From TPC’s Jasmin To Inferno, UK Session Girls, Great Tradition

Main Article / January 16, 2019

January 16, 2019

It was love at first sight watching the UK girls wrestle in the ring back in the day.

At TPC wrestling you could take your pick but one of the little spitfires that we really loved was Yasmin Sarah. She was smaller than average but never let that stop her from putting up a great fight.

Her fighting heart was far larger than average.,, photo credit

Here she is giving Yana of Finland the business as she did so many other female wrestlers in the 1990s.

She wrestled men as well with stellar results.

Fortunately many traditions never die and great female wrestling continues in England and Mixed Wrestling does as well.

“You don’t really need modernity in order to exist totally and fully. You need a mixture of modernity and tradition.”… Theodore Bikel

As we move up the timeline another fiery beauty with porcelain skin and flaming red hair continues to wrestle up a storm and takes on all comers.

Isn’t she lovely? Very lovely.,, Submission Room photo via Twitter

Inferno is part of the team at the Submission Room in London and here is her profile. “Inferno is an experienced martial artist with over 20 years in arts such as Taekwondo, Ninjutsu, Judo and Muay Thai. She is also an ex gymnast and extremely flexible and can escape many holds you may try to put on her.  Her beat down sessions are exceptional if you’re looking for a powerful beating.

She has a love of contact sports and plays American football with a men’s team in the premier league and her aggression knows no bounds.

As a professional model and dominatrix, she is happy to fill your fantasy in costumes and scenarios, and can provide a mixture of sessions ranging from traditional wrestling to hard bondage, role play and fetishes.

Inferno loves a good workout, getting hot and sweaty on the mats, and putting her opponents in rear naked chokes.”

Our friends at Femcompetitor Magazine loved her so much they featured her in a flirty article.

Inferno – A Beautiful UK Wrestler With Ivory Smooth Sex Appeal

We continue to hear great things about Inferno.

There is also a new gorgeous Session Girl who travels the UK and wrestles by appointment.

She is super sexy and very new to our fun global Session Girl game.

Her name is Dakotarose, yes one word.,, photo via

We love her words (yes plural) at her profile. “I am based in the UK and session and tour all over the UK. I’m looking to also tour around the world too especially America! I have experience with lift and carry (90kg limit), muscle worship, semi competitive wrestling, fantasy wrestling, submission wrestling, scissoring, domination, feats of strength, belly punching. I am practicing judo and BJJ to polish my skills even more although I already get men tapping but just want to be extra badass!”

It appears the UK women’s wrestling and Session Girl mixed wrestling tradition continues.

Her email is

Our beauty is based in Leeds which is globally known for the region’s great soccer teams but if you decide to visit Dakotarose, there is plenty to do in Leeds.

Please enjoy the insights of a visiting writer who possesses a master’s degree in computer science and works as a webmaster in Exclusive Airports that provides taxi transfer services to and from in London, the United Kingdom.

Those credentials can make you an expert on knowing the region.

All About Leeds in England – UK

By Carin Robert

Leeds is the fourth largest metropolitan area in the United Kingdom and is the heart of cultural, financial and commercial centres in the West Yorkshire Urban Area. It is home to a wide range of attractions, heritage sites, museums, carnivals, festivals, shopping areas and lots more.


The Leeds City Museum, Tropical World, Thackray Museum, Abbey House Museum, Bramham Park, White Cloth Gallery, The Bowery, The Craft Centre and Design Gallery, Munro Gallery and many more attractions are available in Leeds. Leeds City Museum houses six galleries with a unique range of collections including coins and medals, textiles, donations and legacies. The Yorkshire Sculpture Park is one of the leading open air galleries in the world and houses international sculpture exhibitions. Temple Newsam is a historic site set in 1500 acres of parkland and houses stunning paintings, furniture, ceramics, textiles and lots more. Crocodiles, lemurs, butterflies, snakes, bats and Meerkats with babies are a part of what’s instore at Tropical World.

Shopping:,, via Wikimedia photo credit

The Victoria Quarter, The Corn Exchange, Trinity Leeds, Queens Arcade, Teddy and Co., Leeds Craft Centre, Design Gallery and lots more are available in Leeds for a good shopping experience. Leeds Corn Exchange offers Unique fashion, jewellery, beauty and gifts, food and drink and lots more. The Trinity Leeds is the UK’s latest shopping centre and is home to 17 shopping centres, 2 outlets, 16 retail parks, 3 leisure centres, entertainment zones and lots more. Peter Maturi is one of the best shops that offer an amazing range of kitchenware and cookware, Bakeware, coffee machines, utensils from top brands and much more.


Leeds is one of the best spots in United Kingdom for a vibrant nightlife with a range of pubs, nightclubs, restaurants, live music and lots more. Oporto in Call Lane is the best place for a perfect night out and is a place to eat, drink and dance. The Cockpit, Mission, Mint Club, Mojo, O2 Academy, the Hifi Club, A Nation of Shopkeepers and many more clubs and pubs are available in Leeds.

Carnivals and Festivals:

The Leeds Festival, Leeds Carnival, The Otley Folk Festival, Walking Festival, Victorian Christmas Fayre, Light Night Leeds, Leeds festival Fringe, The Leeds International Film Festival, The Leeds International Pianoforte Competition and many more festivals and carnivals are a part of Leeds, England. Leeds Carnival is the oldest West Indian Carnival and is the second biggest carnival in the United Kingdom.


Leeds has extensive transport links including road and rail networks. Leeds railway station is one of the busiest stations in Britain. This city is served by Leeds Bradford International Airport. Buses, coaches, taxis, trams, Abbey Light Railway and Middleton Steam Railway are available in Leeds.

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~ ~ ~

OPENING PHOTO photo credit—UK&id=8366760




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