Gorgeous MMA Trained Curvy Model Miho Fuji, Loves To Box, Wrestle?

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June 5, 2022,

With gorgeous girls, there is often a secret question after observation and admiration.

If she did that, will she do this?

Hopefully so.

Model and actress Miho Fuji is thick and gorgeous. Nicely feminine. With beautiful shapely legs.

She loves boxing. If you travel to her Facebook, you will see that. https://www.facebook.com/MihoFujiiii

Now for the secret question. Just between us.

If she’ll box, will she wrestle?

We would love to see her grappling around using her strong gorgeous legs for scissors.

Just a thought.

Once we came across Miho’s profile, we have been thinking about her a lot. There is a lot to think about and unpack when it comes to this sexy babe.

As shared by imdb.com, “Miho Fuji is an actress and a plus size model. She was born in Japan. She began acting when she was 10 years old. She just liked stand out at the beginning. Mainly she has worked for theater play in Japan. On 2014 she was interested in work outside of Japan, and moved to the US.

She also began her career as a comedian and a plus size model. On 2017, her first written film “Penes Butter” is out, then She is going release a movie written, directed by her “Miss Perry Odd” on 2018. Her Instagram account got 60K followers on 2018. She is trained method Suzuki, Japanese martial arts skill, and musical theatre.”

You see?

As we said, there is a lot to unpack.

She’s also an actress and best of all, she is trained in martial arts, which means seeing her participate in fully competitive wrestling is not a stretch.

Check her out, while they last.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUJC_6yVZKE  – singing

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDzmc5rS7oc  great leg shots


We love to watch and listen to Miho Fuji.

Over and over. Again and again.

She keeps talking about her thick behind and thighs that people keep bringing up to her.

We keep thinking about it too, but we don’t dare talk about it.

We won’t bring it up to her.

Miho makes it clear to us that it is not important to her (really?).

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She spends a lot of time making that clear.

In all fairness, when watching her gorgeous body, it is important to us as fans. It’s hard to keep our eyes off of her.

Her thick behind and thighs. They are sensational.

The world today sure needs escapism.

Our beautiful Miho Fuji is an actress and a plus size model, we hope, who is in the early stages of a great career.

She began acting when she was 10 years old. She just loved standing out when she was young.

With that gorgeous thick body, she still stands out.

Oops, sorry about the thick part. By the way. If you bump into her, please don’t say anything about that. Just tell her you loved her acting and modeling.

Miho’s favorite actor is Tom Hanks. She loves his talent and creative style. In fact, she is attracted to guys with a sense of humor.

She displayed that acting talent primarily in Japan when she was involved in theater play. Her training was honed in Suzuki.

The Suzuki method of acting, developed by Tadashi Suzuki, is one of the most commonly taught acting methods in the United States. It has been taught at schools such as Julliard and Columbia and has been gaining popularity with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

The Suzuki method works to build an actor’s awareness of her body (thick or thin, curvy or slender), especially her center.

Her temple (can we take a picture?). Love temples.

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The method uses exercises that are inspired by Greek theater and martial arts and require great amounts of energy and concentration. They result in the actor becoming more aware of her natural expressiveness and allows her to commit more fully to the physical and emotional requirements of acting.

Wanting to spread her wings, in 2014 she was interested in performing outside of Japan, and moved to the United States.

Yummy, yummy. Good for us (though we won’t say why).

When researching her we were surprised and delighted to find out that she is also a comedian.

Hope she has a sense of humor. As the expression goes, comedy is no laughing matter.

And you know what? She actually is very funny.

Her resume states that she is trained in Rakugo, which is Japanese comedy. And here we thought comedy was comedy. You’re either funny or you’re not.

What is Rakugo comedy?

Rakugo is a form of Japanese verbal entertainment.

The lone storyteller sits on stage, called kōza, usually uses only a paper fan and a small cloth as props, and without standing up from the sitting position, the Rakugo artist depicts a long and complicated comical (or sometimes sentimental) story.

The story always involves the dialogue of two or more characters. The difference between the characters is depicted only through change in pitch, tone, and a slight turn of the head.

Very creative. Miho displays more creativity.

In 2017, her first written film “Penes Butter” is out, then she plans to release a movie written and directed by her “Miss Perry Odd”.

Our star’s popularity is growing. Her Instagram account achieved 60K followers in 2018 which is also very impressive.

A recent check shows that she is up to 68,000. Good for her.

This impressed us as well. She is also a trained Naginata Warrior.

The naginata is a pole weapon and one of several varieties of traditionally made Japanese blades (nihonto).

fciwomenswrestling2.com fciwomenswrestling.com femcompetititor.com grapplingstars.com, SLIMHANNYA-Own-work-wikipedia.

Naginata were originally used by the samurai class of feudal Japan, as well as by ashigaru (foot soldiers) and sōhei (warrior monks).

Since the naginata with its pole is heavier and much slower than the Japanese sword, the blade of the ko-naginata was smaller than the male warrior’s ō-naginata in order to compensate for the lesser height and upper body strength of a woman than an armored male samurai.

Historically, the naginata was often used by foot soldiers to create space on the battlefield. They have several situational advantages over a sword. Their reach is longer, allowing the wielder to keep out of reach of his opponent.


The weight of the weapon gave power to strikes and cuts, even though the weight of the weapon is usually thought of as a disadvantage. The weight at the end of the shaft, and the shaft itself can be used offensively and defensively.

The naginata is the iconic weapon of the onna-bugeisha-archetype, a type of female warrior belonging to the Japanese nobility.

We knew there was something very elegant, dignified and noble about Miho. Now, we know why.

This sexy girl can fight.

We’re certain she can wrestle too.

With those strong thighs, she would have a very powerful scissors. Miho seems to be very open minded and a risk taker. Hope springs eternal.

Though she may not know it, she is a nice teacher as well.

She shares in her videos that in Japan, thin girls are far more desirable, so when she was there, hardly any guys paid attention to her.

We’ve been to Japan twice and can verify their pre-occupation with thin women.

Once she moved to the United States, she could see that guys really loved curvy women and she garnered very positive attention. Even Japanese American males, not bound by the traditions of Japan, according to her, seem to like curvy girls too.

Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. And the culture.

The most beautiful aspect to Miho is who she is internally. Would we know that without her sensuous physical beauty?

In all fairness, probably not.

It takes a whole package.

One of the lessons that we’ve learned from Miho’s story is that, if things are not working out for you where you are at and you are under appreciated, you should leave. Why stay if you are miserable or not valued.

There is a whole big world out there and tastes vary, depending upon what society you visit and circle you share.

Take some risks.

Like Miho, sometimes that may involve moving to another country.

Miho should keep talking. About anything and everything. Including how thick she is.

That’s a good thing.

We can’t hear enough discussions or see enough pictures that involve gorgeous curvy, thick girls like Miho.

Especially if they might wrestle.

~ ~ ~

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