England’s Axa Jay Vs Germany’s Rage, Sensuous Competitive Match, Worth The Hype

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January 20, 2022,

Buildups to supposedly great matches and sports battles can often be filled with hype.

Lots of hype.

Understood. For good reason. They need to keep people interested, get them excited and sell tickets.

In our competitive female submission wrestling world, England’s Axa Jay vs rising star Rage is a battle of grand proportions by any standards.

Or is it?

This one should be worth the hype.

As the two beautiful fit women begin to warm up, Axa looks incredible in her pink and print bikini nicely packaged in a 145 pound frame.

Axa is a major super star in our wrestling world and our friends at Femcompetitor Magazine wrote about her in her early development as a wrestler.

Axa Jay, UK Wrestler Proves She’s For Real

She is also a friendly and warm Session Girl with a great reputation and FCI Women’s Wrestling wrote about that aspect of her stellar career. We have previously contacted her and she is a sweetheart.

England’s Wrestler Axa Jay, Victoria’s Secret, Perfect …

Rage is all the rage. She looks insatiably sensuous in her tiger print bikini. Women always look so sexy in cat bikinis of any kind. Weight is not an issue in this match as Rage roams in at 143 pounds.

FCI Women’s Wrestling was enamored with her and wrote about her session service.

Berlin Session Girls, Shieldmaiden, Madame Curie, All The Rage

You should check the article out. Rage is the real deal.

After the warmups it is time to rumble.


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Rage has the talent but she doesn’t have Axa’s experience and it immediately shows. The girls do some initial hand fighting and clever Axa soon traps Rage into a sitting body scissors. Rage attempts an escape but it is not to be.

At the 1 minute mark, Rage concedes grimacing “Okay, okay”.

Axa 1 – Rage 0

That was quick.

In round two Rage tries to take a page out of Axa’s hand book and that is indeed a good idea but you must remember something.

You have to be experienced enough to do that. Superior skills and precise execution is the key.

At this point Rage just isn’t there yet.

She tries to encase Axa in a body scissors and temporarily it works but then Axa begins to turn the tables on her and continually tries to pin her while counting. Rage does break the holds but she is in defense mode. What she doesn’t realize is that Axa is positioning her for a side body scissors, sitting submission. Check mate.

Axa 2 – Rage 0.

We are beginning to sense that a rout could be in store.

Rage has notched a lot of victories but they have come at the expense of newer female wrestlers in the Czech Republic.

Here she is facing an Axa Jay who has improved light years from the time that Femcompetitor Magazine wrote about her approximately 6 years ago.

As round three begins, Rage is energetic but cautious and for good reason. Axa is becoming very adept at sliding in and out of holds while keeping her real agenda hidden. It is very impressive to watch her woman handle Rage because we know that Rage is no slouch.

Rage does try a cross body pin but Axa immediately throws her off and begins to maneuver Rage into a sliding head scissor. Job well done. Rage lays there for a minute then submits.

Axa 3 – Rage 0

The fourth round goes by in a blink of an eye.

The two beautiful ladies roll around and before you know it, Axa is sitting on top of Rage and begins to count.

She doesn’t get far.

Rage submits at a two pin count.

Axa 4 – Rage 0

Well, before the match began, we thought Axa would be the favorite but we didn’t expect this.

Round 5 sees more engagement but every step of the way, Axa is fighting from the top while Rage is in defense mode and struggling from the bottom.

As the outcome of the match seems no longer in doubt it is easy to get distracted by Rage’s beauty. She is absolutely gorgeous. She is a perfect specimen. Her thick legs are to die for. Obviously there have been lots of booty and thigh building workouts in the gym.

Axa begins to take greater control and soon slides Rage into a head scissors. There is some resistance but Axa has a python grip on the gorgeous curvy Deutschland brunette and Rage soon submits.

Axa 5 – Rage 0

The next round epitomes how much Axa has vastly improved.

As Rage wrestles her, anytime that Rage is in a form of a resting position, Axa slides in and out from a weaker position to a stronger one and begins to submit her. The last frame of the 6th round is a perfect example. For a moment it appears Rage has Axa in a controlling potential body scissors hold. She is lying flat on her stomach, head positioned west, while Axa is on top, inside of her legs, head pointing east.

Instead of trying to break the hold, Axa tilts backwards, slides her hands underneath both of Rage’s knees, continues to lean back and traps Rage in an excruciating floor back breaker.

It is a wonder to see.

Axa the contortionist and magician. Bravo.

Axa 6 – Rage 0

Will Rage score at least one submission? We are beginning to think not. We’ll see.

Axa is confident and doesn’t appear to be tired at all.

Rage is quiet but determined. She does not want to go out with a goose egg.

The two battle again and once more as soon as Rage is remotely in a resting position, Axa tries to pin her shoulders.

Just when we feel our scorched earth prediction is about to come true, as Rage is fighting off being pinned again, she flips Axa and turns the tables on her and now has Axa in a pinning, smother position.

Axa is able to raise her shoulders off the mat but this time she is not able to flip Rage off. Rage then elongates Axa’s arms into that all famous school girl pin, sitting down with the person’s arms in the inferior position, bound where they can’t move.

Good move Rage.

She finally submits Axa in a pin count.

The bell rings.

The match is over.

Well done. It lived up to the hype.

Rage is still new in comparison to Axa Jay but the fact that she didn’t throw in the towel against a very determined Axa who wanted the goose egg says volumes about Rage’s pride, grit and determination.

Coupled with their beauty, this well-orchestrated battle is worth watching.

The two gorgeous babes involved are well-worth a sensuous session.

We did not see Axa’s profile on any Session sites, so we are not sure if she still does sessions. If so, here is her previous email. We found it at WB270 in the travel section only. It still might be worth a try.

Axa Jay’s email is: axajay@hotmail.co.uk

Rage’s email is: raging.warrioress@gmail.com

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Well, there you have. Savor this one.

We have seen matches a plenty.

Though one sided, this one is well worth the hype.

Axa and Rage would meet again in a very competitive environment at Antscha Productions exceptional store where in November and December of 2021, we purchased at least 40 videos.

We counted.

Yes, you read that right. Forty videos purchased. Antscha’s store is that great.

When a company like Antscha’s takes fully competitive women’s wrestling seriously, we are of the firm belief our industry should heavily financially support them so they don’t leave.

We already have Axa vs Rage from Antscha’s store in our library as well. We will review it and later let you know what happened.

Of course, you could support Antscha and purchase it yourself. It is a bargain.

Axa Jay vs Rage will always be special.

~ ~ ~

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