Wrestling Monica Evolves!

Monica is formidable as a wrestler and even more exceptional as a salesperson and motivator.

During the days of ordering video matches by snail mail, as a customer this writer developed a great business relationship with a British producer named Phil. He had a fantastic stable of female submission grapplers named Lisa Marie from New Zealand, Luna from Italy, from Great Britain and other countries Kelly, Angela, Stacy, Anna, Susan, Rose, and Jill along with many more beautiful submission and fantasy wrestlers.

There were myriads that caught my eye but none seemed to possess the rare combination of beauty and a high wrestling skill level than the competitor named Monica.

Monica had soft unblemished skin, was shapely and tended to slowly wear her opponents down with self-control and adaption. She was soft spoken and made for a delightful interview. Her matches with Jean Hunter and Renata are classics.

Much has changed since the 1990s.

Monica would not only evolve as a competitor but gained knowledge and newer skillsets which she has transferred into a successful business venture called Monica’s Wrestling Centre which proudly hails from the Danube of the post 2010 era, London, England.

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London has certainly evolved and so has fully competitive women’s wrestling.

[pullquoteleft] I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.
……….E. B. White

The names have certainly changed since Monica’s early connection to private wrestling company owner Phil and with the cross pollination of mixed martial arts, the women’s game is far tougher than ever. The relative extinction of the great Danube warriors of the 1990’s as the world’s best submission wrestlers is that they had difficulty fighting and defending above the waist.

The new and exciting names are Sable, Minxy Li, Thunder, Blaze, Venom, Lydia, Tyger, Antscha, and the sensuous Orsi to name a few. This writer has trouble attaching a handle to Ms. Orsi because every time she seems to be a jobber, ready to easily succumb to the mildly formidable, she surprises me with a victory complete with patience, skill and perseverance.


This is one brief review written by a gentleman who had the opportunity to witness one of Monica’s events.

“My first Event at Monica’s and I had a great day. It all started with a trip to Monica’s studios where I had a session with Ina and Lydia, and also met Bettie. I got a friendly greeting from all of them on arrival and had the first 30 minutes on the mats with Ina. I was totally overwhelmed. With her background in Sambo she was excellent in take downs and so was always on top once we hit the floor. I’m usually quite good at turning the opponent but this lady wasn’t for turning! I’ve never wrestled someone with Ina’s style and it was sometimes hard for me to take in what was happening. Usually I can remember the moves and do a reasonable write up afterwards but a lot of it seemed a blur with her on top trying for submissions and me trying to resist. She pointed out I was doing a few wrong moves; showed me new moves and how to use different parts of the body in moves that I already knew but making them more effective.”

[alert_red] Here is a quote from Monica herself. [/alert_red]

“My 400 square foot wrestling facility is now up and running in London! It’s big, bright and squeaky clean, having just been refurbished. The mats are professional-grade, and there are private changing facilities plus an awesome walk-in shower.

It’s so much more fun than a hotel room, and gives girls from outside London a great place to wrestle when they’re in town. It also lets me train up new girls who want to get into wrestling. And it’s available to girls from overseas as a London base whenever they’re over. I’ve got a great line-up of wrestlers who are available right now (and more are coming soon!)”

As many of us have learned with the passage of time, one of the reasons you stay with what you love, even during the lean and bad times is because your participation will evoke change within and you begin to grow and evolve. This certainly seems to speak to Monica and her growth in the sport we love so well. She seems to organize and manage a wide variety of women’s submission wrestling athletes with ease.

Or at least she seems to make it appear that way!

Female Competition International, fciwomenswrestling.com is hoping to bridge the great divide between the women’s submission wrestling world and the women’s freestyle wrestling community. At some point they should meet in fiercely contested matches where the suspense of victory is the main lure over eroticism.

If you find non-nude women wrestling too erotic then you probably showed up here by accident. If you are indeed a fan of the sport, you might want to visit Monica’s Wrestling Centre. Time does indeed change everything and fortunately in the case of Monica, near perfection has been improved upon.

~ ~ ~

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