Lucky O’Shea Is Magical!

True life experiences are more powerful than the most colorful and creative manufactured ones.

At Female Competition International, FCI, previously we covered the events of a local San Francisco Bay Area women’s submission wrestling group and when we heard that a well-known and sturdy competitor named Bryn Blayne was going to wrestle a lady pro in a private setting, it caught our attention.

FCI has always been of the mindset that the lady pros, the female freestyle wrestlers and the fully competitive women submission wrestlers should merge and unite (please see FCI Women’s wrestling original Mission statement, January 20, 2013).

That was a concept to our knowledge that has never been presented before in an organized structure. Anytime a lady pro is willing to take the risks and cross over into the submission wrestling world where the matches are fully competitive and not scripted, win or lose we respect their courage.



That would be Bryn’s opponent and as we began to research her, this writer can’t say enough about how impressed we were. There was an expression that kept bubbling forth in our circle.

Someone like this only comes along once every ten years.

[pullquoteright] Every man and woman is born into the world to do something unique and something distinctive and if he or she does not do it, it will never be done.

…………..Benjamin E. Mays

For this writer in the lady pro world I felt that way about New York sensation Misty Blue (please see FCI article Misty Blue Comes Home, July 21, 2013). In the submission wrestling adventures I felt that way about Keri Spectrum (Ariana) when she was mildly post teenage, completely fresh faced and gorgeous, wrestling for the first time with a South Florida group taking on Julie Ginther in their baby days. In the collegiate freestyle world Caitlyn Chase starred at Missouri Baptist University, was beautiful and the competitive real deal.

What is it about Lucky O’Shea that sets her apart from almost any female pro wrestler?

Is it her beautiful soft porcelain skin? Is it her almost childlike facial features? Could it be her brilliant flowing red mane? Yes I know the word mane is associated with wild horses but if there was ever a prize pony you wanted to back, it’s Lucky O’Shea.

In terms of her background, at times Ms. O’Shea is part of the Inland Empire female warrior clan led by Ms. Jezebel Romo that sometimes features the popular wrestler Nicole Oring.

Our research indicates Jezebel has a wrestling ring on her property where countless famous women’s wrestling matches have been held. If you’ve ever watched video of famous competitors wrestling outdoors in a shaded ring, it’s most likely Jezebel’s.

On May 9, 2014, according to Ms. Romo’s site, it was reported, “We are extremely proud to announce that Lucky O’Shea signed on to be our very first contract girl. That sexy Irish girl that everyone loves, has been with us since the beginning, but is now exclusively doing Mixed Wrestling for Lucha Girls Wrestling!”

In an interview with the widely respected women’s wrestling group Ms. O’Shea states, “I have been blessed. I have trained with so many wonderful trainers. I started with Ric Drasin’s school in Van Nuys, California, then went to the Santino Bros. school in Los Angeles CA, then became a steady student at EWF Jesse Hernandez school of Hard Knocks in San Bernardino, where I was trained by Jesse Hernandez and TJ Perkins. In 2008 I made my way to FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling), the WWE developmental school in Tampa. There, I trained with Norman Smiley and Steve Kiern. After FCW I trained with I Believe Pro Wrestling in Orlando, with Chaysen Rance. I moved back to California in late 2010 and began training at Mach1 Pro Wrestling in Anaheim with Joey Ryan. Along with every school, I have had private training with TJ Perkins.”

In terms of her training she continues, “I’m a huge believer in loving your body and treat it as your temple. I always go to the gym, even if it’s just for light yoga or light cardio. I don’t over work myself…I listen to my body, so heavy weights are not my thing. My training always changes, but I guess an average day is morning yoga and afternoon pilates or cardio of some kind. Wrestling training never ends when I leave the ring; I constantly watch videos to brush up on new moves, etc.

Although Lucky has an interest in cheerleading, baseball, soccer and hockey her love of and participation in wrestling began when she was the tender age of 15.

Lucha Girls is located in the city of Bell Gardens.

Wikipedia informs, the city of Bell Gardens has a Native American history dating back thousands of years. In the late 18th century, when the area was associated with a large amount of land situated along the lower basin of the Rio Hondo area in Los Angeles County, Bell Gardens was once a bustling agricultural center for Californios during the Spanish Empire, 1509–1823, the Mexican government, 1823–1848, and the United States, after the Mexican-American war concluded in 1848.

Because of the rich soil and abundant land, many Japanese immigrants are part of Bell Gardens’ early history. Japanese Gardeners leased land and farmed to produce quality vegetables for the marketplace. Rice fields also mushroomed within the city limits of Bell Gardens. With some of the richest agricultural land in the country, Bell Gardens remained a farming community until the 1930s.


Bell Gardens is a relatively young city. Since its incorporation in 1961, Bell Gardens has grown from a population of approximately 4,000 to nearly 45,000. The median age is 23.8. There are six elementary schools, two intermediate schools, one high school and two adult schools.

What Lucky O’Shea also represents is the strength of the Lady Pros which tend to have a strong fan following and a ring charisma that is seldom matched elsewhere. This is why FCI continues to promote the movement that the Lady Pros, freestyle competitors and submission wrestlers in some form need to merge and cooperate with each other and participate in fully competitive dignified events that can be sponsored by corporations.

We have certainly enjoyed following Lucky.

Many female wrestlers are young and beautiful. Multitudes possess charisma and talent. Numerous others exude power and athleticism but few like the velvet red haired Inland Empire Princess possesses them all.

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