Italy Session Girls Pamela Strong, Maria Stuart, A Roman Holiday

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Rome was built over thousands of years and given what is available there today, we’re extremely glad. The attention to detail is very apparent.

Rome is a true modern treasure.

There is so much to see and so much to do. Roman style. In style. With style.

Ancient Rome and modern Rome have one very important thing in common?

What is that? Please take a guess.

Beautiful raven haired women, of course.

We say that because the globe knows that Milan is the fashion capital of the world and announces so many gorgeous models who strut their magic on the catwalk.

Rome has her assets as well.,, Mariordo (Mario Roberto Durán Ortiz) Own work photo

The global adventurers at Lonely Planet share, “Few cities can rival Rome’s astonishing artistic heritage. Throughout history, the city has starred in the great upheavals of Western art, drawing top artists and inspiring them to push the boundaries of creative achievement. The result is a city awash with priceless treasures.

Eating out is one of Rome’s great pleasures and the combination of romantic alfresco settings and superlative food is a guarantee of good times. For contemporary fine dining and five-star wine there are any number of refined restaurants, but for a truly Roman meal head to a boisterous pizzeria or convivial neighborhood trattoria.”

Sounds so enticing.

Treasures that abound are also found in our competitive female wrestling and Session Girl industry and Rome has two girls that will make many a man lean like the Tower of Pisa to get a closer look.

Please look freely. There are gorgeous Session Girls there too.

Pamela Strong is one of them.,, photo via

She specializes in competitive, semi-competitive and fantasy submission wrestling. Pamela does more than just mixed wrestling as she wrestles women as well.

We always love that.,, photo via

Variety is indeed the spice of life.

She smiles, “I work out almost every day in gym since long time and I have a very feminine look.”

Very nice balance. She’s strong with sensuous feminine muscle. We love it. So does her customers. Here is a nice review:

“I had some sessions with Pamela and I can tell you she is an incredibly beautiful woman with an athletic and strong body and the same time full of femininity. Her legs are steel weapons and her wrestling skills are absolutely over the average. If you love beautiful female wrestlers, Pamela is the top notch choice. I can’t wait to meet her for the next session.”

Sounds good. Her email is:

We loved meeting her and based upon that, we would like to introduce another beauty to you.

Her name is Maria Stuart.,, photo via

This statuesque babe is incredible. She’s one of the tallest Italian Dominas who is very strong, with a breathtaking scissor-hold. She loves submitting men with strength.

Would be fun. A true Roman holiday.

You can email Maria at:

Well those are two wonderful choices if you choose to do as the Romans do, and go where the Romans are.

While you are there, a visit to Rome is not complete without some true Italian pizza.

So which pizzeria would you choose when there seems to be one tasty one on every other corner?  A good indicator is the crowd. The larger the better and most likely the pizza is well worth the wait.

“Rome is possibly my favorite city in the world. I have such fond memories there – most of them food related.”… Mallory Jansen

A popular eatery with a loyal following and tons of press is Pizzarium.

The restaurant seems to have been covered by virtually every media outlet and is jammed packed from open to close.,, Pizzarium photo credit

One media team that seems to be obsessed with them is who smiles, “More than a dozen varieties of pizza fill the counter at this small, famous takeaway. The pizzas are made from dough mixed from heirloom wheats and subjected to a long, cold fermentation, a process that creates a chewy, light, and flavorful base. Master baker Bonci and his team top their pizzas with cheese, cured meats, and vegetables (and occasionally fruits) from nearby farms.”

Thankyou team reviewers.

It is absolutely popular with the tourists, which speaks to the mouth-watering taste of the pizza.

Pizzarium is known for combining rigorous bread making coupled with a long fermentation process which means more time for a rich flavor.

The natives and tourists alike love this Roman eatery. Here are some reviews from the fantastic Foodies at Trip Advisor:

“I went a little crazy trying all the pizzas I could eat and ended up with about 40 euros in pizza all by myself. Obviously that was a little extra, but that’s how good and eye-appealing this place is.

We walked miles to this place and it was well worth it. We went around lunch time and it was busy but you are served fairly quickly.

Delicious and flavorful! I especially liked the potato pizza and the pizza with sausage and onions. Both were delicious. We walked over from the Vatican (approx. 20-25 mins). A great reward after a long day of walking and standing.”

Sounds wonderful. Here is another.

“Located conveniently near a metro station, Bonci has the best pizza in Roma. Their creative toppings lie on top a very fluffy crust with a delicately, think crunchy bottom. Don’t confused this with the one at the train station which is not as good.”

Okay, we will keep that in mind. How about one more.,, Pizzarium photo credit

“Yummy pizza Roman style! It’s pizza by the slice and you pay by weight so specify how big you’d like your slice to be. The beauty of this is that you can try as many as you like (providing you only get small slices)”

Good to know.

“Anywhere I go, there is always an incredible crowd that follows me. In Rome, as I land at the airport, even the men kiss me.”… I love Rome. Muhammad Ali

One of the wonderful aspects to having a Session Day is just that.

You should make a day of it.

Our beautiful Session Girls are located around the world so if you made the decision to travel that far, you might as well take in the scenery and above all, have a delightful meal surrounded by interesting people making the memories of their life.

Complete with a deep rich history and blessed with a dynamic, delicious and memory making present, to say that Rome was not built in a day is a vast understatement.

~ ~ ~

Opening photo via


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