand while Jenna simultaneously grasps her around the neck.

Jenna has to have some off the sexiest thick, feminine legs in our industry and uses them to unsuccessfully kick out of Alkaia’s top position.

This is one of the reasons why we love watching Jenna wrestle. There is often accidental eroticism.

Still, Alkaia is on top and in control. She inadvertently knees Jenna in the stomach who grimaces in deep pain and for a moment they need to stop the match.

Good for Jenna this is not competitive MMA.

They break for a moment and go back to the same position.

They are in a struggle now, with Alkaia in the top position.

Jenna does something that we have preached since our existence. Secure a headlock and you have a chance of staying in the fight.

Jenna does that here.

She has Alkaia locked in a headlock and no matter what the Czech beauty does, she can’t escape. Jenna then brilliantly flips her over, headlock secured and the curvy Alkaia taps out.

Bravo. The Hungarian Princess is back in the match. 4-2 for Alkaia.

Time to engage.

The two face off one another on their knees.

Alkaia springs for the advantage and finds herself on top. Jenna is attempting to achieve the headlock again but Alkaia blocks the extension of Jenna’s right arm and remains in control. Feminine Jenna once again kicks her legs in the air to escape.

No go.

It is Alkaia who now secures the headlock, sweat glistening on her feminine athletic body, enhancing her blonde hair, as she maneuvers Jenna around coming in for the kill. She tightens the headlock and Jenna taps out. (16:20)

At the 16:20 mark, given the time that is left and Alkaia comfortably leading 5-2, this match is essentially over. The test will be to see if Jenna remains in the fight and keeps it competitive.

Time to engage.

The two girls begin with hand fighting. Jenna is positioned on one knee as though she has a plan.

She does.

The Hungarian journey fighter grasps Alkaia’s arms, leaps towards her and secures her with a body scissors. Trapped, Alkaia has no choice but to tap out.

Great move Jenna.

Apparently she is going to fight this out until the end. Wonderful. (17:07)

There is an increased intensity between both fighters in the next round.

Jenna achieves the initial surge and traps Alkaia in a headlock and trap is the operative word. Like a Texas Bull Rider, Jenna is squeezing that headlock for all that she’s got and increases her odds of a submission by doing what we have told our newer female wrestlers all along.

Use your body and fall upon their head.

Jenna does that and appears to be ready to close this gap to 4-5 but Alkaia’s determination not to be submitted is incredible.

It is a moment resembling two beautiful animals in the wild in a life and death struggle. This goes on for minutes and Jenna, strong as she is, cannot get Alkaia to submit.

Alkaia soon begins to loosen the hold.

Jenna, breathing heavily, tries to keep the advantage but is losing it.

Alkaia slides her into a side body scissor.

Jenna loses the hold.

Now Alkaia goes on the offensive and Jenna is struggling to fend her off. Alkaia is now inching her way towards riding Jenna’s back while maintaining a chokehold.

She accomplishes that.

Now she is on top of the sensuous Hungarian and in complete control, forcing Jenna into the protective turtle position and Alkaia seeks to close the deal.

Love these Femwrestle Events. Great wrestling amid a star studded audience.

We see England’s Mystique, Hungary’s Jenna and Rebecca, Poland’s Alice, Germany’s Sandra, the contingent of Czech girls and others.

Nothing like the great Femwrestle Events.

While we were star gazing, to our surprise, Jenna breaks the hold as the two shapely beauties continue their struggle with curvy bodies, glistening with sweat.

Time for a glorious finish.

Alkaia secures Jenna with her strong thighs in a triangle choke, locks on to Jenna’s right arm and the inevitable occurs.

Jenna submits.

This amazing match finally comes to an end with Alkaia’s hand raised as the winner.

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NOTE – Gorgeous Jenna provides wonderful sessions. Her email is tiafighting@gmail.com