Early Luzia Vs Viktoria, Huge Showdown Fight, Inside Historic DWW Tent

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February 12, 2022,

An annual reflection when one year ends, and another begins, tends to make us reflect upon historic bookends.

On the left are the major and important events that made news at the beginning of the previous year and on the right, news that is significant at the end of the year.

Book ends.

The great and legendary former DWW alum, HWW Leader and current partner with another legend in Antscha; Sensuous Viktoria participated in many great battles over the years but none was more significant than her historic battle with one of the most beautiful and talented DWW Warriors in the Czech Blonde Goddess Luzia.

Her reputation as a tough fighter was never questioned within the DWW compound. Except for the elite few like Hana and Petra or Daniela, who really had her number, Luzia defeated virtually all DWW comers.

Though Luzia and Viktoria would meet more than once, this is major bookend battle from the past. The left side of the timeline.

At 2021 year’s end, and early 2022, time to remember one of the greatest DWW battles of all time when these two girls were young and new to the game.

This review rested in our library for over three years, composed by a Femcompetitor Magazine Reviewer.

Time to dust it off.


One of Luzia’s greatest victories came against a gorgeous girl most of us are familiar with.

An International fight under one DWW flag.

Luzia is from the Czech Republic, Viktoria is from Hungary and as far as warriors from another world go, pound for pound, none came tougher than these two.

Who would be the victor in this highly anticipated encounter early in both of their careers?

Sometimes the challenge in remembering the career of a girl as beautiful as Luzia is to remember that she was actually a very good wrestler.

Though Luzia is long retired, as of this writing, Viktoria’s stellar wrestling career continues to flourish.

You can still purchase her recent matches at Antscha’s Productions clip store.


Let’s revisit what would be one of Luzia finest International performances.

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Jeff the Ref introduces them and like a soccer match you sense the audience is ready to pick sides, and they do.

Viktoria is slightly taller and as usual, it’s hard to read her mood.

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As the two begin to engage, Viktoria is head hunting, trying to secure a head lock and Luzia keeps escaping.

The crowd gets into it early and thus far, all chants are for Viktoria.

Luzia is undaunted.

There is a chorus of admonitions for Viktoria. One fan even blurts out, “Come on Viktoria, teach her a lesson”.

Easier said than done.

How many beautiful Danube girls have tried that before and received their own grades? Mostly F. Often D. At best C. Posted on the board for all to see. For all time.

F is for massive failure. Thoroughly dominated.

D is for soundly defeated.

C is for could have been much worse.

At this point both girls have a head lock on one another but Luzia seems to have gained control. She takes Viktoria down to the mats and due to the way they land, Viktoria temporarily has the potential for a side body scissors.

Luzia escapes.

Our blonde princess is back in control, mounting and riding Viktoria, secures a fierce chin lock and starts to viciously pull backward. The producer cautions, “Careful”.

Viktoria escapes and quickly has Luzia trapped in what absolutely should be a submitting side body scissors. You can see Luzia holding her breath to keep her stomach tight. The audience senses that Viktoria can take the lead but Luzia pulls out of it.

Someone shouts, “Viktoria you’re the queen!”

Long live the Queen?

Well, the queen is in trouble.

Luzia is hovering over her trying to get another chin lock but settles for the head. Viktoria manages to escape and now has Luzia trapped in another side body scissors.

Life has a way of giving you second changes but Viktoria? You have to make the most of it.

Viktoria could be persistent and retain the hold but she loses patience and even though she has Luzia in a painful scissors, she decides to mount her instead.

Big mistake.

Luzia now turns the tables and clasps Viktoria’s head, flips around with her legs trapping Viktoria in a reverse headlock and Viktoria is finished and taps out.

This is a classic sporting lesson. If you let your opponent hang around long enough, they will get their opportunity. Twice Viktoria had a chance for a finishing body scissors and twice she let Luzia escape.

When Luzia got her opportunity she very quickly sealed the deal.

At the four minute and 34 second mark, Luzia is ahead 1-0.


During the break the camera pans the crowd and like the great Femwrestle Events in Germany, there are stars everywhere. We see Antscha and Timea near Viktoria. Lucy H. provides Luzia with a rub down.

Time to get back out there.


This time Luzia doesn’t mess around. She quickly takes Viktoria down with a headlock and won’t let go. The Hungarian beauty struggles but to no avail. Luzia has a tight grip on her neck and begins to roll Viktoria’s neck to her right and Viktoria quickly taps out in pain.

The second submission comes swiftly at the five minute and 25 second mark.


Once the girls have a brief rest and begin to engage in round three, the crowd has become boisterous and very partisan.

“Come on Vicky!” shouts one side.

The other side chants “Luzia, Luzia, Luzia, Luzia!”

Luzia takes the initial advantage with the headlock.

Viktoria is fighting with all that she has, breaks the hold and once again encases Luzia in a body scissors. This may be the best one of all as Luzia is writing in pain. Will the third time be the charm?

No. She makes the same mistake of mounting Luzia instead continuing to apply pressure to the hold. You can hear a collective sigh from the crowd when she does that.

Seriously. Very audible. Viktoria why did you do that?

This allows Luzia to break the hold and now stand over Viktoria who has her in a scissor hold from the ground but that could easily place you in a position to be reversed into a back breaker.

Luzia tries that very thing.

Viktoria is in anguish but withstands the punishment. Luzia then switches to a side body scissors and then quickly to a smother. This blonde luminary has a lot in her arsenal.

Luzia moves from the smother into the sitting position, school girl pin style.

She sits on Viktoria’s chest who is clearly in pain and instead of waiting for the pin count screams, “STOP!”

Luzia steps off of her. It’s over. Viktoria lies there for a second and finally stands.

It’s a crushing victory for the blonde bombshell 3-0.

Here is another take from a DWW Reviewer named Lord C.

“One of DWW’s matches. Here Luzia and Viktoria face each other. Both blonde, Luzia and Viktoria are two of DWW’s best technicians. They are powerful, strong and two of the best looking of DWW’s girls.

Viktoria is older, taller and heavier than Luzia. This makes Luzia something of the underdog here. Luzia however will have none of this. Here technique, unmatched in DWW, allows here to take on here taller, larger opponent, she takes down Viktoria at will and uses her constrictor like thighs to subdue Viktoria.

Viktoria seems somewhat taken aback, almost as if she hadn’t expected Luzia to be this good. As if Viktoria believed that she was that superior to Luzia.

Luzia puts up with everything that Viktoria has to throw at her, including a number of vice like scissor grips. Luzia often reverses Viktoria’s best holds before turning the tables on her completely.

Luzia absolutely dominates a very good Viktoria. Viktoria is obviously frustrated and humiliated as the resplendent and brilliant Luzia dominates and embarrasses her.

This is Luzia at her finest.”

Okay, a little tough on Viktoria but, in all fairness, mostly accurate.

This was one of Luzia’s most outstanding performances.

She endured some really painful looking body scissors from Viktoria three separate times. All while fighting with an injured knee. When she got her opportunities, she closed the deal. She even kept her concentration and remained silent while early on the crowd was clearly for Viktoria.

She really brought it.

Very classy girl that Luzia. A really game Viktoria.

Very classic win.

Inside the historic DWW Tent.

~ ~ ~

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https://www.dww.at/catfight/  – Historic DWW videos are still available (adult site)

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