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Magnificent views, majestic historic streets, steeples that thrust to the sky all describe a day inside one of the most wonderful cities in the world in Prague.

The travel leaders at Lonely Planet add, “Prague’s maze of cobbled lanes and hidden courtyards is a paradise for the aimless wanderer, always beckoning you to explore a little further. Just a few blocks away from the Old Town Square you can stumble across ancient chapels, unexpected gardens, cute cafes and old-fashioned bars with hardly a tourist in sight. One of the great joys of the city is its potential for exploration – neighbourhoods such as Vinohrady and Bubeneč can reward the urban adventurer with countless memorable cameos, from the setting sun glinting off church domes, to the strains of Dvořák wafting from an open window.”

It is so easy to become absorbed with staying inside of the city limits before or after visiting a beautiful Czech Session Girl that sometimes it may be easy to overlook that Prague and her surrounding areas can provide you with an incredible outdoor travel experience.

We should have thought of that already because of our history is watching the DWW Czech girls wrestle outdoors not far from the mighty Danube.

One such historical match outdoors was when Jana N. met Monika N.

Oh the memories.,, DWW photo credit

The two girls are dressed in, well, dresses. A little unusual but apparently a customer must have requested this as a custom match. Who knows? At this late date, like the great Los Angeles homicide detective Lieutenant Columbo, we can only piece together the puzzle based upon the information we have available.

We know from Jana’s profile that she loved to go swimming so that’s why we suspect there is a river nearby.


In this outdoor battle she is the clear favorite and she doesn’t disappoint as she traps Monika in an early headlock and takes her down to the blue tarp laid down on the soft grass.,, DWW photo credit

We love the setting as some of the DWW Girls are quietly standing around in the background observing the wrestling.

Jana keeps Monika locked to the ground for what seems like an eternity as the two beauties struggle around. As Monika uses her legs to try and kick out, Jana adeptly moves her legs in unison to keep Monika ensnared.

Give Monika credit though. It takes about two minutes after the initiation of the hold but she does manage to get on top of the super star Jana.

Can she do anything with it?

Unfortunately no. Why not? Because Jana still has her trapped in that darn headlock and absolutely will not let go. She rolls the feminine Monika over her shoulder and now it is Jana who is back on top.

For a moment it seemed like Monika would make her move and even the normally quiet DWW Fem Competitors in the background become vocal when Monika appeared to make her move.

Jana would soon quiet all of them down again.

She uses different tactics this time and attempts a school girl pin on Monika while she has her trapped underneath.

Monika escapes that too. Good for her. For the moment only however because Jana quickly encases her in a floor to body scissors. Aggressive action is the order of the day as Monika doesn’t give up and the two Euro Princesses roll around on the blue tarp with Jana completely in control, at times using her legs to flip Monika around like a rag doll.

Finally, mercifully, Jana traps the less experienced brunette in an upper body head scissors, squeezes and Monika taps out.

We loved the match and we loved the scenery as well.

Planning on visiting the Czech Republic anytime soon?

There is a beauty who sessions there and we’ve mentioned her before and she is worth mentioning again.

Please meet Jenni Czech.,, Jenni Czech Twitter photo credit

Love the name.

Smiles at her profile, “I am a fulltime model based in the Czech Republic and model internationally. I enjoy traveling and meeting new people and the experience of different cultures. I am a very funny person but when working I am professional – I give 100% I enjoy many types of work, however, I am not available for any projects of a pornographic nature. I am soft model – I do fetish work as well – but I have my limitations.”


Her professionalism has paid off. Here is a nice customer review:

“It was the best scissor session ever. Jenni is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and has deadly scissors. She knows every scissor in the book. She also put me in a perfect camel clutch. She ignored me when I tapped and I thought my back was gonna break but later I realized she knew exactly where the pain zone was because in 2 hours my back didn’t hurt at all. You can scream, she said. If you have the chance, Jenni is the best. Anyway she is very sweet and makes you feel very comfortable.”

Sounds like fun.

Jenni’s email is

Here, typically we would recommend a delightful restaurant to visit in Prague but in the spirit of Jana’s love of the outdoors including going for a nice swim, we found this video of a group of young people enjoying the outdoors and taking us to their unique swimming hole.

While it lasts:

The dynamic local tourist site helps us out in our quest for all things outdoors around Prague. They share, “Prague is crammed with wonderful sites, and serene views with historical eminence. The best way to enjoy Prague holidays is by indulging in some outdoor activities like hiking tour, walking tour or adventure tour which will help you to heighten your travel experience to a stunning city Prague!

The city offers some of the most popular attractions in Czech Republic like Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland National Park, Charles Bridge along with some natural and geographical wonders.”

Sounds refreshing.

“The pieces I’ve written for ‘Outside’ magazine are definitely my best work, and they’re virtually all about the outdoors.”… Jon Krakauer

The global travel experts at Trip Advisor offer another suggestion regarding participating in the Off Road Safari Day Tour. “4×4 guided tours to the Czech countryside. You will discover places with a unique genius loci where nobody goes and yet you can feel the spirit of the ancient inhabitants. Admire magic volcanoes, distant views, coal and silver mines, visit animals farms, taste local food, wine and beer. Visit places you won’t find in guidebooks and learn about the history and present of the most dynamic region of Europe in an adventurous and fun way. All our tours are easy going and physically undemanding, there’s no walking or hiking (unless you want to) and we stop right by the points of interests.”

This Trip Advisor link is below. Great outdoor suggestion.

Another long time travel group has another suggestion at “Many people rent rowboats and paddleboats on the Vltava, which is free from commercial boat traffic. The remarkably romantic (if not sparkling clean) river slowly snakes through the middle of town and gleams beneath the city’s spires.

You’ll find boat rental outlets on Slovanský ostrov (Slavic Island). The docks are at the bottom of the steps on the small island opposite the National Theater. Both rowboats and paddleboats are on offer, and rates run about 80Kc per hour.”

Outstanding idea.

We appreciate re-visiting one of DWW Jana N’s memories and victories.

We’ve been writing about the Czech Republic for years but apparently we’ve only scratched the surface.

As the expression goes, we need to get out more. Outdoors around the Czech Republic that is.,, photo

~ ~ ~

Opening photo Jenni Czech Twitter


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