UK Women’s Ring Wrestling, We’ve Been Thinking about You

Main Article / November 29, 2018

Ring, ring, ring.

No it’s not your cell phone. It is a reminder of how enjoyable and satisfying it is to watch gorgeous women wrestling in the ring.

What a fantastic historic venue in the world of Professional Ladies Wrestling and our female submission wrestling world as well.

When many wrestling fans think of women wrestling in the ring, the country they think of most is the United States, and they should. Most of women’s wrestling in the ring, past and present has occurred there.

Be that as it may, please don’t forget about the United Kingdom. There has been a ton of great women’s ring wrestling there as well.

The leader in women’s ring wrestling in our competitive submission grappling industry back in the day, hands down was TPC wrestling. To chronicle what they have in their feminine ring war inventory would consume enough time to write a novel.

You don’t have the time to read it, we don’t have the time to write it, but we would love to.

And we still love them. We still think about them. How often?

Every day.

That being the case, with so much volume at hand, it is about the individual girl that you loved with all of your wrestling heart.

So much of it is about how much you’re thinking about her.

TPC was sure big in the 90s.

Reminds us of a great London music group from the 1990s.

Londonbeat is a British-American electronic dance music band who scored a number of pop and dance hits in the early 1990s.,, photo credit

The group’s career started in the Netherlands where “There’s a Beat Going On” reached the Top 10, and then “9 A.M (The Comfort Zone)” which subsequently became a modest success in the United Kingdom. They are best known for their song “I’ve Been Thinking About You“, which hit Number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and the Hot Dance Music/Club Play charts in 1991.

Love the lyrics because when it comes to London girls in the ring, past and present, we are thinking about them all of the time.

Time to sing along while it lasts:

We must have been stone crazy
When we thought we were just friends
‘Cause I miss you baby
And I’ve got those feelings again

I guess I’m all confused about you
I feel so in love, ah baby, What can I do?

I’ve been thinking about you…..

These mates bring back so many memories in the 90’s of driving at night with them blasting on the cassette player. You had to be there to really understand how that song could inspire to dream under the stars and bright city lights.

Our feet are tapping up a storm. Yes right now.,, photo credit

Guess what? These cool dudes are still bustin’ a move. Here is their official site: 

We now look back on the 90’s in the ring and one girl that was beautiful, shapely and a very good wrestler that may have escaped wrestling fans thoughts but not ours cuz we’ve been thinking about her is Georgina.

Do you remember her?,, TPC wrestling photo credit

Here is the producer’s description of her. “Georgina, the popular and laid back blonde, is also undefeated and she is set against the experienced Sherry who, on her day, has proved herself in matches all over the world.”

Here are photos from a few of her matches. She also wrestled men as well.,, TPC wrestling photo credit

Here is one more.,, TPC wrestling photo credit

That was then and this is now.

A girl who wrestles out of London and looks great in and out of the ring is Jaki.,, photo via

Here is what her profile has to say. “Jaki is an amazing MMA fighter but only has fantastic grappling skills.  She is fast, strong and very funny and she is waiting for you! To fix a session with her, just email us.”

Boy is she sexy and obviously she can wrestle. The girls of today add the MMA training to the mix whereas the girls back in Georgina’s day engaged primarily in scissors, brutal head locks and pins.,, photo via

If you are thinking about Jaki and decide to travel to London and session with this girl who can throw down on the mats and in the ring with some sexy moves, her email is:

Now while you’re in town you might want to stop by Love Vinyl and check out their classic inventory. Might find some UK classics there that are unavailable in the States.,, Love Vinyl photo credit

You also could sit down for a nice meal.

Why don’t we take it to the next level? Where can you eat some great food and enjoy live music while you do it?

Welcome to the Jazz Café.,, photo credit via TripAdvisor

The Jazz Café is a music venue in Camden Town, London. It opened in 1990 on the former premises of a branch of Barclays Bank and has had several owners throughout its history as a music venue.

The Jazz Café has played host to such jazz musicians as Pharoah Sanders, Don Cherry, Jimmy Smith, Abbey Lincoln, Ahmad Jamal, Archie Shepp, Eddie Harris, Cassandra Wilson, Abdullah Ibrahim, and many more too numerous to mention, plus of course top drawer soul and reggae artists like music legend Amy Winehouse, Kym Mazelle, Bettye Lavette, The JBs, Jean Carne, Ben E King, Edwin Starr, Baba Maal, Lee Scratch Perry, The Skatalites, Max Romeo, Luciano and Marcia Griffiths.

Incredibly impressive.

What about the delicious food? Here are some of their main courses:

Chili crab linguine, shallots, garlic & parsley  18.5

Bone-in rib eye steak with Bearnaise sauce & skinny fries.

Roast Cod, celeriac hash, poached egg & mustard sauce.

Southern fried chicken, creamed spinach & sweet potato fries.

Bone marrow & brisket burger with mayo, provolone cheese, chimichurri sauce & skinny fries.

Paneer chilli with mixed peppers & Paratha bread (vegan option with tofu available).

They have more but that is a scrumptious start.

“I’d much rather hang out in a cafe. That’s where things are really happening.”… Joe Sacco

What are we thinking about? Good fun, food and great times. Here are some reviews found at Trip Advisor:

“Morgan James is one of my favourite singers. It was excellent to hear her in such an intimate venue. Split into 2 floors, there’s a restaurant on the top deck, which overlooks the standing only area. Sound quality was excellent.”

Here is another.

“Very good jazz club with downstairs area in front of band (standing up), and upstairs area with dining and tables. We were sitting upstairs and went to see Roy Hardgrove. Very good jazz act, great sound; good Cajun food and attentive service!”

Very impressive.

You can wrestle with Paki and then have a grand time eating good food and being entertained by some sensational music.

Whether it takes place in the fully competitive female submission wrestling world or the lady pro engagements, women’s ring wrestling has always been a mesmerizing experience.

It keeps us thinking. About them. About TPC Women’s Ring Wrestling. About the glorious heart thumping 1990s.

Appreciating the past, enjoying the present and anticipating the future creates a fantastic London Beat.,, Isabella Mendes photo credit

~ ~ ~

OPENING PHOTO Matan Segev photo credit  


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