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February 25, 2022,

DWW is synonymous with elite fully competitive female submission wrestling.

Their film vault has to run in to the thousands and many of them have become classics thus creating stars out of the famous Fem Competitors like Luzia, Petra, Hana, Ingrid, Renata, Dagmar, Vera and others.

Sometimes with all of that volume some really great matches can get lost in the translation.

There were so many classic matches and tournaments that it is impossible to breathe life back into all of them. The DWW video – One Sided – is an absolute classic where in true fully competitive action, one newer girl gets thoroughly dominated by another.

Since we can’t review and remember all of them, we have to take them one slice of the DWW pie at a time.

We would love to walk down memory lane with you and remember a few of them.

They are absolutely worth emotionally swimming in again.


DWW Henriette vs Brigitta DWW Movies 729

We thought Femcompetitor Magazine had written about virtually every DWW girl but there were so many, especially in the early days that there was no way to keep track of all of them. So this one came as somewhat of a surprise since it’s not really an old classic match being filmed on September 5, 2009.

We looked their names up on the internet and they do seem to be practically one event wonders.

They are young fresh faced girls born in 1982 making them both about 27 years old at the time of the filming.

Though the score would not indicate it with Henriette winning 3-0, the match was hotly contested and the two strawberry blondes fought in an intense but somewhat amateurish and energetic fashion inside of the famous DWW room with the dark blue mats and gray padded walls.

Too bad we can’t find more of their matches but in the video we saw, we will always appreciate their efforts.

Reni vs Nicci 2007, photo credit

Reni of course is a very well-known DWW star and given some of her victories was one of the tougher girls who flew under the radar. Understandably Reni would have her own feature article.

DWW’s Reni, Fit, Creative And An Exacting Competitor

Nicci on the other hand did meet Orsi S. but there wasn’t much match data on her so we would consider her close enough to be a one event wonder.

After wrestling Reni, it might be understandable that she doesn’t want to wrestle much anymore.

The match takes place in 2007 inside of the same gray padded room ideal for female grappling. Reni is 27 and Nici competes here at 23. Not only does Reni have an age and experience advantage over Nici, she is much stronger as well.

The submissions of choice for Reni is the full length body smother with a pin count found virtually only at DWW of up to twenty. Even as a newbie, Nici can break that hold. As you can guess it makes for sexy theater with the gorgeous and shapely blonde Nici desperately over and over trying to kick out of the hold.

Finally Reni decides on a cross body pin and finally finishes the blonde maiden off.

As the match progresses Nici begins to tire thus Reni can pin her to twenty in both full length smothers and another cross body pin. This is a clear domination match in real action.

The DWW Hungarian Star Viktoria, looking stunning in a full length blue bathing suit does the honors of counting during the match and raising Reni’s hand at the end.

Movie 730 produced September 5, 2009

Estefania (brunette 1989) vs (Vanetta blondish 1988), photo credit

This match is apparently filmed on the same day as Henriette and Brigitta’s match in the same room.

We have two very new girls again in Estefania, a slender dark brunette and Vanetta a noticeably taller girl with dark blonde hair. As you watch the girls stand and face each other, you would think that Vanetta should win this one easily but as the battle begins, given the way they go back and forth, this match will be in doubt right up until the end.

We researched them to try and find a match history and there are no Femcompetitor Magazine articles written about either of them.

Most likely because the girls are new, the pin count is to ten.

Typical of newer girls they are high on energy and a little lower on skill.

The tactics of choice by both girls is to utilize the body scissors which sounds great on paper but the execution in general and the ability to close the deal in particular are lacking. They both capture each other in body scissors but it isn’t until about eight minutes into the match that Estefania finally gets closure, not with a body scissors but with a pin count to ten.

Before she can even take a breath, Vanetta is all over her trying to strike early. Now that is aggression.

Early on in the second round it appears that this questionable tactic will pay off and for an extensive amount of time Vanetta has Estefania trapped in what appears to be some brutal body scissors but apparently her beautiful slender legs are just not strong enough to finish the brunette off and eventually she breaks the hold.

Estefania immediately seizes her opportunity and now it is Vanetta on the defensive. The brunette is wise enough not to try and close Vanetta out with a body scissors but once again sits on top of her applying a school girl pin, leans forward to apply more pressure and the dark haired taller blonde is counted out.

In round three Vanetta is determined to make this body scissors thing work. Once again she is the aggressor but Estefania endures the pain with audible grimaces but refuses to submit.

She breaks the hold and attacks.

Vanetta fights back, gains the advantage and once again begins to apply the body scissors but this time with one important difference.

She locks Estefania in a painful arm twist locking the thin brunette’s arm behind her back.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

This time she does succeed in finally forcing Estefania to submit.

Over the years we’ve come to recognize the difference between the two leaders Viktoria and Bori who direct or referee the matches by their voices which could be a little confusing if you never see them on camera but just hear them audibly.

How can you tell the difference between the two even if you can’t see them?

Bori loves to coach during the match. Her match. New girl’s matches. Veteran matches. Every match. All of the matches. We love Bori too.

DWW-HWW’s Bori, Wrestler, Great Teacher-Mentor

This is another classic match between two DWW girls that we would never see again, but of course due in part to their beauty and desire to compete hard right up until the end, we will never forget them.

These three matches may be a little obscure, but now, they have become a part of female submission wrestling lore.

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