Zoe vs Jane Grappling

Relaxing and eating at a friendly sandwich shop or restaurant can be like a home away from home.

How many times have we eaten over and over at restaurants where the food wasn’t great but the owner and staff were so wonderful that we kept coming back anyway?

“When I’m home, I like a cozy, comfortable, calming space.”…. Stacy Keibler 

At FCI Womens Wrestling, we love the Czech Republic and the spectacular city of Prague.

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There is so much to do, so much to see and so many great places to eat.

In our lifestyle of dinner and a female vs female movie, we are here to visit another fine Prague eating establishment.

Please meet Farma Letna.

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Here they speak perfect English and tell us about their eatery.

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At farmaletna.cz they smile, “Among our suppliers are only the best from which’re removing the high-quality organic and Fair Trade products. On an area of 180m 2 in the pleasant atmosphere of our shop you every day, we offer a diverse range of foods of the highest quality – fresh pastries according to traditional recipes (baguettes Petit France, gouache bread from Mr. Mask), dairy products, cheese and eggs from established Czech farms, meat and quality meats, fresh vegetables and fruits according to seasonal produce predominantly Czech growers. For the sweet tooth, children’s menu and marmalades Mrs. Šindlerová.”

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That sounds so yummy. Many world travelers agree.

The fun travel writer at expats.cz shares her experience visiting Farma Letna. “When my plate of food does arrive, it certainly looks tempting – I’d give it top marks for presentation. There’s a generously sized whole meal bun covered in seeds, a side salad with a drizzle of balsamic dressing and a serving of roasted carrot as a healthy alternative to fries. The whole thing screams first-class nutrition (which is no bad thing) – but how does it taste? Pretty darn good, I’m happy to report. The burger, topped with coleslaw and cheese, was grilled almost to perfection. It’s easy for turkey steak to dry out when grilled but mine was still moist in the middle. The carrots still had a hint of crunch and the rocket in the side salad gave it a peppery kick.”

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The reviews from customers are tasty as well.

The global giant tripavisor.com shares.

“Amazing brunch and breakfast place. During my 4-day stay in Prague, I visited The Farm every single day because: the food was tasty and quite affordable – amazing quality to price ratio – and there is a wide range of food available, with all-day breakfast and special Saturday Brunch specials.”

And here is another…….. “The place looks very cozy and welcoming and the atmosphere in general has a very relaxing vibe. The food is good, but nothing out of the ordinary. It’s quite simple and the eggs benedict were very average & dry with not much sauce. On the other hand, the fresh juices are great!”

Okay. I’m convinced.

“I have this cozy house here and I get three pensions from the States. I’ve done nicely.”… Jonathan Frid

It’s time to sit back and enjoy a great female wrestling match from Prague.

FW-30: Zoe vs Jane

By Zweig on Mar 03, 2016 12:09 am

Our 30th female wrestling title is a highly-anticipated match-up between two strong and intensely competitive lightweight wrestlers. In FW-30 our current lightweight champion, Zoe (stats), faces Jane (stats). This is Zoe’s second title defense after FW-29.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, fightpulse.com photofciwomenswrestling.com article, fightpulse.com photo

Since joining Fight Pulse in November, last year, Jane has become an unstoppable force in the lightweight division. Thanks to her natural fighting instinct and unmatched speed, she has been able to bring the fight to and dictate the pace in the matches with more experienced opponents. After her match with Akela (FW-27), our opinion about Jane as a wrestler changed completely. Suddenly, she was a true challenge for Zoe in our eyes. But can Jane make one more step and achieve the ultimate goal in only two months of wrestling? Will Jane be crowned the new champion, or will she suffer her first ever defeat at the hands of the current lightweight champion?

We know by now that thanks to her aggression and speed Jane (almost) always wins the takedowns. She is also already very good at transitions between holds and finding opportunities to score points that are not obvious. But we also know that Zoe is not a push over, that she doesn’t like to tap, and will fight for every grip, seek every opportunity, and use her vast experience to outplay and dominate her opponents. Besides being the more experienced of the two, Zoe also has a very slight weight advantage. If you have seen her fight with Akela in the first lightweight mini-championship final (FW-21), then you know it would take a lot to beat Zoe.

What a totally unforgettable encounter! The level of fight Jane puts up is not something one would expect from a newcomer. When we told Zoe in the middle of this match that this is only our third shoot with Jane, she was extremely surprised.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, fightpulse.com photofciwomenswrestling.com article, fightpulse.com photo

FW-30 is a spectacular match between two strong and beautiful female warriors. This is without doubt one of the best competitive F/F matches we have ever seen and shot. It is full of fast unforgiving takedowns, rib-crushing body scissors sequences and unbelievable resistance and eventual escapes fueled mostly by sheer power of determination. If you like real competitive female wrestling, or if you are a fan of either Zoe or Jane, you will certainly enjoy this video.


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Sources: brainyquote.com, Wikipedia, fciwomenswrestling2.com, FCI Elite Competitor, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.