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May 27, 2022,

This is good. She is beautiful and she wrestles.

This is better. She is beautiful and she is a very good wrestler.

This is best. She is beautiful and she is an elite wrestler.

When we first saw the Italian Goddess Venere wrestling in the All Knowing, All Seeing and All Wise philosopher, DWW Alum, HWW Consultant, Femwrestle Combatant and Competitive Female Wrestling Producer Extraordinaire, Antscha’s store (Marcus Aurelius Antoninus would be proud), there was an easy conclusion to come to.

This babe is beautiful.

Then the questions started.

Can she wrestle or is she just a fantasy chick?

Is she a good wrestler?

Time for some research.

Venere has wrestled competitively at the premiere Italian female grappling club in Italy, Italian Female Wrestling (IFW).

We love their product and have subscribed.  (IFW)

She has also starred at  (FCS) Their team does fully competitive wrestling as well.

So, based upon that, we came to a definitive conclusion. This beautiful girl can wrestle. No doubt.

Having said that, it is one thing to grapple in a club environment like IFW and FCS, it is quite another thing to wrestle in one of the elite environments, in front of a live audience, at Antscha’s events, of which we have purchased over 50 videos.

We absolutely love Antscha’s competitive product.

We love stranger fights where a beauty is out of her comfort zone.

So we purchased three of Venere’s videos at Antscha’s store.

Perhaps we would review Venere vs Cassy but once we started, they were groaning so loudly and rolling around, it was sexy for a semi-competitive match but in terms of evaluating it as a fully competitive match, it wasn’t what we expected (even Aisa, serving as a ref, looked bored while she held her clip board). The saving grace of the video is that both girls are gorgeous (Cassy has a beautiful curvy booty) and give it their all, only there is a little too much chatter for our taste.

Okay, we have to go on to something tougher.

She and Bianca know one another too well and it would feel like a company fight.

Next up is Hungary’s muscle star Iron. Perfect. When Iron is in a match labeled fully competitive, we believe it.

Now we will find out how good Venere really is. Before the match begins, if we are honest, we are expecting a blowout in Iron’s favor.

Hopefully the stunning raven haired Italian beauty will prove us wrong.

Get your popcorn and a glass of wine. It’s match time.

ITALY’S VENERE VS HUNGARY’S IRON Screenshot Antscha Productions photo credit

Venere has quite the personality.

She really knows how to put on a show.

In the pre-match introduction she flexes and exudes an air of great confidence.

Did we already say that she is completely gorgeous?  

Once the match begins, curiously Iron plays it passive and waits for Venere to move towards her. When Venere does, her plan is revealed as she immediately traps Venere in a headlock. With those powerful muscles, we would expect Iron to close this out quickly with a headlock submission.

She doesn’t.

Surprisingly Venere breaks the hold.

She then encases Iron in a floor to sitting body scissors. Not too complete but Iron is struggling. The Hungarian star tries to apply pressure to Venere’s throat as the brunette grasps her arm.

So far, so good. We are pleasantly surprised.

Iron can’t seem to escape Venere’s scissors. Venere tightly grabs her arm and mildly taunts, “Where do you want to go? Come here.”

Her confidence appears to be growing.

Venere is now fighting from the top position as Iron tries to fend her off.

This is startling.

Venere now begins to elongate Iron and is passionately attempting a smother.

One of the aspects to this fight is that the eroticism level is starting to increase.


This is something that some producers don’t understand when they try and pass off semi-competitive dribble for fully competitive. When the favorite is being surprised and dominated in real action and she is clearly out to sea, lying underneath her opponent, as Iron is here, with her beautiful legs struggling to escape, but can’t, that is extremely erotic.

Part of the eroticism is the element of possible embarrassment.

Here, Aisa still has the clip board in hand, but trust us, she is observing this match very intensely.

Haven’t you witnessed the old school yard fight where the tough girl did all of the talking in class, bullied and challenged the supposedly weaker girl to a fight and once school was over and they were about to fight on the grass (hopefully wearing dresses), to everyone’s surprise, the weaker girl really took it to her and thoroughly whipped her butt, complete with the bully underneath, kicking to escape with gorgeous thick thighs (enough of this, we’re started to get too excited) but becomes very submissive as she is getting dominated in front of a live audience, almost begging the previously bullied girl to stop.

Then, completely humiliated and disheveled, she finally submits and wipes away tears as she is consoled by her (good girls who like the bad boys) girlfriends.

You know what? It feels a little like that here.

It’s still early though.

Iron will eventually break the hold, is in the top position but can’t seem to get a handle on the squirming Venere.

To our complete surprise, we are at the four minute mark with no submissions yet.

We can tell by the look on Iron’s face that she is in a fight. The good news is there is also an audience watching which ups the stakes.

Iron is fighting from the top but Venere kicks her away while she holds on to the muscular girl’s arm. The Italian star looks absolutely gorgeous in a spaghetti strapped magenta one piece that is highlighting her beautiful bottom in struggle.

Now both girls are apart on their knees eyeing one another.

Venere pushes Iron.

Pushes her again.

And again. Hard. Then screams, “Come on”!

Aisa the ref unblinkingly stares in silence.

The two girls start mutually pushing one another.

Not sure if Iron’s defensive approach is going to work here. Venere pushes and lands on top encasing Iron’s head in a headlock that can be cranked. Iron’s head disappears underneath Venere’s torso and the Hungarian girl begins to helplessly kick her stealth legs to escape and finally does.

Venere is still on top, and in our opinion, makes a mistake of letting go of that headlock to sit on Iron’s stomach while she contemplates her next move.

Iron forcefully bumps Venere off with a thud but Venere is determined to grasp Iron’s arm and keep her under duress.

Now the rough housing starts as the intensity level is increasing and they clearly aren’t playing around. There are loud thuds everywhere.

Venere is going all out, throwing the kitchen sink at Iron. The two are intertwined in painful holds. Iron is attempting a leg lock and Venere has now pushed her forearm on Iron’s throat.

Concerned, Aisa comes in for a closer look to make sure Iron is not going to get hurt.

No need.

Iron has had enough and taps out.


Bravo. Now this is why we watch and love fully competitive female submission wrestling. This is why we are crazy about Antscha’s store. This is why you play the games and don’t arm chair quarterback. We are stunned. We have seen Iron wrestle before and she is indeed a tough customer.

Now? She is clearly in tough.

1-0 for Venere.

This raises a big question that we don’t know the answer to yet, since we have purchased but have not seen the ending.

As the underdog, Venere made the right decision to bull rush Iron and keep her off balance. What is the question?

Does Venere still have enough gas in the tank? She has absolutely expended a ton of energy and while Iron’s defensive style may be questioned, it does save her energy.

If Venere has not tired herself out at the seven minute mark, she has a chance of winning but, based upon our research, Iron is still the favorite (7:00).

Time for round two as we are on the edge of our seats.

Iron slowly fixes her hair. This most likely is not what she expected but she has to know, even with the difference in their body styles, Venere, gorgeous but girlie and her body blessed with strong feminine muscle that she has earned in the gym, this match is still hers to win.

Venere starts by pushing Iron again but Iron cuts the crap and just goes in for the kill. She fiercely traps Venere in a crushing head lock, takes her down to the floor and presses the beautiful brunette with her body weight and it is game over.

Venere painfully taps (7:53).

At 1-1, now the heart of the match is about to begin. After all of that intense fighting, past the halfway point, in sports, here, it is about the heart.

Next round.

Now Venere’s passion is turning into recklessness. She pushes at Iron again and taunts her that she will not win.

Iron waits patiently and quickly traps Venere in an under hook fierce headlock where Venere’s head is lost underneath Iron’s arm. She squeezes and Venere painfully taps.

Iron now leads 2-1.

This is more like what our research indicated should happen.

At this point, Venere needs to limit the theatrics and refocus on what got her here.

If she has the energy.

The Italian beauty lies there on the mat. She is rubbing her neck. Aisa asks if she is okay. She still lies there and finally gets up.

She looks at Iron and beckons, perhaps foolishly, to come on.

Iron is quiet but increasingly confident.

She starts ferociously pushing at Iron who swats her away.

Venere traps Iron in a floor to sitting body scissors but Iron counters by digging her elbows, very hard, into Venere’s thighs. The Italian babe is howling in pain.

Both holds are broken.

Venere keeps trying to secure Iron’s arm but has now become predictable and Iron lunges forward and traps Venere in a headlock. Most important, she is on top and can use her weight to supplement the pressure of the headlock.

Venere is in trouble.

She tries to swing her sensuous legs over and trap Iron in a scissor headlock but Iron easily moves away to avoid that and maintains her hold.

She keeps the headlock pressure on as Venere keeps trying to kick out (sexy thighs) and finally does.

The audience applauds wildly and wants more but there is no more.

The match is over. Iron wins 2-1.

Afterwards Venere rubs her neck in pain. Give here credit. She didn’t give an inch.

So, to get back to our earlier question.

Can this beautiful girl named Venere be beautiful and a good wrestler?


All of that wrestling at IFW and FCS has paid off. Company fights, though they sometimes may be, volume gives you experience as Venere showed here, breaking out of some tough holds.

This match is a modern classic.

~ ~ ~

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NOTE: Iron is a Session Girl in Hungary. Her email is Nagy Gabor photo credit Iron press photo Editorial use

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