Women’s Submission Wrestling History, DWW’s Iva Shined At The Conventions

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December 6, 2021,

Gorgeous blonde Iva, not to be confused with Eva or Evie, was a stellar DWW wrestler and really appeared to do some of her best work at the early 2000’s convention.

At 5’5” and 118 pounds, she wasn’t one of the tallest or strongest maidens, but she was one of the most determined and fiercest in the DWW stable.

This was evident in an early DWW Indoor Event, in that dimly lit cave like room, where the fully competitive tournament featured the Blondes vs the Brunettes and Iva soundly defeated Adriana 2-0.

The name Iva is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Iva is: Gift from God.

In the fully competitive female submission wrestling history annals, Iva was a gift to all of us.

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In between enjoying spaghetti, pop music, aerobics and the occasional martini, our beauty loved to wrestle and wrestle hard.

In our opinion, she did her best work in front of a convention live audience.

Time to walk down memory lane.


The two beautiful fighters enter the convention ring in boxing robes. Ingrid sporting blue and Iva in black.

As the crowd screams out, it appears that Ingrid, as you know, one of the most popular DWW girls, is a crowd favorite.

Interestingly if you go by memory only, your mind can fool you.

We always thought that Iva was a DWW girl but curiously at the convention match during the introduction, only Ingrid is introduced, to a rousing applause, as a DWW girl.

Iva is not, but Jeff the ref expresses that she is new.

That is significant because you would think that Ingrid will run away with this and she does indeed get off to a good start. After the two blonde warriors head hunt, jockeying for position, Ingrid comes out on top and immediately has Iva trapped in a brutal head scissors but the slender Czech escapes.

Intriguing. It appears that despite her reputation and experience that Ingrid is not going to run away with this.

Afterwards the two girls lock each other into a mutual body scissors. It’s painful but not permanent.

Soon Iva has the advantage and begins to smother Ingrid who screams in agony but being the Fem Competitor that she is, doesn’t tap.

Okay fine. Iva turns the smother sideways into a body scissors, Ingrid screams again and this time taps.

Well, this is why you play the games.

Who would have thought?

Now the girls take a break while Ingrid is being fanned with a towel. She’s okay but appears to be a little surprised.

We all are.

Ingrid comes out more determined than ever and is the aggressor, all over Iva.

First she traps her in a combination choke and body scissors. This should do it but it doesn’t.

Iva escapes.

Ingrid is all over her again and positions her right back into another rear choke and backwards “come for a ride” body scissors.

Iva escapes again.

Undaunted, Ingrid leaps upon her and in what appears to be a choke from the top, Iva screams with pain, doesn’t tap out but the bout is halted.

Jeff raises Ingrid’s arm. Apparently it was a submission.

Ingrid is puzzled and open her hands palms out as if to ask, what is going on?

It appears that Iva injured her shoulder but will carry on.

Ingrid races out like a tigress again and seizes Iva’s neck into the traditionally tough head lock. Iva is in pain for a while but escapes. Ingrid is relentless and is back on her with another head lock.

This time she traps the arms too, cross body pin style. It’s too much for Iva who taps out.

Ingrid is growing more confident.

Iva has to be careful. Down 2-1, this could get away from her.

In the next round the two girls continue to fight for position, one on top of the other. As soon as one gains footing, the other breaks the hold and the fighting is intense.

Then they strap each other into a mutual head scissors. Ouch.

Iva breaks the hold and gains the advantage. Ingrid appears to be in trouble once more as Iva is now the aggressor and Ingrid keeps trying to escape.

Finally Iva traps her in a cross body pin and being of smaller frame, the experienced Czech beauty is counted out by Jeff. Ingrid taps out as well.

It’s now 2-2.

Good for Iva for not becoming demoralized after Ingrid’s second submission.

The third fall will be the deciding one.

As Ingrid sits in her corner she does seem to be tired, but deep in concentration.

As the final round begins, the girls engage and Ingrid slips and Iva pounces to the advantage but can’t hold it. Ingrid now begins to gain control and encases Iva in a head scissors. That alone is not going to do the trick.

Ingrid pulls the arms and scissors Iva’s head and that is just what the submission doctor ordered.

Iva is finally vanquished and taps out.

Jeff pronounces Ingrid the winner and with a sigh of relieve, the DWW pecking order is still in place.


Iva performed very well against Ingrid. As far as against Tempest, it’s like the old tennis adage. You only look as good as the other person on the other side of the net makes you look.

How good will the sexy short haired blonde dressed in sea blue make Iva look?

They shake hands and the battle begins.

Both are equally as aggressive and the crowd in not only rooting for Iva’s opponent but instructing her too.

Iva is not swayed and finally traps Tempest in a neck hold and the feminine girl taps out.

As round two begins, Iva takes the advantage and is fighting from the top. Tempest is struggling underneath. She can’t escape.

Soon Iva turns her sideways and rolls her into a side body scissors and Tempest submits.

Interestingly when Jeff raises Iva’s hand, she rubs her left shoulder as though there is a slight pain the same way she did against Ingrid. Whether that happened before or during the convention is a mystery.

Now the question becomes, does this girl Tempest have it in her to make a comeback?

She does.

She quickly traps Iva from behind and takes her to the burnt orange mat with a head lock choke hold, only you can’t choke and Jeff let’s her know that. Tempest let’s up but slides Iva underneath her where they struggle for minutes but she won’t let Iva escape and locks the body and chin and Iva tapes out.

A reviewer at DWW describes the match well. “Iva vs Tempest; finally the DWW girl enjoys the weight and skill advantage as these two cute blondes go at each other, this match is only scheduled for 10 mins and the action is competitive throughout, Iva uses her powerful legs for two body scissor submissions while Tempest gains her submission with a choke hold; 10 mins Iva 2-1.”

Very intense.

Wish we were there.

Those early conventions were great.

They always brought out the best in Iva. Competitive female submission wrestling history was made there.

Iva will always remain here.

In our hearts.

~ ~ ~

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