Ireland’s Siren Max, Sound The Alarm, Sexy Wrestler Session Girl

Main Article / November 18, 2018

The past and the future are always connected.

Hopefully in a good way, though we know, not always so.

Here there is great news. The past and the present are connected in a sensuous way and that’s a good thing, especially if you love to wrestle women or like to watch women competitively wrestle one another.

During the 1990s there were so many gorgeous girl next door types who wrestled at TPC Wrestling. Their matches were legendary, often in front of a live United Kingdom audience.

TERRI VIXEN VS LENA,, Terri Vixen vs Lena photo credit

Here are a few photos from the past. It is a wonderful walk down memory lane.


And another.


Which brings us to the present and possibly your future.

Over the years Ireland has brought us many beautiful girls who love to grapple and it is an added bonus when she is a Session Girl who provides sexy and dignified mixed wrestling sessions with the guys.

That is where your future memories can be made.

One gorgeous girl who caught our eye is Siren Max. Sound the alarms, this girl is super-hot.,, photo via

At her profile she flexes and smiles, “I am Siren Max and it’s my divine purpose to lure you seductively to your demise. I may be small but don’t just assume I’m easy prey, what I lack in height I make up for with scissor strength! I offer semi competitive and fantasy matches. I am a feisty little powerhouse and literally LOVE what I do. Meet me on the mats and I guarantee you a memorable session!”

See what we mean. In the past the UK women’s wrestling scene was fantastic. And you know what? The present is amazing and your future is to salivate for. We want to know more about this sexy Session Girl.,, photo via

At the great industry site Session Girls, she adds another perspective. “I am Siren Max and it’s my divine purpose to lure you seductively to your demise. I may be small but don’t just assume I’m easy prey, what I lack in height I make up for with scissor strength! I’m a feisty little powerhouse and literally LOVE what I do. I’ve a natural ability to make you feel relaxed and comfortable… Until we hit the mats, then the tables start to turn! Like a true Siren at sea, you won’t see it coming. Come for a rumble and I guarantee you a memorable session.”

Guess what?

This package of dynamite also wrestles at the Irish Max Academy who has partnered with The Submission Room for some great live tournaments. Just like the great old days at TPC in the UK.

Okay, here is one possible future for you. Her email is

Well now, so she can session out of England or Ireland. We think, how often do you get a chance to go to the wonderful and historic city of Dublin, Ireland? Talk about a wonderful past and present being connected.

Maybe you should now. Shouldn’t it be in your future?

We have a visiting writer with some great ideas on where you can visit before or after your session with Siren Max.

6 Unusual Things To Do In Dublin, Ireland,, Skitterphoto photo credit

By James Cahill 

Visit St. Michan’s Church: Rebuilt in 1686 but originally dating from the 11th century, St. Michan’s church hides an unusual secret – it’s vaults contain preserved bodies (guaranteed to keep the children awake at night!). Within the church are magnificent carvings and an organ which is said to have been played by Handel. From the 1st November to 16th March open Monday to Friday 12:30pm to3:30pm. From the 17th March to 31st October open Monday to Friday 10:00am to 12:45pm and 2:00pm to 4:30pm. Open Saturday all year from 10:00am to 12:45pm. There is a charge for the guided tour of the vaults.

Go Horse Racing in Leopardstown: just a 15 minute taxi ride from the centre of the city Leopardstown racecourse has year round racing and is a great day or evening out. The evening racing during the Summer ia a particularly suitable family excursion.

Visit the Francis Bacon Studio at the Hugh Lane Gallery: Francis Bacon’s heir, John Edwards, donated the contents of the figurative painter’s London studio to the Hugh Lane Gallery in 1998. His studio, at 7 Reece Mews, South Kensington, was mapped and removed piece by piece and meticulously reconstructed in the Hugh Lane Gallery. The reconstructed studio features the original door, walls, floors, ceiling and shelves. There are over 7,000 items, including 570 books, 1,500 photographs, 100 slashed canvases, 2,000 artist’s materials and 70 drawings. Bacon had said of his studio: “I feel at home here in this chaos, because chaos suggests images to me”.

Climb the sugar loaf – OK this is not quite Dublin as it is technically North Wicklow but if you fancy a bracing walk with magnificent views. The sugar loaf is about 30 minutes from the centre of Dublin.

Have an old-fashioned hot towel shave: White-coated barbers at the Waldorf barber shop on Westmoreland Street in Dublin 2 have been trimming and beautifying men at the premises since 1929. The barber shop also boasts one of the few female barbers in Dublin – Linda Finnegan.

Have a drink in the “highest pub in Ireland”: Johnny Fox’s in the Dublin mountains claims to be “undoubtedly” the highest pub in the country. There are a number of other pubs around Ireland with the same claim – the Ponderosa pub on the Glenshane Pass in Derry (where you can join the mysterious 1,000 feet high club) and Creedon’s pub on the top of Coom in KIlgarvan, Co. Kerry. Johnny Fox’s serves great food and great Craic year round.

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Magnificent views from the Sugar Loaf.

~ ~ ~

OPENING PHOTO – Picography photo credit,-Ireland&id=967939 

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