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February 12, 2022,

It’s not just about looking cool at the gym.

Does work for that too.

How many times have you gone to your gym and in a section away from the weights, there is a gorgeous nicely fit girl jumping rope?

We’ve seen it. It does look cool. She does look absolutely fabulous.

And you know what?

Jumping rope is also beneficial for the workout and fitness routines for newer female wrestlers., photo credit, photo credit

The widely respected team at educate, “Jump ropes have been a favored training device in wrestling for many decades, not only improving an athlete’s cardio-vascular conditioning, but also helping develop the movement and foot-speed needed for success in all aspects of the sport. Where you find wrestlers, you find jump ropes.”

We’ve known for years that boxers trained by jumping rope, in part utilizing it as a speed and agility drill.

You will definitely get a great cardio workout.

The group at add, “Ten minutes of jumping rope can roughly be considered the equivalent of running an eight-minute mile. Jumping rope is an activity not only suited for competition or recreation, but also for a cardiovascular workout, similar to jogging or bicycle riding. This aerobic exercise can achieve a “burn rate” of up to 1300 calories per hour of vigorous activity, with about 0.1 calories consumed per jump.”

Writing about Jump Rope for fitness is one thing. Seeing it, can be believing it.

We love watching Fitness Star Sydney Cummings teaching us how to jump rope.

Title of video, “15 Minute Cardio Jump Rope Workout | Fit & Strong At Home – Day 5 Bonus”

She even lets you take a break and rest. Love that too., ydney-Cummings-Social-Media-photo-credit-Editorial-use-YouTube-screen-shot.

Sydney is a health and fitness content creator who rose to fame through her self-titled YouTube channel. Her workout routines garnered her more than 400,000 subscribers on the platform.

We love her positive spirit and resilience especially after reading her personal story where she survived a robbery shooting and in another incident, lost her younger and only brother due to an ATV accident.

She never gave up on life and didn’t allow tragedy to define her.

Her jump rope and other fitness workouts are electric. Time for a visit. You can become a part of her team at .

The team at Forbes Magazine summarizes what Sydney brings to the table very well, “Sydney Cummings is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. With over 800,000 YouTube subscribers, what sets their company apart is that Royal Change offers daily high-quality workouts at no cost and with no ads interrupting the videos.”

Good to know.

You can watch her on YouTube or jump and skip rope over and visit her website.

JUMP ROPE VS SPEED ROPE, photo-credit-Editorial-use

When you are ready to get serious about adding jumping rope to your program, it would be good to understand the difference between a Speed Rope and a Jump Rope.

The team at educates, “A jump rope is a very common piece of workout equipment that is frequently used by those that are looking to get in shape while improving their cardiorespiratory system. One of the benefits of using a jump rope for fitness purposes is that it is compact and portable and can be used anywhere there is a flat surface to jump on such as a living room, garage, patio, driveway, sidewalk etc.

Speed ropes were designed specifically for a jump rope competition in which athletes attempt to accumulate as many revolutions in various time domains typically 30 seconds, 60 seconds and 3 minutes.”

The company goes into extensive detail about the two different types of ropes and it is a fascinating read.

As with any exercise, you should check with your physician first and we see Jumping Rope for fitness as a supplement to your regular exercise routine.

Do you want to get started? We’re confident you will have fun.

To help, we have a visiting writer to teach you the basics.

Jump Rope Training For Newbies,

By Anna Dornier

When was the last time you ever picked up a jump rope? Most people have not done this type of training since they were in grade school and I am also guilty of that. I used to not like them because I am not very coordinated when it comes to anything that moves especially when it involves ropes and balls. But, I found that doing a jump rope workout is very effective when it comes to getting a great cardiovascular exercise and losing weight. So, if you have not used it in a while, this would be a good time to start especially if your goal is to lose some stubborn fat.

Reasons Jump Rope Training Works

This type of training accelerates your heart rate higher than running at a steady state. If you think about it, you can control whether you can run faster or slower but the rope takes a fraction of a second before it goes under your feet and it comes back again very quickly. Also, you are using more energy when you jump with both feet because you are basically lifting your whole body off the ground instead of with one foot at a time when you run. You are also using your hands while you are holding the rope handles which adds more work to your workout. With some jump ropes types, you can even add a small weight to the handles to add even more resistance. More work means more calories burned.

Common Mistakes in Jump Rope Training

You might think that this is simple. You just jump and pull the rope around you multiple times right? Yes, it can be that simple but I do see a lot of mistakes that people make when using the jump rope for the first time since grade school. First, you want to make sure that you keep your elbows close to the side of your body. Some people make the mistake of lengthening their arms and extending it out to the side. This mistake shortens the rope which is one reason that the rope gets caught on your feet. The other common mistake is double jumping. This happens when people try to jump one more time after the rope passed their feet. You should only jump once the rope goes through your feet. Double jumping is unnecessary and a waste of energy. Lastly, the rope length should not be too long for your height. To test for proper length, step on the rope with one foot and hold the handles with your hands. The top of the handles should be at your arm pit and not higher. This will the perfect rope length for you.

How to Do a Jump Rope Workout

So now that you have learned how to use the jump rope properly, here is a sample workout you can do. The workout is designed with alternating high intensity and low intensity intervals which is formally called High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT. HIIT is very effective for fat loss. First, warm-up with a light jog, running in place, or jumping jacks for about 3-5 minutes. Next, jump rope for 30 seconds followed with 30 seconds of a light jog to recover. This is one interval. Repeat the interval sequence for another 6-8 rounds for a full workout. Cool down after you’re done with your workout. You can make this harder by increasing the time that you use the jump rope, decrease your recovery time (the light job part), jump rope at a faster speed or perform more intervals.

Jump rope training is a cheaper, more effective way to get cardiovascular training and lose fat at the same time. This is one more way to get your workout done without the expense of a gym membership or the time that it takes for you to get to the gym. When you add this to your training, you would not have an excuse not to workout anymore because you can conveniently workout anywhere at any time.

Anna Dornier is a fitness blogger and personal trainer who discusses fat loss strategies that have worked for her in the past while also keeping up to date with current fitness trends that deliver results.

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