Women’s Wrestling Jobbers, Sometimes They Are All That

Main Article / October 14, 2018

Can a female wrestling jobber turn into the Grappling Prom Queen?

Of course. Hope always springs eternal.

If the unpopular girl in the movies can turn into the popular girl when the right ingredients are added, that gives every girl hope.

She’s All That is a 1999 American teen romantic comedy film directed by Robert Iscove and starring Freddie Prinze Jr., Rachael Leigh Cook, Paul Walker and Matthew Lillard.,, Miramax Films photo credit

It is a modern adaptation of George Bernard Shaw‘s play Pygmalion and George Cukor‘s 1964 film My Fair Lady. It was one of the most popular teen films of the late 1990s and reached No. 1 at the box office in its first week of release.

Here is the premise.

Laney is anything but Miss Popularity, which is exactly what initially attracts Zach. Sure, he has ill intentions at first, but without even trying, Laney works her shy girl charm and Zach simply cannot resist.

Zack Siler (Freddie Prinze Jr.) is the big man on campus at his Southern California high school. His popular and narcissistic girlfriend, Taylor Vaughan (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe), ditches him for a faded reality TV star from The Real World, Brock Hudson (Matthew Lillard), whom she met on Spring Break in Florida.

Although bitter over the break-up, Zack consoles himself by claiming that Taylor is replaceable by any girl in the school. Zack’s friend, Dean Sampson, Jr. (Paul Walker), disagrees and challenges him to a bet on whether Zack can turn any random girl into the Prom Queen within six weeks, a coveted position held by the most popular girl in school. Dean picks out Laney Boggs (Rachael Leigh Cook), a dorky, solitary, unpopular art student, as his choice for Zack.

As we said, hope springs eternal.

In professional wrestling slang, the term job describes a losing performance in a wrestling match. It is derived from the euphemism “doing one’s job”.

The term can be used a number of ways.

When a wrestler is booked to lose a match it is described as “a job.” The act itself is described with the verb jobbing, while the act of booking (rather than being booked) to job is called jobbing out.

A job which is presented as being the result of an extremely close match, or underhanded tactics on the part of an opponent, will not necessarily tarnish a wrestler’s reputation, especially if the situation is presented as one where the wrestler “deserved” to win but was cheated.

Our venture in the lady pro world has been enlightening.

Two girls wrestling each other twice in different arenas can demonstrate that in the first match Lady Pro A is the jobber and in the second match Lady Pro B plays the jobber.

In our female submission wrestling industry we go back a few years to remember one of the most beautiful jobbers of all time. She was tall, statuesque, shapely and very feminine and with the great DWW warriors, there was no under handed or scripted victories.

Michaela had to be one of the most beautiful jobbers of all time.,, DWW Galaxy photo credit

Two of her matches where she mesmerized us was her bed fights with the eternally gorgeous Czech Princess Luzia and the sultry blonde Pettula.

First up is Pettula.

We always loved Pettula who was not one of the top DWW fighters but she was solid and had her way with Michaela, on the bed.

Michaela was a larger girl and did her best but Pettula easily dominated this one and we loved every second of it.

When Michaela would also meet Luzia, we already knew what was going to happen but given how sensuous these two European girls are, we wanted to watch anyway.,, DWW Galaxy photo credit

Yes, Luzia dispatched of her easily with school girl pins.

Now think about it.

Sometimes during sessions wouldn’t it be fun to be the jobber? Haven’t you ever thought about that at least once? Being dominated by a beautiful female in a wrestling match (especially when no one else is watching) could be a lot of fun.

Are there girls that can help you make that fantasy come true?

Of course there are.

One of them is Ashley of North Carolina.,, photo via

Ashley says: “Hi Guys! I’ve been in the circuit for almost 3 years now. I may look small but, big things come in small packages!  I Love wrestling and all the opportunities that comes along with it.

Love to travel and willing to go almost anywhere.  This wrestling vixen will put you in your place and dominate you by any means necessary.  There is nothing more pleasing to me than making you tap-out!  Pain is Pleasure!  So don’t be shy, send me an e-mail and let’s get this party started!!!”

Wow. Sounds like she is ready to give you a good old fashioned butt whipping Southern style.

Are you ready to lie down and get taken to the wood shed?

Ashley’s email is

For the next beauty let’s travel across the pond.

DWW’s Michaela was an amazon so it is fitting that we visit another one.

Her name is Amazon Lucinda. She would like to meet you.,, photo via

Lucinda smiles, “I am first and foremost a dominant woman and a professional Mistress although recently have come into wrestling after repeated suggestions from my clients who were impressed with my natural strength.

I visited the well-known Pippa L’Vinn at her Manchester wrestling studio where I received some training and developed my skills from there. My current premises is primarily a dungeon with a hard floor suitable only for pins, holds etc. Anyone wanting more full on wrestling would have to see me either at a hotel or a wrestling studio.”

Isn’t she a beauty? A large girl living large. What could be sexier? Her customers love her too.

Here is one review.

“I recently had a session with Amazon Lucinda and had asked her to incorporate some wrestling moves into it. I’m 5’8″ to her 6’2” (much bigger and even more intimidating in heels!). She got me into some headlocks while we were still standing. She towered over me and easily pulled me up and tossed me around, my neck gripped in her thick and strong arms. Later she pinned me with her weight. No way could I move her 230 solid pounds! Then came the head scissors, firstly to the sides of my neck. The pressure and pain were tremendous. I was taken by surprise. I couldn’t actually speak, had to tap out. Then she applied her muscular thighs to my throat. I was in masochist’s heaven!”

He played the jobber and lived to smile about it.

Okay, there you have it. If you want to play the jobber, Amazon Lucinda is just the right girl for you. Her email is

Now we have one more angle for you.

What if your wife or girlfriend likes to wrestle or was curious about wrestling another woman in a safe environment?

We have found just the right girl for you. Her name is Alexandria and wrestling women is her game while Jobber is her second name. That’s right, Alexandria likes getting her butt whipped (fantasy style).

You heard it right. Alexandria is proud to be a jobber.,, photo via

Now that’s a new one on us but Alexandria is super cute and bubbly bright, and like a blind date who saw the light, we thought that you might be interested.

At the Session Girls website she smiles, “Bring me your wife or gf and let them kick my ass! I am Americas BEST Jobber! Or, I will heel! And beat them up!! Just like you’ve always fantasized about!

ALL fights are staged for imagery purposes, all blood and weapons are Hollywood grade fake props, this is for fun! YES YOU CAN RECORD!

Fake blood, barbed wire, tazers, night sticks, kendo sticks, riot clubs, ladders, steel chairs, beak away tables and chairs, glass bottles, glass, harley quinn clubs, crowbars, various hand tools, etc.

OFFERING role play fantasy pro wrestling, cat fighting, and boxing, and photo sessions.  Jobber or Heel.”

Check out this fun site.

Sounds like jobber fun. Her email is

We will always be thankful to the talented girls like DWW’s Michaela who were real and very good at trying hard but erotically losing.

It is the life of the jobber and you know what? In the case of Michaela?

She was all that.

~ ~ ~ 

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