Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow, A Soothing Experience

Participating in a sport of engagement on a regular basis can take a lot out of you.

Just ask the beautiful girls of our competitive submission grappling world. They travel the world for engagements that will most likely not result in marriage.,, photo credit

A great session or two will do.

More likely bumps and bruises in grappling matches are par for the course. article, femcompetitor, photo

Often a sore neck as well.

Since our fair maidens are constantly on a plane, often after battle, something to sooth the neck and make the travel experience so much better would be a plus.

It’s time to introduce the neck pillow into the picture.

We researched a number of manufacturers and one travel rest pillow that seems to comfort organically better than more is the Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow.,, photo credit

Fasten your seat belts. The plane is in flight. We’ll peer at their brochure of features for inflight entertainment.

At they are very convincing about what this exceptional travel pillow has to offer.

They share:

  • AWARD WINNING: The patented Evolution Pillow is the first travel pillow constructed with high quality memory foam that actually supports your neck without the awkward positioning and discomfort. Proven to be more comfortable than inflatable, microbead, & down neck pillows.
  • SLEEP SOUNDLY: Adjust for the perfect 360 degree support whether your head leans left, right, or tends to fall forward. Complete with a flattened rear cushion perfect for all air travel seats on any flight.
  • TRAVEL ACCESSORIES: Whether you’re driving on a road trip or flying on an airplane to your next vacation destination, the Cabeau Evolution travel pillow will allow the most comfort and stability on the plane or in the car for the entirety of your travels.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Cabeau is committed to your complete satisfaction. Accordingly, we will replace all damaged or defective products due to materials or workmanship, upon your receipt of product. You will rest better on your flights.
  • WASHABLE: Made out of high quality soft velour, the Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow includes a removable and washable cover that makes cleaning a breeze and eliminating germs easily. Pack the Cabeau neck pillow in your luggage easily with the small compact storage bag.

We must admit, that is extremely impressive. Wouldn’t you agree?,, photo credit

It’s time to meet the family that manufactures this vessel of comfort. At they would like to tell you a little about themselves. “During his career playing professional basketball for Maccabi Tel Aviv, David Sternlight was on the road a lot. While seeing the world was always an adventure, he found most methods of travel to be cramped and uncomfortable – especially at 6’8″ tall.

Determined to create a better travel experience for himself and others, David began to design the first travel pillow that actually works. In 2009, after months of development, the revolutionary Cabeau Evolution® Pillow was born.

Fast-forward to today, and Cabeau’s patented travel pillows comfort products and accessories can be found in over 50 countries around the globe. Our products have set new industry standards for superior craftsmanship, quality and comfort, and have won numerous awards.

Cabeau’s patented travel pillows, comfort products, and innovative accessories can be found in over 110 countries worldwide. Our products have set new industry standards for superior craftsmanship, quality, and comfort. We are honored to have received numerous travel industry awards that recognize our commitment to excellence in providing our customers with innovative travel accessories as well as our dedication to improving the world around us.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that the same effort and energy goes into our new products that went into our original, groundbreaking Cabeau Evolution® Pillow.  Innovations in our extended product line are inspired by our customers, who have shared with us what they like, what works, and what would further enhance their travels. We provide a carefully curated range of products that are guaranteed to make your travel experience better.”

What a wonderful story. Is there more?,, photo credit

Of course.

They continue, “Cabeau creates expertly crafted travel accessories designed by travelers for travelers.  We are a young an innovative company committed to family values and philanthropy.  With a group of exceptional sales, marketing, design, operations, and legal specialists.  Cabeau’s success lies in its extraordinary team and collaborative approach.”

That’s fantastic. In our competitive female grappling world we love team work and dedication to cause.

We also love how they express themselves at Cabeau but we want to see what others have to say about their travel pillow.

At the global financial news and information source they praise, “The pillow is designed to go around the back of your neck and rest on your shoulders. Like the Clöudz pillow, the Cabeau closes around front, but instead of snaps, it has a drawstring with a fastener that you can use to turn the U into an O.

Instead of a smooth tube-like shape bent into a U, the Cabeau pillow has an ergonomically designed hump running the length of the pillow to support your head more effectively. The cover is removable and machine washable. In reviews all around the web, buyers say the Cabeau is helpful and comfortable, even if they haven’t liked past travel pillows.”

Here is another.

At the fun travel and review site they add, “It’s obvious a lot of thought went into the design of the Cabeau Evolution Travel Neck Pillow. Its raised section above the main U-shape offers added neck and head support to prevent the head from wobbling, and it even comes with ear plugs, a spot to put your iPod or smartphone, and a handy carry bag. Even though it’s a premium memory foam travel pillow, with a little bit of effort, and by following the instructions, the Cabeau Travel Pillow can be rolled down to about 1/4 of its size to fit inside the carry bag.”

Sounds soothing, comfortable and well thought out. Perfect.

In our competitive female grappling world our Fem Competitors can’t always avoid neck pain which may rear its ugly head while they are on a plane.

Fortunately with the Cabeau Evolution Travel Neck Pillow can bring great comfort to a sometimes temporarily uncomfortable travel situation.

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Samantha vs Cadence

Visitors are always welcome.

Guest are treated like royalty.

Especially when it is Samantha Grace who has visited Northern California several times to wrestle.

She wrestles extensively in Southern California and we were fortunate to shoot a match and work with her there in Canoga Park.

Here it is. article, femcompetitor, photo

“Wow! Samantha Grace is an established star who takes on a sexy street girl named Cadence, a fetish model in her own right. Cadence warns us that she can hurt a girl pretty easily and is even afraid to apply chokes for fear of hurting her opponent. She’s been in a lot of fights. Samantha is the epitome of the sexy girl starlit next door with some experience. Will that be enough for the tough girl Cadence? Find out in this exciting match.”

We were there and we loved it.

In the present in our 2017 San Francisco to San Jose corridor series, we are going to take you to some interesting place here in Northern California that you may not have heard about.

San Francisco Grappling Stars focuses on just that, San Francisco.

Please enjoy the South Peninsula with us.

Now we know San Francisco is famous for its sea food but how about visiting Burlingame near the airport and we know just the right sea food restaurant.

Hey, they are calling us over at



“After an astounding reception and a loyal following, we decided it was time to open an East Coast eatery and market. New England Lobster has been serving the greater SF Bay Area with Maine lobsters, Dungeness crab and shellfish since 1986. We receive fresh Maine lobster on a daily basis, so that you are always guaranteed the best lobster in San Francisco. article, photo

Join us for a meal and enjoy one of our famous lobster rolls or try one of our unique dishes such as lobster tacos and crab nachos!”


“New England Lobster Market offers a wide variety of fresh and frozen East Coast shellfish; we specialize in Maine Lobsters.

Whether you’re looking for fresh picked lobster meat, whole cooked lobsters, Steam Clams or something as unique as lobster-infused olive oil – we’ve got it!”

Wow, so yummy. We can’t wait to sample. article, photo

Here are two reviews from Trip Advisor.

“This place is a gem! Love their lobster chowder and the roll that comes with it. Tried the 1lb lobster and it’s very succulent. Didn’t get the chance to try the lobster roll- next time for sure. We also ordered fresh oysters and taste really fresh! Everything is delish! Love this place.”

“We checked into airport hotel early afternoon before our early morning flight the next day. We had planned to spend rest of day in San Francisco but were too hungry to wait until we got there for lunch and stumbled on this place. The food is incredible – tried the lobster bisque, crab and tacos. Looking forward to my next…”

Speaking of New England, the great New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady attended San Mateo high in his youth.

Guess who they used to play in the then South Peninsula league?

Burlingame High school. It was quite the rivalry.

Burlingame is a city in San Mateo County, California. It is located on the San Francisco Peninsula and has a significant shoreline on San Francisco Bay. article, Howard-Ralston_Eucalyptus_Tree_Rows By LPS.1 – Own work

An early suburb of San Francisco, the city is named after diplomat Anson Burlingame and is often referred to as the City of Trees due to the number of trees within the city and its numerous eucalyptus groves. Burlingame is known for its high residential quality of life with an excellent public school system. The current median home value in Burlingame is $1,800,000+ and as of the 2010 U.S. Census, Burlingame had a population of 28,807.

Okay readers. Keep reading FCI Women’s Wrestling.

You’re going to love the South Peninsula.

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OPENING PHOTO CREDIT September_2002 By Kglavin (talk · contribs) – Own work 




Jet Blue Is True Blue

Female Submission Wrestlers constantly travel the globe but given the sizable number of competitors that compete and provide great sessions in California and Nevada, there is great news coming out of the news room of Jet Blue Airlines.

Female submission wrestlers and their teams travel the airways constantly. Female Competition International (FCI) would like to remind our readers of who the female friendly airlines are and what they are doing to enhance exceptional levels of customer service.

In a January 5, 2015 press release published at the popular carrier announced “JetBlue Airways (NASDAQ: JBLU) today launches new service from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) to Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport (LAS).

The award-winning airline will offer twice daily non-stop flights on this route. article, Wikimedia photo

Fares are available on, with a special celebratory fare of $59 one way between San Francisco and Las Vegas available until January, 11, 2015, valid for travel January 19 – April 30, 2015 (a). JetBlue Getaways also offers customers heading to Las Vegas the opportunity to bundle flights and hotels, as well as with car rentals and other amenities and activities. Travelers can enjoy access to an exclusive 24-hour support desk dedicated to Getaways customers before, during and after their trip. Services include JetBlue Getaways Best Price Guarantee (b) and TrueBlue points on every eligible dollar spent (c). More information can be found at”

While this special rate has expired, it might be wise to be on alert that Jet Blue is aggressively offering competitive specials and you might want to visit their site on a regular basis.

By providing memorable social media customer service, companies not only create deeper connections with consumers, but they glean valuable insights on how to improve their products or services.………Amy Jo Martin  

The release continues by sharing how customers responded to this great offer. “With the overwhelming customer response to our premium offering, Mint, now between San Francisco and New York, as well as more frequencies between these two cities, the natural next step for us was to expand our presence in San Francisco, with service to Las Vegas, a market where customers have continually been seeking a better airline experience,” said Scott Laurence, JetBlue’s senior vice president of airline planning.

If you are not familiar with Jet Blue Airlines, let’s please take a closer look. They spoke about Mint. What is that exactly?

At they explain, “Sit back (all the way back) and relax! JetBlue Mint includes lie-flat seats in the front of our cabin, four of which are suites. These super-comfy seats offer plenty of room, a massage feature, cushions with adjustable firmness and the ability to lie completely flat for much-needed naps. And for extra privacy, Mint suites have their own door.” article, Wikimedia photo

Sounds great! I can feel my shoulders relaxing already.

Why don’t we look in on their Customer Bill Of Rights.

“JetBlue Airways is dedicated to bringing humanity back to air travel. We strive to make every part of your experience as simple and as pleasant as possible. Unfortunately, there are times when things do not go as planned. If you’re inconvenienced as a result, we think it is important that you know exactly what you can expect from us. That’s why we created our Customer Bill of Rights. These Rights will always be subject to the highest level of safety and security for our customers and crewmembers.”

We love to fly safe and enjoy the trip along the way. This is a team that seems to excel at that as well. Even if there are minor challenges, here is one way that they respond. “JetBlue will provide customers experiencing an onboard ground delay with 36 or more channels of DIRECTV®*, food and drink, access to clean restrooms and, as necessary, medical treatment. JetBlue will not permit the aircraft to remain on the tarmac for more than three hours unless the pilot-in-command determines there is a safety or security-related reason for remaining on the tarmac or Air Traffic Control advises the pilot-in-command that returning to the gate or another disembarkation point elsewhere in order to deplane would significantly disrupt airport operations.”

Jet Blue also has a track record of giving back to the community. Female Competition International would like to share this feel good report from the respected news source

In a September 30, 2013 article the highlight the introduction of a very special program. “Around 300 children and their families gathered at JetBlue’s Terminal 5 as part of the inaugural Blue Horizons for Autism, a new program from JetBlue and Autism Speaks that aims to help kids with autism become familiar with flying. It’s the first autism travel practice event ever held at JFK–one of the nation’s busiest airports. The Transportation Safety Authority and the Port Authority also participated.

In aligning with Autism Speaks, the world’s largest autism advocacy group, JetBlue also is able to tap into a powerful disability organization with a community of around two million people in the U.S. Blue Horizons will allow JetBlue, which is headquartered in New York City, to run the program in its own JetBlue terminals around the country. article, Wikimedia photo

What’s more, most of the staff volunteered their time under the company’s new corporate social responsibility program, Inspiring Humanity, which aims to “better the lives” of JetBlue’s customers and the communities it serves. Another travel provider that caters to families of kids with autism is Wyndham Worldwide, which provided a grant for the program.

The merits of a both a well-trained and humanity-inspiring staff were in full effect at Terminal 5 on Saturday. The plane may have only left the gate briefly, but among many of these families, courage and newfound contentment –and perhaps a deeper affinity for JetBlue–took flight.”

As an Independent Contractor who is constantly on the go, you deserve to receive the best customer service that can from your airline of choice.

Now that we’ve had a chance to get a closer look at Jet Blue Airlines, maybe this carrier in the friendly skies can connect with you to show you how they can make your travel experience a safe, inexpensive and enjoyable one.

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Sources:, Wikipedia,,, FCI Elite Competitor,,,, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.

Amy Jo Martin is an American author, speaker, entrepreneur, and founder and CEO of Digital Royalty.


BofA Female Friendly

Bank of America continues to look for ways to empower women and advance leadership roles.

If you have been in the work force for years at the present time are you prospering or struggling financially? It may come as a surprise but much of your happiness or satisfaction with your present economic station depends upon whether you had good mentors to guide you in the early stages of your financial development.

A mentor is a wise, trusted and experienced teacher that provides effective guidance. For a mentor to truly be effective, they must possess all three of those key characteristics. article - Wikimedia photo

In terms of social responsibility, one of the goals of Bank of America is a continued commitment to advancing women leaders and for those of you women reading this article in our competitive wrestling community, that could mean you.

So that Female Competition International (FCI) communicates their ideas as accurately as possible, we have visited their websites at and

One of their goals is explained very simply and clearly. “Through strategic partnerships, investments, and programs, we’re connecting women to the human, social, and financial capital resources they need to maximize their potential. Our efforts are empowering women to enrich their lives, as well as those of their families and communities, and helping create stronger economies worldwide.”

By investing in and empowering women inside and outside the company, Bank of America is creating strong leaders who are contributing to the growth of local economies.

wikimedia photo article

“Our signature initiative, the Global Ambassadors Program, developed in conjunction with Vital Voices Global Partnership and launched in 2012, connects women leaders from emerging countries with senior executives from a range of business sectors, including Bank of America, for one-on-one mentoring,” says Candace Browning, head of Global Research at BofA Merrill Lynch. The program helps women overcome personal, business, civic and other barriers to economic empowerment. “Through mentoring forums held in Haiti, South Africa, India, Singapore, and Brazil, we’ve convened hundreds of women to discuss how women’s leadership can help address economic issues facing their countries,” Browning adds.

“These efforts expand upon our numerous programs aimed at connecting women — both our women clients and women within Bank of America to the tools needed for economic success,” Browning notes.

These include:

  • Philanthropic investments and leadership development programs.
  • Socially Innovative Investing, which includes the recently launched (proprietary) investment strategies for clients focused on women’s and girls’ equality.
  • The Women and Wealth program, which is focused on delivering solutions that meet the unique wealth management needs of women.
  • Socially responsible private equity investments for clients, focused on women business owners.
  • The bank’s Supplier Diversity and Development Program, which ensures that the bank seeks products and services from diverse businesses across the organization, including women-owned businesses.
  • Line of business councils, engagement forums, and an enterprise group focused on women’s professional development: Leadership, Education, Advocacy and Development (LEAD) for Women, provide women at the company with leadership opportunities and skills development.

For more information, go to Bank of America’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) website or U.S. Trust’s women’s website.

An example to follow can be gleaned from the December 10, 2012 article by Julie Fasone Holder written for the Huffington Post.

According to Ms. Holder at her site, she is the CEO and Founder of JFH Insights, Management Advising and a Board Member of Directors at Eastman Chemical Co.

In the article she explains, “In my position as founder and principle of my consulting firm, JFH Insights, and previously as Senior Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Corporate Reputation at the Dow Chemical Company, I understand firsthand the sacrifices women must often make to accomplish what we set out to do.

However, what stands at the center of ensuring that more women reach the highest echelons of leadership in the workplace is one simple act: mentorship. Having strong leaders who helped guide and shape my career has been integral in getting me to where I am today, and it made me realize early on that women can and should strive for the top. While at Dow, I was a founder of the Women’s Innovation Network (WIN), a group of men and women focused on maximizing the professional contributions women make at the company. As a successful business leader, I consider it a top priority and responsibility to mentor the next generation of female leaders.”

Bank of America’s Global Ambassadors Program is founded on the importance and effectiveness of mentorship for businesswomen in the developing world. Approximately one billion women have the potential to enter the global workforce in the next decade, but only if given the opportunity to do so. article

Bank of America is committed to mentoring emerging women business leaders because mentoring has been proven to produce significant results for both the mentor and the mentee. Businesswomen often face exclusion from networks and conversations that can open the door to career development and promotions. By connecting regularly with women in leadership positions, emerging women leaders can further their careers and contribute to their local communities and economies.

Finally a perfect example of this plan in motion can be seen here. According to The World Bank, more than 70 million women have joined the workforce in Latin America and the Caribbean region in the last 20 years, and female income has helped alleviate extreme poverty in the region by 30 percent, demonstrating that gender equality is crucial to economic growth. However, there is still substantial room for improvement.

At FCI our hope is to continue to provide our readers in the international female wrestling community with ideas from corporations and female leaders around the globe on avenues that can improve their economic development.

The great benefit of becoming involved in mentor programs is that you don’t have to re-invent the wheel and it allows you to have an ear to helpful conversations and broad ideas that can improve your economic life that previously may have been closed to women.

If FCI is successful, the fully competitive women’s wrestling industry, primarily the freestyle and submission wrestling world is undergoing a cultural shift where all dignified women’s wrestling will co-operate and partner with one another to create an ideal market for corporations to advertise to.

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Sources:,,,,, photos thank you BofA and Wikimedia Commons.