Four Mattssons, Twin Swedish Actresses And Wrestlers Amaze

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Scenarios abound when you meet a beautiful girl who helps you fill in the blanks that you prefer remain empty, especially when you are instantly crazy about her.

Fantasies can be so wonderful.

Sometimes direct is best.

The first is that no means no. She truly isn’t interested in you but she has such a nice way of saying it and she likes you as a person.

In fact she likes you so much that she does you a huge favor.

She introduces you to her sister.

Good thing.

Wow, and you thought the first girl was incredible until you meet her sister.

We wonder how many times that has happened between Helena and Sofia Mattsson, two gorgeous Swedish actresses who make hearts go pitter patter all over the world.,, photo via

So let’s say that you were interested in Sofia first. Just because you saw or met her first. We can understand why you would immediately go crazy for her.

Sofia has appeared on shows like “NCIS” and “Two and a Half Men” and played Stephanie in the movie “Jurassic City.”

We loved her in a Lifetime Movie thriller titled My Husband’s Secret Life, A True Story.

The storyline goes like most Lifetime Movie storylines. You can’t trust the husband any further than you can pick up and throw the really beautiful house that he just bought you.

Cheating husbands often are the socially adept financially successful male who myriads of women want.

Let’s face it, it’s no secret. Almost every woman on Lifetime has a husband with a secret.

Here recently married, Avery finds out that her new husband, Alex, has another wife. Then, Avery decides to inform the other wife, Melanie, of Alex’s deception. However, instead of being angry with Alex, motherless Melanie seeks to steal Avery’s son, Jack, and to eliminate the competition.

We enjoyed it and mostly we enjoyed watching both Mattsson sisters work together.

Now it’s time to meet Helena. She seems to have a more extensive resume.

Helena Mattsson is a Swedish actress living and working in Hollywood.,, photo via IMDb

Ms. Mattsson was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, had roles early on in Wild Side Story and other cabarets there, and moved as a teen to London, England, to attend theatre school.

After graduating from her Performing Arts High School in Stockholm, Helena traveled to London and New York to continue to study acting.

When she was 19 years old she moved to Hollywood where she has since stayed. Her first role was in a short-lived TV series ironically named Sweden, Ohio in 2004.

Talk about wanting to meet the sister Sofia, here is her extensive resume.,, photo via IMDb

In 2007, she starred in Species: The Awakening, where she portrayed Miranda, an alien and human hybrid. She also appeared in the films You and I.

Our Swedish beauty also appeared in the music video of Primal Scream‘s “Country Girl” in 2006.

Her television credits include three episodes of the ABC series Desperate Housewives as Irina and in three episodes of Nikita as Cassandra Ovechkin. She played Alexis Blume in the TV series 666 Park Avenue. She appeared in a beaver costume in a Nespresso television commercial titled “Training Day” that also featured Danny DeVito and George Clooney in 2016.

Her feature film credits include: Seven Psychopaths (2012) with Colin Farrell, Guns, Girls and Gambling (2012) with Gary Oldman, Surrogates (2009) with Bruce Willis and Iron Man 2 (2010) with Robert Downey Jr..

We love it, we love it.

“Sister is probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship.”… Margaret Mead

So what is her parallel activity to the beautiful and talented Swedish wrestlers Johanna and Sofia Mattsson? Our fit actress has trained in the martial arts.,, photo via

As we transition into the Swedish female wrestling world which is always a nice transition, we’ve already studied the world famous freestyle Olympic wrestler Sofia Mattsson and wrote about her.

Sweden’s Sofia Mattsson, Wrestler, Shining Bright

That was 4 years ago and her grappling beauty’s career has grown and expanded since then.

You can enjoy reading her expanded profile there.

Here is an update.

Born in Gällivare, she is one of the highest-ranking female wrestlers in Europe. She wrestles in the 48 kilo division for the Gällivare SK Wrestling club, coached by Håkan Johansson and Kalle Taivalsaari.

From 2001 onwards, she has won eleven Swedish National Championships, six at cadet level, two at junior level and three at senior level.

In 2007 she competed at the European Championship in Sofia, her first ever international championship at senior level. Despite her young age and little experience, she won her first match. She would later win the bronze.

In August 2007, Mattsson became Junior World Champion for the second time after she defeated the Japanese wrestler Fuyuko Mimura in Beijing.

In September the same year, she competed at her first ever World Championship at senior level in Baku, Azerbaijan, where she placed 8th, assuring herself qualification for the 2008 Summer Olympics.

In April 2008 the young Swedish wrestler won a silver medal at her second ever European Championship at senior level.,, photo via Twitter

On 9 March 2016 Mattsson won the 2016 European Wrestling Championships, she won all wrestling matches by fall.

Understandably she was bound to be a star at the Olympics. She won the bronze medal in 53 kg at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

As women’s wrestling continues to be appreciated around the world, Sofia now competes in the most important professional wrestling league in India. They love her talent there.

At they report, “Swedish wrestler Sofia Mattsson gains popularity in India after she beats Babita Phogat in just 46 seconds at the Pro-Wrestling League

Known there as the Glamour Girl, having defeated Babita in the Indian wrestler’s homeland, Sofia earned popularity in India overnight.

The world is enamored with Sofia but please keep your eyes on her sister Johanna. She is making a name for herself as well.,, photo via

Joanna is Sofia’s older sister by a year, is an exceptional wrestler in her own right as she too qualified for the Olympics in Rio and is studying law.

We are so thankful that Sweden blesses us with both beautiful actresses and gorgeous wrestlers. That is impressive.

When you add sisters into the mix, it’s more than double the fun.

~ ~ ~

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