Fem Wrestlers, For Best Results, Know The Difference Between Stamina And Endurance

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March 8, 2022

This time it is okay to split hairs.

Especially, as a newer female wrestler, if you desire to demonstrate stamina, which will be your highest performance level. It is the epitome, mentally and physically, of who you want to be as a wrestler.

Notice we didn’t speak to your technical skills. That is a completely different discussion.

Let’s say the skillsets of your wrestling are in 10 major disciplines. You have become highly skilled at four of them.

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Whatever four pathways you know, if you build your stamina, you will build those at the highest level.

Time to split some hairs.

What is the difference between stamina and endurance?

Simply put, stamina is performed at the highest level, endurance can be performed at a modest level, as long as you don’t quit.

Let’s consider an example.

For those of us who have played competitive tennis, we know the difference.

Stamina would be playing your highest level of tennis, even into the third set.

You’re still briskly running around, chasing down balls, blasting your serve, forcing the issue at the net with volleys and hitting powerful groundstrokes time after time.

Endurance on the other hand is to stay in the fight, even if you are tired. Just don’t quit.

We have seen where the Pros begin to wilt under the hot sun of the US and Australian Open.

They absolutely hate the day matches and are so happy that there are retractable roofs for the hottest of days or even better, night matches.

So, here the higher skilled player is leading one set to love but is extremely tired. Her opponent is making a charge in the second set and is now up 5-0 in the second.

What have we seen some pros do?

Tank the second set and save their energy for the showdown in the third, especially if they have a higher skill level than the person across the net.

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The thinking is that you can burn up vital energy in the second set, lose, say 5-7, and then be extremely tired for the third set.

Strategically, why do that?

So the higher skilled player who is now, not going to run balls down, has made the decision to pace herself instead.

She goes for high risk, big shots to end the points.

She endures the second set without expending too much energy. She loses the second set.

Once the third set begins, fresh as a daisy, she blows her lower skilled opponent off of the courts and wins 2 sets to one.

In the end, when the final scores are posted, you get more points for winning. Two or three months from now, nobody cares how you won, as long as you won. Doing that?

Then they are fresh for the third set.

That is called endurance.

On the other hand, a perfect example of stamina occurred during the finals at the historic 2022 Australian Open in which Australia’s Ashleigh Barty won 6-3, 7-6 (7-2 in the tiebreaker) over America’s Danielle Collins.

Now, it is time to read between the lines.

After winning the first set in a struggle, Ash Barty fell behind 1-5 in the second set.

Here in Nor Cal, we wondered if she was going to tank the second set and fight it out in the third.

Ash Barty did not do that. Why?

We sense she felt that she had a higher skill level and could make a comeback if she buckled down and out pointed and grinded out Danielle. In the second set. If she fell a little short, she still had the stamina to fight it out at a high level in the third set and defeat her.

Ash wasn’t losing in the second set because she was tired, she was losing because Danielle was just hitting better shots.

Again, with stamina, you play at your highest level throughout the entire competition.

With endurance, you moderate and save what is in the tank until it is time to make a run.

In our fully competitive female submission wrestling industry, based upon our video research, the highest level of matches which demonstrate stamina are fought in Hungary with Antscha and Viktoria as the leaders. Their events are filled with matches where the warriors compete at the highest level like Italy’s Pamela Strong, Germany’s Warrior Amazon, Hungary’s Sheena and England’s Axa Jay.

By contrast, in the United States, there are very few fully competitive female submission wrestling events. Based upon video research, the mindset here is to pace yourself and wrestle with endurance and eroticism as the highest priorities. For those of us who have been a part of or studied the industry for decades, we can easily tell and feel the difference.

One of the sports that help build great stamina is probably one you may not heard of.

Orienteering is a group of sports that require navigational skills using a map and compass to navigate from point to point in diverse and usually unfamiliar terrain while moving at a high level of speed.

Participants are given a topographical map, usually a specially prepared orienteering map, which they use to find control points.

Originally a training exercise in land navigation for military officers, orienteering has developed many variations. Among these, the oldest and the most popular is foot orienteering.

Foot orienteering serves as a point of departure for discussion of all other variations, but almost any sport that involves racing against a clock and requires navigation with a map is a type of orienteering.

Orienteering is included in the programs of world sporting events including the World Games[2] (see Orienteering at the World Games) and World Police and Fire Game.

Another sport that requires great stamina is Water Polo.

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A game of water polo mainly consists of the players swimming to move about the pool, treading water, passing the ball, and shooting at the goal. Teamwork, tactical thinking and awareness are also highly important aspects in a game of water polo. Water polo is a highly physical and demanding sport and has frequently been cited as one of the most difficult sports to play.

When you are constantly swimming or treading water, it is absolutely about performing at the highest level or you will not be able to swim back and forth to take advantage of scoring opportunities or being in position of defense.

With one of our Track and Field athletes, his senior year in high school, he finished as California’s number one ranked senior in the brutally competitive Men’s 100 meter event. Stated another way, every wide receiver and defensive back that would later go on to play in the National Football League, we defeated each and every one of them.

That is about stamina. Performing at your highest level possible, all of the time.

So as a newer female wrestler, will you build your training based upon stamina or endurance?

The choice you make most likely will depend upon your goals and internal makeup.

We suggest build your program based upon stamina.

As in life, always give your best and do your best at the highest level.

It defines who you are as a wrestler and as a person.

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