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The great state of Ohio has been commonly referred to as the State Of Presidents, having alumni that include eight presidents with deep roots in the Buckeye State: William Henry Harrison, Ulysses Grant, Rutherford Hayes, James Garfield, Benjamin Harrison, William McKinley, William Taft and Warren Harding.

Given the annual prowess of their powerful nationally ranked college football team, the Ohio State University Buckeyes, the program has affectionately made the Buckeye tree a national treasure.,, photo credit

Ohio Buckeye, the state tree of Ohio, is found primarily as an understory tree in the western half of Ohio, where the soils are more alkaline in pH.

The Ohio buckeye is the state tree of Ohio, and its name is an original term of endearment for the pioneers on the Ohio frontier.

The Buckeye students do know how to have some fun with their tree heritage by adding a sweet twist.

Buckeyes is a confection made from a peanut butter fudge partially dipped in chocolate to leave a circle of peanut butter visible. Buckeyes are similar to peanut butter balls (or peanut-butter-filled chocolate balls), which are completely covered in chocolate.,, photo credit

It is common for Ohioans to make buckeyes at home, but they are also available in mail-order catalogs and candy shops.

One such gooey goodie shop that we loved is The Buckeye Chocolate Company.

At, after licking their fingers, they share their wonderful chocolate Buckeye product with us. “We are a Northeast Ohio-based family-owned business in its second generation of producing the highest quality gourmet chocolate confections available. Our chocolate products range from our signature chocolate Buckeye candies to decadent truffles and milk chocolate covered pretzels. We also make specialty treats like our beloved handmade peanut brittle and cinnamon roasted nuts.”,, photo credit

We love decadent. We love sweet.

Ohio is also known for having some of the best and most gorgeous Indie Female Wrestlers and Session Girls in our great industry.

One such girl with pop and sweet Buckeye pizzazz is Nikki Victory.,, Nikki Victory Facebook photo credit

From the moment we saw this girl wrestle, we couldn’t take our eyes off of her.

She has a great interview with Lady Sports if you want to check it out.

When you watch Nikki enter the arena she is young, beautiful and full of vibrant energy. Despite being new to the game, her strength and her never say die attitude along with her unwillingness to never back down is her armor.,, Nikki Victory Facebook photo credit

An example of that is her match against Big Mamma. While it lasts, enjoy.

We see a bright future for this beautiful engaging Ohio girl and have great expectations that she is going to bring us a ton more sweet Buckeye wrestling experiences.

Wrestling girls from Ohio have often captured our imagination and our friends at Femcompetitor Magazine wrote about one team who entertains in or near Cincinnati.

Freshfite, MMA Fem Submission Wrestling In Ohio, Innovative

If you like real, fully competitive women’s wrestling, sometimes with famous Indie Lady Pros coming for a visit in very fierce wrestling, you will love Freshfite.,, freshfitefights photo credit

At their vibrant Buckeye site they explain their product. “Our private video fights are rough, non-scripted, and 100% competitive. Our rules – anything legal in MMA. When closed fist striking, no strikes to the head or face. Everything else is legal, with hair pulling for head control. Immediate release on tap out. The fighting is aggressive yet safe. All women follow the guidelines so no one gets hurt. We do not permit any humiliation, degrading moves or attitudes. Our Extreme Fights are intense! Most private videos average 25-35 minutes. Our Live Events are strictly grappling, are safety oriented and entertaining.”

If you visit their site they have a massive inventory. What can help you focus in on some of their matches, they actually produce a Hall of Fame page that show cases some of their best videos.

Here is the list of their all-time greats:,, freshfitefights photo credit

Freshfiters who were part of Freshfite in our first 3 seasons (through Video FFV170) are eligible. The inductees are:

  1. Tia Take Down (Tia Elizabeth) – retired as undefeated Middleweight and Club Champion. 1st member of Freshfite, and the pioneer. Still trains.
  2. Wildcat Anne – Intense rough catfighter, 4’11 100 lbs. of muscle. First Lightweight Champion, defeated Sammie in their only live event.
  3. Andi – the Princess of Pain – Heated rival with Anne, Beth, Ivy and Sammie. Had intense brawls with Sammie and others. Liked to hurt her opponents
  4. Amazon – Her top rival was Tia Take Down, and they had some of the roughest most memorable fights. One of only two fighters to make Tia tap out.
  5. Laycee Slayed – Rough catfighter and former pro wrestler, major rival of and had some intense angry catfight brawls with Sammie and Jade.
  6. Jessa – First season rival with Tia. Fought Tia 3 times including the first Middleweight Title fight that lasted 40 minutes.
  7. Jade – Her animosity with Sammie brought them to Freshfite, and their clashes are epic. She had no love lost with Laycee, and took on Tia as well. A natural fighter.
  8. Rose – Toughest, scrappy fighter nicknamed “Fearless: for a reason. Lost the inaugural Lightweight Title fight to Sammie, and has pursued her ever since. Loved fighting Tia.
  9. Kat – Went toe to toe with Sammie in some brutal kickboxing fights including one epic Live Event. A talented fighter who never backed down.
  10. Kayley Foxx – Over 40 fighter who proved age is no limit. Intense catfighter who brawled with Sammie repeatedly, and took on Rogue in a classic over 40s catfight.
  11. Synystar – Former pro wrestler who had some classic brawls with Sammie including boxing and MMA gloves. Known for her cocky attitude and mouthiness, along with talent.
  12. Crazy Mary Dobson/Sarah Logan – Pro wrestler who is a brawler – her fight with Sammie is rough and epic with no holding back. Now has a WWE contract.

Sounds like great Buckeye grappling fun.

You love sessions and so do we. Below are two links to articles that featured some of the gorgeous Session Girls of Ohio.

Session Girls Of Tradition Rich Ohio, A Great Buckeye Memory

Sinn-D, Wrestler, Global Star, Femwin Vegas Event, April 2015

So we have previously invited you to meet Sin-D, Vanessa, Geena and Betty.

The most famous beautiful girl to come out of Ohio in our competitive female wrestling industry is Cheyenne Jewel who as of this February 1, 2019 writing sessions out of Nevada. Femcompetitor Magazine wrote about her too. Twice.,, Cheyenne Jewel Twitter photo credit

Cheyenne Jewel, Beautiful And Appalachian Strong  

Cheyenne Jewel, A Female Wrestler Growth Evident

If you make a decision to travel to the great state of Ohio to session with one of the girls or watch a Freshfite live event, when you get hungry for some good old fashioned American food, we loved the look of Georges lounge in Downtown Canton.

We can smell the delicious juicy hamburgers from here.

Spatula in hand they greet us with a smile at, “Come enjoy hand-crafted food & drinks in the heart of Downtown Canton in the Arts District and Historic Music Block. George’s Lounge has been a favored establishment since 1959. It’s the best place to kick back with friends and enjoy local grass fed gourmet burgers, hand-cut fries and more. Like us on Facebook for weekly events & specials.,, photo via Trip advisor

Don’t miss the latest burger of the month. Every month our kitchen’s creative genius transforms a classic grass fed burger into an artistic masterpiece…As well as a delicious hand-scooped milkshake to go with it.”

Grass fed burgers. Sounds both help and tasty. Please keep going.

“George’s Lounge believes food should be real. We handcraft our foods using fresh ingredients from local sources whenever possible. We cook with real fats instead of processed oils like vegetable, corn, or soybean oil. Real fat like lard tastes better and does not include harmful trans fats or hydrogenated fats.

Local farms provide us with quality grass-fed beef. We’re known for our Geormet Burgers with tasty toppings and homemade sauces or get artsy and build your own burger. When you want to mix it up, try our hormone-free chicken, turkey, or homemade veggie burger. We dare you to find a better burger in Canton.

If it’s breakfast you’re looking for, we have you covered day and night with breakfast options always available and extra options served for Saturday brunch.

Don’t miss our hand-scooped milkshakes: classic vanilla, chocolate froth, fresh strawberry, maple cream, blueberry hill, maple mocha, and our premium Dutch apple pie shake. We also offer special adult shakes and desserts for all ages and appetites. And breakfast is always served.

Pre-cut frozen fries are not good enough for our patrons. You deserve the best, which is fresh fries & chips hand cut daily for the fullest flavor. We also offer sweet potato fries or chips for another flavorful option. Choose a fancy fry or create your own.”

Wow, what more could we want? How about some reviews. Here are three found at Trip Advisor.

  1. Every single part of our visit was great! The burgers are on point, especially the Blue Ribbon. Hand cut fries, real beer battered portabella mushrooms, crunchy fried cheese curds, and a milkshake that topped everything off perfectly. Not to mention the live music and great…M
  2. My colleague and I stumbled upon this place when traveling for work and needed to find dinner after 10:30. Tuesday was open mike night which ended up being a great scene of pretty solid musician-friends swapping in and out playing jazz, blues and classic
  3. I took my Dad to George’s for his birthday. First time for both of us. We were very pleased with the food. Excellent burgers and deep fried mushrooms with wasabi-ranch dressing. Atmosphere is cool.

In terms of whole, healthy and savory gourmet dining, they seem to have it all.

Of course they should.

Ohio the Buckeye state has it all.

Gorgeous Session Girls, a vibrant and exciting new Lady Pro in Nikki Victory and some fierce, fully competitive female wrestling at Freshfite, when you travel to Ohio, your female wrestling plate will feel incredibly presidential.

~ ~ ~






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