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During the fifth and sixth centuries, Zen Buddhist monks and nuns brought from India to China yoga and Indian fist-fighting techniques similar to modern karate. These fighting techniques came in handy in war-torn China. Indeed, learning to fight was as common as learning to cook or pour tea. Survival for men, women, and even children hinged on their ability to protect themselves. Those who excelled became notable warriors.

Thirteen-year-old Shuen Guan is a perfect example. Her ability to fight with swords, spears, and even her bare hands earned her the nickname “Little Tigress.” According to one legend, she saved her town from an attack by bandits by fighting her way through the attackers and returning with a neighboring general and his troops. Her heroic deeds were eventually honored by the emperor of China.

But not everyone could be as multi-talented as Shuen Guan. Specialization had a definite place in war-torn China. After learning a basic fighting skill, the tendency was to add moves and techniques to suit a particular ability or body type. For one woman named Ng Mui that meant redirecting her punches from the midsection of an attacker to the head, and throwing kicks to the lower legs.

Specialization enabled people to become masters of their own styles. Mui was so proficient at her style that to prove its effectiveness, she demonstrated her moves on martial arts masters themselves, who quickly came to realize that her methods would work as well for them as they did for her.

That Mui was a woman is impressive enough. But what makes her extraordinary to martial arts students who practice her style today is the fact mat she was a Buddhist nun! She came from a Shaolin monastery in southern China during the Ching Dynasty.

One of Ng Mui’s students, Yim Wing Chun, carried on this style after Mui’s death. Eventually, this system became known as Wing Chun kung fu.

Interestingly, though developed for a woman, Wing Chun kung fu became the style of choice among many men. In fact, this style of kung fu grew stronger in popularity as the centuries rolled by, and became the preferred style of the late martial artist-turned-actor Bruce Lee, who introduced and popularized this style in the West in the 1960s and 70s. For those too young to remember, visit any video store where you’ll find a wide selection of Bruce Lee movies. Though as grade B as a movie can get, they’re worthwhile watching just to observe Lee’s extraordinary athletic abilities.

Judo, too, has some distinctly female roots. While kung fu grew out of China, judo has its roots in the fighting systems of feudal Japan, which from the tenth to the eighteenth centuries found itself awash in samurais-highly skilled fighters who, often on horseback, battled with bows and arrows, swords, and spears.

In the early part of this period, samurai women shared the battlefield with men-and occasionally commanded them. These martial matriarchs were often trained in the use of weapons, especially spears and small daggers.

One of the favored weapons among samurai on horseback was the naginata, a long pole, from five to nine feet, with a sword at the end. Occasionally called “the woman’s spear,” the naginata was the weapon of choice for Itagaki, a female general in charge of three-thousand warriors in 1199. Her expertise and courage supposedly inspired her troops and shamed the enemy.

Another famous woman warrior of the same period was Tomoe. The name means “circular” or “turning,” and was probably given to her because of her mastery of the naginata, which is used by making circular movements.

Woman warriors continued to fight up until one of the last civil wars in Japan. In 1877, a battle was fought with a group of 500 women in its ranks. These women, armed with naginatas, fought against Japanese government troops. Unfortunately, their skills were no match against the guns carried by their opponents.

If you were lucky enough to be a female born into a ninja family, chances are you would be taught, along with your brother if you had one, starting at the age of five or six, to be a superior athlete. By the age of twelve or thirteen, you might move on to weapons training.

Ninja were latter-day James Bonds: super-agents who were not only superior fighters, but masters at disguise. Men often dressed as women, and vice versa.

In the mid- to late 1800s, as there became less of a need for samurai, women’s influence in the martial arts declined. Unless women came from a military family, it was considered scandalous for them to train alongside men in martial arts schools. If any training went on, it was done in private.

Scandalous or not, many women wanted to practice a martial art, and did. In 1893, Sueko Ashiya became the first women student of Jigoro Kano, who founded judo in Japan. Soon after he took on Ashiya, Kano began teaching his wife, daughter, and their female friends.

In the mid-1920s, Kano opened a women’s section of his school so his female students could train in a proper environment. Though a major breakthrough that guaranteed many women the opportunity to train, Japanese women today still train only in the women’s section, and except for special situations are not allowed to train with men.

But don’t think that old habits die hard only in the Orient. Up until about 1976, the belts worn by female judo martial artists had to have a white stripe running down the middle if the women wanted to compete in national competitions. The ruling was changed, however, thanks to a few determined women who demonstrated their disapproval of the rule by fighting in competitions wearing only white belts, refusing to wear a colored belt with a stripe in it.

Consider another rule that prevented women from achieving the same rank as men. Kano’s original school prohibited black belt women from being promoted higher than fifth dan, while men could go as high as twelfth dan. In 1972 the school received letters from women all over the world protesting this rule and asking the school to promote one of its leading female students, Keiko Fukuda, who had received her fifth-degree black belt in 1953. The letter-writing campaign worked, and Fukuda became the first woman sixth dan in the world-almost twenty years after becoming a. fifth dan. article, photo

Karate also never traditionally distinguished between male and female. Karate originated in Okinawa as a defense against Japanese invaders who stripped the natives of their weapons. In addition to using their hands and feet, Okinawans utilized farm tools to attack their oppressors. Women and men would practice their skills alone in the forests or fields using sickles or bamboo polls. Eventually, even a harmless-looking farm woman reaping her crops became a force to contend with.

Sport karate became increasingly popular and widespread in the 1940s. While competition was originally limited primarily to men, women now compete in both sparring and kata tournaments. There are even some mixed forms competitions, and occasionally mixed sparring between men and women.

Today, notable female martial artists can be found in every style of martial art-from kick boxer Kathy Long to karate champion Cynthia Rothrock. These women, and others like them, are the modern-day equivalents of the women warriors of centuries ago. Their determination to carve a niche for themselves in this sport is a shining example to every female martial artist.

Dean Walsh writes for a street self defense blog which includes many articles on self defense for women [] and is also involved in several other martial arts websites such as this Fight Video [] blog featuring competition footage from all of the main combat sports.

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Debbie Malenko Briefly

Some of her best tag team partner’s names were Sakie Hasegawa, Aja Kong, Manami Toyota, Takako Inoue, Minami Suzuka, Devil Masami among others from Nippon.

This should make it easy to guess what city she is from.

Tokyo? Kyoto? Kobe?

No and you’re not even close. Oceans away as a matter of fact.

Try Orlando, Florida.

Debbie Malenko is her name and wrestling in Japan was her game. article

She wrestled from 1990 to 1993 before a serious injury ended her career but given her beauty and talent, we sure wished she could have wrestled longer. While she was in the squared circle, she certainly made it count and we’ll always remember her for it.

The informative wrestling site speaks to this. “Debbie Malenko may not have had a long or successful professional wrestling career on US soil, but she was without a doubt one of the most successful American female wrestlers in Japan. To this day, she is the only American to have captured the All Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling singles title, in addition to the AJW Tag Team Championship.

The respected grappling site shares, “Debbie Killian, is perhaps the best American woman wrestler to ever work full time in Japan when she competed as Debbie Malenko.

Debbie Malenko was trained at the Malenko School of wrestling in Florida and originally went by the name Debbie Drake. When she went to Japan, they let her use the Malenko name because she was such a great worker.”

I have always viewed my role as a sort of ambassador or bridge between groups to help provide a dialog……..Joichi Ito

Great reputation indeed.

This writer’s first memory of Debbie was watching her on a Japanese VHS tape that I had rented from a Japanese video store. She was standing with her partner during the interview and I was amazed at how young she looked and very polite and laid back. No over the top character here. She wrestled well and her team won their match that evening which against the acrobatic and fierce Japanese girls was quite an accomplishment.

Debbie made her professional wrestling debut on August 9, 1990, for Professional Wrestling Federation, taking on AJ Watson as Debbie Drake in a losing effort. Later in September of the same year, she improved and defeated AJ Watson in a match for the same promotion. article adds, “On March 17, 1991, she made her All-Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling debut, teaming up with Mariko Joshida to defeat Sakie Hasegawa and Mayumi Ozaki. In AJW, she competed against the cream of the crop of the ladies professional wrestling world of the time, taking part in both the 1991 and 1992 Japan Grand Prix Tournaments. Sakie Hasegawa became her more or less regular tag team partner, but she also teamed with the great Manami Toyota and Kyoko Inoue.”

Her potential brilliant career ended abruptly on March 11, 1993, in a tag team bout when she partnered with Sakie Hasegawa against Toshiyo Yamada and Manami Toyota.
During the heat of battle, Debbie took a top-rope plancha from Toyota standing on the outside of the ring. Her foot apparently got tangled up in some TV cables and as her opponent landed on her, she suffered a horrific, career-ending ankle injury.
Debbie was only 22.

Our star was a great ambassador to Japan and what better vehicle to bring two different cultures together other than food.

Unfortunately the world is what it is now. People don’t get along for whatever reason. As professional athletes, in a way we’re almost ambassadors for peace, because sports brings everyone together.

Venus Williams

Let’s travel to Orlando, Florida but this time instead of focusing on all of the wonderful tourist attractions which are a plenty, why don’t we follow in Debbie’s footsteps and eat Japanese. That’s right. Let’s eat Japanese in Orlando. article, wikimedia photo

There are many great Japanese restaurants there so for our purposes here, why don’t we look at two that will make your taste buds expand.

Here’s a well-received restaurant and they are happy to speak to us before bowing. “Welcome to Shin Japanese Cuisine. We opened in 2007 and are located downtown Orlando. Shin is a stylish and trendy avenue to entertain friends, family and colleagues, so come and see for yourself!

Our fun and friendly atmosphere, beautiful presentations, and remarkable flavors of each dish have made Shin an unforgettable experience that inspires our guests to return again and again.”

I feel inspired and apparently others have as well.

Here is what one happy customer had to say. “My wife and I have long been fans of lunch at Shin’s, but dinner was downright amazing. We had the sushi for two and it was wonderful. Not only was the sushi incredibly fresh, but the texture made it divine. We love the crab salad in the California roll, the Rainbow roll was a treat as well.”

Yummy. That’s a great start but I want some more. Don’t you?

It’s easy to admire the artistic approach to their food setting for this sensational Orlando restaurant. “Welcome to Hanamizuki ! We are serving authentic Kyoto Style Food for you. We served many appetizers, Tempura, Sukiyaki, Steaks, Sake, wine and much more!”

Having been to Kyoto twice, a very traditional Japanese city, this cuisine sounds like home away from home.

A happy customer relates at, “This is our Orlando treat and destination! Outside of Japan, this is the best Japanese meal I have had. Even simple things like the nori and sushi rice are crafted perfectly. The sashimi is portioned well, all the fish is super fresh and served at a perfect temperature. This is a full on Japanese cuisine experience that should not be passed up. Downside, if you go anywhere else back home, you will know what you are missing!”

For a million reasons, Debbie’s hometown is a great place to visit.

Debbie was a very talented wrestler who helped us appreciate that hard work, politeness, respect and an open mind can open up worlds to all of us.

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Sources:, Wikipedia,, FCI Elite Competitor, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.





Ways To Feel Better

It’s been said that laughter, like deep breathing sends fresh oxygen into our cells and organs, pulls our body and facial muscles, changes our heart rate and blood pressure and increases the release of endorphins while reducing cortisol. Thank goodness for laughter that is free and a healthy sense of humor!

When it comes to feeling better, laughter can be a quick fix but is it a long-term solution? article, Wikimedia photo

Sometimes the problems of life can be very depressing and challenging. In the long-term, what can we do to feel better?

Let’s turn our attention to Mr. Robert Chen, a fantastic Motivational Coach and Speaker who seems to have the right pulse to invigorating the human mind.

How to Feel Better Right Away

We have our up days and unfortunately we have our down days.

What if I told you that you can feel better right away on those down days?

Would you believe me?

I don’t expect you to because we’ve been conditioned to think there are no easy answers in life but I am confident that you’ll be surprised by what you learn by the end of this article.

I know this because I was surprised at how simple it was to feel better.

During my NLP coaching course, one of the most useful insights that I learned was that every behavior and feeling we have exists to help us in some way.

This is easy to understand when we have positive emotions like happiness, joy and love but how does being depressed, frustrated, overwhelmed, angry and all those other negative emotions help us?

Wouldn’t it better if we got rid of those bad emotions?

You would probably feel better in the short-term but it would be extremely dangerous. Getting rid of negative emotions is like removing the fire alarm just because it has an annoying ring (doing what it’s supposed to do) when there is a fire.

The secret is hidden in that analogy.

Your emotions are trying to tell you something and “bad” emotions are merely sending you a message that you need to pay attention. You don’t get rid of the fire alarm to stop the annoying sound, you deal with the fire.

What you need to learn is the message your emotions are telling you and how to use it to find the real danger.

So how do you do that? How do you feel better right away?

Clarify the Feeling

First clarify what you’re actually feeling. If you’re angry, think about the clues that tell you you’re angry. Maybe it’s the furrowed brow or shallow breathing. After you’ve clarified what you’re feeling, acknowledge that your negative emotion carries a message and that what you feel is not based on the experience but how you interpret the experience. Once you identify how you feel and recognize that it is sending you a message, you need to do some more digging.

Understand the Message

Now that you acknowledge there is a message, what is it telling you?

For each emotion, the message is the same. You’re like a house with many different types of alarms, a fire alarm, a carbon monoxide alarm, a radon alarm, etc. They all detect different issues that needs to be handled differently but when one type of alarm rings, it is signaling the same issue.

For example, if you’re angry, the message being sent is that one of your important beliefs or values is being violated by you or someone else. If you’re scared, the message is that a negative consequence is about to occur.

Dig deep to learn more about the message. To help you, I am sharing The Feeling Better Cheat Sheet I created for myself as a reference any time I feel a negative emotion and want to feel better. It reminds me what the message my feelings are trying to tell me and what my next action should be to feel better. It has been a very effective tool for me and I am offering the cheat sheet as a free bonus for anyone who signs up for my mailing list. article, wikimedia photo

Challenge Your Beliefs

Once you know what the message is, the next step is to challenge the beliefs behind the warning message.

What beliefs allow your negative feeling to be true?

Is it possible that the assumptions behind the feeling are no longer valid?

For example, drivers who often experience road rage believe that the person cutting them off did so as a personal attack to them. If they took time to challenge this assumption or even change the belief to think that the person cutting them off actually had to rush his pregnant wife to the hospital, they would no longer feel angry.

People often live their lives on automatic pilot and act according to how they were raised, how they were conditioned by society and how they’ve always acted. They no longer think about the assumptions behind their reaction and they react as soon as the stimulus is presented. Taking time to reconsider your beliefs may cause you to change how you interpret the situation.

The meaning you give to a situation will decide the feeling you will experience.

Do Something About It

If you decide your beliefs are valid and don’t want to change them, then to feel better, you need to change your behavior. The key is to take action right away. After reading this article, you should be able to feel better in a matter of minutes just by changing your beliefs and/or approach.

The great news is that you’ve probably experienced negative emotions before where you ended up feeling better. Be fully confident in your ability to feel better. You have all the resources you need to do so and following these simple steps and using The Feeling Better Cheat Sheet, will help you turn negative emotions around.

Recognize that feeling negative emotions is not normal. You’ve put up with it because you didn’t know how to make yourself feel better. That is no longer the case.

The fundamental steps to feeling better are:

  1. Clarify the negative feeling that you are experiencing
  2. Acknowledge and appreciate the message that your feeling is sending to you
  3. Challenge the beliefs behind the warning message
  4. If the beliefs are still valid, change your behavior to get the final outcome that you want and take action immediately.

If you get good at this, there is a chance that you will feel pretty good most of the time. For example, if you become flexible enough where you truly believe that every person has the right to their own beliefs and that all beliefs are equally valid, then you will no longer experience anger because no one will ever violate your standards.

If there is no fire, the fire alarm doesn’t ring

Beside flexibility, other qualities you may want to cultivate to prevent the negative emotions are love, generosity, faith, determination, passion, health and joy.

Make the conscious decision to feel better now. article - wikimedia photo


This article was well received and is a reprint from our September 2015 issue.

Sources:, Wikipedia,  photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.

Robert Chen is the founder of Embrace Possibility and author of The Dreams to Reality Fieldbook. He helps people who feel stuck move forward by guiding them to see other possibilities for their lives. He specializes in working with high performers get to the next level. If you’re going through a tough time right now, check out Robert’s article on How to Feel Better Right Away and if you’re having trouble getting what you want out of life, check out How to Always Achieve Your Goals.





Find Sound Wisdom

If only we had decades of wisdom to call upon in our twenties when it’s often time to make important decisions like marriage, faith, employment, where to live and other life altering pathways. article, Wikimedia photo

Since many of us don’t possess that understanding and experience at that stage, perhaps it’s wise to at least listen to what others more experienced have to say (and hope that they are honorable and not selfish and sneaky).

Then it’s time to be discerning.

At, Female Competition International, we like to view the thoughts of others experienced and educated in the fields of discussion. While we don’t endorse their thinking, we still like to keep an open mind to the discussion.

A wise man never loses anything, if he has himself.…………..Michel de Montaigne

Tom Russell is founder of the SuperWisdom Foundation – – an oasis for awareness, purpose, and life-success. It helps empower men and women to live with a greater sense of focus and vitality, enjoy productive and harmonious relationships, and reap the benefits of self-reliance and independent thinking. Learn more practical tips for spiritual wisdom in Tom’s newest book, SuperWisdom: Seven Vital Secrets for a Rich & Purpose-Filled Life. Also enjoy the new “Time Out for Truth” Podcast hosted by Tom, at 

Mr. Russell will share his thoughts on Wisdom.
Ancient Wisdom from the Taoist Chuang Tzu: Movement is Life
by: Tom Russell

“Tao is obscured when men understand only one of a pair of opposites, or concentrate only on a partial aspect of being. Then clear expression also becomes muddled by mere wordplay, affirming this one aspect and denying all the rest.” (The Way of Chuang Tzu)

Inner development is multi-dimensional. Many resources are present within us waiting to be tapped and developed. When utilized, these resources further our quest for wisdom and vitality.

A beautiful woman delights the eye; a wise woman, the understanding; a pure one, the soul…….Minna Antrim article, Wikimedia photo

Examples of these dimensions:

1. Speech: It is no accident that the Bible’s Book of John begins with, “In the beginning was the word . . .” Speech can be silent or audible. It is our power to claim what is true. We declare our independence before we live it.

Here is an example of an extremely effective use of speech. When the mind wants to chatter about unimportant, resentful or wasteful things, say to yourself either silently or audibly, “There are higher things to think about.” Yes, right in the middle of the chatter, stand up and use your power of speech. Say these words with feeling and focus. There are far higher things to think about! It is extremely beneficial to remind yourself NOW, right when the mind wants to take a detour to a nearby swamp.

2. Silence: Silence is LISTENING and receptivity. It tunes into flowing currents of wisdom already present. Of all the things we resist, silent quiet time is at the top of the list. Yet, ten or twenty minutes of sitting quietly everyday recharges our batteries like nothing else can.

Intellect: Author Vernon Howard said once, “An orderly mind is a powerful tool.” So often wisdom seekers neglect the development of the mind. This is why reading and absorbing spiritual information is so important – it develops the mind! article - Wikimedia Photo

One way to energize your reading is to take note of ideas that strike your emotions with exceptional clarity. The act of writing plants the seeds deeper than would have been the case otherwise. Why pass by an idea that speaks so clearly to you, without taking a moment to capture it?

4. Kinesthetic Awareness: This is the wondrous dimension of ourselves that connects mind to body as we traverse the events of our daily life.

One way to develop this power is be more aware of your breathing. It is always with you. Breath has a natural rhythm, with pauses at both the exhale and the inhale. Stress first grabs our breath. We can reclaim our awareness by first reclaiming our breath. Notice it and let it flow like it wants to flow, without unnecessary, tense involvement! Not everything needs our help! Knowing this is Tao.

5. Emotional: Quality music as well as vivid stories, myths and parables can help develop our emotional power. Higher emotions are vertical. They already exist. Insights connect us. It is also wise to keep an eye on harmful influences circulating in the media. There’s no doubt the media dwells on negative images to further its own power and influence. Never underestimate the power of pictures to poison your emotions. Refuse to give these power hungry people the time and energy they demand. Moments with beautiful music, or with a good book rich in vivid mental pictures, is time that nourishes your soul.

6. Detachment: This spiritual power allows us to view without claiming; see without grabbing, notice without commenting. It takes away anchors so what is not essentially ourselves slowly drifts away.

Detachment teaches us to let go. It leads us upward to a place where we no longer have to let go because we refused to pick up the problem in the first place! Negative people, and our own negative thoughts, toss ropes at us hoping we’ll comply. These negative factors have no power at all over us until we catch the rope. With the Tao, as taught by Chuang Tzu, we can develop the inner light to recognize a foreign element the moment it approaches. Our new HIGH wants nothing to do with society’s painful LOW.

7. Relationships: Here is a dimension that teaches us many things about ourselves. Relationships, when used for spiritual growth and insight, are doorways to discovery. It is much more challenging (and far more rewarding) to remember our spiritual aims in the midst of personal and business relationships, than it is on a mountain in Tibet.

Relationships also develop our power of empathy — the ability to sense things outside our own circle of self. Empathy is magical. It opens up our inner world to Tao.

The main point for us to grasp is that inner development is multi-dimensional. Rotation and flexibility are crucial. Work in a given area runs its course after a while and a change is indicated. Do we heed the change? Do we learn to move? If so, we grow. article - Wikimedia Photo

A wise man should have money in his head, but not in his heart.…….Jonathan Swift

Chuang Tzu also tells us, “If you follow human methods, you get away with deception. In the way of Tao, no deception is possible.”

We are surrounded by human methods. The unwise fool the unwise all the time. Real wisdom, the Tao, reminds us that our energy is for a higher purpose. It can serve true life instead of the deceptions of society. Everything is within the Tao, but we must stand up and dare to claim what is our natural right.

~ ~ ~

Sources:, Wikipedia,,, FCI Elite Competitor,, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.




High Self-Esteem A Must

We have conversations with others that reveal what’s in our hearts. We have conversations with ourselves that reveal how we feel about ourselves. article, Wikimedia photo

When you and I have our internal conversations, when it comes to self, is it mostly positive or negative? Does it make you feel better afterwards or worse?

Much of the makeup of that conversation has to do with self-esteem which can be argued is strongly connected to our mental and physical health.

Self-esteem is as important to our well-being as legs are to a table. It is essential for physical and mental health and for happiness.…….Louise Hart

How do you know if you have low self-esteem? There are some signs. From time to time we turn to the person on the street for their view. Before we listen to a professional about how we can bolster our self-esteem, it was intriguing to analyze the work of a blogger with a following and his view on low self-esteem.

Let’s start there.

By Emmanuel Segui

People with low self-esteem rarely live their life to the full. They distance themselves from others, and are thus denied their love and support. They rarely, if ever, make full use of their abilities. Instead, they end up brooding about the injustices of life. Such people are a loss to themselves, their family and to society. Some of them even take to crime, alcohol and drugs.

There is overwhelming evidence that the higher the level of self-esteem, the more likely one will be to treat others with respect, kindness, and generosity.…..Nathaniel Branden

Invariably, people with low self-esteem are uncomfortable with success. They tend to believe that they don’t deserve success, and they have no clue as to how to savor success. At the same time, they do not hesitate to blame themselves if things go wrong. They take sadistic pleasure in telling the world that they knew things would go wrong. This is an important symptom of low self-esteem, and needs to be treated at the earliest.

People suffering from low self-esteem also have the habit of putting themselves down. They repeatedly tell themselves that they are not good enough and that they are bound to fail. Over a period of time this negative self-talk turns into a negative self-belief. More than that, they try and implant these seeds of negativity in people around them. They also gravitate towards people who suffer from similar problems. The end result is that they feed on each other’s negativity, and become much poorer individuals than they initially were.

To establish true self-esteem we must concentrate on our successes and forget about the failures and the negatives in our lives.…….Denis Waitley

A high level of dissatisfaction is another indicator of low self- esteem. There are people who spend all their time complaining. They neither see a positive thing in others nor in themselves. This cynicism eats away their self-belief, and erodes their self- confidence. In contrast, people who value their abilities enjoy high self-esteem.

fciwomenswrestling article, Wikimedia photo

Also, people with low self-esteem spend most of their time brooding about the past and worrying about the future. They don’t spend enough time living in the present. As a result, they don’t enjoy the present, even though it may be full of success. The net result is that they prevent themselves from enjoying life, and make themselves unhappy. It finally becomes a vicious cycle that feeds upon itself, and prevents them from breaking out of their negative mold

such people are rarely relaxed and at ease. They keep looking for different jobs and lines of work. The reason why they are always looking for something else to do is that they are lack self- confidence. They drift from one crisis to another, and blame fate for their woes.

A few of them take to alcohol, drugs, food, sex etc. to get a temporary “high”. But this rarely helps them in the long run. They fail to generate a sustainable feeling of happiness and contentment.

People with low self-esteem also have problems getting close to others. They are not comfortable with intimacy and create barriers to prevent people from coming close to them. They don’t like to open up to people and to reveal their innermost thoughts. They may be nursing some old bad experience with someone who caused them a lot of pain or who let them down when they were most vulnerable. By forcing themselves to live in a world of self-denial they are doing a great damage to themselves. They fail to benefit from the company of others, and keep entrenching themselves deeper and deeper into their negative world. They may ultimately reach a stage where they may be declared beyond salvage.

But this is not good for society. People with low self-esteem must be helped. Their symptoms must be diagnosed, and help provided if they have to be turned into useful members of society. This help can be given by family members, friends, and teachers or by trained psychologists. article

Thank you Mr. Segui.

Oh, God, I struggle with low self-esteem all the time! I think everyone does. I have so much wrong with me, it’s unbelievable!….Angelina Jolie

Perhaps we can now travel to the opposite site of the spectrum and listen to the thoughts of a professional who speaks to higher self-esteem.

Mr. Preston Ni, M.S.B.A. enlightens us with 7 Steps To Higher Self-Esteem.

Self-esteem can be defined as healthy respect for yourself, as well as healthy self-worth. In our competitive, material driven, image conscious, and achievement oriented society, the propensity to be affected by low self-esteem is chronic and pervasive.

The good news is that having low-self-esteem is largely a learned phenomenon. Low self-esteem issues are essentially poor habits in our attitude and our intra-personal communication (self-talk). By learning empowering perspectives and effective intra-personal communication skills, you can progressively replace poor self-esteem with healthy self-esteem. Here are seven keys to changing low self-esteem:

  1. Avoid Generalization 

In private coaching, I often hear clients say: “I have low self-esteem.” There are several problems with this statement. First, it presumes a general, “all or none” perspective, as if either one has high self-esteem, or one has low self-esteem. If you take an honest assessment of yourself, chances are that you can come up with a list of qualities that make you feel good. For instance, if you’re reading this article, it most likely means that you possess self-awareness, the willingness to learn and grow, and a desire to realize more of your potential, all of which bode well for your future success.

Most of us are somewhere in the middle on the spectrum between high self-esteem and low self-esteem. If you ever find yourself saying or thinking: “I have low self-esteem,” please stop. It is a general, all encompassing, personalizing, and self-defeating comment that simply isn’t true. Saying you have low self-esteem can also make the problem seem so big and daunting that you may feel relatively powerless to do anything. Instead…

  1. Divide and Conquer Your Low Self-Esteem

It’s more accurate and empowering to be specific about particular aspects of your life where you lack confidence, be it your weight, your competence to speak publically, your capacity to attract the “right” romantic partner, or your ability to deal with a difficult individual. Saying “I have low self-esteem” is very different than saying “I have self-esteem issues about my weight.” The first is general and personal – it makes low self-esteem into an all-encompassing character flaw. The second is about an issue that you have. It does not invalidate other aspects of who you are as a person. As an issue, the problem can be diagnosed and solved.

“Soft on the person, firm on the issue.”

― One of the four key characteristics of effective communication, from the author’s book (click on title): “How to Communicate Effectively and Handle Difficult People (link is external).”


  1. Notice Your Negative Thought  Patterns – from a Distance

To change low self-esteem, it’s important to observe when we’re engaged in thought patterns that sabotage self–worth. When low self-esteem issues have been conditioned for many years, the resulting negative thought patterns are likely automatic and unconscious, until you pause them with your Observer Self.

The Observer Self is a useful psychological resource that helps increase awareness in many situations. It is the part of your consciousness that exercises mindfulness, and helps you make intelligent, thoughtful choices.

For example, if you have the tendency to look at yourself in the mirror in the morning and think “I’m unattractive;” instead, simply notice and make a mental note to yourself that “I just had a negative thought.” This objective observation is your Observer Self in action. Notice your negative thoughts without judgment. Avoid beating yourself up about the low self-esteem issue(s). Simply notice, with curiosity as if you’re watching yourself in an experiment, and even with compassion and humor. Say, for example, from your Observer Self to your lower-esteem self : “There goes my lower self again. Hello! That’s alright. You can feel this way if you like. I’m here for you. I know what to do to take good care of you.” When you utilize your Observer Self in this way on a regular basis, you progressively distance yourself from the negative thoughts, psychologically and emotionally. This gives you the opening to introduce heathy self-esteem habits outlined in points #4-7 below.

  1. Talk Back to Your Negative Thoughts with Assertive Responses

Once you distance yourself from your negative thoughts, you can more easily talk back to them, and replace the negative thoughts with positive, empowering thoughts. This action is positive habit forming with repetition, persistence, and determination. Here are just two examples:

  1. Reducing negative personalization. When you feel adversely about someone’s behavior, avoid jumping to a negative conclusion right away. Instead, come up with multiple ways of viewing the situation before reacting. For example, I may be tempted to think my friend didn’t return my call because she’s ignoring me, or I can consider the possibility that she’s been very busy. When we avoid personalizing other people’s behaviors, we can perceive their expressions more objectively. People do what they do because of them more than because of us. Widening our perspective can reduce the possibility of misunderstanding.
  2. Reducing the fear of rejection. One effective way to manage your fear of rejection is to provide yourself with multiple options in important situations, so that no matter what happens, you have strong alternatives going forward. Avoid putting all of your eggs in one basket (emotionally) by identifying a viable Plan B, and also a Plan C, should Plan A not work out. For example:

Increased fear of rejection: “I’m applying for my dream job. I’ll be devastated if they don’t hire me.”

Decreased fear of rejection: “I’m applying for three exciting positions. If one doesn’t pan out, there are two more I’m well qualified for.”

For more in-depth information on reducing or eliminating over fifteen types of negative attitudes and feelings, see my book (click on title): “How to Let Go of Negative Thoughts and Emotions (link is external).”

  1. Recognize Where You May Be Running Your Old Tape

When we contemplate where we might have picked up certain low self-esteem issues, we may recall past experiences when we internalized negative or “double-edged” influences. For example:

  • Watching “beautiful,” skinny models in the media as a child may have caused insecurity about one’s own body.
  • Being teased in front of class while giving a report may have induced a fear of public speaking.
  • Witnessing the parentsdivorce as a young person may have affected one’s confidence in having a successful committed relationship.
  • Being taught socially or culturally to respect authority may have inhibited one’s assertiveness in dealing with difficult managers.

Being aware of the possible origins of one’s low self-esteem, and recognizing that low self-esteem is largely learned is an inherently empowering exercise. As a learned anomaly, low self-esteem can also be unlearned, just like replace a poor habit with a healthy habit. In “How to Let Go of Negative Thoughts and Emotions (link is external),” I present a step-by-step exercise on how to recognize and eradicate one’s negatively conditioned “old tape”.

  1. Change Negative Social Comparisons to Humanization        

One of the easiest and most common ways to feel bad about oneself is to compare yourself unfavorably to others. We may be tempted to compare ourselves with those who have more accomplishments, seem more attractive, make more money, or boast more Facebook friends.

When you find yourself wishing to have what someone else has, and feel jealous, inferior or inadequate as the result, you’re having a negative social comparison moment.

Habitual negative social comparisons can cause a person to experience greater stress, anxiety, depression, and make self-defeating choices.

Two interesting notes about negative social comparison:

  1. Negative social comparison has elements of narcissism.

When we wish to look, be, or have like others, we’re not really wishing for everything about that person, but only the idealized aspects of the individual. This idealized and grandiose perception of another is narcissistic in nature. Chances are, not even those whom your compare yourself with can live up to your idealized images of them. This is why so often when people spend some length of time with their “heroes,” “heroines,” “role models,” or “idols,” they discover that those whom they look up to also have weaknesses, flaws, difficulties and problems just like everyone else.

  1. It’s relatively easy to change from idealizing to humanizing.

For example, you may wish that you have the perfect career and a lot of money like your manager Joe, or the good looks of your friend Kelly, or a wonderful romantic relationship like Samantha. Comparing yourself with them might cause you to feel somehow “lesser.” But when you look at their lives more objectively, you know that Joe has health problems and family issues, Kelly is actually insecure about her looks, and it took Samantha a painful divorce and many hard lessons before she found a compatible mate. Looking at them from a more balanced perspective, you realize there’s more than meets the eye, and that they’re human beings with their own share of challenges like you.

  1.  Create Positive Sanctuaries In Your Life

The final tip to change from low self-esteem to healthy self-esteem is to create positive sanctuaries in your life, where on a regular basis you can receive supportive, realistic, and affirming messages. This can occur in the company of positive family members, friends, counselor, therapist, support groups, teachers, colleagues, or community organizations. Identify and embrace your basis of support based on acceptance of who you are as a person, empathy for your weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and encouragement for you to move forward in your life in a healthy and constructive way.

fciwomenswrestling article

Thank you Mr. Ni.

Other works by Mr. Ni can be found at

He adds, “For more on personal and professional success, download free excerpts of my publications (click on title or cover): “How to Communicate Effectively and Handle Difficult People (link is external),” “Communication Success with Four Personality Types (link is external),” “The 7 Keys to Life Success (link is external),” “Seven Keys to Long-Term Relationship Success (link is external),” and “Confident Communication for Female Professionals (link is external).”

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Sources:, Wikipedia,,, FCI Elite Competitor,, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.



Pharra Nevada Wrestler

Having our expectations met is a wonderful thing. Having them surpassed is an exceptional thing; sometimes life altering.

When you meet the female submission wrestler Pharra from the Las Vegas area, at first glance you might never designate her as a serious ladies grappler. A Soccer Mom; yes. An effective and responsible housewife; yes. The teacher of your grade school children; absolutely.

But a female grappler? article, femcompetitor Magazine photo

Once you wrap you mind around the fact that this gorgeous strawberry blonde athlete is indeed a Fem Competitor, what would your expectations be in terms of her abilities to exact victories on the mats.

Being in control of your life and having realistic expectations about your day-to-day challenges are the keys to stress management, which is perhaps the most important ingredient to living a happy, healthy and rewarding life.…….Marilu Henner

Pharra has the ability to light up a room and enable you to feel like you are the only one a room of a thousand people. In terms of her expectations on the mats, she smiles, “I feed off of the other wrestler’s energy.” Stated another way, as the match progresses, she becomes more energetic and formidable.

Mr. Sam Walton, a great man and the founder of the Walmart global retail empire was quoted as saying, “High expectations are the key to everything.

As of this August 2015 writing, Pharra has at least five solid wrestling matches under her belt and with each contest she seems to improve. Once when injured after a wrestler lifted her off the ground and slammed her down, she lay there and analyzed “Her head and neck hit at a 40 degree angle and pain shot through her spine but I got up and went at it again.”

Wow. Impressive.

Fciwomenswrestling loves everything about Pharra as a wrestler and our cooperative friends at Magazine clearly were impressed as well doing a Sunday Showcase on her talents.

Femwin’s Pharra, Foxy, Fantastic, Phosphorus, FIERY! article, femcompetitor Magazine photo

Never one to complain or feel sorry for herself, even after her injuries Pharra sighed, “I’m exhausted. I’m going to sleep good tonight.”

Meeting this beautiful woman ignites elegant fantasies that create expectations that are hard to exceed. We find ourselves in this position often as we interview beautiful female wrestlers.

If you were to dine with Pharra in her current area of battle, Las Vegas, where would you go that could exceed any expectations?

We can help.

How about Joel Robuchon’s upscale restaurant found at the MGM Grand Hotel. No matter what your expectations are, we feel certain they will be surpassed. article, mgmgrand photo

Please enter with us and have a seat.

Our nicely attired waiter at whispers, “Winner of Michelin’s Three Star, Forbes Five-Star, AAA Five Diamond, and Wine Spectator’s Grand Award, Joël Robuchon has redefined Las Vegas fine dining. Joël Robuchon was named France’s Chef of the Century by the esteemed Gault Millau restaurant guide. Coming out of retirement to open his first restaurant in the United States, Joël Robuchon caters to a sophisticated palate that features a menu of his finer specialties.”

Just sitting here, I’m certainly impressed especially as I imagine Pharra elegantly dressed and sitting across from me (for a professional interview).

A writer from walks over to our table, announces herself and smiles, “This is where the magic starts. A cart filled with at least 17 types of bread is rolled to you, and your server describes each one, like some glorious, hunger-inducing monologue. Baguette, country bread, milk bread. Basil brioche, bacon bread, Gruyère bread. Hard bread, soft bread, miniature bread, gargantuan bread. Each different, each baked in house daily. You are encouraged to sample many breads throughout the course of the meal, though only your first selection will be warmed.

The best salmon I can remember eating, including at top-notch sushi restaurants. It is so mild, so soft but not mushy, with a thin, caramalized crust. It must be cooked incredibly gently, because it has a moist but still cooked interior, where the fat has melted away and self-basted the fish. The mango tagliatelle is just as outstanding – thin ribbons of fruit that resemble al dente pasta in texture, but with a bright, tart flavor.”

Oh no. I can’t take it. Pharra? Are you ready to order?

Good thing that FCI is paying for this exquisite experience. article, mgmgrand photo

We did our home work ahead of time to bring plenty of cash or have room on the credit card. The dazzling information source explains, “Joel Robuchon’s tasting menu for two at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas will almost certainly cost more than $1,100 after wine, tax and tip. This is due to a $30 price hike, which I confirmed after a receptionist at the restaurant kept me on hold for about ten minutes.

So it goes that Robuchon, America’s second-most expensive eatery after New York’s Masa, has raised the price of its 16-course degustation menu to $425 per person, an 8% hike from the previous price of $395 per person, or a 10% hike from the $385 menu earlier in 2011. That brings the REAL COST of dining at Robuchon (including 8.1% tax and 20% tip) to $544 for one, or $1,089 for two.

Wine pairings are available at $295, $595 and $995 per person.” article, mgmgrand photo

Oh well. It’s only money and you can’t take it with you. Right?

Don’t lower your expectations to meet your performance. Raise your level of performance to meet your expectations. Expect the best of yourself, and then do what is necessary to make it a reality...Ralph Marston

Every time that we watch Pharra wrestle, we are impressed. Her energy seems to increase as the match evolves.

As Pharra continues to evolve as a female submission wrestler, we are confident that not only will she meet our expectations, but will be consistent in exceeding them.

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Sources:, Wikipedia,,, FCI Elite Competitor,, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.








Increase Energy Now!

Talent may take you a long way, but dynamic energy will take you much further.

Canada’s Neko article, image barn photo credit

Often a great women’s submission wrestling match turns with the draining of stamina and energy.

It’s a given that today’s female competitors have solid training routines but what are some great foods that can help sustain your energy supplemented by your strong conditioning program?

The energy of the mind is the essence of life.……Aristotle

According to the respected website, “A recent study found that over 10 years, women who consumed the most plant-based iron were 35% less likely to develop PMS than women who consumed the least. Great plant sources of iron include beans, lentils, spinach, and sesame seeds; eating them with vitamin C-rich foods can boost iron absorption

Certain nutrients like iron may help women feel more energized. Nearly 10% of women between the ages of 20 and 49 are iron-deficient, which can cause fatigue and impair physical and mental endurance. Iron is needed to deliver oxygen to cells, and too little has also been shown to decrease immunity.

Their very informative article regarding women and obtaining energy outlines some very helpful steps to boost energy by the foods you eat.

I do believe we’re all connected. I do believe in positive energy. I do believe in the power of prayer. I do believe in putting good out into the world. And I believe in taking care of each other.Harvey Fierstein

The ideas are based upon the helpful tips of Ms. Cynthia Sass.

Cynthia is a three time New York Times best-selling author, columnist and practitioner, with master’s degrees in both nutrition science and public health. One of the first registered dietitians to become Board Certified as a Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD), she is currently the sports nutrition consultant to the New York Yankees and the New York Rangers. Cynthia signed on as the Yankees sports nutrition consultant in February 2015, and is in her fifth season with the Rangers. She served as the nutrition consultant to the Tampa Bay Rays from 2007-2014, and worked with the Philadelphia Phillies from 2007-2009. She proudly rooted for both the Rays and the Phillies (she was a consultant for both teams at the time) as they faced each other in the 2008 World Series. In New York City, Los Angeles, and long-distance, Cynthia counsels a wide range of clients, from professional athletes, performers, models and CEOs, to new moms, teens, and couples. article - Wikimedia Photo

In addition to her private practice work, Ms. Sass is one of the few health and wellness experts who has consistently worked in nearly every aspect of communications — as an author, magazine columnist and on-staff editor, blogger, speaker, media spokesperson, contributor to a national news network, media resource, and frequent TV guest.

Cynthia has appeared on numerous national TV programs, including The Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning & The Early Show, The Rachael Ray Show, The Martha Stewart Show, The Doctors, The Dr. Oz. Show, The Biggest Loser, Nightline, The Nate Berkus Show, The Revolution, CNN, ABC World News Tonight, Extra, The Insider, Access Hollywood Live, Fox News, and others. For more about her media work please click here. View her TV reel here.

In January 2013 Cynthia joined HEALTH magazine as a contributing editor. She was a contributing editor at SHAPE magazine from 2008-2012, and previously served as the nutrition director at Prevention magazine.

Eat an energizing breakfast

Don’t limit your morning meal to protein or carbs; breakfast needs to be balanced too, Sass says. Instead of having just yogurt, add some high antioxidant fruit, a good fat like nuts or seeds, and raw or toasted oats. And go for organic nonfat yogurts to maximize protein and quality.

Eat more real food

Real food means food that’s closer to nature: whole grains rather than processed chips or crackers from a box, whole fruit rather than juice or fruit bars. The energy dividends will pay off!

Ms. Sass recommends eating a wide variety of super fruits—apples, stone fruits, berries, tomatoes. Limiting yourself to the same old banana for breakfast curbs your nutrient and antioxidant intake and can make you feel run down. “Research shows that people who eat the same amount of produce but a wider variety have less oxidative stress, which is a precursor to aging and disease,” she says.

It’s also about avoiding the traps that can zap or drain energy—primarily processed and artificial foods, refined grains and sugar, skipping meals, and drinking too much caffeine and alcohol.

While fresh and local is great, frozen foods are a potent source of energizing nutrients too. “Freezing actually locks in nutrients, so a frozen fruit with no added ingredients can be just as nutritious or even more than fresh, unless the fresh was just picked,” Sass says. “The minute a fruit or veggie is harvested, it starts to lose nutrients.”

Ms. Sass concludes, “I adamantly believe in the power of food to optimize health and wellness, prevent disease and maximize the way you look and feel – inside and out! I have a passion for nutrition and can’t imagine doing anything else for a living. In the decade and a half I’ve been counseling and educating people of all ages, I’ve seen amazing transformations, from successful weight loss without “dieting” to reversing the side effects of chronic diseases, surges in energy and athletic performance, younger looking skin and hair, improved sleep and digestion, fewer aches and pains, and untangling an unhealthy relationship with food.” article

Good to know.

When you are enthusiastic about what you do, you feel this positive energy. It’s very simple.…..Paulo Coelho

Female wrestlers are very fortunate in feeling enthusiastic about what they do and being extremely good at it. It’s a great foundation for finding success in any endeavor. Building a diet that is power packed with the right foods as outlined above is a great partnership that will help turn the corner of a tough competitive match in your favor.

~ ~ ~

Sources:, Wikipedia,,, FCI Elite Competitor,, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.,,20683067_2,00.html





Positive Affirmation

Have you had a chance to affirm today?

You should. With passion, like you mean it. Over and over again according to experts. article - Wikimedia photo

What is affirmation and how might it benefit you?

According to the insightful website, “These are positive statements that describe a desired situation, which are often repeated, until they get impressed on the subconscious mind. This process pushes the subconscious mind to take action and to strive to make the positive statement come true.”

Let’s perhaps reaffirm that thought with some additional support. The informative site expresses, “Affirmations are words or phrases which are said over and over to AFFIRM a single thought about yourself or other people.”

The thinking is that this is the way we have formed negative and positive programming through-out our entire life; saying things to ourselves, about oneself, over and over. After thoughts are repeated, they soon become a belief system and then we think these beliefs into our reality.

In many ways it becomes our reality.

In this way we form fears of poverty, health, weight and relationships and the emotions connected with these beliefs can even become our comfort zone, no matter how negative they might be.

In an article to, Dr. Carmen Harra explains, “Affirmations are proven methods of self-improvement because of their ability to rewire our brains. Much like exercise, they raise the level of feel-good hormones and push our brains to form new clusters of “positive thought” neurons ( In the sequence of thought-speech-action, affirmations play an integral role by breaking patterns of negative thoughts, negative speech, and, in turn, negative actions.”

We love to gather different schools of thought on a subject so let’s listen to Ms. Amy Twin who is a Self-Improvement Coach who has been successfully coaching and guiding clients for many years. Amy recently published a new home study course on how to boost your Self Esteem.

Here is what she has to say regarding the importance of affirmation. article - wikimedia photo

Affirmations can be really helpful to break bad habits if you are persistent about it.

In order for you to really break bad habits you must: a) be aware that the unconscious mind exists and b) learn how to manipulate its existence.

And affirmations are great and powerful techniques in which, if used effectively, could bring out and address directly to your unconscious being.

By uttering simple positive statements of the way you wish to live your life, then reiterating them out loud daily, you teach your unconscious thoughts in order to guide you to a better path to be reflected by your whole senses.

You can use:

1) Situational statements: one of a kind affirmations which provide a definite aim in your life. Some examples are:

a) “My heart and lungs are healthy.”

b) “I am very happy to be earning $120, 000 per year.”

2) Timeless affirmations. These are statements which can be made use at any point in your life.

a) “My body is healthy and strong.”

b) “I am so happy in every aspect of my life”

In speaking these words over and over daily, they penetrate into our subconscious mind till it becomes our reality.

Moreover, the positive language of these “feel-good” affirming sentences blocks off negative thought processes, and in effect, fosters positive attitude.

To fortify this belief, each day, every morning, when you get ready for the day, you can try to spare at least 10 minutes of your time in uttering these affirmations out loud. Simply listen to your own voice as you speak these and try to be detached and unemotional as you can.

And lastly, it is very important that you must try to obstruct any negativity and concentrate 100% of your language and attention to the affirmations that you are saying out loud.

Thank you Amy.

The question I have at this point is affirmation simply applying new paint to an old car and calling it a new car? In some ways I think so.

Do you remember Mr. Norman Vincent Peale? Come on now. Think positive.

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale was born May 31, 1898 and passed December 24, 1993. In between he lived a phenomenal life.

He was a minister and author (most notably of The Power of Positive Thinking) and a progenitor of “positive thinking“. His ideas were not accepted by mental health experts but instead widely accepted where it really counts……by the American public.

Raised as a Methodist and ordained as a Methodist minister in 1922, Mr. Peale changed his religious affiliation to the Reformed Church in America in 1932 and began a 52-year tenure as pastor of Marble Collegiate Church in Manhattan. During that time the church’s membership grew from 600 to over 5,000, and he became one of New York City’s most famous preachers.

Here are a few quotes that have been attributed to him:

“The way to happiness: Keep your heart free from hate, your mind from worry. Live simply, expect little, give much. Scatter sunshine, forget self, think of others. Try this for a week and you will be surprised.”

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.”

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.”

“Be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. Talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every person you meet. Make all your friends feel there is something special in them. Look at the sunny side of everything. Think only the best; be as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own.”

“Forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future. Give everyone a smile. Spend so much time improving yourself that you have no time left to criticize others. Be too big for worry and too noble for anger.”

“What the mind can conceive and believe, and the heart desire, you can achieve.”

I could go on. I loved Mr. Peale’s book and read it more than once. Therein is the challenge with positive thinking in that you have to keep……….here we go……. “Reaffirming it.”

So those are the challenges, hopes and responsibilities with affirmation.

It seems to work but you have to keep applying it every day, again and again and again….. article, photo

~ ~ ~

Remez Sasson is the founder of Success Consciousness. He is the author of articles and books, teaching how to use your mental tools and inner powers to create a life of happiness, success, fulfillment and inner peace. subscribes to news source, no affiliation.

Sources:, Wikipedia,,, FCI Elite Competitor,, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.










The Power Of Happiness

Happiness is worth finding and sustaining.

Free of responsibility and life’s serious issues, childhood can be a magical, carefree place where real happiness abounds.

Once we hit our teens, depending upon the high school experience, that happiness can expand into a deeper meaning where you realize you are only young once and the enjoyment of high school especially with friends you knew since childhood and perhaps falling in love for the first time, are something to never be repeated. article, Wikimedia photo

For many, pure, unadulterated happiness ends when the pressures of college achievement, job expectations and marriage commitment frame reality. Make the wrong decision in any of those areas and future happiness can become as elusive as a beautiful butterfly in flight on a breezy day.

I had a friend once privately express to me once that he had a great childhood, so-so high school, great early college years and even with great disappointments he was still happy because he knew those set backs were temporary.

Once he became an adult and within his circle felt great pressure to marry and he married the wrong person, within six months he sensed he would never be truly happy again. There was no honorable escape and now both extended families were involved, he had a job he hated and a child on the way.

In all the time that I knew him afterwards, before life sent our trains in very different directions, he was clearly never happy again.

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.………..Mahatma Gandhi


What about you? Are you happy?

It’s both a tough and easy question to answer right? I mean, you either are or you aren’t.

It can be a little more complex question to answer when your tentacles are in the world of the adults. We then can become categorically happy. We have a fantastic job, enjoy great friends, wish we were married to someone else but love our children deeply. We are part of a group or faith and that brings moderate life reassurance as well.

Being fulfilled in three out of four categories can still make us have a sense of strong happiness. article - wikimedia  photo

Once the categories of discontent number around 50 percent, I think it’s then that we walk under an umbrella to protect us against the gathering storm clouds above.

Heaven forbid if it drops below 50 percent and now you are unhappy in say three of the five categories spoken in the example above, now strong unhappiness can begin to seep in. The problem in the world of the adults is that so often it can feel permanent in that change can bring upon massive consequences to you, your mate or your children.

What can we do if we feel stuck? How can we find happiness again?

One of my favorite motivational speakers, Mr. Robert Chen is the founder of Embrace Possibility and author of The Dreams to Reality Fieldbook. He helps people who feel stuck move forward by guiding them to see other possibilities for their lives.

The advice and categorical approaches to breaking down and defining happiness are endless. For our purposes here, let’s focus on just three thoughts that stood out to me by Mr. Chen.

Build Great Relationships

Research and experience show that connecting with others and building and keeping strong bonds make people happy. Our sense of belonging is a key indicator of our happiness. We all want to belong to a group and our happiness correlates with our status within that group. Think about your happiness level the last time you got accepted to a group you really wanted to join (your company, a sports team, a certain club).

In this age of social media, it’s easy to have a lot of “friends” and “connections”. As with all things, quality is more important than quantity. A good way to test quality is to make a list of people you feel comfortable calling at 3 o’clock in the morning knowing they’ll be genuinely interested in helping you out.

The more names you have on that list the better. If you’re not sure whether a friend of yours makes that list, you can always test your results by calling them at 3 am. Don’t be surprised if your list gets shorter after you explain to them you were only “testing” them.


Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it.…..Bernard Meltzer


Live with Meaning

Many people see life as a zero-sum game and they live life accordingly. They see someone else’s fortune and luck as taking away from their own fortune and luck. Not surprisingly, people who feel this way are suspicious and selfish. They also tend to be less happy even if they are already well-off.

Most wealthy and successful people become heavily involved with philanthropy in the second half of their lives. They give their time and money for the greater good of others. The desire for meaning is what makes people go through beatings and arrests as activists. Volunteers that give up paid opportunities are no less noble. No matter the group, they all do it to benefit someone other than themselves.

One word of caution on being selfless. Don’t overdo it. When you sacrifice yourself, you burden those who care about you because not only will they worry, they will eventually be forced to care for you.


“If you want someone to be happy, tell them to win because the pursuit of winning, success, mastery and achievement for its own sake makes people happy.

This is why you have happy workaholics. As long as they keep moving up, they’ll put up with almost anything.”

Thanks Robert.

I agree whole heartedly with what Robert Chen said especially in terms of giving back to others and trying to achieve very important goals.

Since writing for Female Competition International, my happiness meter has shot through the roof, in part because of what we are trying to accomplishment.

In this cultural shift, the female competitors of the future who will be highly sought after are the ones who can build a following on the Social Media and post our articles that feature them. We in turn take their traffic and sell it to the corporations as we are doing as of this writing.

If we win, then the freestyle girls who graduate from the Women’s Wrestling College Association (WCWA) and our beloved female submission wrestlers in the not too distant future will not have to take their clothes off or get beat up in an MMA cage to make good money wrestling. article - photo

How can you not feel good about that?

Happiness is a fascinating subject because achieving and defining it can vary as much as the number of people that you speak with. Here we didn’t delve into faith in God, but for many, that is critical to finding happiness.

This is a subject we will share with you again and again. But for now……..

We’re happy to let this marinate.

~ ~ ~ subscribes to news source, no affiliation.

Sources:, Wikipedia,,, FCI Elite Competitor,, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.








AEO $10,000 Contest!

How would you like to win $10,000?

Great! We thought so.

You probably already know and love them and now FCI is reminding you why there are at least 10,000 reasons to love them even more.

American Eagle Outfitters is a dynamic, energetic and stylish American clothing and accessories retailer, headquartered in the Southside Works Neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. article, AEO photo

Some of the brand’s more popular products are low-rise jeans, polo shirts, graphic T-shirts, henley shirts, boxers and briefs, outerwear, and swimwear.

Here is what they would like to say to you, a young, exciting, well-traveled female sports group.

This is reprinted from their March 5, 2015 press release.

American Eagle Outfitters and Aerie announce the “Ultimate Road Trip” sweepstakes in stores nationwide and online from Saturday, March 7 through Wednesday, March 18, 2015. Entrants have the opportunity to win a grand prize of a restored Volkswagen Westfalia valued at approximately $25,000 and $10,000 in cash to create their own ultimate road trip experience. The sweepstakes also includes a text-to-enter instant-win game wherein participants have the opportunity to win American Eagle Outfitters shorts and Aerie swim suits. All entrants will be offered a tiered coupon for use in-store or online of $10 off a purchase of $40 or $20 off a purchase of $75 or more, only once per brand and cannot be combined with any other offer. article, AEO photo

While in the fitting room trying on the latest spring styles of American Eagle Outfitters shorts and Aerie swim suits, or shopping on or, shoppers can enter to instantly win by texting in to American Eagle Outfitters or Aerie. Aerie Swim is now available in over 750 American Eagle Outfitters stores. Shoppers are also invited to share their experience with @americaneagle and @aerie by uploading photos using the hashtags #AEOShorts and #AerieSwim.

“We’re thrilled to bring our spring road trip campaign to life with this chance to instantly win a vintage Volkswagen Westfalia,” commented Michael Leedy, American Eagle Outfitters Chief Marketing Officer. “We love to create engaging and memorable experiences for our American Eagle Outfitters and Aerie customers.”

The “Ultimate Road Trip” sweepstakes begins at 12:01am ET on Saturday, March 7, 2015 and ends at 11:59pm ET on Wednesday, March 18, 2015. The contest is open to all legal residents of the 50 states and Canada. All participants must be 18 or older, subject to official rules available at

About American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. article, AEO photo

American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. (AEO) is a leading global specialty retailer offering high-quality, on-trend clothing, accessories and personal care products at affordable prices under its American Eagle Outfitters® and Aerie® brands. The company operates more than 1,000 stores in the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, and ships to 81 countries worldwide through its websites. American Eagle Outfitters and Aerie merchandise also is available at 101 international stores operated by licensees in 16 countries. For more information, please visit

About Aerie article, AEO photo
Aerie is bras, undies and more for every girl. Designed in sizes 30A to 40DD, Aerie is committed to making bras for girls of all sizes feel good about themselves, inside and out. The real you is sexy.™ No supermodels. No retouching. #AerieREAL. For more information, please visit


In a trade known for promoting unrealistic airbrushed images, Aerie is taking a position as an industry leader for change by becoming a key sponsor of the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA).

Aerie,the intimate apparel line, has partnered with NEDA as the lead sponsor of the non-profit’s ongoing national walks awareness program, NEDA Walk. Save a Life, which raises funds for advocacy and educational programs, spreads awareness about the seriousness of eating disorders and provides support for the local community. NEDA holds more than 65 walks each year in cities across the nation.

Aerie has already made a corporate commitment to body-positivity in its advertising and marketing materials by pledging to no longer retouch models in any way. The brand recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of its #aerieREAL campaign.

“We applaud Aerie for taking the lead in healthy body image through its #aerieREAL and #LoveYourRealSelfie campaigns,” commented Lynn Grefe, president and CEO of NEDA. “This can be a significant game changer for the fashion and advertising industries. We know that over-the-top ads promoting extreme thinness and non-stop diet promises send a message to teens and young adults suggesting that they are not good enough –  translation: not thin enough –  and sadly fuels the fire of low self-esteem. Research has shown that low self- esteem is a serious precursor to unhealthy eating behaviors and eating disorders.”

“Aerie has already shown a commitment to change,” she continued, “with ad campaigns that highlight a range of body types. Their approach was not only socially responsible, but also resonated with the public and was profitable. We hope others will learn by their great example.”

“We’re thrilled to be the first national retailer to support the National Eating Disorders Association,” said Jennifer Foyle, chief merchandising officer of the Aerie brand. “This partnership is a perfect fit for our brand. We look forward to joining thousands of young women in supporting NEDA at walks across the country and to sharing resources and information with our customers to help reduce the stigma often associated with eating disorders.”

The Facts …

In the U.S., 20 million women and 10 million men suffer from a clinically significant eating disorder at some time in their life – including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder – with anorexia having highest fatality rate of any mental illness.

Of American elementary school girls who read magazines, 69 percent say that the pictures influence their concept of the ideal body shape and 47 percent say the pictures make them want to lose weight.

It is estimated that, in the U.S., 19 percent of adults and three percent of children are on a diet on any given day. Forty-two percent of first-through-third-grade girls want to be thinner and 81 percent of 10-year-olds are afraid of being fat. More than half of teenage girls and nearly one-third of teenage boys use unhealthy weight control behaviors.

Even among clearly non-overweight girls, over one-third report dieting.

Dieting causes such side effects as stress, anxiety, depression, irritability and low self-esteem—and dieters often gain back the weight they lose. Thirty-five percent of “normal dieters” progress to pathological dieting. Of those, 20 to 25 percent progress to partial or full-syndrome eating disorders.

About the National Eating Disorders Association

The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA), headquartered in New York City, is the leading U.S. non-profit organization supporting individuals and families affected by eating disorders. NEDA serves as a catalyst for prevention, cures and access to quality care. Each year, NEDA helps millions of people across the country find information and appropriate treatment resources through its toll-free, live helpline, its many outreach programs and website. NEDA advocates for advancements in the field and envisions a world without eating disorders. For more information, visit  

For Treatment Referrals, Visit
Or Contact NEDA’s Live Helpline:  800-931-2237

Female Competition International is proud to continue to bring to the attention of our large female sports audience, not only the efforts of corporations that empower women but also their commitment to improve and change the world as well…….with style.

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Sources:, Wikipedia,,, FCI Elite Competitor,, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.



Pippa UK Wrestling Star

People who receive more responsibility in their field of choice tend to have certain common traits and skill application. They are traits that often take years of self-reflection, change and improvement.

For the United Kingdom wrestler, Pippa the Ripper, a large weight of responsibility was placed upon her shoulders when industry leader Honey decided to close down the famous London Wrestling Studios at the first of the year. article, Wikimedia Photo

For Honey to make the decision that Pippa would be worthy of that honor she must have believed that Pippa demonstrated the personality traits suitable for someone to carry on where so much history once took place. Taking on more responsibility can challenge our abilities, skillsets and potentially lead to a promotion.

The greatest day in your life and mine is when we take total responsibility for our attitudes. That’s the day we truly grow up.………John C. Maxwell

What are some of the characteristics of people who take on more responsibility?

The well-read personal finance site provided us with a nice responsibility template.

  1. Be interested in your company or sport. You can do this in several ways. Know about your company: know the clients, the workers, and all other important information. One of the first steps to showing your boss that you can handle more responsibility is to show your interest in your job and the place you work.
  2. Build Your Skills. No matter the reason if you want more responsibility, building your skills will help you. Certain job duties require specific skills, so even if you are responsible, and even if you ask to do a certain project, you won’t be able to do it unless you have the necessary skills.

In Pippa’s case she expanded her skills through martial arts training.

  1. It’s important to work well with others. This is vital in any career situation, but it is especially important if you want to become a manager or supervisor. Your boss needs to know that you can interact with your coworkers in a pleasant way.

It’s also important that you show leadership qualities; take initiative on projects, but also be open to hearing other people’s ideas and working with them. Even if you don’t want to be in a supervisory role, just showing that you value other people’s opinions shows that you are responsible. Also, help other people when you can. If you consistently help your teammates, your boss will be more open to assigning you more work because you will have already proved that you can handle it and that you are dependable.

  1. Be assertive. Ask for more responsibility. Start by scheduling a meeting with your boss to discuss your current job duties. Have a plan ahead of time so that you know exactly what you want to say. The point of your meeting should be to clearly explain why you want more responsibility.
  2. Be a reliable and consistent worker. If your boss does agree to give you more responsibility, make sure that you take even the smallest change in duties seriously. You need to prove that you can handle your original job duties, as well as any changes that your boss suggests.

Find joy in everything you choose to do. Every job, relationship, home… it’s your responsibility to love it, or change it.…….Chuck Palahniuk

In watching the career of Pippa, she certainly evolved and exemplified those qualities well. In speaking to us, Pippa exudes confidence, maturity and experience.

“Welcome to The Submission Room. I am Pippa the Ripper and I have been wrestling since 2006. I owe a lot of my training and experience to the wonderful Honey, from London Wrestling Studio, who passed on her wrestling knowledge to me several years ago. My passion for wrestling resulted in me opening my own wrestling studio – The Submission Room. article, Pippa Twitter Photo

We have lots of very talented and beautiful female wrestlers waiting to grapple with you on the mats.”

Pippa has developed a great reputation in the industry among producers and customers alike.

Honey delighted fans with this announcement about Pippa. “Great looks and awesome strength make PIPPA THE RIPPER a real winner – check out those defined muscles in her calves and thighs. Our longest standing wrestler, PIPPA quickly established herself as one of our most consistently popular athletes. Whether it is a session or event, she possesses a real desire to win. Also take note – PIPPA holds the title of LWS School Girl Pin Queen! Her great attitude makes her the perfect choice for all our fans.”

The FVF wrestling industry leader Femwin, a company that has worked with London Wrestling Studios in the past expressed this about our new leader. “One of the most skillful girls at London Wrestling Studios. This young lady is a tough match for any male or female opponent anywhere near her weight. She loves to wrestle, in any style of match, and is very determined to win!”

Here is what a customer shared about her exceptional customer service.

“I met Pippa last year. She is a very skilled wrestler and great fun. She totally humiliated me, with a seemingly endless variety of painful and inescapable holds. The whole experience was exciting and fun, yet somewhat terrifying because she was in such total control.

I’m 6’2″ and 72kg – so tall and slim and although I’m reasonably fit, I didn’t have a chance: she was stronger, faster and more skillful than me. Highly recommended”

The future of women’s wrestling in England still looks bright.  Pippa will have a well-balanced venue.

Female Competition International would like to wish Pippa great success in her new role and based upon her dynamic and well respected past, we are certain the best years are yet to come.

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Sources:, Wikipedia,,, FCI Elite Competitor,, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.






Revlon Empowers Women

A comfortable beautiful soft wool quilt that has been in the family for years can be a source of comfort and warmth by the fireplace during the winter season.

The beauty of Revlon is that this great beauty and skin care company has been a warm part of the American fabric for decades. article, Revlon photo

The widely respected educational source Wikimedia relates, “Revlon was founded in the midst of the Great Depression, 1931, by Charles Revson and his brothers Joseph and Joel Roberts, along with a chemist, Charles Lachman, who contributed the “L” in the Revlon name.

Starting with a single product — a new type of nail enamel — the three founders pooled their resources and developed a unique manufacturing process. Using pigments instead of dyes, Revlon developed a variety of new shades of opaque nail enamel. In 1937, Revlon started selling the polishes in department stores and drug stores. In six years, the company became a multimillion dollar organization.

By the end of the war, Revlon was listed as one of America’s top five cosmetic houses.”

That was a great historical foundation. So what’s new with Revlon? article - wikimedia  photo

During the age of the Millennials, Revlon has evolved and enhanced its products while still keeping an eye on their social responsibilities. Before we speak to how they have been giving back to society, let’s remind ourselves who they have evolved in to during the millennial age.

Their exciting website paints a colorful and glowing picture. “Revlon is a global color cosmetics, hair color, beauty tools, fragrances, skincare, anti-perspirant deodorants and beauty care products company whose vision is Glamour, Excitement and Innovation through high-quality products at affordable prices.

Revlon® is one of the strongest consumer brand franchises in the world.

Revlon’s global brand portfolio includes Revlon® color cosmetics, Almay® color cosmetics, SinfulColors® color cosmetics, Pure Ice® color cosmetics, Revlon ColorSilk® hair color, Revlon® beauty tools, Charlie® fragrances, Mitchum® anti-perspirant deodorants, and Ultima II® and Gatineau® skincare.

As a result of its acquisition of The Colomer Group in October 2013, Revlon’s global portfolio also includes: Revlon Professional®, Intercosmo®, Orofluido® and UniqOne™ hair care; CND®, CND Shellac® and CND Vinylux™ nail polishes; and American Crew® men’s hair care. Websites featuring current product and promotional information can be reached at,,, and”

Wow! This group has been really busy. article, Wikimedia photo

Another nice touch is added as we listen in on their marketing strategy at “The millennium brought a bold new influence to Revlon when world-renowned makeup artist Gucci Westman joined as Global Artistic Director, pushing the brand on the forefront of trends and fashion.

In 2011, talented and style savvy movie stars Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde joined the long list of inspiring, beautiful women who call themselves Revlon Brand Ambassadors.”

We’ve seen their expanded and enhanced product lines. So, how are they getting this message out to a youthful audience? In what ways are they honoring their commitment to give back to the community?

Let’s be polite and allow them to speak for themselves at

“Over the past two decades, the EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Women has become one of the leading national fundraising events which unites thousands of women in the fight against cancer. The New York and Los Angeles Run/Walk events together have raised and distributed over $65 million for women’s cancer research, treatment, counseling and outreach programs nationwide.

Some of the beneficiaries include the Actors’ Fund of America, Albert Einstein Cancer Center, CancerCare, Gilda’s Club New York City, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship, EIF Women’s Cancer Programs, and Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, among others. Revlon and the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) created the event in 1993, with the combined efforts of Revlon Chairman Ronald O. Perelman and co-founder Lilly Tartikoff.”

Their charitable work has come to the attention of others as well. On May 12, 2014 the entertainment site exudes, “Created by the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), Revlon, and Lilly Tartikoff, the EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Women has become one of the largest single-day fundraisers for women’s cancers in the United States. More than 30,000 participants joined together to help raise critical funds to support women’s cancer research, counseling and outreach programs. article, Revlon photo

It was hosted by Revlon Global Brand Ambassador Halle Berry, Golden Globe and double Emmy-winning actor Bruce Willis, and Emmy Award-winning actress Christina Applegate with special guest Entertainment Tonight’s Brooke Anderson.”

Some of the world’s most beautiful and inspiring women have been Revlon Brand Ambassadors. According to their site, their current Brand Ambassadors are Olivia Wilde, Halle Berry, and Emma Stone.

Here is what else Revlon has been up to.

The company has gone to great expense to support to try and eliminate any carcinogens in their products. The widely respected news source reported that Revlon announced that two long-chain parabens and a formaldehyde-releasing chemical would no longer be used as ingredients in its products, in a move that was applauded by environmental and health advocates.

Long-chain parabens have been linked to endocrine disruption, while formaldehyde may cause cancer.

Clearly Revlon has gone to great lengths to be innovative, relevant and a fun choice for a young dynamic female market that reads our family of websites.

If you were thinking about a career at Revlon, you might be surprised at the variety of career options available. Here is their link so you can check it out.

At Female Competition International we deeply appreciate our readers and in terms of sharing news with you regarding fantastic female friendly companies who empower women, we know that you are busy so we try and save you some time and do the leg work for you.

We’re really happy to update you regarding a long time female friendly company like Revlon. This global giant has developed a long-standing reputation as a trendsetter in the world of cosmetics, skin care, fragrance, and personal care.

In this new age, they deserve a fresh look.

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Sources:,,, Wikipedia,,, FCI Elite Competitor,, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.


Travel Open Hearted

Traveling to new places has a way of changing us if we open up our minds and hearts and allow it to. article, Wikimedia photo

As a female wrestler, do you find that when you travel, you often focus on the itinerary rather the important lessons you will learn along the way? So often the first step to change, even minor ones is to recognize behavior or thinking that should be altered.

Wherever you go, go with all your heart.…..Confucius

Frequently when I have covered female wrestling events for Female Competition International (FCI), afterwards I will interview the competitor and ask the where and what regarding her travel experience. Where did she go and what did she like about the place visited. Those are both very good questions but what I have too often left out and will be sure to include in future interviews is the question asking what life lesson did they learn from the trip?

Based upon my own experiences as a youth when my parents took me by car across the United States, I should know better. One of the reasons I prefer traveling by car as opposed to by plane, even knowing that it consumes far more time, is the invaluable experience of watching how mile by mile, town by town and person by person the landscape and country changes right before your eyes.

It’s so powerful and penetrating that it’s hard to put into words.

It was as though regions had personalities and similar to an ant hill, the next major city was like approaching the Queen Bee’s hive. You previously traveled for hours seeing rolling hills, mystical deserts and green irrigated farms but the moment you read the sign, Big City 30 miles; it was as though you could feel that city’s power and effect. Suddenly there were more cars and more energy. Before you know it, in the distance like centurions thrusting towards the sky, you could see the skyscrapers. Partner that with some great driving music and you have one dynamic memory.

To this day I still remember cities that I saw for the very first time based upon the song I was listening to, even though it was decades ago. The first time I traveled past Sacramento’s skyline heading towards the San Francisco Bay Area, Neil Young’s Heart of Gold really moved me.

When I approached Portland’s skyline at no more than twelve, Donovan’s Mellow Yellow was thumping. When I was leaving Portland as a young adult in my twenties, searching for love, Laura Branigan’s Solitaire sent electricity through me.

Please allow me one more. article, Wikimedia photo

As an adult when traveling through Japan with friends and family they wanted me to see as much of Japan as possible but after a while, I began to think once you’ve seen ten temples and five lakes, how many more do you need to see? I want to have fun so instead of going on the go everywhere and get extremely tired tour, I said the heck with that and used my First Class JAL pass and traveled to Tokyo over and over and over and over by Bullet Train!

With most American cities I would say 30 miles out is about the distance you can feel the tentacles of the major metropolis approached beckoning you. Tokyo is different. Within 50 miles everything started to change and like the most beautiful woman you have ever seen and began to fall in love with, her magic begins to engulf from a great distance. article, Wikimedia photo

Tokyo is an incredible, powerful, energetic and engulfing Mega City.

I would say that I sense most female wrestlers have already figured this out but the back of my mind tells me that this is a generational mindset. Since most modern day travelers fly, I can’t say enough how taking a road trip is an entirely different experience.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American essayist, lecturer, and poet, who led the Transcendentalist movement of the mid-19th century once stated, Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.

As Fem Competitors probably already know, when you travel the only baggage you should bring are the ones made of fabric that you carry in your hand, over your shoulder or roll along. The other kind inside of our heads, we should leave at home. article, Wikimedia photo

Even if temporary, travel is a way of starting out with a clean slate.

One of my favorite motivational speakers Mr. Robert Chen took two months off and traveled the world. What life lessons did he learn? Many. He shares one here.

“Having returned from my trip, I realized that I spend a lot of time in the present thinking about what I’m planning to do tomorrow or what I did in the past. I rarely get to enjoy what’s happening in the present. Knowing that, I’ve tried to focus more on the present through meditation. I now meditate 10 minutes every day and I notice the difference. I am more self-aware and attuned to my thoughts.

Living in the present doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan or reflect on your past. Both of these activities are very important. Just make sure that you’re consciously carving out time to do it so it becomes an activity in the present. What you don’t want is to drift into the past or future when you really should be living your life in the present.”

Fem Competitors can I make a suggestion?

Please take a moment and reflect back on your travels and remind yourself of some of the most important life lessons learned and how you can once again apply them in the present.

Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.…….Mary Ritter Beard

We can all learn from great minds around the world. When it comes to travel Cesare Pavese, an Italian poet, novelist, literary critic and translator, widely considered among the major authors of the 20th century in his home country wisely expressed, “If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light. Take off all your envies, jealousies, unforgiveness, selfishness and fears.

~ ~ ~

Some may find other women’s wrestling sites erotic in nature. If you are offended by depictions of women wrestling in erotic situations, please exercise caution in visiting women’s wrestling sites. subscribes to news source, no affiliation.

Sources:, Wikipedia,,, FCI Elite Competitor,, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.