Early Years, Sweden’s Lina Vs England’s Sativa, Patience Is A Virtue

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June 14, 2022,

Sativa of England was always a gem. A diamond. Still is.

In her earlier years, she was more of a hidden gem.

We discovered her in June of 2017 and here is what our writer scribed, “Sativum are Latin botanical adjectives meaning cultivated, used to designate certain seed-grown domestic crops. Sativa is the feminine form of the adjective. Very feminine we might add and very pretty. You’re salivating too.”

Okay. So he thought she was super sexy. Got it.

What about her wrestling?

We have thoroughly researched Sativa’s matches and she is bordering on being one of the elite in today’s global industry.

Today, she is going to take on Sweden’s highly respected and well-traveled Lina.

Here is what our magazine writer had to say about her 8 years ago, “In our industry there is another great athlete from Sweden to watch and fawn over and that is the female wrestler Lina who gives every match her best and nothing is left on the mats except an often submitted opponent.

Our Swedish beauty has traveled the world to experience new grappling adventures and has a long list of tough opponents that like her golden blonde hair have refined her. She began her career in 2006.”

How times flies. Wrestling for over 16 years.

We see this as a hidden gem of a match, perhaps long forgotten, because it occurred at TC Wrestling, early in Sativa’s career. Can she match up against a veteran like Lina who has been wrestling for easily a decade?

It is time to unearth a hidden gem.


fciwomenswrestling.com femcompetititor.com grapplingstars.com, fciwomenswrestling.com TC Wrestling photo credits

Their match will take place in an exquisite room of white lined walls and a nice light colored grey mat.

They start cautiously with hand fighting and it is Lina who first takes Sativa down to the mats. The British beauty locks one of Lina’s legs with hers so that the blonde maiden cannot mount her.

They struggle around on the mats for some time with no one having a clear advantage.

Finally, someone does have a clear advantage.

Sativa flattens Lina with a cross body pin. We doubt that she is going to try and pin her then, but from that position, Sativa considers her choices and options.

First option?

Perhaps a smother. She tries that. Lina bucks her off.

Second option, a Guillotine Choke.

Lina struggles and struggles but manages to pull out of that.

There is good news and bad news for the Swede.

The good news is that after a long struggle, Lina broke the hold. The bad news is that in doing so, she gives up her back.

Third option for Sativa?

She quickly takes advantage of Lina giving up her back, slides behind her and skillfully applies a rear naked choke. First, they are in a sitting position, then Sativa pulls her backwards and it is game over.

Lina taps.

1-0 for Sativa (4:24).

The first volley has been fired.

The two begin the next round with upper hand fighting. This goes on for some time as Lina wins the initiating and flattens Sativa with a cross body pin. This does not appear to be a pins match. Once you are on top in this position, you have to think about your next move.

This appears to be what Lina is doing.

She is on top, for some time. As Sativa squirms underneath, Lina manages to stay on top. That sounds well and good except she is not closing the deal.

Why is it taking so long for Lina to make a strong submission move? She is on top, so what gives?

This goes on for at least 2 minutes.

Finally Lina makes a move. We didn’t say a good move.

She should have stayed on top of Sativa and through attrition try and have the squirming Sativa make a mistake. Instead she attempts a face sit, often a tricky proposition for anyone against someone as incredibly skilled a Sativa.

Even a newer Sativa.

Sativa twists her off and now Sativa is on top of Lina. In an incredibly advantageous position for a Guillotine Choke.

Lina is bent over in the turtle position, blocking the choke.

Now it is Sativa’s turn to consider her submitting options but like Lina, she is taking too long to close the deal.

Finally, she tries to jump to the side and surprise Lina with an arm bar.

Lina blocks it. (8:30)

This is a very unusual match.

Sativa is in control and as they struggle around, has a number of opportunities for a Guillotine Choke and strangely enough, doesn’t take it.

Sativa has been controlling the action for almost two minutes with nothing to show for it. She has a number of opportunities to maneuver Lina towards a submitting position and yet doesn’t.

This is clearly early in Sativa’s career. The Sativa of today closes opportunities forcefully and quickly.

Here, her decision to fight from the ground is a questionable one.

It always is.

Yes, she is in control, until she is not. Always fight from the top if you can.

Now Lina breaks the hold, flattens out on top of Sativa in across body pin position.

Lina? What are you going to do with this advantageous position?

Lina actually does appear to be confused as to what her next move will be.

Though underneath, Sativa is patiently blocking her every move. Finally Sativa lifts her legs and tries for a head scissors. Though she misses, she has thrown Lina off guard and manages to squirm from underneath and encase Lina’s head in a Guillotine Choke.

Lina’s body is pulled forward almost to a Monkey Flip progression and she taps out.

2-0 for Sativa. (11:26).

Now that’s the Sativa that we have come to know and love. She quickly seizes and takes advantage of her opportunities.

Lina is a pro. She’s been in this position before and we expect her to come out fighting.

This is far from over.

In the next round, as they maneuver, Lina gains the upper position, sitting on top of Sativa.

This time, what will she do with it?

As has been the style of the match, when either wrestler is on top, apparently both of their defensive skills are so good that the girl in the top position keeps sliding around to gain an advantage, but finding none.

Lina is doing that now.

After maneuvering around on top for some time, she is now in the smother position.

What is she going to do with that?

Another minute goes by, with an enduring ground struggle, and Lina stays on top with no submission cigar.

More minutes go by.

Lina and Sativa trade for the top position, often with Sativa encased in a very weak floor to sitting body scissors with no teeth.

There are a couple of ways of looking at this match.

If you are here for the eroticism, it does the trick. You have two beautiful women in bikinis, in really long ground struggles, sometimes legs and thighs gently kicking in the air, but no submissions.


If you are here for the competitive aspect, this is one of the strangest matches we have seen. It is indeed fully competitive but it is as if the referee and wrestlers agreed ahead of time, you can wrestle and struggle, but don’t submit one another.


The clock is ticking.

Lina has one final chance to score a submission. From the start of the second half of this match, Lina has been on top.

Literally. About 90 percent of the time, yet Sativa keeps fighting her off.

This is early in Sativa’s career but one thing is clear, even then, this girl is a fighter. Lina finally traps her in a head lock, from the top position and squeezes and squeezes. Sativa is in trouble but will not concede.

Finally the bell rings.

It’s over.

Sativa begins her early march towards greatness with a 2-0 victory.

Patience is a virtue.

~ ~ ~

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Both Sativa and Lina are widely admired Session Girls. Let’s support our great industry in the ways that we can. If you would like to session with either of these super sexy girls, here are their emails.

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