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June 21, 2022,

We have great admiration and respect for Zsuzsa due to her long and illustrious career that we always desire to know more about her.

Here, before she squares off against Aisa, we went back to her DWW profile and it revealed she loves roast beef.

We do as well.

Where would we take in a meal in Budapest with some stellar roast beef?

There are many choices but we loved what we saw with Meat Boutique.

The informative team at educate, “Meat Boutique rapidly became a well-known name among the gastro-fans of Budapest. Located at the Chain Bridge, one of the most beautiful parts of the city, it offers a unique view to the riverside of the Danube and the city while you enjoy your meal.”

Sounds wonderful. What does the chef have to say?,

In the first person, “Our chef’s offer is renewed every fortnight so we can constantly surprise our customers with new creations using seasonal goods.

We always work with premium quality fresh ingredients – we are especially proud of our outstanding meat selection, including steaks, poultry, fish and seafood as well.

Besides the exciting solutions of modern fusion cuisine, our chef constantly rethinks and reconstructs the classical Hungarian recipes so no matter if you ate them a million times or you never tasted them, they will please and surprise you.

Be it a romantic dinner, a cheerful night with friends or a business lunch, our team awaits you to spend an amazing time and meal!”

We just had a thought.

Before or after a session with either Zsuzsa or Aisa, imagine taking your time as you take in the views, people watch and enjoy a mouth-watering meal.

Sounds great to us.

The world travelers at Trip Advisor add, “This bistro style restaurant offers a wide range of fresh, juicy and delicious meats such as poultry, pork or beef. A staggering variety of dishes are available, from deli cold cuts all the way to pork hock, goulash, pljeskavica, starters, salads, burgers, desserts and kids meal as well. Meat you there!”

Well, what are you waiting for?

A good wrestling match between Aisa and Zsuzsa would do just fine.

In terms of legendary careers, time does not stand still.

We all know that.


Fortunately, if we are wise, it reminds us how important the present is since it will become our future memories.

When you watch two legendary wrestlers engage with a long history dedicated to our female submission wrestling industry, you realize how precious the occurrence is and it should be captured and documented.

The two Hungarian stars, Aisa and Zsuzsa have a long glorious history that FCI Women’s Wrestling Magazine, and in times past, Femcompetitor Magazine, highlighted them through articles.

Back in 2014, here is what one of their writers surmised, “As I’ve research and examine many of the online comments about Zsuzsa, there are a number of fans who seem to be under the impression Zsuzsa is a jobber. The reason given is that she tries extremely hard but always loses.

First off, that isn’t true. Zsuzsa has won a number of matches.

I was ready to sing her praises until I visited a non DWW site and saw she lost every match there where as in most cases, if a DWW soldier travels outside the pond, she typical dominates the competition.

I would say the scouting report on Zsuzsa is that she is a mid-level fighter that is staying fairly stationary.

She defeats the people she should but virtually never the ones she’s not supposed to. Upsets propel you to the next level. Zsuzsa seems to have very few upsets and more importantly seems content to keep it that way. If Zsuzsa wants to compete at the next level, she needs to accept that she must participate in basic MMA training.

Her weakness seems to be that her arsenal is limited, primarily focusing on head locks and smothers with moderately effective body scissors. While other female competitors have upped their game though martial arts training or pounding away on the thigh machine or engaging in strenuous squats to build crunch monster thighs, this does not seem to be Zsuzsa’s approach.”

Intriguing. Why don’t you tell us what you really think?

That summation was written by a Femcompetitor Magazine (FC) writer back in September of 2014.

It is also ironic that the rules of the match here with Aisa will be a pin and headlock competitive wrestling match.

Not a MMA submission in sight.

In modern times, that is somewhat limited but it does appear to speak to the Zsuzsa playbook that the FC writer spoke about, eight long years ago.

AISA VS ZSUZSA, Screenshot Antscha Productions photo credit

The two experienced wrestlers go down to their knees to do battle.

Antscha announces it will be a pin and headlocks only match.

The two begin with hand fighting with Zsuzsa constantly pulling her forearms away. Aisa is persistent and is the first to take Zsuzsa down to the mats.

Aisa goes for a smother and pin as she has Zsuzsa’s body elongated. Antscha begins to count and though Zsuzsa is initially in trouble, she kicks out and breaks the hold and now she is mounting Aisa.

Aisa is struggling underneath. As Zsuzsa wraps her arms around Aisa’s neck for the smother, Antscha is only able to get to a one count before Aisa kicks Zsuzsa off.

Aisa then mounts Zsuzsa who takes the turtle position.

The raven haired beauty contemplates her options.

Too late. Zsuzsa fights her off and now they are back to a beginning position with hand fighting.

Zsuzsa wins that contest and takes Aisa down in a headlock, an accepted submission hold.

Aisa continues to struggle, kicking her feminine legs to escape.

Zsuzsa has the text book headlock applied and she keeps cranking up the pressure. After a ten count, Aisa is finally submitted (3:22).

1-0 for the DWW Alum.

Next round begins.

Aisa grabs Zsuzsa’s wrists and the hand fighting begins.

There is a lot of back and forth for about two minutes, with some grinning and talking in between, so much so that Antscha admonishes, “Come on”.

This is the challenge of company fights where the women involved know each other too well. It can become friendly and turn into a sparring session.

Aisa’s behavior is moving it towards that but Zsuzsa appears to be steadfast and serious.

Aisa has now maneuvered Zsuzsa into a pinning position with her body pressing down on Zsuzsa for a pin count and smother but she is laughing too much.

Zsuzsa kicks out of the hold.

She quickly pounces on Aisa who has fallen backwards from a failed hold attempt and now she is easy pickings for Zsuzsa to mount and pin her to the ten count.

2-0 for Zsuzsa (6:57).

Now, one of our worst fears occurs.

Both Aisa and Zsuzsa start bantering with the audience and the match descends into comedy.

They roll around and playfully try holds on one another but there is nothing else to review.

The match is no longer serious. This will not be in our electronic history books and that’s okay. We understand. Girls just want to have fun.

We have written about the weaknesses of company fights and what happens when the wrestlers are too familiar with one another. We purposely do not watch the video first then write a review because it kills the intensity and the unknown.

If you already know who is going to win and how, they is no mystery and we want to give you, as our readers, the best we have to offer.

So, okay, this wasn’t quite what we hoped for but for now, life goes on.

Zsuzsa wins 2-0 in what we classify as a sparring session.

Where’s the beef?

~ ~ ~

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