Akron Ohio Session Girl Ashley, MMA Star With Passion

From the sports world to being the cradle of important American values, the state of Ohio is filled with sensational reasons to pay her a visit.

At the premiere travel site Lonely Planet they say something similar in question form. “All right, time for your Ohio quiz. In the Buckeye State you can:1) buggy-ride through the nation’s largest Amish community; 2) lose your stomach on one of the world’s fastest roller coasters; 3) suck down a dreamy creamy milkshake fresh from a working dairy; or 4) examine a massive, mysterious snake sculpture built into the earth. And the answer is…all of these.”

Okay, minus the rollercoaster experience, we can think of some other reasons to visit Ohio like having a session with a gorgeous Ohio Session Girl.

There is Ashley Gambino. She resides in Akron. Let’s meet her.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, photo via wb270

At her wb270.com profile she flexes, “I’m an accomplished Grappler, highly touted, and very popular MMA prospect with plans to one day fight in the UFC! I take video requests with little to no boundaries when it comes to brutality! I do personalized pictures and autographs. We can have a fantasy conversation via text.. If you can afford it I also Travel, Host, and Cook!”

Isn’t she fierce and sexy?

fciwomenswrestling.com article, photo via wb270

You can email her at: bigtrapded@gmail.com  

You can also look her up online.  

If you make a decision to session with Ashley there is much more to do to supplement your trip.

The Proponents of Holistic Food Trends of Akron and Canton Ohio

fciwomenswrestling.com article, By Sleepydre – Own work (Original text I (Threeblur0 (talk)) created this work entirely by myself.), Public Domain wikimedia

By Willi Hauselberg 

Ohio has been a leader in the trend to gain greater control of their food resources to build a healthy Ohio food system. Two cities that have embraced this concept of fresh and healthy food are Akron and Canton. Close in proximity, both cities have embraced the riches the local farmers have to offer.

What’s Available In and Around Akron?

Akron Ohio’s food includes a number of holistic and natural food eateries, that take advantage of the area’s natural offerings. Luigi’s Restaurant has been a popular eatery in Akron since 1949. Their commitment to natural ingredients and made from scratch products produce pastas, pizzas, and other Italian food has created a dedicated customer base which has kept this business a popular Akron eatery.

The Local Offerings of Canton Ohio

Angus McIntosh is the owner and chef of the Iris Restaurant located in downtown Canton. At the Iris summer menus include corn chowder made from local corn, salads made from ingredients grown in the area such as watermelon, tomatoes, and mint. The restaurant prides itself on the use of local ingredients and adjusts its menu according to the freshest available products. This is just one example of food in Canton Ohio.

An Area Favorite

Swenson’s Drive In has been a fixture in both the Akron and Canton areas. For over 75 years, Swenson’s has been offering hot fresh and made to order burgers. They use locally grown produce such as tomatoes and offer such popular local favorites as fried beef bologna, pulled pork, and sloppy joes sandwiches.

Growing and Cooking at Home

During the summer months, many home gardeners in Akron and Canton grow produce and can their harvests for the long Ohio winters. For cooking spices, many locals grow their own, buy from one of the local or organic markets or visit Penzey’s Spices in Cleveland. The drive is long but many local cooks enjoy the quality of the hand ground spices and the variety of blend choices ranging from Thai, Indian, Chinese, Italian to American.

See What’s Available In Your Area

You don’t have to live in Akron or Canton to enjoy fresh produce and meats and cheeses. Do a little research and you can find the best areas near you for what you’re looking for!

The author of this article knows the fact that Akron Ohio’s food has many specialties. The author has explained a lot about food in Canton Ohio and Akron Ohio’s food> in the articles.

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Article Source: https://EzineArticles.com/expert/Willi_Hauselberg/548501

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/4541985


Phoenix Muscle Girl

Feminine sexy girl with rock hard body can travel to wrestle or for sessions. If you want a session with me, please respond.

Isn’t that an ad that you would respond to?

Well we have just the right girl for you to meet in the Phoenix area.

Would you like to meet her?

Her friends and fans call her Latina Muscle.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, wb270 photo credit

Hey? The princess speaks. “”I’m an amateur bodybuilder, and a fitness professional with a degree in health education. Some experience in boxing and wrestling. My combination of exotic looks, athleticism, thick glutes, strong pillared thighs, along with my outgoing personality is most attractive to all my clients.

However, their Dream Girl turns into a Nightmare once my powerful legs wrap around a man’s body, head, or leg, for he is FINISHED!

I truly enjoy the aspect of physical and mental control over a man, watching him weaken before my very eyes.”

Wow, exciting.

Here is what a happy customer had to say about her on December 12, 2016. “I just had a session with Latina Muscle from Arizona.  Wow!!!!  Absolutely Amazing!!!!  We set up our session via email.   She is incredibly beautiful and is very sweet and has the most devastating scissor hold on earth.  I had an outstanding wrestling session with her and will be scheduling another session soon.”

You can email her at: latinaruth18@gmail.com

If you travel to Phoenix, there is so much to see and do. We’ve been there several times and love the heat and the city vibe.

Let’s talk some more about Phoenix.

By Julie Marshall Srednicki 

Move to Phoenix AZ and Say Goodbye to Winter

fciwomenswrestling.com article, By Alan Stark – Flickr: Downtown Phoenix Skyline Lights

Phoenix, the capital of Arizona is located in the Salt River Valley in the southern central area of the state and is surrounded by mountains on all four sides. More than 20 surrounding communities cover 514 square miles situated in the lush Sonoran desert, considered to be the most beautiful desert in the world. The climate is warm, with low humidity and average temperature of 72.6 degrees and sunshine approximately 325 days per year. For this reason Phoenix is popularly known as the Valley of the Sun.

Over the last decade Phoenix has experienced a 24% population increase making it the 5th largest city in the country. With 4.3 million people and counting, Phoenix is ranked the second fastest growing metro area in the country. Approximately 50,000 people choose to relocate to the Valley of the Sun each year. Much of Phoenix’s popularity for those moving into the area can be attributed to a strong job force, quality schools, friendly business environment, reasonable cost of living, affordable housing thereby offering something for everyone from growing families with children, young singles as well as retirees.

10 million visitor annually, making tourism a major contributor to the city’s economy. Phoenix is home to many high profile luxury resorts such as the Arizona Biltmore Resort, Arizona Grand Resort and the recently remodeled Camelback Inn. Visitors are offered an endless variety of activities and attractions from sightseeing to arts and culture and festivals that keep them coming back year after year. Phoenix is also a popular spot for business conventions. The Phoenix Civic Plaza and Convention Center has been the city’s premier meeting venue for over 3 decades.

Phoenix offers an exciting diversity of old west history, culture and activities for every age. It is home to major professional sports teams including Arizona Diamondbacks, Phoenix Suns and Arizona Cardinals. Outdoor lovers can enjoy miles of hiking and biking trails offering breathtaking scenery. Valley Metro recently developed a 20 mile light-rail transit system that navigates throughout phoenix, Tempe and Mesa. There are dining options for every palate, a shopper’s paradise of malls and charming boutiques, Vegas style casinos and resorts and top ranked entertainment of all types. Healthcare is second to none with over 100 top healthcare facilities to serve both residents and visitors.

Phoenix has long been recognized for its strong job growth, especially in the areas of aerospace, bioscience and high-tech. Even after the recent economic slowdown, the Phoenix job market continues to grow at a steady rate, thus making it highly attractive for those looking to relocate for this reason. Phoenix houses a notable list of top Fortune 500 employers from education, government, healthcare, technology and manufacturing sectors. Some employers of note include Intel, US Airways, Honeywell Aerospace, Raytheon and Bank of America.

Schools are always an important consideration when choosing to relocate. Phoenix offers quality education and its commitment is evident in student’s performing above national averages in reading and math on standardized tests according to the Arizona Department of Education. With the recent upsurge in population each school district has been successful in expanding to accommodate this growth. There are currently 58 school districts with 400 public schools. In addition, 200 unique charter and private schools offering specialized course work serves over 600,000 students in kindergarten through 12th grade.

Higher education offers students exceptional opportunities to excel in over 79 colleges, trade schools and universities such as internationally renowned Arizona State University, University of Phoenix and Grand Canyon University to name a few. The huge Maricopa Community Colleges network offers 11 colleges located on various campuses. It is nationally known for its programs in gerontology, dental hygiene, fire science, mathematics art and graphic design.

It is without question that Phoenix is a great place to live. From the urban city charm of numerous historic districts, contemporary loft living and lush condo developments sprinkled throughout a vibrant downtown to a variety of quiet suburban neighborhoods, there is a lifestyle option for anyone looking to relocate to Phoenix. The overall median home price in Phoenix has experienced steady growth thanks to the nation’s strong economic recovery. The good news is that despite steady growth, prices still remain very affordable. As of June 2013 the median price of a single family home in Maricopa County (Phoenix Metro) was $211,000. Based on a finance rate of 4.5% and 10% down, your base mortgage payment would be approximately $1,100 plus property taxes and homeowners insurance. Wherever you choose to live in the beautiful Valley of the Sun, you’ll find the perfect neighborhood to suite your unique lifestyle.

Julie Marshall Srednicki is a full time licensed real estate agent who has been helping individuals and families realize their real estate investment dreams in Arizona since 2002. She has assisted buyers and sellers with residential real estate transactions throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area. Julie works aggressively to find the perfect home for each buyer and walk them through each step of the home buying process. Her outstanding customer service and exceptional negotiation skills is why she continues to receive referrals from past and present clients. Julie is a Superior Court Real Estate Special Commissioner as well as a member of the National Association of Realtors and Scottsdale Association of Realtors. Julie holds a Master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Rochester and was a registered Commodities Trading Advisor. Both Julie and her husband Mike were international financial consultants among other successful business endeavors.

Show Appeal Realty
8111 E. Indian Bend Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85250

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OPENING PHOTO CREDIT By John Fowler from Placitas, NM, USA – Phoenix

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Sky Storm Romanian Star

Have you ever met someone where you fall in love with everything they say upon the first meeting? As you quietly listen to them, you’re hanging on to every word they express?

It’s easy to do that when you meet Sky Storm, a session wrestler who lives in Las Vegas. This writer met her at a recent wrestling event and had a chance to sit down and talk with her. Sky is very down to earth, relaxed and forth coming in her conversations.

She also goes by the name of Alessia.

vegas cutie skyStorm1

She comes from the historical country of Romania and excelled at sports there. For eight years she was on the Romanian Gymnastics Olympic Team as a Junior Gymnast.

This might surprise you.

vegas cutie skyStorm5

She also performed in the circus displaying acrobatic stunts gymnastics style. Well-traveled she’s been to Germany, Ireland, Bulgaria and Tanzania to name a few. She expressed that Holland is one of the cleanest countries that she has ever seen. She loved Ireland because there is such a sense of freedom and a spirit of free thinkers.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, Wikimedia photo

When you watch Sky wrestle you can see that she is tough as nails and hammers away right up until the end. She takes no prisoners and makes it clear to her opponents that they don’t want to anger her. In speaking with Fciwomenswrestling, she admitted it’s impossible for her not to give 100 percent.

She has trained in MMA, BJJ, Judo, Karate, Wu-shu and all Martial Arts. Ever seeking a challenge she is an actress and dancer as well.

Her name meaning is fitting given her wrestling abilities conveying Protector of Mankind. Hollywood are you listening?

Female Competition International has traveled with our readers to many countries but seldom Romania. Let’s fly there now, first starting with the basics and then narrowing down to the exciting city of Bucharest.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, Wikimedia photo

Romania is a unitary semi-presidential republic located in SoutheasternCentral Europe, bordering the Black Sea, between Bulgaria and Ukraine. It also borders Hungary, Serbia, and Moldova. With its 19.9 million inhabitants, it is the seventh most populous member of the European Union. Its capital and largest city, Bucharest, is the sixth largest city in the EU.

The River Danube, which is Europe’s second longest river after the Volga, rises in Germany and flows southeastwards for a distance of 2,857 km course through ten countries before emptying in Romania’s Danube Delta.The Carpathian Mountains (the tallest peak is Moldoveanu at 2,544 m, 8346 ft.) cross Romania from the north to the southwest.

As you can see, it’s a country rich in history. Also significant is it’s location in the proximity of our great female submission wrestling culture along the mighty Danube River and the formidable Black Sea.

Let’s get inside a Dacia, the Romanian car that could and travel to Bucharest.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, Wikimedia photo

Bucharest, in southern Romania, is the country’s capital and commercial center. Its most iconic structure is the massive, communist-era Palatul Parlamentului government building, which has 1,100 rooms. Nearby, the historic Lipscani district is home to an energetic nightlife scene as well as tiny Eastern Orthodox Stavropoleos Church and 15th-century Curtea Veche palace, where Prince Vlad III (“The Impaler”) once ruled.

Given that Sky is a performing artist, with so many ways we could delve into Bucharest, why don’t we look at the arts first.

Our well-dressed Guide romaniatourism.com explains in perfect English, “The city’s artistic life stood up to its Parisian nickname in the 1930s and today, is as vibrant as ever. The Opera House, completed in 1953, is worth visiting, not only for its brilliant performances but also for the lavish interior design. The world-renowned Romanian Opera performs in Romanian as well as Italian and German. You will be able to enjoy the classic repertoire – Puccini, Verdi, Rossini, Mozart -, innovative staging, lavish costumes, seasoned performers and choreographers. The Romanian National Ballet also performs in this theatre. Performances are held Wednesday through Sunday evenings, except during July and August.

The Russians introduced the Stanislavski technique – the method which gave the world Marlon Brando – to Romanian theatre and this keeps acting standards high. While most theatre productions are performed in Romanian, sometimes, it is possible to find performances in German or English at various small theatres.”

Very revealing.

The well-respected travel site tripadvisor.com nicely dressed as well for the arts smiles, “Bucharest has a strong performing arts scene which is enjoyed thoroughly by both tourists and locals.  Both musical and theater performances take place throughout Bucharest.  Both historic and modern venues set the stage for performing arts of all kinds.”

If you want to taste the arts and sample a touch of Romanian life, perhaps one way to accomplish that is through film.

As of this June 2015 writing, if you have Netflix, the Romanian film Tuesday, after Christmas is streaming. Here is the film’s premise. “Romanian director Radu Muntean’s clinical study of an extramarital affair has far fewer scenes than the average film. But each of those scenes is packed with telling details and mounting turmoil. Without ever breaking the film’s established point of view, Muntean closely examines every party involved in a betrayed marriage, touching on longing, passion, shame, suspense and anger. The superb cast delivers truthful performances throughout long, unforgiving takes. Tuesday, After Christmas never judges its characters, but follows them down a path that will greet each of them with a different mix of pleasure and pain.”

The film is rated R.

We of course have just scratched the surface of what this fascinating country has to offer. With Sky’s warm and honest personality, it sure makes you want to travel there and hang out.

We had a chance to hang out with her at a wrestling venue and to say we were impressed is an understatement. Sky sessions out of Las Vegas so you might look her up at the WB270 for her bio. The writer sure loved meeting her in person and is confident that you will too.

~ ~ ~

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Anita Fun Euro Wrestler

The widely admired Edward Estlin Cummings (October 14, 1894 – September 3, 1962), known as E. E. Cummings, with the abbreviated form of his name often written by others in lowercase letters as e e cummings, was an American poet, painter, essayist, author, and playwright. His body of work encompasses approximately 2,900 poems, two autobiographical novels, four plays and several essays, as well as numerous drawings and paintings. He is remembered as an eminent voice of 20th century English literature.

He was once quoted as saying, “The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.

When watching the talented Hungarian wrestler Anita, one thing that you notice is that she has a great sense of humor.

She is also a great wrestler as well.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, DWW photo

Here are some of her match reviews.

“Young and strong Anita versus her wrestling teacher Viktoria! Anita is very strong and extremely skilled even at her young age. We all know perfectly well that Viktoria is the best wrestler of the HWW team and that she’s very strong, skilled and fit although she already belongs to our elder generation of wrestlers. This is a very interesting “old vs young” competition and it once again is proving us that age isn’t decisive when two women are wrestling. Will the coach be able to show her wrestling student that she’s still the stronger and better woman? As always there’s technically skilled, controlled, purist and straight world class wrestling performance when two HWW wrestlers are wrestling each other.”

That turned out to be a much tougher match than many expected. It speaks to Anita’s ability to learn quickly and adapt. Here is a description of another match.

“Young Anita is much heavier than Antscha. We interviewed Antscha before the match and sometimes between the falls and she confirms that Anita is stronger than her but that she needs to use her skills and the experience of the mature woman for having a chance. This is truly a match between two generations as Antscha is more than 12 years older than Anita. Anita is also much bigger than Antscha and she’s a skilled and aggressive fighter. This is an exciting and very even match with 5 great submissions between two very strong women.”

That match occurred when Anita was only 18 years old against the experienced and exceptional wrestler Antscha.

What is fun about Anita’s matches is though clearly she wants to win; still her competitions are laced with humor and bantering. In one case when a thirty something mom wanted to give wrestling a try, Anita easily could have dominated her in a brutal fashion but instead while she was clearly in control and winning, she began to tickle our sexy adventurous mom as well.

When someone can keep you laughing as much as Anita does, wouldn’t it be great to meet her at a coffee shop with friends and share a few laughs? Why don’t we travel to Anita’s home country and relax at a few of the coffee shops.

Imagination was given to man to compensate him for what he is not; a sense of humor to console him for what he is.……Francis Bacon

The fun and entertaining site visitbudapest.travel makes for an excellent coffee companion.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, Wikimedia photo

Budapest has always been big on cafés and in the last couple of years the coffee scene has expanded with a number of new independent coffee shops brewing excellent java. If you are looking for creative alternatives to those ubiquitous chains, here are some of the best places to satisfy your caffeine craving.

“You’ll find serious coffee skills at Espresso Embassy, with its pour over, siphon and cold drip options at the brew bar. Dedicated staff (champion baristas among them), beautifully executed coffee and a selection of baked goods make this café a roaring success. Try their espresso, cortado, flat white or café latte and you’ll keep coming back. Add free WiFi and the posh design and you’ll never want to leave.

It’s no surprise Tamp & Pull is one of the best coffee shops in Budapest. Founder Attila Molnár, a barista champion himself, is focused on the output of a premium product. He serves three different Has Bean beans changing every month, roasted by British roast master Stephen Leighton. The espresso bar offers a variety of brewing methods for true coffee enthusiasts. Not only does Tamp & Pull make a perfect cup of coffee, they offer barista and brewing classes too.

Inspired by a trip to Melbourne, this cozy little café in Madách tér has a passion for great coffee. My Little Melbourne is known for its advanced latte art and delicious espresso-based drinks. The brew bar offers syphon, chemex, aeropress or pour over methods. A variety of teas, freshly made juices, pastries, salads and sandwiches complement the excellent coffee.

Probably the smallest coffee shop in town, Fekete is committed to fair-trade coffee and locally sourced ingredients, like farmer’s milk from Etyek. Their delicious coffee is made with a La Marzocco machine. Take your beverage to go, or opt for some street-side seating and people watching.”

The informative site budapestbylocals.com provides us with a little history. “Coffee culture was thriving in Budapest from around the early 1910’s until the beginning of the 1930’s. In this era the around 500 cafés were scattered around the city.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, Wikimedia photo

They served as common meeting places of talented writers, poets and artists. Some of them spent most of the day in their favorite place, musing or writing at their regular tables.”

I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It’s probably the most important thing in a person.….Audrey Hepburn

Now they can serve as a watering hole for great female wrestlers as well.

It’s funny, refreshing and entertaining to watch our Hungarian star Anita wrestle. Our suggestion is, while you sit back to enjoy Anita compete, bring a cup of coffee and sense of humor with you as well.

~ ~ ~

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Dwwgalaxy.com – caution, erotic site.






Princess Jasmine – Star

A soft spoken demeanor with words well-chosen earned her long term friendships. Grit, determination and one exceptional performance after another secured her legacy in the ring.

Princess Jasmine was one of a kind.

We all have our personal favorite Lady Pros and Princess Jasmine ranked high upon my list. She truly looked like your beautiful neighbor down the street who you wish came to pool parties; only in addition, Jasmine wrestled and competed at a very high level.

fciwomenswrestling.com article - Princess Jasmine

Born Cynthia Peretti, Princess Jasmine was trained by professional wrestlers Prince Pullins and Dick the Bruiser. Under the ring name Princess Jasmine, she wrestled primarily in the mid-west region of the United States, but also competed in the southeast, Canada, Japan, the Philippines, the Caribbean, Africa, Korea, and the Middle East throughout the 1970s and 1980s.

Our ring beauty was a trainer for David McLane‘s Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling promotion. She appeared as an on-screen character during the promotion’s first set of television tapings, where she competed under the ring name Pepper and worked as the tag team partner of Salt (portrayed by Charlie “Golden Cat” Haynes).

After leaving GLOW, Jasmine joined the American Wrestling Association and become a top contender for the AWA World Women’s Championship, which was held by Sherri Martel. She also competed in tag team matches with former champion Candi Devine against the Daughters of Darkness (Luna Vachon and The Lock). During this time, she also worked for McLane’s new Powerful Women of Wrestling organization.

Many appreciated Princess Jasmine as being very tough but innovative as well.

According to prowrestling.wikia.com, “In 2012, the Women’s Wrestling Association established the Trailblazer Award to recognize the performers who have blazed the trail for future female stars of the ring. The first recipient of this prestigious award is Princess Jasmine. Princess Jasmine was considered by many to be the “barricade breaker” for many female athletes.

The Princess Jasmine Trailblazer Award as it will be known as is awarded annually to a female wrestler who has done the following:

“Demonstrated in their life, the same persistence, spirit, love and dedication as Princess Jasmine did to the student of wrestling, teaching skills and respect for the sport; and made a major contribution to the growth of female wrestling. By honoring female performers who dedicated their life to this purpose, the WWA honors Princess Jasmine and encourages female performers to seek the same ideals and values.”

The fantastic pro wrestling information site onlineworldofwrestling.com extracted a comment from Jasmine that spoke well to her wrestling philosophy. “I never miss a match, the first time when I watch a woman’s match was with Mary Jane Mull and Donna Lemke. I Love it! I knew every name for all the movements before I started training. Dick the Bruiser would see me very often at the matches. So about a year pass after going to every live match and plus prior to watching it on television, I was at a match one Friday night and Dick The Bruiser told Princes Pullins that he wanted to talk to me. I couldn’t believe what or why that this creditable superstar would like to talk to me. When I approach him, He asks me “Did I enjoy watching wrestling” and did I ever think about becoming a lady wrestler” I said “Yes!”

We certainly enjoyed watching Jasmine wrestle. She often adorned herself in sexy one piece bathing suits and her signature white boots that contrasted and complimented her beautiful silky smooth caramel skin.

Her wrestling style was one to admire as well as she expertly applied Monkey Flips, Power Bombs and Arm Tosses with ease.

It was a time when you could hear the famous Ring Announcer David McLane’s bombastic expressions, often shouting “Oooooooooh Baby!”

Our star made it to the big leagues and in 1987 and briefly appeared in the World Wrestling Federation, challenging Ms. Martel for the WWF Women’s Championship.

After her wrestling career ended, Jasmine continued to stay in the public eye being cast in Hollywood films such as Chain Reaction, U.S. Marshalls, My Best Friend’s Wedding and Love Jones.

She was born in Chicago and the modern village that helped shape her is the third most populous city in the United States, after New York City and Los Angeles. With 2.7 million residents, it is the most populous city in both the U.S. state of Illinois and the American Midwest. Its metropolitan area, sometimes called Chicagoland, is home to 9.5 million people.

fciwomenswrestling.com article - Wikimedia photo

In 2012, Chicago was listed as an alpha global city by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network, and ranks seventh in the world in the 2014.

Chicago in 1948 when Jasmine was born and going forward was known for its cape dancers, show girls and dancing horses and at any given time around town you could also have seen the likes of Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, and countless other legendary performers.

fciwomenswrestling.com article - Wikimedia photo
So much has changed in sixty years. The Stock Yards are gone along with most of the steel mills and other large factories that formed the industrial backbone of the city. Most of the traffic along the Chicago River these days consists of pleasure and tour boats, although every once in a while you may still see a barge hauling material of one sort or other. Passenger trains still arrive and depart from Union Station, but under the banner of the national passenger railway Amtrak. The glory days of traveling by rail are long gone.

Around the globe, here was the world that our beautiful competitor was born into.

fciwomenswrestling.com article - Wikimedia photo

It was the year that Humphrey Bogart’s masterpiece The Treasure of Sierra Madre burst upon the movie screens. On February 28, the last British Troops left India. On April 1st, the first Polaroid Camera was sold in the USA. On July 26, U.S. President Truman signs Executive Order 9981, ending racial segregation in the United States Armed Forces. On August 15, the southern half of Korea is established as South Korea. On August 16, the legendary baseball star Babe Ruth dies in his sleep at age 53.

Unfortunately Princess Jasmine passed away too soon at the age of 60, in 2009 after battling cancer. Female competition International deeply appreciates how she made the most of her time and opportunities and for us fans, impacted our lives in a powerful and wonderful way.

~ ~ ~

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Zara Wrestler England


If there is such a thing as a perfect personality, Zara has it. Everyone that I’ve spoken with who has met her agrees.

fciwomenswrestling.com article - APL Photo

Reading books and other forms of literature can be an enjoyable, enlightening and satisfying past time. Of all of the genres of writing that I have read because I had to and because I wanted to, nothing comes close to the emotional intensity of digesting the work of sport’s writers.

The best works provoke laughter, self-agreement (she or he is thinking what I’m thinking and they are so right and bright), inspiration, sadness, frustration and hope.

My favorite sports writer of all time is a California news man named Joe Hamelin. He had a way of being incisive without being offensive, humorous without being silly and down to earth yet clearly well researched and professional. Mostly he had a way of analyzing sports luminaries and humanizing them in a way we could understand.

My professional writing background is in the Workers Compensation field where I was an Editor of a statewide publication that educated our water agency members on how they could reduce and prevent workers comp claims. I was also a State Fair News Bureau Staff Writer promoting fair events and in fiction have a manuscript copyrighted in Washington D.C., whose character has to take the elevator down to the lower depths of his sub conscience to have some disturbing life-long questions answered.

Now I’m finally a sports writer for Female Competition International.

In my new role, let me tell you something that surprised me. Ready?

I find it hard to write about people that I don’t like.

I’ve always wondered if the writers who covered professional sports and covered the myriad of personality profiles that roamed within could truly be objective. They would say so. Now that I’m finally doing it, I’m not so sure that I believe them.

I love the competitive women’s wrestling industry because as a whole I find the competitors to be artistic, down to earth and extremely likeable. It helps that many promote their lucrative sessions which places them in a position where they should display a bright and positive public personality.

But like any industry there are a few that don’t return your emails, are combative and arrogant. They truly are the exception and like them or not, for FCI some of my articles have featured them with a smile.

Which brings me to Zara.

fciwomenswrestling.com article - mixedwrestlingpower.cophoto

It is easy to write about Zara because she is so likable. It bleeds through on her videos, interviews and competitor to audience banter. It also helps that she is sweet faced, sexy and nicely shaped. To add to that stack of compliments, she is also a very good wrestler.

The compliments for Zara flow warmly like a nice spot of English tea with a touch of honey. Here is a view of Zara from mixedwrestlingpower.com.

“Miss Zara is definitely someone to behold… Zara has long blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes. She’s a real knock out! But you cannot let her good looks fool you. Zara is extremely formidable when it comes to combat.

Zara has a high level of strength and fitness. She is also quite talented at applying wrestling holds. She will use all of her abilities… headlocks, scissors, pins and flips to prevail. Zara has taken on both men and women (she has done a number of catfights where her opponent was helplessly pinned beneath her). In terms of sessions, Zara’s philosophy is founded on safety and fun.

Miss Zara is located in Bournemouth where she maintains a studio equipped with mats for private fantasy and semi-competitive matches.”

Here is more praise from the female wrestling industry leader, Femwin. “Zara’s a beautiful girl from England who’s been wrestling for a few years. She’s competitive with most in her weight range and knows many holds but favors scissors and strangles. She’s dominating and aggressiveness and likes to control opponents when wrestling, often by coiling around them with her arms and legs and then not letting go until she hears them submit!”

I have watched many of Zara matches and she is exceptional at the ground wars and determined not to submit. She’s taken on Kirsty, Klaudia, Lina, Joanne, Monica, Julia and competed at Wrestling Monica’s Center.

Zara has been associated Bournemouth, England.

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Female Competition International hopes to encourage our readers to understand their earthly home a little better thus we often share insight into the village that helped shape the female wrestler appreciated. Some of the destinations are so scenic and rich with history; why not make a day of it and take your time enjoying all that the locale has to offer?

Shall we travel to Bournemouth? Many satisfied tourists do.

The official site bournemouth.co.uk expresses, “With seven miles of golden sands and sparkling sea, the vibrant cosmopolitan town of Bournemouth has it all – a vast variety of shops, restaurants and holiday accommodation, seafront hotels, buzzing nightlife and endless countryside with beautiful award winning gardens and watersports galore. There is certainly no shortage of things to do when you visit Bournemouth, plan your group or family visit online with attractions, activities and events to suit all tastes and budgets.”

In regards to the popular Bournemouth Marathon, the informative site run-bmf.com states, “stunning sea views, fresh crisp clean air and the very best of Bournemouth and Poole is on show as the south coast is home to an international marathon. This is the perfect natural environment for “running as it should be”. Be a part of it!

The Bournemouth marathon festival brings many distances together in one unique festival of running.”

We’ve had the tea, now for the biscuits.

The always reliable Wikipedia informs, “Bournemouth is a large coastal resort town on the south coast of England directly to the east of the Jurassic Coast, a 95-mile (153 km) World Heritage Site. According to the 2011 census, the town has a population of 187,503 making it the largest settlement in Dorset. With Poole to the west and Christchurch in the east, Bournemouth forms the South East Dorset conurbation, which has a total population of over 400,000.

Initially marketed as a health resort, the town received a boost when it appeared in Dr. Granville’s book, The Spas of England. Bournemouth’s growth really accelerated with the arrival of the railway and it became a recognized town in 1870.”

So you can contact Zara and schedule an early or late session that allows you time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and take in a meal.

Blessed with a beautiful shapely feminine form, sincere warmth and soft looks, Zara is a reminder of what is great about the female wrestling industry and why so many of us stay tuned.

When it comes to the flaws of human behavior it’s often been allowed that perfection is only found in the dictionary.

After everything I read and heard about our friend Zara, I’m not so sure that’s true.

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