Historical 2015 Las Vegas Event, Jei, Eugenie, Gorgeous Wrestlers We Loved, Now Retired

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January 23, 2022,

Opening the mystical door to a New Year is always about tomorrows.

Hopefully a lot of them.

If there ever is a reminder of the curtains that life closed for us, to the past, it is the date January One.

The year doesn’t matter. Whatever New Year it is, it impels us to move forward yet temporarily look back.

Temporarily. Don’t stay there because yesterday is gone.

The legendary duo Peter and Gordon shared a timeless song regarding that.

I loved you all the summer through
I thought I’d found my dream in you
For me you were the one
But that was yesterday and yesterday’s gone

We had such happiness together
I can’t believe it’s gone forever

One of the greatest joys and honors that we have engaged in as Video Producers is working with beautiful talented women who we hoped would stay in the industry for years, but unknown to us at the time, would soon retire and disappear forever.

The only time we would work with them.

Life lesson?

Always appreciate and cherish the present. Stay in the moment. Be on your best behavior. Demonstrate your highest standards. Treat people well. Right now.

Most often?

You will not get a second chance.

We have had so many wonderful memories and experiences in city after city that we are going to break those precious memories down city by city in future articles.

Here we will start with Las Vegas.

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Always a magical place to begin. Vegas is like no other city in the world.

As we often do, as a Media Team, we covered a fully competitive female grappling event filled with special girls and life sustaining memories.

Who better to take us down memory lane than our associates at Femcompetitor Magazine through the eyes of one of their writers?


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“When this writer saw Jei for the first time standing by the social table at the event facilities I had one major question.

Who is this gorgeous girl?

So often the sensuous girls with the tattoos and artistic hair styles may come across as tough and rough but my experience with them is they are typically extremely feminine and crave to be dominated. Very erotic. I began to project my past onto Jei.

I walked over to find out. It’s my job.

Jei is her name and fortunately, among other talents, grappling is her game.

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The information flowed.

A Military Princess, Jei traveled the globe with her family. An only child, her parents poured all their love and affection on her. Being raised in that environment, it’s only natural that Jei loves engagement. She also grew up with a lot of uncles and cousins, the latter mostly boys, so her aggressive spirit is understandable.

Our sexy girl is also a singer and a model which has taken her on the artistic road as well.

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What she likes about wrestling is that the other girls are very professional and know their boundaries so no one gets hurt. It’s competitive, but a fun competitive.

Jei is an enjoyable interview. She’s personable, down to earth, forth-coming, accommodating and gracious. This writer wanted to see more of her so you can imagine my delight when she agreed to attend dinner with our group that night.

One of the greatest joys in life is having dinner with gorgeous women. Fantastic food and beautiful women go together like Las Vegas and an energetic night life.

She’s very popular so I knew I would have to do some maneuvering to sit near her. I brought my A game and orchestrated sitting across from Jei. We laughed and talked endlessly. It was a happy time and why shouldn’t it be. What was on the menu?

Tender crab legs. Yummy.

Just when you think you’ve experienced most of what the competitive women’s wrestling world has to offer, you meet a Fem Competitor like Jei who lets you know that richer times are ahead.

The night ended too soon but Jei and I exchanged cards and will stay connected.

She’s going to cause the new expression, “Female Wrestling and Dinner” to become more commonplace in dreams and fantasies.”

Thanks for sharing Jei. We will always appreciate your memory.

Clearly a wonderful memory.

What a fantastic job and responsibility that we have at FCI to be stewards of the past and hopefully, innovators for the future.

As we continue to walk down our 2015 Las Vegas memory lane, let us share another beautiful female wrestler memory with you.

Femcompetitor Magazine writer? Take it away.


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I dream of Eugenie with the long black hair. In this case brown.

Only in Las Vegas can you become so infatuated with one beautiful woman after another and after meeting them, reality exceeds fantasy.

Las Vegas beauty, Eugenie fits that build.

Eugenie primarily engages in mixed wrestling and the sounds of males howling in gleeful pain can be heard from the highest roof tops of the tallest Las Vegas hotels.

When you have an assignment to interview Eugenie, the first emotion is excitement because it might be one of the first full interviews that the muscular Las Vegas beauty engages in. The next is hesitation because, since she doesn’t have an extensive history of wrestling women, you don’t know what to expect.

One thing is for certain, she is far sexier in person that her pictures, especially if you are attracted to physically fit gorgeous women with strong thighs.

In person Eugenie is the quiet girl in the crowd who is very observant and innocently projects an authoritative look.

I smiled at her and expressed that she reminded me of a star ship captain. Eugenie smiled, paused, and then sat on the stool to have her brain picked by myself and another interviewer.

Right away she giggled and related that she wrestles for fun. I then asked her if she wrestles women and she replied not as much because she doesn’t like to hurt them. I got the point as I stared at her perfectly sculptured feminine muscles.

Hmm intriguing.

Eugenie continued. “I like it rough. The body scissors warms them up for the head scissors.”

A tactical warrior she is. Where does she acquire these skillsets? From practice, practice and more practice. Pre-high school she was already training in the martial arts and if she ever was in a male abusive relationship, he had better watch out.

Especially if she gets him in a body scissors.

She sighs and remanences how she got in an all-out fist fight in high school. It was tough but fun. Through her sensuous lips she flashed another knowing smile.

So what is she thinking when she has someone in her favorite hold?

“I like to feel their muscles give. First they’re tense and then they can’t hold out anymore. I’ve only lost once.”

I believe her.

Eugenie loves to wrestle women especially when they are a little on the strong side. She really enjoys that. She also enjoys working in the restaurant industry in Las Vegas.

Can’t you imagine a great day having a session with a sexy, feminine, athletic and nicely muscled girl like Eugenie and then getting some great nibbles afterwards to replenish?

Meeting Eugenie up close was a real treat. She has a quiet sexiness to her that adds to her mystique. She’s also unpretentious and very fresh faced. Her thighs are better than advertised. They are beautifully shaped and nice and thick, the better to squeeze you with.”

What a wonderful memory.

As far as we know, both Jei and Eugenie have moved on.

That is common.

The beauty, talent and wrestling they displayed at that 2015 Las Vegas event was uncommon.

And very special.

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~ ~ ~

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