For Millions No Marriage


Due to the ill treatment of females and gendercide, millions of men in some countries will never marry.

For many the hope of marriage is expected to provide a life-long emotional safety net that enables progression on a fantastic journey even with its twist, turns and unexpected detours.

In one country, for at least 25 million men and climbing, that ceremony will most likely never happen.

Much of the following will have much to do about something. It is something so important that in certain parts of the world if attitudes towards the roles of women in everyday life and how they are treated do not change, the lack of marriageable women are expected to create strong behaviors in men that can be detrimental to that particular society.

According to World Reports, due to China’s alarming gender imbalance, there are now an estimated 10 percent more single men than women across the country. Within the next decade, the number of men unlikely ever to find brides is expected to reach 30 to 40 million — equivalent to the population of California. In rural areas, the imbalance is so acute it has led to thousands of so-called bachelor villages. Attracting a wife is a luxury.

It’s hard to even find a girlfriend.

The report continues, China has always had a cultural preference for sons, but the situation has become dire over the past 30 years. Chinese traditionally believe daughters are “spilt water” — that is, a waste, because only sons carry on the ancestral line and provide for their parents. The Communist government’s introduction of the one-child policy in 1980, which allows urban couples only one child and rural couples two, upped the ante for families to have a boy. Then ultrasound scans arrived, enabling sex-determination testing and prompting widespread abortions of female fetuses to ensure sons.

Today, an estimated 35 to 40 million women are “missing” from China’s population. For years, demographic experts have predicted the huge surplus of young men would cause a rise in sexual violence and social instability. Now the first generation of children born since 1980 has reached marriageable age, and problems such as bride-kidnapping and forced prostitution are soaring.

The adds this voice in an excellent article written by Mr. Peter Hitchens. “In the cruel old China, baby girls were often left to die in the gutters. In the cruel modern China, they are aborted by the tens of millions, using all the latest technology.”

Thanks to a state policy which has limited many families to one child since 1979, combined with an ancient and ruthless prejudice in favor of sons, the world’s new superpower is beginning the century of its supremacy with an alarming surplus of males.

Mr. Hitchens remarks, “By the year 2020, there will be 30 million more men than women of marriageable age in this giant empire, so large and so different (its current population is 1,336,410,000) that it often feels more like a separate planet than just another country. Nothing like this has ever happened to any civilization before.”

[pullquoteleft] I’m a true believer in karma. You get what you give, whether it’s bad or good.
………Sandra Bullock

The problem is not limited to China.

As we travel to India, an article by relates according to the 2011 census, the number of females per 1000 males in Haryana stands at 879, far below the national average of 943 and the lowest among all twenty-eight states in India. The number falls to 836 in certain districts, and the state-wide figure is even more alarming in the 0-6 age group, where there are just 834 girls for every 1000 boys.

Another side effect of the gender imbalance is the rising incidence of rape in Haryana.

In this male-dominated society, where sons generally inherit, female feticide is common. (Please see the article “The Fight Against Femicide” at Medical centers with ultrasound flourish in Haryana. Though prenatal tests are illegal, a tacit agreement among couples and the centers to keep quiet make it difficult for the authorities to enforce the law.

Another report flies us to Europe.

Speaking to this disturbing subject, observes, The Council of Europe has revealed that sex-selective abortion is widely practiced in Albania and the result is a growing gulf between the numbers of boys and the number of girls. Recent statistics show that for every 100 Albanian girls 112 boys are born. In natural demographic growth, the number of girls usually slightly exceeds the number of boys.

The Council of Europe warns that sex-selection, once associated mainly with Asian countries, has become popular in Europe, particularly in Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

The problems associated with this growing dilemma can range from increases in adult bride and female child abductions to rape, violent crime and scams related to bride purchases especially against strangers traveling to purchase a wife in a foreign land.

The above speaks to the physical effects but what about the emotional ones?

The powerful benefits that come with marriage cannot be under estimated. There is the need to be loved and cared for along with the desire for affection and lovemaking. The joy of sharing wonderful and challenging life experiences as a team and the raising of children. These emotions are summed up well in a story by

“As spouses explained what they wanted most, I classified their desires into emotional need categories. And almost all those I interviewed described one or more of only ten emotional needs as being most important to them (admiration, affection, conversation, domestic support, family commitment, financial support, honesty and openness, physical attractiveness, recreational companionship and sexual fulfillment).”

It’s hard to imagine millions going through life without having the opportunity to not only marry their soul mate but any mate at all. A girl friend is rare. Karma is tough. Much of this disaster speaks to decades and in some cases centuries of treating women as if they were property to be used and abused as needed. The lack of respect, kindness and nurturing is troubling alone but to take it further where it evolves into violence or pre-planned gendercide lays a foundation for the growing imbalance we are seeing in many countries today.

It seems to be really true that you should appreciate something valuable while you still have it.


In the case of gender imbalance, what goes around truly has come back around with a powerful sting.

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