Female Wrestlers, Help Prevent Knee Injuries, Strap Properly

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August 15, 2021,

Sometimes it’s the little things that stand out to you as the larger picture is unfolding.

As reported by nbcconnecticut.com, “American Adeline Gray was upset in the women’s freestyle 76kg wrestling finals, losing to Germany’s Aline Rotter-Focken 7-3. Gray was the top ranked wrestler at her weight, while Rotter-Focken was No. 2. With the loss, Gray gets the silver medal, her first Olympic medal.”

The Olympics in Tokyo has been truly exciting in 2021 and competitive women’s freestyle wrestling has much to do with that.

Especially since Germany’s incredible Aline Focken is competing and winning there.

Our associates at Femcompetitor Magazine loved her so much that they featured her:


That was seven years ago. At the time she seemed like such a young beautiful girl. She has certainly grown up now and achieved much.

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Aline won the world title in the 69 kg division in 2014 and a bronze medal in the 67 kg category at the 2013 European Championships. At the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, she competed in the 69 kg division where she finished in 9th place.

She started wrestling in 1996 under the guidance of her father, Hans-Georg Focken.

In 2020, she won the gold medal in the women’s 76 kg event at the 2020 Individual Wrestling World Cup held in Belgrade, Serbia.

In 2021, she won the gold medal in her event at the 2021 Poland Open held in Warsaw, Poland.

Aline is still a star on the rise. There is so much she can still accomplish.

So in her large global event with Adeline, what was the small thing that we noticed?

Both women were wearing knee supports.

It is a common sight among female wrestlers including our female submission wrestlers. Here a photo of gorgeous Eden wrestling beautiful Samantha Grace.

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The knee is a modified hinge joint, which permits flexion and extension as well as slight internal and external rotation. The knee is vulnerable to injury and to the development of osteoarthritis.

The knee is the largest joint and one of the most important joints in the body. It plays an essential role in movement related to carrying the body weight in horizontal (running and walking) and vertical (jumping) directions.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

If you are a female submission wrestler then it would be wise to strengthen your knees.

The informative team at rothmanortho.com educate, “The physical stress of wrestling, along with the frequent tendency of wrestlers to bend their bodies into abnormal positions, makes sprains and tears of the ligaments of the knee a serious and persistent risk.”

We suspected that but good to read confirmation.

There are a number of articles on how you can strengthen your knees and that is an important discussion.

Here we have a visiting writer who is going to suggest that also wrapping our knees properly before engagement can be very helpful.

How to Avoid Knee Injuries

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By Tom M Connors

The knee supports the bulk of ones body weight is subject to the many physical stresses of everyday life. The knee is one of the most important joints of the body, and one of the most complexes. Because of this complexity, the knee is susceptible to many ailments. Among the most common are:

  • Arthritis caused by a deterioration of knee cartilage leading to wear and tear on the bones.
  • Ligament tears due to traumatic contact injuries or hyperextension that is stretching because of a sudden change of direct or pivoting.
  • The kneecap (patella) is connected to the tibia and femur by the patellar and quadriceps tendon. Overuse of the knee can cause tendonitis, an inflammation of the tissue.
  • Between the femur and tibia bones there is cartilage, known as the meniscus which keeps the bones from rubbing together. Repetitious movement or sudden turns of the knee can lead to meniscus tears, often in conjunction with other knee injuries.
  • Bursitis which refer an irritation of small fluid sacs which enclose the knee.
  • Dislocated kneecap while the patella slips to the outside of its usual alignment.
  • Hyperextension is used when the knee bends back away from the hinged lock position.

Fortunately many injuries can be avoided or tempered if one knows how to strap a knee.

Strapping a weak or injured knee provides support. A strong knee resists injury while an injured knee supported by sports tape will heal more quickly.

How to strap a knee

Knee taping techniques are designed to support the knee and to reduce stress on the knee during activity and they can be used for both to prevent knee injuries and for the treatment of existing injuries. Taping a knee is simple and, if done correctly, can be extremely effective.

You will need

  • 38mm rigid strapping tape
  • 75mm elastic adhesive bandage


The ideal angle for the knee when beginning strapping is 10º. This can be achieved by placing a roll of tape under the heel of the knee to be taped, or by putting a folded towel under the thigh.

Begin with an anchor of 38mm rigid strapping tape around the lower thigh and the upper calf, taking care that they are not too tight as this can impede circulation. Subsequent straps will be attached to these anchors.

Next, make a cross on either side of the knee, starting from the mid-point of the shin and ending behind the thigh as well as starting behind the knee and ending at the midpoint of the thigh. The knee will be surrounded by a diamond shape. Support can be increased by repeating these steps several times.

Vertical straps from anchor to anchor on the inside of the knee add greater support.

Finally, using 75 mm adhesive bandage wrap the entire knee, making sure to cover the rigid tape completely.

Knowing how to strap a knee in the correct manner can provide support for weak knees, allow injured knees to recover faster and, generally, make getting about much easier.

For Athletes and Sports Clubs, knee injuries can be really costly when you want to compete at your best. To prevent and recover from knee injuries, Click here to watch a great video that shows EXACTLY How to Strap a Knee with Sports Tape.

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