Fem Wrestlers, Pistol Squats Are Number One With A Bullet

Boxes are something that you need to pack things into and think outside of.

The latter, creatively and often.

Building strong legs and thighs ultimately will be wonderful for your body since so many activities are propelled from there. The additional benefits are the more attractive shape and eye candy look.

There is a strong thigh kid on the block who is not new but very unique.

Creatively unique.

Her first name is Pistol. Her last name is Squat and yes she does know squat.

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com, photo via Pinterest.com

Very well but she has placed a different and slightly more difficult spin on it.

Have you tried her?

The benefits of performing and mastering the pistol squat are tremendous.

First off the pistol squat requires great balance, leg strength, flexibility and coordination. Chances are you will never see anyone get this movement on their first attempt due to the difficulty of the exercise.

In addition those that are able to perform a one legged squat have the leg strength to perform a barbell back squat with the equivalent of their body weight.

The informative fitness and muscle industry site breakingmuscle.com adds, “The pistol, or single-leg squat, is a unique exercise that combines strength, flexibility, and grace in a manner unlike many other movements. There are several pieces to the pistol puzzle, and proper execution requires mastery of each element.”

Exceptional advice. This muscles in from Chris Garay.

Mr. Garay is a trainer, educator, athlete, and musician based out of Annandale, Virginia. He grew up playing sports (soccer, basketball, and wrestling) in grade school, and then he shifted focus to music in high school and college. Chris became a world-class snare drummer, toured the country playing drum set, and currently teaches one of the best marching percussion ensembles in the world. Along the way, he earned a degree in philosophy and religious studies and pursued graduate studies in social psychology and well-being.

Now that was from someone with great expertise.

Now we need some inspiration.

The beautiful and fit site greatestphysiques.com introduces, “Juliana Mota a.k.a ‘jujubafit_’ is a Brazilian fitness model, who’s known for her muscular glutes, quads, and lean physique. She’s become increasingly popular online as a motivational fitness model, and a Bikini Wellness Competitor.

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com, photo via Beauty Muscle

Shortly after Juliana Mota moved to Paris, she began posting pictures and videos of her fitness journey online in 2015. Soon after, she gained a reputation as a strong and powerful woman with an incredible physique – her followers soon began to multiply.”

Ever since she started her fitness journey at the age of 15, and throughout her years of hard work in the gym, Juliana has gone from strength to strength.”

“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.”… John F. Kennedy

To start a brilliant career at 15, you absolutely have to think outside of the box.

Just look at those gorgeous thighs.

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com, photo via lesfemmesdemesreves.blogspot.com

Juliana has thighs to live for and salivate over.

Hard work certainly pays off.

Then in our competitive female submission wrestling industry there is a fine example of a gorgeous girl with strong thighs in Jennifer Thomas.

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com, ladysports.com photo credit

Be careful in battle with her. She can crush you like a grape.

In terms of building some strong legs and gorgeous thighs, are you ready to think outside of the box?

Let’s go to the playbook and bring out the pistol.

Please enjoy.


No Other Exercise Will Work Your Legs As Hard As the Pistol Squat.

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com, photo via Zuzka-Light

By Matt Goss

Pistol Squats focusing primarily on your quads however its one of the best leg exercises around and no other exercise will work your legs as hard as they do.

So picture a one-legged squat to the floor in which your other leg held straight out in front of you. You lower all the way down to the ground and power back up all on one leg and if you’re doing it for the first time it can brutal!

This is why you should start implementing them into your workouts because this simple movement takes an enormous amount of strength, flexibility, and balance. Master these and you will be highly rewarded.

Technique Breakdown – Pistol Squat – Quadriceps

Start/Finish Position

Stand holding your arms straight out in front of your body at shoulder level, parallel to the floor.
Raise your right leg off the floor and hold it there.
Flex your right ankle so that your toes are higher than your heel.
Your right leg should be straight.
Brace your core.

Movement Phase

Push your hips back and lower your body as far as you can.
As you lower your body, raise your right leg so that it doesn’t touch the floor keep your head and chest straight.

Pause, then push your body back to the starting position.
Keep your torso as upright as possible.
Hold for a moment and repeat for desired repetitions.

Breathing Directions
Breathe in during the downward motion.
Breathe out during the upward motion.


For best results lowering the weight should take twice as long as raising it.
Keep your core active throughout.
Aim to hold your arms out and steady without swinging.

So if you’re attempting these for the first time you should begin using one of the two different strategies recommended here.

Strategy 1

Perform the movement using a bench or similar behind you so that when you bum touches it you know to start raising yourself back up to the starting position. This will train you to learn the movement in a smaller range of motion and as you gain strength and stability you can you can use lower and lower bench heights until you need them no more.

Strategy 2

Use a vertical support and using your hands to walk down the support as you lower one leg and then walk your hands back up as you raise yourself back to the starting position. However don’t pull yourself up using the vertical support, it’s only for balance not for leverage.

Either Strategy is fine to get you started on this the king of bodyweight leg exercises.

Matt Goss is a Certified Personal Trainer with Bangin’ Bodz Health & Fitness and is also a member of The International Association For Health Coaches. Check out http://www.banginbodz.com & http://www.facebook.com/bangin.bodz

~ ~ ~

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com, photo via Pinterest.com


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Upper Body Workout For Women Wrestlers And Determined Female Athletes

Probing women about their fitness hopes and wishes for any new year would most likely revolve around weight training to pump up the muscle in her behind for the big booty effect Kardasian style, losing weight, thinning and tightening their stomachs, reducing cellulite on the thighs and the like.

Few would say they would like to slightly broaden their shoulders or increase upper body strength.

Now remember, we did say few because there are some women who actually like broader shoulders and guess where they reside?

It might surprise you.


There are even articles on how to dress if you are a woman with broad shoulders and how to address them asthetically.

The actress often mentioned is Aishwarya.

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com, photo via Deccan Chronicle

Aishwarya Rai, also known by her married name Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, is an actress, model and the winner of the Miss World 1994 pageant.

Through her successful acting career, she has established herself as one of the most popular and influential celebrities in India. She has often been called “the most beautiful woman in the world”.

Apparently many feel that broad shoulders on a beautiful woman can be a plus.

We certainly do. If you are a lover of competitive female submission grappling, most likely you find them attractive too. Our industry abounds with gorgeous girls complimented by a strong upper body.

We see it in the women’s freestyle wrestling world. We loved Helen so much that we devoted an article to her great success.

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com, photo via NBC Olympics

Helen Maroulis, Olympic Gold Medal Winner, It Is Her Time

In our global female submission wrestling industry, we are madly in love with Brenda who wrestles out of Germany.

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com, femwrestle.com photo credit

We have purchased many of her matches online. She’s absolutely gorgeous.

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com, photo via wb270.com

Then there is Dominic Black. Isn’t she stunning? She shares with us at her WB270.com profile how she achieved that body that speaks to broad shoulders and feminine perfection. “I am a young athlete (20 years old), I’m living in Prague, Czech Republic.

I moved here from a small town in Russia, because I was chasing my dream to compete in body fitness, to become one of the best athletes IFBB. I was lucky enough to discover Herbiceps.com (my nickname is DominicaBlack), so I could pay all my bills plus afford a great coach. After a while I found out that all this domination stuff and overpowering is a great business, especially when you love it yourself naturally.

I started my weight lifting at the age of 16 (with no coach, proper nutrition and supps) but bit by bit I was getting more serious about my fitness. Over the time I realized that I truly love it and want something more than just being fit.”

Her philosophy is greatly appreciated. Her super sexy broad shoulders even more.

The girls in the fitness industry love upper body strength and Angelic Enberg is a perfect example.

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com, photo via facebook.com/Angelicaenbergfanpage

Isn’t she a superb specimen of physical beauty?

Time for a meet and greet. Angelica Enberg is a fitness model and bikini athlete from Sweden.

After making her debut appearance in the 2014 Norway Open, she moved to Venice Beach (USA) to further her career and train at Gold’ Gym.

Since then, she’s gained recognition for her muscular and toned figure – gaining masses of fans on social media.

Here’s another babe who is carrying a world of admiration upon her shoulders.

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com, photo via sweatmoda.com

Kaisa Keranen is a fitness phenomenon.

As shared at famousbrithdays.com, “Personal trainer, fitness educator, and social media influencer behind KaisaFit. She shares her fitness regime with her 550,000 Instagram followers and counting. She has been featured in media outlets such as Vogue, SELF, Harper’s Bazaar and Runner’s World. She was also a Fitbit local ambassador for Seattle.”

And what an ambassador she is. She could be one for promoting broader shoulders on women as a major plus.

Simply put, gorgeous feminine muscle and broad shoulders is here to stay. If you are a female athlete who would like to strengthen her upper body, we have a visiting female writer with some incredible suggestions.

Please enjoy.

Upper Body Workout For Women – Some Great Exercises For You To Try

fciwomenswrestling.com article, photo via breakingmuscle.com

By Cindy P Davis  

Typically women tend to avoid exercises that revolve around muscle building, and instead focus on activities that are associated with weight loss. Instead of doing more explosive exercises such as lifting weights, it is more common to see women doing long periods of cardiovascular exercise in an effort to lose body fat.

Doing a series of cardiovascular exercises is good if the goal is actually to improve the cardiovascular health. Long periods on the exercise bike or treadmill can strengthen the heart and lungs tremendously, but are not the most efficient exercise for reducing body fat.

One of the typical reasons why women tend to avoid undertaking an upper body workout for women is that it is thought that a direct workout will make the body more bulky rather than slim. This is a quite false way of thinking about these workouts. There are many men who carry out an upper body workout and are unable to achieve a bulky frame. Women, who do not have the quantities of testosterone as men do, would find it even more difficult to have a bulky upper body unless they used performance enhancing drugs. In fact, the most likely outcome of an upper body workout for women is to have a toned upper body, and reduced body fat.

A workout that is focused on weight lifting will increase the amount of muscle – but this will barely be notable. The muscles in the body will become hungrier for energy and will consume more carbohydrates and fat, so that overall, a woman is likely to lose body fat and have a slimmer appearance.

As well as cosmetic improvements from an upper body workout for women, having stronger muscles in this area improves the posture, reduces the chances of back pain and injury, and improves strength for everyday life.

A typical upper body workout for women should focus on the major motions of the upper body. The workout should include push exercises for the chest and shoulders, pull exercises for the back and rear shoulders, and bicep and tricep exercises. You can also include a series of core exercises to improve the strength around the stomach area. Workouts for the upper body need only take around 30 minutes to complete, and only needs to be done once to twice per week to give the body plenty of time to recover. You can also add a cardiovascular element by reducing the time spent in between lifting, and adding more repetitions.

Workouts should be composed of around 6 exercises, with 2-3 sets of 10-15 repetitions per exercise. Each set should be fairly demanding to complete the last few repetitions without having to resort to bad form or cheating weights up. A sample of a typical workout is given below:

Warm up and stretching 2-3 minutes

Bench Press 10-15 repetitions

Barbell Row 10-15 repetitions

Shoulder Press 10-15 repetitions

Assisted Pull ups 10-15 repetitions

Upright rows 10-15 repetitions

Bicep Curls 10-15 repetitions

Tricep Pushdowns 10-15 repetitions

Abdominal exercises

Repeat routine for final circuit and then warm down. This can be done in addition to cardiovascular exercise for optimum weight loss and losing stomach fat.

By following a simple upper body workout for women [http://www.buildingmuscleforwomen.com/upper-body-workout-for-women], you will easily be able to increase your strength and muscle tone. Visit [http://www.buildingmuscleforwomen.com/upper-body-workout-for-women] today to get your Free Report and get started on your journey towards fitness and health!

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Fem Wrestlers: Benefits of Blueberries – A Natural Fat Burning Food!

Comfort may come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes different flavors but one thing is for certain, it always feels and tastes good.

One food that always seems to bring sweet comfort is ice cream. It tastes good to us but it may not always be healthy for us.

We can improve on that though.

What food can we add to ice cream to enhance the flavor and nutrition value?

You guessed it. Blueberries.

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com, photo veeterzy pexels.com

At the educational and informative site draxe.com we are enlightened about the great blueberry, “Natural medicine has long held that these round purple berries give long-life health benefits that far exceed their tiny size. Native to North America, blueberries are rich in proanthocyanidin, contributing to blueberry benefits that include fighting cancer, losing weight and glowing, young skin. Blueberries are also rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, manganese and other antioxidants that lead to its numerous other health benefits.”

We always love a second opinion, especially from a widely respected source. At whfoods.com they add, “Blueberries have long been valued for their unique anti-inflammatory phytonutrients. However, research on blueberry intake by humans with chronic inflammatory diseases has been slow to accumulate in science journals. In this context, we are very glad to report on a new study involving approximately 200 adults—mostly women—who had been previously diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). When reporting to researchers about foods that appeared to improve their RA symptoms, the most commonly mentioned fruit was blueberries! (The most commonly mentioned vegetable was spinach.) This spotlighting of blueberries makes sense to us given a wealth of research about blueberries and their rich concentration of anti-inflammatory phytonutrients.”

One of the oldest methodologies to get anyone to do anything, buy anything, desire anything and especially consume anything including foods that are good for them is to use a beautiful woman as an inducement.

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com, photo via DHgate.com

Does that sound a little seductive and under handed?

Maybe. But guess what?

We are not above that either.

Please don’t lose respect for us in the morning.

Mornings are indeed important. Why? Because it’s breakfast time and we want you to eat your blueberries.

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com, photo By Quadell – Own work, Wikimedia

That are so good for you.

So when we show you the above and below pictures of women in blue, we are only doing so for your benefit because we want you to think about eating blueberries every time that you see a beautiful woman in blue.

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com, photo via Shop-Brigite Home

We now turn our attention to a visiting writer for blueberry therapy which is always beneficial.

Benefits of Blueberries – A Natural Fat Burning Food!

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com, klassy kassy photo via Lyst

By Diana Lensbury 

Discover the incredible weight loss benefits of blueberries, how to best prepare them and how much you should eat to get maximum benefit from blueberries – one of nature’s amazing fat burning foods.

Blueberries are plants that are native to North America, and they have been grown and harvested since the time when Native Americans dried them in the sun and smoked them so they would be preserved during the long winter months.

Historical records indicate that the colonists in the United States used to boil blueberries in milk in order to create the gray paint that they used to paint their buildings. Additionally, Shaker buildings were painted with a blue color that was derived from mixing together blueberries, indigo, sage and milk.

Blueberries are one of the most popular fruits, including different kinds of berries, in the United States, and are second only to strawberries, which are the most popular berries in the United States.

Nearly 90% of all blueberry cultivation anywhere in the world occurs in North America.

Blueberries range from pea size to dime size – with giant versions even bigger than that. Wild varieties of the blueberry tend to be smaller. Although blueberries are packed with tiny seeds, their small size makes them just about undetectable. Blueberries tend to be intensely blue, so deep in color they are nearly black.

Fat Burning Benefits of Blueberries

One of the great things about blueberries is that they are an antioxidant. This means that they contain phenolic and thocyanine that fights the damage done by free radicals in your body. Ultimately, this assists in fighting fat.

The substance called anthocyanin, which is found in the blueberry (this causes it to have its dark blue hue) is considered to be the prime factor in blueberries’ anti-inflammatory, as well as antioxidant qualities. In addition, they supply lots of potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium along with C and K vitamins.

Blueberries contain a great deal of arginine, which is an extremely important substance that helps the body to maintain its cellular energy and also helps the body to fight obesity.

The cellulose in blueberries makes you feel full and curbs cravings.

Blueberries contain Vitamin C, which is helpful in stimulating carnitine, an amino acid produced by the body that gives a good boost to your metabolism.

Additionally, blueberries have a low concentration of glycemic carbohydrates that mildly and gradually change into sugar. This sugar does not occur in an amount that is high enough to raise insulin levels.

Interestingly enough, the blueberry is related to the cranberry.

Blueberries contain tannins. This substance helps in cleansing the digestive system and preventing the growth of bacteria in the urinary tract.

In one cup of blueberries, there are five grams of fiber and only eighty calories.

Blueberries make an excellent snack any time of the day or night. They are sodium, cholesterol, and fat free and can be eaten raw.

Proper Preparation of Blueberries

If you wish to obtain the most amount of nutrients and fat-burning properties, you should consume blueberries in their natural, raw state. Ideally, you should choose organic blueberries.

Because they have a short shelf life, you must only buy the amount you will eat in two or three days. Frozen berries are another option.

Find firm, dry, smooth-skinned blueberries that have a dark violet-blue hue. You will notice they have a light powdery coating on the skin. This helps them to last a bit longer than other types of berries.

Blueberries are best when they are eaten within the first week, though they can be kept in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. It is possible to freeze them by putting them on a cookie sheet in a single layer. Place the cookie sheet in the freezer. After they freeze firmly, wrap them in plastic.

When you use the freezing method, you can purchase blueberries during the time period when they are in season, which is also when they are not too expensive. By doing this, you will have them on hand for those rainy days.

Blueberries stay in season eight to nine months out of the year.

Have them just the way they are, or combine with yogurt for a yummy healthy treat. Try making a smoothie using soy milk and blueberries. Blend in some protein powder for added nutrition. Mix some blueberries into your salad for a flavor and color enhancer!

You can enjoy blueberries in a marinade for poultry and meats or make them into jams and jellies. They can also be baked in pie or simply juiced. Dehydrated blueberries are a healthy snack. You can also sprinkle them on top of your grain cereal or granola.

How Large Is A Recommended Serving Of Blueberries?

One single cup is a good serving size.

This is just one example of the many extraordinary Fat Burning Foods [http://107FatBurningFoods.com/?sjid=EZ] available – foods that will burn fat naturally, allowing you to lose weight whilst you eat! Discover over 100 fat burning foods at 107FatBurningFoods.com [http://107FatBurningFoods.com/?sjid=EZ] and start losing weight effortlessly.

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Article Source: https://EzineArticles.com/expert/Diana_Lensbury/888218

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5666255





Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow, A Soothing Experience

Participating in a sport of engagement on a regular basis can take a lot out of you.

Just ask the beautiful girls of our competitive submission grappling world. They travel the world for engagements that will most likely not result in marriage.

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com, fciwomenswrestling.com photo credit

A great session or two will do.

More likely bumps and bruises in grappling matches are par for the course.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, femcompetitor, grapplingstars.com photo

Often a sore neck as well.

Since our fair maidens are constantly on a plane, often after battle, something to sooth the neck and make the travel experience so much better would be a plus.

It’s time to introduce the neck pillow into the picture.

We researched a number of manufacturers and one travel rest pillow that seems to comfort organically better than more is the Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow.

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com, cabeau.com photo credit

Fasten your seat belts. The plane is in flight. We’ll peer at their brochure of features for inflight entertainment.

At amazon.com they are very convincing about what this exceptional travel pillow has to offer.

They share:

  • AWARD WINNING: The patented Evolution Pillow is the first travel pillow constructed with high quality memory foam that actually supports your neck without the awkward positioning and discomfort. Proven to be more comfortable than inflatable, microbead, & down neck pillows.
  • SLEEP SOUNDLY: Adjust for the perfect 360 degree support whether your head leans left, right, or tends to fall forward. Complete with a flattened rear cushion perfect for all air travel seats on any flight.
  • TRAVEL ACCESSORIES: Whether you’re driving on a road trip or flying on an airplane to your next vacation destination, the Cabeau Evolution travel pillow will allow the most comfort and stability on the plane or in the car for the entirety of your travels.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Cabeau is committed to your complete satisfaction. Accordingly, we will replace all damaged or defective products due to materials or workmanship, upon your receipt of product. You will rest better on your flights.
  • WASHABLE: Made out of high quality soft velour, the Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow includes a removable and washable cover that makes cleaning a breeze and eliminating germs easily. Pack the Cabeau neck pillow in your luggage easily with the small compact storage bag.

We must admit, that is extremely impressive. Wouldn’t you agree?

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com, cabeau.com photo credit

It’s time to meet the family that manufactures this vessel of comfort. At cabeau.com they would like to tell you a little about themselves. “During his career playing professional basketball for Maccabi Tel Aviv, David Sternlight was on the road a lot. While seeing the world was always an adventure, he found most methods of travel to be cramped and uncomfortable – especially at 6’8″ tall.

Determined to create a better travel experience for himself and others, David began to design the first travel pillow that actually works. In 2009, after months of development, the revolutionary Cabeau Evolution® Pillow was born.

Fast-forward to today, and Cabeau’s patented travel pillows comfort products and accessories can be found in over 50 countries around the globe. Our products have set new industry standards for superior craftsmanship, quality and comfort, and have won numerous awards.

Cabeau’s patented travel pillows, comfort products, and innovative accessories can be found in over 110 countries worldwide. Our products have set new industry standards for superior craftsmanship, quality, and comfort. We are honored to have received numerous travel industry awards that recognize our commitment to excellence in providing our customers with innovative travel accessories as well as our dedication to improving the world around us.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that the same effort and energy goes into our new products that went into our original, groundbreaking Cabeau Evolution® Pillow.  Innovations in our extended product line are inspired by our customers, who have shared with us what they like, what works, and what would further enhance their travels. We provide a carefully curated range of products that are guaranteed to make your travel experience better.”

What a wonderful story. Is there more?

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com, cabeau.com photo credit

Of course.

They continue, “Cabeau creates expertly crafted travel accessories designed by travelers for travelers.  We are a young an innovative company committed to family values and philanthropy.  With a group of exceptional sales, marketing, design, operations, and legal specialists.  Cabeau’s success lies in its extraordinary team and collaborative approach.”

That’s fantastic. In our competitive female grappling world we love team work and dedication to cause.

We also love how they express themselves at Cabeau but we want to see what others have to say about their travel pillow.

At the global financial news and information source businessinsider.com they praise, “The pillow is designed to go around the back of your neck and rest on your shoulders. Like the Clöudz pillow, the Cabeau closes around front, but instead of snaps, it has a drawstring with a fastener that you can use to turn the U into an O.

Instead of a smooth tube-like shape bent into a U, the Cabeau pillow has an ergonomically designed hump running the length of the pillow to support your head more effectively. The cover is removable and machine washable. In reviews all around the web, buyers say the Cabeau is helpful and comfortable, even if they haven’t liked past travel pillows.”

Here is another.

At the fun travel and review site manonthelam.com they add, “It’s obvious a lot of thought went into the design of the Cabeau Evolution Travel Neck Pillow. Its raised section above the main U-shape offers added neck and head support to prevent the head from wobbling, and it even comes with ear plugs, a spot to put your iPod or smartphone, and a handy carry bag. Even though it’s a premium memory foam travel pillow, with a little bit of effort, and by following the instructions, the Cabeau Travel Pillow can be rolled down to about 1/4 of its size to fit inside the carry bag.”

Sounds soothing, comfortable and well thought out. Perfect.

In our competitive female grappling world our Fem Competitors can’t always avoid neck pain which may rear its ugly head while they are on a plane.

Fortunately with the Cabeau Evolution Travel Neck Pillow can bring great comfort to a sometimes temporarily uncomfortable travel situation.

~ ~ ~





Female Grapplers And Athletes, Equipped With Multi-Sports Experience

Astounding, resourceful and adaptable is the brilliance of the human creation.

A woman can virtually do anything and be whomever she chooses to be, even if she chooses more than one career at a time.

Incredibly busy, Brooke Ence was preparing for the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games when she got a call asking if she wanted to portray an Amazon warrior in the upcoming Justice League film.

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com, Photo credit: Warner Bros. Pictures/Clay Enos/DC Comics

Though initially hesitant, she eventually agreed.

Besides her already extensive resume, you can also add Actress in a major blockbuster film to Brooke’s accomplishments.

In our fantastic competitive female grappling industry, we would love it if Brooke added competitive female submission wrestler to her resume.

She certainly has the body and skills to easily make the transition.

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com, Doommaidens.com, photo via pinterest.com

Brooke would not be the first.

Our competitive female submission wrestling industry is filled to the soothing brim with beautiful girls who initially focused on one female sports discipline and then decided to add Female Submission Wrestler to their resume.

We are so grateful that they did. Let’s meet some of them.


A Session Girl out of New York City, Lana Lux used to perform as a dancer.

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com, Doommaidens.com Photo credit

At her wb270.com profile she welcomes, “I am lean with long legs made of steel and defined biceps. I have a background in dance and I pole danced for years. I am friendly and very sensual but dominant. Every day I am improving on wrestling moves! I work and train at a wrestling production company in BK but I am willing to travel. Get ready to RUMBLEEEE!”

If you want a challenge and are ready to rumble, her email is lanaluxornyc@gmail.com


Danii is a super sexy maiden who sessions out of Pittsburg.

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com, photo via wb1270.com

Danii is a dancer and gymnast. She is also a former high school wrestler.

At her profile she smiles, “I am 23 years old living just north of Pittsburgh PA. I have wrestling experience from high school. I was a Dancer and gymnast as well. I love to work out.

I will be traveling so contact me so I really know where to go and that I should travel. If you don’t send an email I might skip your city! I love to trash talk so if you are sensitive I might not be the girl for you! I can take the trash talk back as well.”

Can you handle that?

Sure you can. Her email is danii.sessions@gmail.com


We had a chance to meet this gorgeous Romanian Princess in person. She is super sexy and tough as red lipstick colored finger nails. She also speaks English, Spanish, Italian and French.

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com, photo via wb1270.com

So impressive is she that both FCI Women’s Wrestling and Femcompetitor Magazine wrote about her. She also goes by Alessia Cutie.

Sky Storm Romanian Star | FCI WOMEN’S WRESTLING


Sky Storm is a wonderful conversationalist and here is what she has to say at her profile. “hot, hard and sexy, athletic and muscular body, amazingly flexible (with 24 years background in gymnastics), ex gymnast in the Olympic Team of Romania, professional dancer.  I made 2 years of karate and competed, also did another 3 years of wu-shu full contact.”

Her customers love her. Here is one review:

“I went to Vegas for 3 nights. The first 2 nights against big girls were disappointing and I was hesitant because Sky Storm is small, but nice and very easy to set up match. The match started and I didn’t know what hit me, she is so quick, skilled and very strong; the submissions were early and often, she toned it down a little but was always in control. Towards the end we did a light beat down demonstrating of all her fighting skills: it was very impressive, you wouldn’t want to mess with her. For semi competitive match she is one of the best. Next time I go to Vegas I will probably just see her all 3 nights.”

We get it. When we meet her at an event we loved hanging around her too.

You can email this gorgeous Euro Princess at: skystorm1987@yahoo.com


Have you ever been to Virginia Beach? There are many wonderful reasons to do so. Meeting the gorgeous babe Savannah is one of them.

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com, photo via wb1270.com

She’s a former Field Hockey player who is now a female submission wrestler.

She engages, “My background is all sorts of sports, including softball, gymnastics, field hockey, you name it.  My ex-husband was a pro wrestler, so I’ve picked up a few things 🙂  I can do competitive, semi-competitive, and more.”

Very interesting. Her former husband is an Ex-Pro Wrestler. That no doubt added to her prowess. Her customers love her. Here are two reviews.

“I was looking for a firm semi-competitive match and this girl brought it! She is the real deal. She is very pretty in person, with a nice athletic body. She has a wonderful personality and a lot of fun. And she is plenty strong enough for a good match. For someone just getting started, she already has a good repertoire of holds and is a quick learner. I was particularly impressed that she was equally good using her upper body for headlocks, etc., as well as her lower body for scissors and such.”

And another lover of Savannah.

“I had a very good semi-competitive session with Savannah. She is strong and skilled and is a quick learner. Our score was tied at three. She got me with a head scissors and two guillotines. I’m 49 years old, 6’0 and 170 lbs. My only experience is about 10 wrestling sessions. Savannah is very personable and a good trash talker and enjoys celebrating her victories. A very good semi-competitive wrestler.”

Are you ready to take her on? Savannah’s email is: fightsavannah@yahoo.com

Do you see what we mean?

There may have been a time that the perception of a Female Submission Wrestler was a girl who worked in a club with little options in life and this was simply another way to make money. Clearly that is not the case anymore.

The vast majority of the women in our industry are college educated and as you can see are former accomplished Dancers, Gymnasts, Field Hockey Players and the like. They are here because they want to be here and as opposed to pursing other options have chosen to pursue this one.

We are so thrilled.

The new world of Female Submission Wrestling is one of choices and options in an industry filled with sensuous wonder and excitement.

~ ~ ~









Marye Dalton, Beautiful MMA Star, Kick Boxer, Creative Risk Taker

Rules of attraction are non-negotiable.

When you are attracted to someone, you can’t escape the feelings, even if you are in a committed relationship with someone else.

Sometimes the only solution is to stay away.

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com, marye dalton twitter photo credit

If you find yourself in the kick boxing ring with Marye Dalton, even if you find her attractive, which she is, you should try and stay away from her legs as Shannon Robinson found out the hard way in the third round of their match when Mary landed a kick that lay Shannon flat out on the ring floor.

Judging by the online comments, many people find Marye very attractive.

She’s blonde, very feminine, nicely shaped, quiet and when we first saw her we wondered, what is a gorgeous girl next door type like her doing in an MMA cage, often getting her face pummeled?

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com, Shamrock FC photo via YouTube

Yes, Marye did not start out in the kick boxing ring but instead in the MMA cage where she often found herself in big trouble.

We would not describe her as the best cage fighter.

Even though she defeated Sheena Star, Royal Schirmer and Harley Jackson, you got the feeling that this was not her niche, especially when she lost to Shannon Goughary, Linsey Williams and Courtney Lemons.

It’s not just that Marye lost. It was how she lost. She really received a bloody beating from a cocky Shannon Goughary who often pranced and taunted her in the ring.

It seems like after a fairly short stint in the MMA cage fight world, Marye preferred to compete in the kick boxing arena which she seems much better suited for.

She fought again against a super sexy Andrea Leese and lost but at least the fight went the distance and sweet Marye was in the battle right up until the end.

Good work Marye.

Marye fights as a flyweight out of St. Louis, Missouri.

We’re so enamored with her. She has a great sense of humor.

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com, marye dalton twitter photo credit

We will keep following her.

This girl has courage.

If you are a female athlete reading this and are considering kick boxing, there is a fun and healthy way to introduce yourself to the sport and not get hurt.

Perhaps you might slowly break yourself in with Cardio Kickboxing.

Let’s get some helpful ideas from a visiting speaker.


Workout For Women – Get Rid of the Fat Butt With Cardio Kickboxing

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com, combatfit.net kickboxing cardio-kickboxing photo credit

By Raz Chan

I’ve been training women of all shapes and sizes for years. Many people would probably assume they train cardio kickboxing or martial arts to protect themselves and stay healthy. However I found the majority of women wanted to join my class for aesthetic reasons first and self-protection a distant second. Cardio kickboxing and martial arts are a great way to tone your body. Just look at the chiseled bodies of boxers or UFC fighters. This has not gone unnoticed by women who are now enrolling in martial arts classes in large numbers. This work out for women is fast paced, exciting and fun.

Most people follow aerobic together with flexibility exercises. However in my classes I make sure the workout consists of the following: stretching, aerobic, strength / plyometrics, kickboxing drills, and abdominal work. Combine all these elements you have a balanced workout for women. All these drills can be accomplished without weights. Instead you can use bodyweight exercises to start with. Pushups, leg squats, abdominal crunches and lunges are just some of the exercises you can do to develop the muscles in your body.

A popular question I often get from my female clients is how can I slim, tone, and firm my butt? The most popular exercises among trainers are the usual squat and lunges with or without weights. They are great exercises but I like to do something a little different and stay true to the martial arts side of the workout. This adds a little uniqueness and spice to my work out for women.

One of the drills I like to use in my cardio kickboxing workout for women is the butt roundhouse back kick drill. It is one of the best drills to slim and tone the buttocks:

1). Start by kneeling on the floor with both your hands and knees touching the ground.

2). We are going to work with your right leg first. Keeping your left knee and both hands on the floor you are going to raise your right knee off the ground & perform a kick out to the side of your body then retract it back you without placing your knee back to the floor.

3). Immediately you are going to take the same right leg and kick straight back as high as you can and bring it back to your body without placing your knee back to the floor. Now kick out to the side again, bring it back to your body, followed by a kick back. Repeat steps 1 -2 for 1 minute and 30 seconds.

4). Once complete you will perform the exercise on the left leg for 1 minute and 30 seconds.

You should feel a good burn on both the right and left side of your glutes after you have completed the exercise. This is one of many different ways you can firm up the glutes. It can be done anywhere during your free time.

Train safe and I will talk to you next time!

Raz Chan is a professional martial arts instructor teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, women’s cardio kickboxing and self-defense. To find out more about his Kickboxing Boot Camp for women you can follow his blog at: Kickboxing Vancouver [http://www.womenskickboxingbootcamp.com] or his website at: Kickboxing Boot Camp [http://www.razchanfitness.com]

~ ~ ~

OPENING PHOTO CREDIT marye dalton twitter photo credit 


Article Source: https://EzineArticles.com/expert/Raz_Chan/232105

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/1948308 

Germany’s Warrior Amazon, Wrestler, Session Girl, Beautiful Curvy Package

Beautiful packages can come in small or large sizes and when it comes to competitive female submission wrestlers, many of us prefer extra-large.

When you take one look at the gorgeous Warrior Amazon from Germany, how can we not.

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com article, amazonwarrior-amazon.beepworld.de photo credit

She is many wonderful things, including being a Session Girl.

At her wb270.com profile she smiles in both English and German, words to the effect, “I’m trained in MMA, BJJ, Thai-Boxing, and Taekwon-do. Try to challenge me and I will show you where your place…is I can really kick your butt and bring you down to the ground begging for mercy!!! If you just like to discover who is in a sporting match the better one, for sure I’m open to this too.”

No challenges coming from here but maybe you are tough enough to.

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com article, femwrestle.com photo credit

She has wrestled some of the best female warriors including taking on the widely respected Kaysha Brazil, Brenda of Germany and Diana of the Czech Republic to name a few.

She has her own site where you can check out some of her sexy pictures.


If you would like to wrestler her, she sessions out of Frankfurt, Germany.

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com article, amazonwarrior-amazon.beepworld.de photo credit

Traveling to Frankfurt can be a memorable experience. Please read on.


Visiting Frankfurt, Germany – One of the World’s Richest Cities

By Stan Smith

Within the Main River Valley, just east of where the Main meets the Rhine, sits the prevailing city of Frankfurt. Presently and historically considered a nerve center for commerce, banking, and transportation, Frankfurt am Main of west central Germany possesses many aspects of the old world that function as a viable part of this contemporary city.

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com article, By Thomas Wolf (Der Wolf im Wald) – Own work wikimedia

Visitors to Frankfurt am Main, not to be confused with Frankfurt (Oder) a small city in northeastern Germany, will find its location ideal. Situated on both sides of the Main River, this hilly region is totally surrounded by rich forest; settlement in the area goes back to 1st Century Roman times.

Significantly, Charles I held a royal court in Frankfurt in the 800’s. During the Middle Ages, kings of the Holy Roman Empire were elected here, and, later on, emperors were crowned in Frankfurt. In the mid-1800’s, Germany’s new parliament first met here. Consequently, Frankfurt has been at the forefront of German and European change.

Currently, Frankfurt is at the heart of economic growth for the region. The European Central Bank, a number of major German banks, and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange together have made this city a major financial center of the European Union. Many international companies call Frankfurt their home away from home.

Frankfurt has traditionally been known as a marketplace for meeting and exchanging goods. More than fifty trade fairs and exhibitions are still held in Frankfurt yearly. Most notably, the Frankfurt Book Fair in mid-October and the International Automobile Exhibition in September.

Frankfurt offers travelers varying means of transportation in, out of, and around the city. The Autobahn converges at the city. The Frankfurt Airport is considered one of Europe’s busiest. A train station is located at the airport as well, making intercity travel quite convenient. Within the city, public transportation includes buses, above ground trams and the S-Bahn and U-Bahn underground train lines. Additionally, bridges in Frankfurt connect the banks of the Main River. Most notably, the Eiserner Steg (Iron Bridge) has been open to walking traffic since 1869.

One of Frankfurt’s cultural attractions, the Museumsufer (Museum Embankment) contains a varying array of museums, located along the Main, with themes ranging from history, to art and architecture. An end of the summer cultural festival, Museumsuferfest, attracts over three million visitors every year to this area.

Numerous historical attractions entice visitors. The Romerberg area of old downtown was a series of houses that were acquired in the 14th Century from a wealthy merchant. The main house is the site of the city’s first town hall. The area was rebuilt to original specifications after the Second World War.

Saint Bartholomeus’ Cathedral is a gothic structure built during the 14th and 15th Centuries. It’s known as the main church of Frankfurt. In 1867, the cathedral was destroyed by fire, but was subsequently rebuilt.

Saint Paul’s Church was established in 1789. Germany’s first parliament met here in 1848. The interior of the church was partially destroyed during the war, but was built up again with modern fixtures.

Visitors can also experience the Frankfurt Opera, site-see at the Saalburg, an old Roman fort, and become enlightened by activity at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University. Named after the celebrated writer and poet born in Frankfurt in 1749.

Frankfurt’s extensive history is preserved, but the city has been renewed in order to meet present-day needs. The ancient city’s marketplaces where trade and commerce took place have been updated. Frankfurt now promotes economic stability for the entire region. The city’s many skyscrapers reflect this while postulating the direction of Frankfurt’s further growth.

Stan Smith writes for Four Corners Hotels http://www.fourcornershotels.com which offers information about hotels in cities around the world.

~ ~ ~


Article Source: https://EzineArticles.com/expert/Stan_Smith/45570

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/187320




Isabel Lahela, Canadian Olympic Weightlifter, Lady Pro Wrestler, Dazzling

Exceptional beauty has a way of opening up our minds to many new and exciting pathways. Once mesmerized, we are willing to listen to what the source of that illumination has to say or learn from what they are doing.

In the movies the classic case of this is the recent thriller, Miss Sloane.

Miss Sloane is a 2016 political thriller film directed by John Madden and written by Jonathan Perera. The film stars Jessica Chastain.

fciwomenswrestling.com grapplingstars.com article, EuropaCorp photo credit

It received generally positive reviews and Chastain’s performance was acclaimed by critics.

The storyline goes Elizabeth Sloane (Jessica Chastain) is a cutthroat lobbyist who has been called to appear at a congressional hearing led by Senator Ronald Sperling (John Lithgow) to answer questions about possible violations of Senate ethics rules during her tenure at Washington D.C. lobbying firm Cole Kravitz & Waterman.

When you read some of the extreme vitriol online, it clearly was a polarizing film that penetrated the psyche of many.

Any film starring the elegant and classically film noir beautiful Jessica Chastain is worth watching and will get our attention. She has a way of opening up our minds.

Beauty can do that.

We all know that a Lobbyist is a person who takes part in an organized attempt to influence legislators.

Having said that, watching Jessica Chastain effectively portray a Lobbyist helps us to understand that particular employment position in a whole new light.

For those of us who love the fully competitive female grappling game, and we are legion, we’ve heard of beautiful wrestling girls who engage in weight lifting and power lifting but do you know the difference between the two.

Enter Isabel Lahela.

fciwomenswrestling.com grapplingstars.com article, photo via pinterest.com

Isabel is stunning.

She has wrestled previously and according to many reports almost signed with the WWE.

fciwomenswrestling.com grapplingstars.com article, photo via Squared Circle Sirens

Watching this beauty got our attention.

Please enjoy her fitness video on YouTube while it lasts.


It was her bio that helped get into our psyche.

At her dynamic website isabellahela.com they share, “Isabel Lahela is a multi-strength sport athlete and personal trainer, aiming to promote positive body image, self-love, and confidence through strength training. Over the course of her life, Isabel dealt with common disordered eating patterns and body shaming.

Being a dancer did not help, as body form is a central and negative part of the dance culture.

After years of this negativity and without being able to address the issues properly due to the taboo nature of eating disorders and body shaming, Isabel decided it was time for a change. She found a way to channel her energy in a positive way to improve her self-image, self-esteem and view on life through strength training, CrossFit, Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting.

Now, Isabel has become a symbol of healthy living, self-improvement and self-empowerment. While not a natural-born athlete, Isabel works hard and stays consistent with her training and lifestyle and aims to show others that fitness is truly a way of life and a total body and mind self-remedy for anyone and everyone. She is currently a Canadian National Powerlifting Record Holder as well as Canadian National Olympic Weightlifter.”

That is not only beautiful, it is impressive as well.

fciwomenswrestling.com grapplingstars.com article, photo via Total Pro Sports jpg

Isabel is a Canadian Olympic weightlifter who won the won the 48kq weigh lighting Junior Ontario Championship in 2014.

There’s more.

She is also an in-demand model who has been featured in publications like Maxim.

On her Facebook page, she describes herself as a Canadian National Powerlifting Record Holder
and a Canadian National Olympic Weightlifter.

What is the difference between the two?

At the informative site t-nation.com, they explain, “In the strength sports, there are two primary forms of competition – weightlifting and powerlifting.

Weightlifting includes the snatch and the clean and jerk (performed as one movement) while powerlifting involves the squat, deadlift, and bench press. While the competitive goal in both sports is to lift as much weight as possible, they’re also remarkably different in several key areas.”

Nothing like simplicity. We get it.

Isabel? Thank you for opening up our minds to the industry of Power Lifting. Your beauty is persuasive.

We have scratched the surface but want to learn more.

Let’s turn our attention to a visiting female speaker who will further educate us.

Maria Stuart Jacobs is a daughter, housewife, mother, and friend, sister who love review movie, place, restaurant, and other services. Another best hobby of Maria Stuart Jacobs is writing stories, articles. Maria Stuart Jacobs also run a boutique.

Please enjoy her article.


Handpicked Tips For Successful Power Lifting Training Program

fciwomenswrestling.com grapplingstars.com article, photo via YouTube

By Maria Stuart Jacobs 

Power training is basically a weight training discipline that focuses primarily on building strength rather than developing muscle mass. If you are contemplating to get yourself enrolled in power lifting training or if you are interested in body-building training, it is important you get aware of the power lifting training program. Frankly speaking, most of the successful power lifters agree to the fact that the only way to have a good muscle is gaining immense strength and power. The article discusses about the 3 basic tips for Power lifting training Program to ensure better performance.

  1. Learn To Arch Your Lower Back

In small group training, a good, experienced squatter teaches how to arch your lower back effectively. The arched position gives an individual a strong, stable base and lets you lift maximum weight. Mind it; the lower back arch seems very important in all areas of power lifting training. The sturdy arched position can turn out beneficial for you in movements like dead lift, bench press and even accessory movements.

It’s important you practice arching your lower back whenever you squat or dead lift. This helps you achieve greater strength. Also, it’s important you arch your lower back pretty hard while you are going for bench press. This arch cuts your range of motion, makes your body firm on the bench and thus makes you much sturdier and stronger.

  1. Hit Your Back Muscles Hard

One of the most vital elements of power lifting training is hitting all your back muscles with greater force. Although, these muscles are not seen in the mirror, but the fact is they provide your body almost all the power and strength.
Mind you, one of the essential elements of back work for training on power lifting is working with the upper back. Upper back includes lats, rhomboids, and traps. It is also important you work hard and get stronger at various pull-ups, rows, shrugs, face pulls, and dumbbell rises.

In doing so, you would be able to get fruitful results. Mind it, upper back is the layer on which the bar lies when a person squat. So, when your upper back improves, chances of lift improvements are also noticed simultaneously.

  1. Give attention on Your Triceps

If you wish to get strong not just at bench pressing but also at other types of pressing movement, it is important you have the biggest triceps. Frankly speaking, although quite a good number of body builders prefer working on the “pretty muscles” namely chest and shoulder, they give lesser importance on triceps. But this should be kept in mind that Triceps are considered as the most important upper body muscle group for power lifting training. In order to train your Triceps regularly, it is important you practice a good deal of exercises. Well this should not at all be limited to customary bodybuilding exercises including cable extensions, kickbacks or skull crushers but intense movements like board press, bench press, pin press and cross fit programs focus on the functional movements and improve fitness and work capacity.

Maria Stuart Jacobs is a certified personal trainer and he believes Power training is a discipline that focuses primarily on building strength rather than developing muscle mass.

For more information please visit our website – http://www.edmontonsouthsidegymandmassageclub.askforspecial.com/

~ ~ ~

OPENING PHOTO fciwomenswrestling.com grapplingstars.com article, photo via eWrestlingNews.com


Article Source: https://EzineArticles.com/expert/Maria_Stuart_Jacobs/1887871

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/8514620






Kikyo Nakamura, Fallen Flower, Rising Indie Wrestling Star

Among other things, the beauty of flowers is that they bloom in all shapes and sizes with such variety in hues.

There is a female wrestler on the horizon who is blossoming and gaining attention because of her power and strength.

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com article, kikyo facebook.com Fallen Flower photo credit

Kikyo Nakamura is the Fallen Flower who has demonstrated the ability to make many a beautiful Indie Female Wrestler fall and submit to her will.

Kikyo has faced the likes of Brittany Wonder, Ruby Raze, Shotzi Blackheart, Lisa Lace, Sage Sin, and Shelly Martinez among others.

At her Twitter she is self-described as being involved with RISE/Shimmer, is a Women Athlete, Grappler Brand/Dropkick Depression Athlete.

Very impressive. Kikyo has been wrestling for over eight years.

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com article, kikyo facebook.com Fallen Flower photo credit

When you watch her ring presence, she moves with the swiftness of a cat on the prowl and there is no wilt in her.

When we heard of her last name, it reminded of our early years visiting Japan and listening to another Ms. Nakamura who possessed a silky smooth voice with a fantastic range that could appeal to teens and adults alike.


Her name is Ayumi Nakamura.

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com article, photo via JpopAsia

In 1985 Ayumi Nakamura’s smash hit “Tsubasanooreta Angel” shot her to fame and stardom. It was and still is a moving song that reminds us of our early visit to Japan.

Here is her bio.

Nakamura Ayumi was born on June 29th 1966 in Fukuoka, Japan. When she was four years old, her family moved from Fukuoka to Osaka.

At the age of 18, Nakamura debuted as a singer in 1984 with the Takahashi Ken produced single “Midnight Kids“. Though it wasn’t until the release of her third single, “Tsubasa no Oreta Angel“, that she became really popular and it also began her career as a singer-songwriter as she was beginning to write her own lyrics (the song was co-written by Nakamura and Takahashi). In late 1985, she held her own concert series, AYUMIDAY, with the first one featuring the band Japanese rock band REBECCA. By 1987, she had started writing all of her songs.

What she has in common with Kikyo is not only the name Nakamura but their themes that symbolize the power of temporarily falling and getting back up.

In Kikyo’s case, she is also called “The Fallen Flower”.

In Ayuma’s high signature song it is “Angel With Broken Wings”.

We are certain you will love the song. Here are the various versions and the lyrics.

Early version.


中村あゆみ 翼の折れたエンジェル

Mature version


中村あゆみ (Ayumi Nakamura) / 翼の折れたエンジェル

Most polished version.



And now for the lyrics…………….

Angel with Broken Wings

The rain was pouring outside the driver’s seat

Even windshield wipers broke down in the night’s hurricane

I couldn’t hear “I love you”

So I brought my ear to your lips

With our feelings drowned out by the rain’s highway

At Thirteen, we two met

At Fourteen, my childish heart

I entrusted it to him at Fifteen

At Sixteen, we had a first kiss

At Seventeen, in our firth morning

I learned how to sigh little by little at Eighteen

“If I were a hero,

I’d never bring sadness close to us…”

Even if he murmured like that

I merely found my lonely heart to disagree with him

ohhh… Angel with Broken Wings

He must be an Angel with Broken Wings

We’re all Angels with Broken Wings


Kikyo the wrestler was born in Sacramento and is based out of Tampa, Florida.

fciwomenswrestling.com, grapplingstars.com femcompertitor.com article, kikyo facebook.com Fallen Flower photo credit

We also love how Kikyo represents the beauty of the curvy woman and like the flower, the emerging acceptance of the beauty of the variety of shapes in beautiful women.

~ ~ ~







Orlando Florida Welcomes You, Have A Wrestling Session With Rachel And Katy

Myriads of exciting news are happening on the Orlando, Florida landscape.

There’s no better place to celebrate special milestones and make new memories than at Walt Disney World Resort, and these experiences take these moments to the next level.

fciwomenswrestling.com grapplingstars.com article, Disney World photo credit

We have long associated Orlando with the wonders of Disney World and in the sports market, the NBA Orlando Magic, so it’s wonderful to see that the University of Central Florida Knights have truly made it to the big leagues.

Finishing their 2017 season with a stunning 12-0 record, the Knights will face the big dogs of the SEC, the Auburn Tigers in the Peach Bowl.

fciwomenswrestling.com grapplingstars.com article, UCF Knights photo credit

As reported at an Alabama media source al.com, “Auburn may rank in the top 15 nationally in pass defense, but UCF believes it has found some “holes” to exploit in the Peach Bowl.

Knights freshman receiver Gabe Davis complimented Auburn’s secondary, but also feels there are areas No. 12 UCF (12-0) can take advantage of.”

Best wishes to all. As of this December 29, 2017 writing, the January 1, 2018 game against Auburn is sold out.

Sorry that you may be a little late to that one, but if you love to grapple with beautiful girls in a safe session environment, there are two beautiful girls who are ready to take you on.

fciwomenswrestling.com grapplingstars.com article, photo via wb270.com

At her wb270 profile Katy Jae smiles, “I’m a very fit, fun, sensual yet dominating mistress ready to make you my newest pet:)  I have a 4-0 record in Muay Thai and 1-0 in MMA.  I’m a fitness trainer and aspiring bodybuilder/figure competitor.  I’m VERY open minded and playful.

My favorite types of sessions are: BOXING. Kickboxing BEATDOWNS, Scissors.”

Sounds dangerously wonderful and she is not sold out so we want more.

At her sessiongirls.com profile she adds that she is, “Sweet, compassionate but RUTHLESS when you are in my clutch. NO MERCY unless you request it.”

 Would you like to request her email? Here it is: katyjaex@gmail.com

This Orlando Angel is a gorgeous girl that Femcompetitor Magazine has written about:


Rachel Sinclair is an industry great and has a well-loved reputation in our market.

fciwomenswrestling.com grapplingstars.com article, photo via wb270.com

At her wb270.com profile she flexes, “I am a Session Wrestler, Pro Domme, and Fetish model with a wide variety of interests.  I love the excitement of a good competition and showing off my strength, and although I am by no means an fbb, I do spend about 2 hours a day in the gym 5 – 7 days a week.  So, I am extremely strong for a girl my size.

I travel regularly on the East Coast (including Tampa, Miami, New York, and NJ and will be adding Boston, DC, and Atlanta in the near future).

I prefer to correspond via email as it allows me to keep track of all of your information, likes, and dislikes, so please feel free to email me to schedule a session or find out more information.”

We have contacted her before and she is super sweet.

Here is what one of her many fans had to say about her. “I spent one unforgettable hour with Rachel.  I’m a rookie at this, but she is very attractive, accommodating, strong, athletic, and entertaining.  The fantasy gal I was hoping for.  I look forward to a rematch.”

Very good. Maybe you can take his place and have the rematch for him.

Rachel is not sold out yet.

Here is this gorgeous babe’s email: RachelFights@live.com 

Well there you have it. There is so much to do in Orlando. Let’s not stop there.

A Help Guide For Convention Visitors To Orlando

fciwomenswrestling.com grapplingstars.com article, photo by Deng Shutterstock via WhereTraveler

By Katie Christ

Submitted On January 08, 2017

The city of Orlando, Florida is home to the world-famous Walt Disney World, the number one tourist attraction in the United States of America. But that is not the only tourist puller; Orlando offers several beautiful places that are a must-see for both children and adults alike. Whether it’s the historical museums, huge water parks to landscaped gardens or first-class restaurants, Orlando is chock full of places to visit and never offers a dull moment.

If you are coming for an Orlando convention, then you should know that you have lots of options when it comes to choosing your transportation from the airport or your lodge. The public transportation network in Orlando is properly maintained and offers several options as well. You could opt to take a cab or Uber, trams, buses or coaches that will take you to the Orlando convention center with peace of mind.

As expected, any internationally known travel destination attracts people from all walks of life, and thanks to Walt Disney’s the Magic Kingdom, the tourist trade in Orlando is booming more than ever. From entrepreneurs to business executives, to fun-seekers, Orlando can cater to all. Therefore, you have several options or choices to make when it comes to choosing where you will lodge during your visit to Orlando. No matter what your budget is, Orlando has the perfect hotel that meets your desired needs, and a majority of them are closer to tourist centers.

If you feel the hotels in Orlando seem to be a tad too much for you, then consider visiting one of the towns close to Orlando which is known as Kissimmee. This town is just a few kilometers away from the bustling city and has lots of hotels with reasonable prices that are pocket-friendly and which offer a lot of value for money.

According to reports from the Orlando/Orange County Convention & Visitors Bureau, Inc., Orlando is recognized as the second largest destinations for business meetings in the world. As a matter of fact, pleasure and business travels bring in the sum of about $32 billion every year. Despite the recession, there is hope for the future of business in the city of Orlando. Convention markets, as well as business conferences, are always held at the Orlando Convention Center, and it is growing in popularity each day as the Center meets the needs of businesspeople and corporations. Even major hotels are not left behind in the business arena, as each, and every one of them is always upgrading their facilities with state-of-the-art equipment to meet the demands and needs of businesses and also to host business meetings.

Orlando is capable of running several conventions and business meetings concurrently as a result of the convention center as well as the upgraded facilities of the hotels in the city.

A trip to Orlando is not complete without a visit to the renowned five-star dining restaurant, Christini’s Ristorante Italiano, should be your best option. Here, you’ll be served with the best of Italian foods prepared by world-class chefs and enjoy the best of hospitality and fine wines. Go to: http://www.Christinis.com

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Submission Room Female Wrestling Event 9, Lesson In Teamwork

Teamwork is the hallmark of a group of dynamic people who find great success in their sports of interest.

The Submission Room, led by Pippa the Rippa, are a group of beautiful female wrestlers based in London who work well as a team.

fciwomenswrestling.com grapplingstars.com article, submission room photo credit

Evidence of that are two matches from their recent Submission Room Live Event Number nine.

F312 – Nixie vs Scorpi: “This is match #2 from the Submission Room Live Event #9 held on 9th December 2017 and it features the beautiful and athletic Nixie (London Submission Room) against the fit and skillful guest wrestler Scorpi (from Alphacatz in Czech Republic). The rules for this match are pins and submissions and Pippa the Ripper referees and ensures fair play.  Nixie has a great physique, and with her background in sports and judo, she is tough and determined. However, guest wrestler Scorpi doesn’t take prisoners. She is fast and strong and with a burst of speed, it’s Scorpi who gets behind Nixie and wins the first submission using a choke hold. What follows is a fast-paced match with a clear winner.”

Here is another winner.

F311 – Jade vs Alkaia : “This is Match #1 from the latest live (Christmas) event from the London Submission Room, held on December 9th 2017 and it kicks off with an amazing submissions-only match between guest wrestler Alkaia (from ALPHACATZ in Czech Rebublic), and one of the Submission Room’s more experienced wrestlers, Jade.  One look at Alkaia and you can see she is solid muscle, and so it’s clear that Jade is in for a tough match.  But Jade isn’t going to be intimidated by the Czech and fans of Jade know she has won matches in the past against much larger wrestlers.

London Submission Room owner, Pippa the Ripper, introduces the two wrestlers and Jade and Alkaia get to their knees and start. This quickly turns into an intense match with both wrestlers having to draw on all of their experience. As you would expect from an experienced wrestler Jade’s defence is good, making it difficult for Alkaia to lock on. However, Alkaia is clearly the stronger and at one point, she shows just how strong she is by literally powering out of a head-lock that looked like it was going to be a certain point for Jade and with the point denied, it’s Jade who now finds herself in Alkaia’s clutches. It’s about two-thirds through the match before the first submission is won, but the match is far from over. This was a great start to the Christmas live event.”

Here is the link to the Submission Room: http://www.thesubmissionroom.co.uk/

There is always something great going on at the Submission Room.

Great teamwork never goes out of style.

Laws of Teamwork – The 10 Commandments

Fciwomenswrestling.com femcompetitor.com article pexels.com and rawpixel.com photo credit

By Dale Roach 

Teamwork is a word that is being used by many organizations in many different ways. What one group defines as “teamwork” does not mean the same for another group. So, what exactly does the word “teamwork” mean?

Laws of Teamwork

To help you understand and have a basic working knowledge of “teamwork” here are the Ten Commandments for healthy team development.

  1. Everyone on the team is equal. No one is superior to another on the team.
    2. Each person on the team is called upon to use his or her unique skills. Individual team member skills are essential for a strong team to develop.
    3. Real communication on a team cannot be dominated by one or two individuals if the team is to be successful.
    4. Organization of teamwork is not a “top-down” organization. There is not a “president”, “boss”, “chairman”, etc. However, every team does need a coach.
    5. Opinions are unique; therefore if a team is to be successful each person must share their unique opinions.
    6. Each person of a team must be willing to develop their unique skills. Teamwork training is necessary for the success of any team.
    7. Teamwork calls upon the individual to merge their concepts and ideas with others. This intensifies the overall talent of the team. A willingness to share is absolutely needed.
    8. True teamwork can never be accomplished by one individual telling others what to do. Everyone’s voice must be heard and appreciated.
    9. Teamwork can get a task done quicker when many people are involved. Rule number nine is to be sure everyone is involved, always!
    10. There may be times when a task may take more time due to the diversity of opinions, however, when the team makes a decision the results will be powerful!

Team Theory

Teamwork is a concerted effort of many diverse talents and skills to accomplish a task that cannot be accomplished alone. Teamwork has been understood as far back as ancient times. The ability to accomplish a teamwork task calls for the individual to be dedicated to the unified effort. Greater things can be accomplished when the many become one. That is the simple explanation of teamwork.

Since 2006 Dale Roach has been the Director of Missions for the Moriah Baptist Association in Lancaster, SC. Dale holds a Bachelor of Arts from Gardner-Webb University, Boiling Springs, NC, a Master’s degree from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC and a doctoral degree from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY. Dale’s doctoral thesis is entitled ” A Consultant’s Strategy for Team Development Within the Local Church.’

Since 2009 Dale has been developing a website called LIKE A TEAM at http://www.likeateam.com. The focus of the website is to provide resources for team development. http://www.likeateam.com

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Beautiful Indie Wrestler Heather Monroe, Ambition Evident

Difficult to choose, at times it can be. Wrestler or Actress?

What is a girl to decide?

We are so glad that the Indie Wrestler Heather Monroe decided to wrestle. 

fciwomenswrestling.com grapplingstars.com article, photo via Gerweck

She sure is fun and exciting to watch.

It may not be long before we address her with a new designation other than Indie Wrestler since she has now wrestled for the WWE.

It has always been her goal.

In her interview with Steve Bryant of socaluncensored.com she confirms, “My ultimate goal is definitely the WWE. I would love to go to Shimmer too. I want to go to Shimmer above anything else right now because that was one of the main things I watched getting into wrestling and that made me so motivated to do this. Lucha Underground would also be awesome. It’s such a well put together show with so many talented people.”

That sound exciting to us as well.

On March 20, 2017, as reported by the Miami Herald, Heather made her grand appearance on Monday Night Raw.

fciwomenswrestling.com grapplingstars.com article, photo via Heatherisme Twitter

If you are a star and wish upon one, dreams can certainly come true. Heather is proof of that.

In terms of what led up to it she replies, “The whole thing is you have to be mentally and physically prepared,” she said. “There were times during my training that it got hard, and I contemplated if I really wanted this, but the answer was ‘Yes’.”

We are very happy the answer is yes and hopefully for a very long time.

While her training is at the Santino Bros Wrestling Academy, her roots are in Altoona, Iowa.

Altoona is a city in Polk County, Iowa and is a part of the Des MoinesWest Des Moines Metropolitan Statistical Area. The population was 14,541 at the 2010 census.

Altoona is home of Adventureland, an amusement park, Prairie Meadows, a horse racing track and casino, and a Bass Pro Shops retail store, the first one in central Iowa.

There is always a fun, family time to be had there.

We’re are ecstatic that we are going to see more of Heather.

For now let’s see a little more of Heather’s home state of Iowa.

We can relax Iowa style and listen to a traveling female writer who shares why Heather’s home is so wonderful.

Please meet Christa.

Christa O’Conner is a Certified Wedding Specialist offering her wedding coordinating services to Pittsburgh brides-to-be. She also owns and operates WedPittsburgh.Com, a top of the line local wedding vendor directory. Christa is an avid article enthusiast and enjoys sharing her information, knowledge, and research to anyone who is interested.

Living In Iowa

fciwomenswrestling.com grapplingstars.com article, photo via Des Moines Register

By Christa M O’Conner 

There are many benefits to purchasing a home in Iowa. Iowa is known as one of the safest places to live in the entire United States, not to mention it features amazing school systems and a low cost of living. Many people think of Iowa as a farming state, but it has a very diverse economy which features big industries like finance and biotechnology, but also government services. For people who have never visited or lived in Iowa, it might seem like a barren, boring Midwest State, but for those who live there it’s a wonderful oasis that includes big city life and peaceful country living depending simultaneously.

Because of the recent development of bigger and better urban areas, there are a number of great opportunities available for people who venture to Iowa. Places like Iowa City are home to some very big companies which can provide great job opportunities for people seeking employment. Not to mention that Iowa has one of the best ratings for health benefits. All-in-all, Iowa actually shows great statistics across health, safety, and employment categories. This is great for people who would like to raise a family, or start over in a new place.

The real estate and home prices are competitive yet affordable and most people are able to purchase a home in Iowa that suits their needs. Even in larger cities, such as the capital city of Des Moines, condos and single family homes can be purchased in the mid $200,000’s. This is a dramatic difference from other locations in the U.S. that command over $500,000 just to get within 5 miles of a downtown metropolitan area. If living in a rural area suits you better, Iowa is full of great farm land and small towns where peace and quiet is a way of life. No matter what lifestyle you are looking for, you’re sure to find a location in Iowa that will meet your personal requirements.

fciwomenswrestling.com grapplingstars.com article, photo via pinterest.com

Unlike what many people may believe, Iowa is not simply full of hillbillies and farmers. It has a diverse blend of activities for every member of the family and welcomes all cultures and nationalities. There are cultural events, historical sites, sports teams, fairs, and art shows every single year. Iowa provides many great opportunities for adventure and fun especially if you love activities on or around water. Being the only state bordered by rivers, and containing a number of lakes, Iowa proves to be a boater’s (or fisher’s) dream.

From a diverse culture, to a mix or exciting urban and quiet rural areas, Iowa appeals to almost every desire imaginable. With a rich history, and a number of fun and exciting things to do, a person living in Iowa has many great opportunities to take advantage of. If you haven’t already, start to consider Iowa as a place to put down roots and build up a new home.

Are you now considering moving to the great state of Iowa? Check out some Iowa land for sale to find a place for your new home.

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In Grappling, Modeling, Increased Opportunities For Curvy Girls

Traversing life in balance where all or most of the components blissfully intertwine makes for a delicious life.

Societies finding balance in their expectations and allowances for women to pursue and live the life that they want and look the way they personally desire without being ostracized is gaining ground but we are nowhere near complete improvement.

We love that the curvy models are becoming more popular on the runway and the adverting and endorsement world.

One such beautiful shapely model is Riley Ticotin.

fciwomenswrestling.com grapplingstars.com article, photo via stylebymbv

The modeling industry site plusmodelstoday.com shares, “Beautiful and curvaceous easily describe Riley but it goes much deeper than that. She has established a solid base in the industry and continues to climb to the top. She has worked for many top brands like Nordstrom, Elloqui and Torrid, to name a few but with her assets, she is ready to take on almost any role. She is particularly well suited for lingerie and swimwear but it doesn’t stop there. She competes with the best out there while modeling all kind of apparel. In a word Riley Ticotin is stunning.”

She is stunning. Wouldn’t you agree?

fciwomenswrestling.com grapplingstars.com article, photo via pinterest.com

We want to hear more from her cheering squad. We found a nice source.

At famousbirthdays.com they add that Riley is an, “Internationally known plus-sized model who has been represented worldwide to places such as Natural Models LA, Wilhelmina New York, MiLK London, and OKAY Germany. She has modeled for top brands such as Asos, Torrid, and Nordstrom. She became widely recognized as a plus-sized model after her appearance in Teen Vogue in October 2016.”

Okay Riley, please strike a pose.

fciwomenswrestling.com grapplingstars.com article, photo via pinterest.com

In the fully competitive female submission grappling industry, we look to see that sexy curvy woman are in demand and participating in our great sport.

A respected wrestling company that is providing them with more opportunities is Doommaidens.

Here is an example of an intense battle between to curvy beauties. Let’s read their movie review.


Ursa vs Kari

fciwomenswrestling.com grapplingstars.com article, photo via doommaidens

“In this battle of big vs bigger Ursa, at 235 lbs., takes on Kari, at 260 lbs. Kari gets off to a strong start, using her greater weight to crush, squish, pin, and smother Ursa. But as the match wears on…poor Kari! She’s fighting this one back-to-back with her bout with Sweetie Dreams, while Ursa is fresh, rested, and ready to rumble.

As Kari becomes more and more deeply exhausted, Ursa starts to pull ahead — not just in stamina, but also in variety of attacks, finishing Kari not just with pins and smothers, but also RNC’s, arm bars, and Americana locks. And when it comes time for the victory round, Ursa’s sure to sink in some good old-fashioned schoolgirl pin and reverse face sitting (along with victory posing!) for good measure.”

Ursa: 5’5″ and 235 lbs………Kari: 5’6″ and 260 lbs.

We love the size and shape of things to come. If you do too, then you know how and where to purchase.

We are also happy to see that the fashion world continues to be inclusive in their designs and manufacturing of clothing, in this case jeans, for curvy girls.

Please enjoy.

Best Jeans For Curvy Women – Review of Levi’s 528 and 529 Curvy Jeans

By Dawn Goodson

Have You Tried Levi’s Curvy Jeans?

fciwomenswrestling.com grapplingstars.com article, photo via self.com

Levi Jeans might be one of the oldest, popular, and most recognized brand names in the business. One of the reasons why Levi’s is an industry leader deals with the fact that you can literally find dozens of different styles and finishes in women’s jeans. If you’re a woman with a curvy body, you may already have your doubts as to whether Levis Jeans will fit.

You may have heard of Levi’s line of Curvy Jeans. You may also be skeptical about whether these jeans really offer great fit to your hips and curves. There are two styles that you will want to look out for: 529 Women’s Curvy Boot Cut Jean (available in sizes 4-16) and 528 Juniors Curvy Skinny Jean (sizes 1-13). These jeans are the answer for the need for fashion denim designed to fit women with the classic hourglass figure — larger hips, thighs, and smaller waists. These jeans offer a contoured fit that completely eliminates the common problem of gapping at the waistband. While the gap at the waist problem can be remedied by a belt or custom tailoring, the Holy Grail jeans are those that offering flattering fit straight off of the rack.

What Do Customer Reviews Say about Levi’s Curvy Jeans?

Extensive research on customer reviews from Amazon, Zappos, Sears, and other retailers reveals that the majority of women are thrilled with the fit of these curvy jeans. You will find plenty of glowing recommendations for the 528 and 529 jean. Lots of comments stating: “These are the best jeans I have ever owned” to “these jeans fit my body like a proverbial glove.” There are a number of pros and cons noted across reviews, so let’s review before you bite the bullet and buy these curvy jeans:


– Stretch enables comfortable fit and allows jeans to hold their shape
– Versatile – looks great dressed up or dressed down
– No backside showing when sitting down or bending over
– Bootcut style balances out the width of large hips


– Length of jeans may shrink in the wash – even when washed on cold
– First signs of wear may appear after a few months of consistent wear — in front right below the belt loops
– Premium indigo color is not the same color as it appears online – slightly lighter
– Whiskering on premium indigo is more prominent than it appears on pictures online
– May be hard to find in local or department stores

These two styles are stretch jeans made with 1% spandex for a slim body-grazing fit. They are available in purchase in 3 inseam lengths – short (30″), average (34″), or long (34″). (If you’re looking for jeans with more stretch or a larger variety of inseam lengths, especially for extra tall women, you may find a better choice with PZI Jeans).

Overall these curvy jeans consistently get 4 to 5 star ratings from satisfied customers. As a matter of fact, 85% of reviews on Zappos.com give these jeans a 5 out of 5 star rating! The fact that these jeans may be hard to find in department stores may be a deterrent for many women, but rest assured, that these jeans are available for purchase online. Be sure to shop around for the best deals and highest savings. Lots of websites offer free shipping – and you also be able to find an additional coupon code to save even more money on Levi’s Curvy Jeans!

According to recent surveys, the majority of women struggle with finding jeans that fit and flatter. You don’t have to be one of them! Please visit Jeans for Curvy Women [http://www.bestjeansforcurvywomen.com] for your guide to finding your best-fitting jeans for curvy figures [http://www.bestjeansforcurvywomen.com/review-of-levis-curvy-jeans-for-women-528-529/]!

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