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September 18, 2021,

A reputation once earned, good, bad or in between is hard to shake.

It is the beliefs or opinions, that are generally held about someone or something, and depending upon a person’s occupation or family, it could mean everything. That is why people are so willing to take legal action if they feel it is tarnished.

People hate the term legal action, but trust us, it is better than the old way that people used to settle disputes if they felt their reputation was tarnished and that was with a gun on dusty streets.

History seemed to mostly associate that with male gun fighters but if you listen to Hollywood, and we do from time to time, the women developed a reputation with a gun as well.

Beautiful women and a gun. Very sexy? Yes? No?

Definitely yes if one of the gun fighters is Madeline Stowe.

Bad Girls is a 1994 American western adventure film directed by Jonathan Kaplan, and written by Ken Friedman and Yolande Turner. It stars Madeleine Stowe, Mary Stuart Masterson, Andie MacDowell and Drew Barrymore.

The film follows four former saloon girls on the run following a justifiable homicide and prison escape, who later encounter difficulties involving bank robbery and Pinkerton detectives.

The beauties developed a reputation not to be messed with.

“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.”… Jeff Bezos

A hired gun who travels the competitive female submission wrestling and Session Girl industry is Viktoria M. of Hungary.

Based upon her performances in her DWW days she developed a reputation as one of the best grapplers in our global industry.

A review of one her matches against a top DWW Warrior speaks to that.

VIKTORIA VS JANA N., Viktoria-Press-photo-via-wb270.com_

Whenever Viktoria faced Fem Competitors that she was supposed to defeat, she could.

If she was in the mood.

Sometimes she wasn’t (losing to Axa Jay when Axa was a rookie). Most of the time she was. Mercifully.

In this match, Viktoria is 27 and Jana is 22. The weight difference is not significant as Viktoria comes in at 145 pounds and Jana at 126.

The match will take place in the famous DWW inside room with gray padded walls and the dark blue mats. In watching Viktoria stretch and ready herself, in all of these years it was the very first time that we noticed a soft drink vending machine in the room.

When Jana begins to stretch for the first time we see stylish loveseats with cushions as well.

Didn’t realize the historic battle room was so comfy.

The fight here is very early in Jana’s career and as most of know who followed Jana, she developed into not only a formidable submission wrestler but a brutal cat fighter as well. Many a girl left the padded DWW rooms with less hair after tangling with her.

As the two DWW beauties are about to face on another we really don’t know who is going to win.

Viktoria answers that question pretty quickly.

Once the hand fighting begins, as they jostle for control, Viktoria is clearly the aggressor and initially gains the first head lock, stays on top and attempts to take control.

Jana is more passive but unyielding. Soon in a standing position Jana clasps Viktoria by the neck but her advantage is short lived as Viktoria breaks the hold.

The two beauties roll around fighting for positioning and finally Viktoria attains it. This time the stronger girl is maneuvering for a body scissors and Jana, sensing her plight, furiously resists. Viktoria is persistent, secures the scissors and Jana screams in anguish submitting.

If you like primal screams then you will find this submission very sexy.

Once the two engage again Viktoria achieves another head lock but Jana fights back with a head lock of her own.

They now grapple around on the blue mats with passion. As expected, Viktoria begins to gain control. We think we see what is coming. She traps Jana in another body scissors and Jana screams “Stop!”

Another submission for Viktoria.

We sense a rout in the making.

Viktoria is behaving very confidently, once more attaining control. With two submissions under her belt, now she is a position to try something new. Be creative. Take some risks. The elongated body smother with a potential for a grapevine comes to mind.

Jana escapes and then rolls into a ball like a little animal in danger. The threat is real as Viktoria is quickly on top of her, taking her time, waiting for an opening.

Like a strategic cat out in the wild Viktoria is patient. This time that doesn’t work in her favor as Jana escapes. The younger girl now turns the tables and traps Viktoria in a head scissors.

Can she close the deal?

Unfortunately no, as Viktoria eventually breaks the hold. Now begins a process where Viktoria tries one elongated pin smother after another clasping Jana’s feminine wrists. She counts to three but Jana kicks out.

For the next few minutes Viktoria is controlling Jana but can’t seem to secure the third and final submission. It is about at the 12 minute mark in the match that she begins to make head way.

So much for the pinning strategy. It is not working. Viktoria appears to decide to return to the tried and true, and as she situates Jana at will, thus it soon becomes obvious that from the top position once again she is trying for the crushing body scissors. Jana seems to sense that too but at this point is helpless to postpone the inevitable.

Viktoria now takes her right arm and secures Jana’s neck as she slides her legs downward.

Unbelievable. Jana escapes again. She then rolls into a tight ball and it becomes difficult for Viktoria to do anything with Jana’s arms and wrists which are now hidden away.

If Jana could see herself through this and gain a submission she is right back in the fight.

The trapped girl lunges backwards almost creating a painful injury for Viktoria as her head barely misses Viktoria’s chin.


Jana quickly jumps on top of Viktoria, secures her in an upper body scissors and as Viktoria rolls around, Jana is desperately trying to tighten that upper scissors. Viktoria refuses to concede.

Now the taller girl maneuvers to encase Jana in a mutual head scissors. Who has the determination to withstand the mutual hold?

Viktoria does.

She now slides out of Jana’s upper scissors and focuses her scissors on Jana’s slender neck. Something has to give as Viktoria clamps down and asserts too much pressure and this time knowing it is the third and final fall, Jana whispers stop.

It’s over.

Another tough but dominating victory for Viktoria.

Why can’t she put this much effort into her matches all of the time? When she does, pound for pound there is no one better.

Nor more sensuous.

Her reputation as one of DWW’s elite continues to grow as we reviewed many of Jana’s previous matches with other Danube girls and the common thread in most of those battles is that Jana emerged as the winner.

This was a very solid victory for Viktoria. It is not just that she won, it was how she won. In dominating and strategic fashion and a very good and sometimes viscous cat fighter.

Consistently performing at this level preserves Viktoria’s reputation in DWW gunfighter lore.

~ ~ ~

OPENING PHOTO Laura Stanley photo credit

At her WB270 profile, “Victoria is a beautiful, strong and skilled wrestler who is now well established as a session wrestler.  She often travels with Antscha and other good Hungarian wrestlers.”



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