Girl Next Door Wrestlers Up Their Grappling Game,

September 25, 2021,

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and has feathers like a duck; it ain’t a water buffalo.

We used to get fooled a lot when we answered more emails from tire kickers.

Tire kickers are typically some form of a fetish person who doesn’t spend any money but wants to engage you in conversation and milk you for information.

We got clever enough to begin to weed out the serious from the others.

The others typically want to talk but not spend money.

Then the tire kickers got cleverer.

They would send us emails stating they are beautiful girls who would like to give wrestling a try.

Very clever.

We initially bit the bait but noticed after an invitation, there was never a follow up.

That is why on our pages we inform the public our product is not for women who want to give wrestling a try. Because it’s not a woman. It’s a male tire kicker who likes to talk and not spend money.

The good news is there are a lot of girls and women who do want to give wrestling a try. Usually they do it through a sanctioned structure.,

As reported by ESPN, “87 girls from 55 high schools found their way to the mats for North Carolina’s first official high school girls’ wrestling invitational contest.

The state is one of many experiencing a boom in female wrestlers. For years, girls around the country were folded into boys’ programs. But since 2001, the number of girls in high school wrestling has soared from 3,405 to nearly 17,000, buoyed by the introduction of women to Olympic wrestling in 2004 and the rise of MMA.”

You see, there actually are a lot of females wanting to give wrestling a try.

And we’re glad.

We will be seeking them out in other pathways, especially modeling to encourage and entice them to wrestle for us.

So if you actually are a woman who would like to give wrestling a try where is the best place to start?

Your local dojo or martial arts gym or studio. They can get you off to a great start.

There is another place. Maybe we should say another person. Not us.

Your boyfriend or relative.

There are plenty of males who would love to teach you how to wrestle if you don’t turn it into a gigglefest. If you take it seriously, your male relatives are a good place to start.

Not finish.

One of our favorite wrestlers who wrestled with us for the first time was Poppy of Gilroy.,

In our conversation and interview with her, she indicated that when she was in high school she did wrestle some of her friends, mostly males who helped her learn the basics and it showed when she wrestled Kait Snow.

What if you want to improve your game?

There is an exceptional book written for people new to wrestling that you might want to take a look at on Amazon.

How to Master Wrestling… Fast! (Let’s Get Physical Series Book 5) Kindle Edition, Editorial-photo-credit-Ahturner-Shutterstock.com_

by Ray James (Author)

“How to Master Wrestling … Fast!” is for anyone who is interested in wrestling and wants to learn how to be a better wrestler, win more competitions and enjoy this sport more.

Wrestling is one of the oldest known sports, yet is still incredibly popular across the world. It can be overwhelming to try and learn how to wrestle when you consider all the moves and hype surrounding this Olympic sport. This book clears up any confusion and provides you with a simple, step-by-step guide to mastering wrestling quickly, helping you to improve your technique and win competitions.

There is a lot to wrestling other than just holding down your opponent and as you read this book you will get many tips and pointers designed to help you get to grips with all the moves and instinctively use the right moves at the right times.

In “How to Master Wrestling … Fast!” you will discover:

– Great Examples of Wresting – find out some of the best places to see great professional wrestling matches, which can give you a lot of ideas and help you to improve your technique further

– Why Cardio is Vital – understand why cardio exercise is so important to a wrestler and without a strong cardiovascular system you will struggle to be a great wrestler

– Strength Training Matters Too – learn why strength training is also very important for a wrestler and what types of exercise are best for you, as well as which muscles are the most important to exercise

– Eating Healthily is Important – to be a true wrestling master you need to look after your body, which means reducing junk foods and increasing the amount of healthy foods you consume so learn exactly what you should and should not be eating as a wrestler

– Shooting In – discover what shooting in is and why it is something so many wrestlers do wrong plus how to do it right so that you get the jump on your opponent

– Take Downs – understand exactly what take downs are and how they are used in a wrestling match, as well as what not to use during a match

– Leg Locks – another important wrestling move that, when mastered, can give you the edge in a match, so learn the different types of leg lock and what to use when

– Arm and Wrist Locks – other holds that are important in wrestling, you will learn some of the different locks and when they should be used

– Headlocks and Chokes – these are very important moves so learn exactly how to perform the best types of moves and when you should use them

– Gripping Your Opponent – discover the different ways to clinch, pummel and grip your opponent to help you stay in control of the match

– Throws – learn about some of the different throws used in wrestling and which ones to use when

– Rules and Wrestling Styles – find out more about the different styles of wrestling as well as some of the common rules for the different styles

– Why Become a Wrestler – understand why wrestling is so appealing to many people and why, even after millennia of practice, it is still a popular and enjoyable sport

Wrestling is a fun sport to participate in and one that is very popular and enjoyable. People across the world enjoy wrestling, many with the goal of competing in the Olympics. For many people wrestling is an enjoyable pastime and a great sport to improve their health and self-confidence.

Enjoy your adventure into wrestling as “How to Master Wrestling … Fast!” explains all about this exciting sport. Discover today how you can improve your techniques and master wrestling fast!”

What we like about the contents of the book is that it is not just about getting prepared physically but also emotionally as well. A real think piece.

If you are a woman who would like to give wrestling a try, at least now you have some suggestions on great places to start.

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