Newer Fem Wrestlers, Prefer Weight Free Training? Look To Super Star Kaisa Keranen,

March 4, 2022,

Listen up. How would you like your Fitness Coach, Trainer and Affirmative Spiritual Guru address you when you are working out with others?




We all have our preferences.

If you are a newer female grappler, when it comes to working out, you most likely will have your preference there as well.

We can break it down into two categories.

You will either have consistent workouts that involve weight lifting, usually at the gym, or you will be involved in fitness endeavors away from the gym like running, jogging and weightless workouts, usually at home.

Let’s focus on the workouts, primarily without weights and a Fitness Guru who can guide you on that pathway, especially if you don’t want to bulk up and look like a future scripted Lady Pro Wrestler.,

You plan to go to a few tournaments, maybe engage in some mixed wrestling for a fee or wrestle for fun at your local Dojo.

We understand. Got it.

Think Plyometrics.

Plyometrics, also known as jump training or plyos, are exercises in which muscles exert maximum force in short intervals of time, with the goal of increasing power (speed-strength).

This training focuses on learning to move from a muscle extension to a contraction in a rapid or “explosive” manner, such as in specialized repeated jumping.

Plyometrics are primarily used by athletes, especially martial artists, wrestlers, sprinters, arm wrestlers and high jumpers, to improve performance, and are used in the fitness field as well.

Plyometrics include explosive exercises to activate the quick response and elastic properties of the major muscles.

It was initially adopted by Soviet Olympians in the 1950s, and then by sportspeople worldwide.

The term “Plyometrics” was coined by Fred Wilt after watching Soviet athletes prepare for their events in track and field.

Then, there is Isometrics.

An isometric exercise is a form of exercise involving the static contraction of a muscle without any visible movement in the angle of the joint.

The term “isometric” combines the Greek words isos (equal) and metria (measuring), meaning that in these exercises the length of the muscle and the angle of the joint do not change, though contraction strength may be varied.

The three main types of isometric exercise are isometric presses, pulls, and holds.

They may be included in a strength training regime in order to improve the body’s ability to apply power from a static position or, in the case of isometric holds, improve the body’s ability to maintain a position for a period of time.

Considered as an action, isometric presses are also of fundamental importance to the body’s ability to prepare itself to perform immediately subsequent power movements. Such preparation is also known as isometric preload.

Isometric training is rarely used by itself and it is usually incorporated into a wider training regime.

Now that we have explained the basic workout that primarily does not involve weight lifting, it is time to meet your spiritual guru.

If you have virtual workouts with her and others, she will refer to you as class.

Okay with that?

Hey, it’s classy.

Here we go.

We love Kaisa Keranen. She looks good for this. For you.,

The well-respected writers at educate, “From demonstrative gym videos to weight training and at-home workouts, Kaisa’s fitness-focused account is the perfect beginner’s guide for how to tackle a routine.”

Others in the industry love Kaisa as well.

The great minds at praise, “If energy took human form, it would arrive as Kaisa Keranen. With legs like springs and an infectious smile, Keranen bases her protocol on bodyweight training. Keranen’s goal is to get people moving every day, so for all 90 days of her program, you’ll be doing something, whether it’s high-intensity circuits or low-intensity recovery. Her workouts increase in intensity and duration over the course of 12 weeks, require minimal equipment, and are scalable and adaptable for all fitness levels.”

Sounds perfect for a newer female grappler.

There are so many Fitness Influencers, Coaches and Media Stars out there. We suggest that you try and remember KaisaFit.

If it is simpler to remember, just call her Kaisa.

Her dynamic program is called

Time for a visit.

Her team shares, “Kaisa Keranen is a personal trainer, fitness educator and social media influencer known for her fun and innovative ways to get people moving. She graduated from the University of Washington where she was a member of the Track and Field team and later went on to get her Masters in Exercise Science, Sports Performance and Injury Prevention. As owner of KaisaFit, she has developed her own method of movement which she shares daily with her clients and social media followers worldwide. She lives and teaches by the motto that health is a feeling not a look and believes whole-heartedly in her mission to get people around the world up and moving!

Kaisa has been featured in such digital magazines as Vogue, Shape, SELF, Harpers Bazaar, Oxygen and ESPNW to name a few. She was featured on the Greatist as one of the most influential people in health and fitness and most notably was asked by Michelle Obama to be one of the go to trainers for her “Let’s Move” digital campaign.”

Sounds vibrant and impressive.

We have watched many of her videos online. One of the aspects we like about her channel,, is that many of her workouts for beginners are for free.

And are very well done.

If you would like to get to know her better, she is involved with shows to inspire you.

Her team adds, “Welcome to The Just Fuel Show where Dr. Mike Roussell and Kaisa Keranen discuss all things nutrition-related. We both come from very different backgrounds, with very different perspectives, but we shared the same goal of helping people become happier, healthier human beings. We will not engage in any conversation about weight loss. Topics are strictly around how to best fuel your body for optimum health and performance.”

Sounds good. A healthy nutritional diet is always a partner to a great fitness workout. Especially one that doesn’t involve heavy weight lifting.

Heavy weight lifting is not for everyone. We have seen many of Kaisa’s videos.

If you want a quality minimal weight lifting workout brimming with variety and dynamic energy, with Kaisa, you’ve come to the right place.,

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