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June 5, 2022,

You’re not often the favorite.

Especially when you fight among a stable that includes DWW legends Antscha, Viktoria and Orsi B.

So, when you put in a good performance and lose, people still sincerely congratulate you and pat your back.

We sense Zara has experienced that.

She isn’t exactly brand new to the game since she has wrestled in Hungary with Antscha’s group and Female Wrestling Zone where the wrestling is fully competitive, but not in front of a live audience.

The latter ups the stakes.

Live events always brings out the best in the Fem Competitors because they are often fighting strangers in front of a group of fans.

Often International.

What they do here will later resonate around the fully competitive female submission wrestling industry.

Here Zara is about to meet Italy’s Xena Wild.

Xena has wrestled with Female Combat Stars and in Antscha’s studios but she doesn’t appear to have a ton of experience.

This studio is Zara’s home court. If she loses here, there won’t be any “good try” pats on the back.

From our view, the pressure is all on Zara to win and virtually none on Xena.

That’s good.

It makes for an intriguing matchup and we feel we are going to get Zara’s best.

It’s show time.

International fight supreme.

HUNGARY’S ZARA VS ITALY’S XENA WILD, Screenshot Antscha Productions photo credit

Aisa will serve as the ref today.

She introduces both girls and very fitting, Xena is smiling and Zara is stoic. Poker faced.

As we view their beautiful forms, Zara is sensuous and stealth, Xena is blessed with gorgeous feminine muscle she has earned in the gym.

As they come to their knees Xena strikes first trying to get upper body control but Zara’s technical skills are superior and in the headlock battle, she easily wins and takes Xena down to the mats.

They struggle.

Soon Zara mounts her, flattens the muscular girl out and tries for a smother. Xena fights her off but accidentally rolls right into a floor body scissors as she is on her knees. Zara squeezes hard and Xena painfully taps out.

1-0 for Zara (1:25).

Time for round two.

One concern we have is that Xena is ready to engage, innocently so, she has her hands balled up in a semi-fist and when she lunges towards Zara, who immediately moves her head out of the way, she almost punches her.

As Zara is moving backwards, Xena gains control and is quickly on top of Zara. She immediately moves and secures a strong smothering position. Very strong. Zara is kicking her beautiful athletic legs to escape but to no avail.

Will Xena get the submission and even this up?

No, not yet.

Those strong legs do kick Xena off but Xena maintains control and now moves Zara into a floor to sitting body scissors as she captures her arm and squeezes hard. Zara is clearly under duress but doesn’t give.

Okay, fine.

Xena erotically rolls Zara over and, on top of her in another potential struggle, as Zara’s gorgeous thick legs may yield her only mistake.

Xena now does something that could ruin the intensity of the fight with giggling and trying to talk to Zara.

If Antscha was the referee, she would quickly and authoritatively admonish, “No talking girls”.

Aisa is a lot easier on the girls.

Fortunately Zara doesn’t participate and remains stoic.

The two struggle more and now have arrived at mutual leg locks. Who will apply and crank the most pressure here?

The both break the hold, struggle more and eventually Zara uses her superior skills to secure a side headlock and most important she has the upper position. She squeezes hard.

Xena taps out.

2-0 for Zara.

Things are going as we expected (4:05).

As they are ready to engage again, Xena quickly gains the upper hand and traps Zara in a side headlock. Fortunately for the Hungarian princess, it is on the side and not from above. Still, she is in a world of hurt. Xena is using those muscular arms to squeeze hard and Zara is under such duress, a large vein in her forehead is bulging.

Zara’s saving grace is that she almost has Xena encased in a body scissor but the positioning is a little low.

Zara finally breaks the headlock.

The two struggle some more and now Zara is on top and we sense will make the most of this opportunity. She has Xena bent backwards and like a cat she leaps forward and pushes her further back and now is fully on top, securing a smother.

Well done.

Xena taps again. 3-0 for the pre-match favorite (5:54).

How this goes from here is mostly up to Xena.

She continues to giggle during the match, which is fine, but it loses match intensity. Zara is smiling but not remotely giggling. She is focused and determined to win.

To secure and close on home court advantage.

We purchased but at this point do not know what is going to happen. If Xena continues to giggle, then Zara is going to run away with this.

We can certainly tell the difference when Antscha is refereeing and Aisa.

Aisa allows them to take a break. Anstcha would have said “Keep going girls”.

We sense we can tell the difference between Antscha and Aisa’s voice.

We weren’t sure before but almost certain now. Antscha is sitting on the opposite side of the room and says “go”.


Apparently they are taking too long. Antscha adds authoritatively, “Come on girls”.

It is Xena’s turn to take command again and she goes for her specialty, the headlock.

This is a fierce one as she encases Zara’s head from behind and squeezes.

Zara is in trouble for a minute but uses her right arm to break Xena’s hold and the two girls fall apart. Aisa applauds their effort as the very tough hold is broken. The audience is applauding as well. As the girls use this as an opportunity to take an unauthorized break, there is one person in the room who is not applauding.


She had enough and urges, “Come on girls, continue, continue”.

This is why we love to purchase Antscha’s fully competitive videos. Under virtually any other producer who would describe a situation like this as competitive and it essentially turns into a semi-competitive sparring session, Antscha is the real deal.

Get back to work.

We appreciate that Antscha.

Now don’t get us wrong. Antscha has a lot of fetish and semi-competitive videos in her store but she is very upfront and lets you know that. On those videos the girls can giggle and yap as much as they want.

We just don’t pay for them. Others do and that’s cool.

Here, at a live event, we want fully competitive.

For the history books.

We can’t take semi-competitive matches and girlie giggles seriously.

Because of Antscha, as long as we are posting electronic magazines, a match like this will make history.

Back to the fight.

Zara has now taken control and is trying to secure a strong body scissors on Xena. The Italian beauty begins to giggle again and playfully bites at Zara’s ankle and then tries to tickle her.

Oh, well. We’ve already done our rant about giggle goo behavior but we will add one more.

Not that this is happening here, but sometimes when Fem Competitors are doing the playful stuff, they are trying to save their pride. They are losing in a fair fight and they may be a little embarrassed so now they want to turn it into something friendly.

Back to the match.

They struggle for some time and engage in mutually foot and ankle joint locks. The fight now is beginning to get a little street like and disheveled.

Finally Xena does secure a strong arm bar and Zara in pain taps out.

3-1, Zara ahead.

Xena now begins to laugh and talk to the audience who are talking back. She is happy she got the one submission, continues to giggle until Antscha breaks in and admonishes “Go”.

This time Zara doesn’t waste any time. Once they engage again, she leaps towards forward and immediately traps Xena in a headlock and takes her down. Game over.

Xena taps and Zara leads 4-1.

This is Zara’s home court and she is expected to win. We can feel it.

The girls take a break again as Xena fixes her hair and Antscha interrupts and says “Go”.

Zara is now in complete control. She allows Xena to come forward and fall into her legs. She then moves Xena backwards and quickly traps her in a smother.

Xena quickly taps and it is 5-1 for Zara (10:27).

Next round. Two minutes to go in the match.

As the two begin the next round, Xena leaps, captures Zara in a headlock and takes her down. Temporarily Zara is under duress but as before, she will and does escape.

She now has Xena in the bottom position and falls on top of her with a headlock.

The headlock is important. More important, to secure a submission, Zara is applying it from the top position with her body weight on Xena.

Xena has no choice but to tap. 6-1 for Zara.

Afterwards Xena lays there, arms out wide in the tired position. She finally sits up and asks for water. Antscha’s response?

The DWW Alum is having none of it. She simply replies, “One minute. Let’s go”.

Xena is ready.

Zara quickly leaps towards her for a headlock and misses. Xena now has her trapped in a body scissors and headlock combination. One of these Zara might escape, but not both.

Xena squeezes and Zara taps out.

Final score, 6-2 for Zara.

It feels good to be right. Like some arm chair quarterbacks, our predictions at times can go terribly wrong.

This one didn’t.

Based upon our research this was Zara’s match to win and because she was in front of her home crowd at a live event, we knew she would deliver.

~ ~ ~

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