DWW’s Orsi S. Vs Newbies Eve, Lourdes, Orsi Should Win, Right? 2,500 Words

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June 11, 2022,

Articles from the vault are often reflective of the time period we live in.

Where the thinking of a society was at the time.

Where the competitive female submission wrestling industry was at during that time.

Orsi S (not Orsi B. of Antscha’s team) was one of the sexiest, feminine girls to wrestle at DWW.

Having said that, her wrestling results were very inconsistent.

She reminds us of a super talented NFL quarterback who did not know the gravity of his situation. How swiftly his window was closing to accomplish something great. Instead of taking it super seriously, he played around too often.

Once his window to greatness closed, it was over.

He could still play and dazzle but was never going to get the ring.

We love Orsi S.

Always have, but we felt she could have accomplished much more and now her window to greatness is permanently closed.

This is an article in our vaults that, according to our research, was never released.



fciwomenswrestling.com femcompetititor.com grapplingstars.com, fciwomenswrestling.com APL photo credit

Quirkiness, unpredictability and frequently exhibiting the unexpected can be viewed as intriguing, enticing and maybe even exciting.

Sometimes sexy. Sexy for whom?

Love interests, yes, because after all, whenever you tire of their crazy behavior you can tell them how much you like them, you find them to be funny and you hope to always be friends

And then you can dump them.

As long as you’re not affected by them, especially financially, they’re great.

More so, if you play the role of the “serious” one in that arrangement, thus stable, responsible and heaven forbid, even predictable is wonderful.

The competitive female submission wrestling world has brought us an incredible gorgeous girl who is so sexy that she could be the love interest of many.

In terms of her wrestling, as talented and experienced as she is, her game is unpredictable.

Good, bad or in between.

If she had a profile on a fan site, her competitive profile might go something like this:

Orsi S, the gorgeous, voluptuous Hungarian beauty and former DWW Great (most of the time) is someone that we are fascinated by (all of the time).

When we expected her to put up a great fight, she did (some of the time).

In matches where we thought she would take them seriously, she did (part of the time).

We love Orsi (all of the time) so our friends at Femcompetitor Magazine wrote an article about her and the title of her article doesn’t surprise us (back in time).

DWW’s Orsi S, APL, The Beautiful Wrestling Enigma

They spoke to her behavior in general terms. In the DWW pond, Orsi mostly fought her heart out (most of the time). Why not? She was in front of her contemporaries.

Intriguing profile.

So, how does she behave away from the Austrian pond?

Against most girls we expect Orsi to win. But does she? (Some of the time)

Here are two matches that speak to her unpredictable persona away from the pond.


Cute little Eve has her hands full facing Orsi. First off all, Eve is pretty new to wrestling and she is significantly smaller than Orsi.

Could this be all about Eve? You know they made a movie about it.

All About Eve is a 1950 American drama film written and directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, and produced by Darryl F. Zanuck.

The film stars Bette Davis as Margo Channing, a highly regarded but aging Broadway star. Anne Baxter plays Eve Harrington, an ambitious young fan who insinuates herself into Channing’s life, ultimately threatening Channing’s career and her personal relationships.

Praised by critics at the time of its release, All About Eve received a record 14 Academy Award nominations and won six, including Best Picture.

In terms of being ahead of it’s time in promoting the variety of roles that woman can play in film, All About Eve is the only film in Oscar history to receive four female acting nominations (Davis and Baxter as Best Actress, Holm and Ritter as Best Supporting Actress).

Widely considered to be one of the greatest films of all time, All About Eve was selected in 1990 for preservation in the United States National Film Registry and was among the first 50 films to be registered.

So in our wrestling match here, we have a new comer named Eve, who is seeking an opportunity too, against a beautiful established star.

Will Eve give an Academy Award performance? Will it be All About Eve in a surprising upset?

The setting here is wonderful.

The babes will be fighting in a backyard of a comfortable home with some nice backyard scenery. It’s a sunny day and Viktoria, leader of HWW is in the audience.

No pressure.

The two beauties look incredibly sexy.

Orsi is wearing a powder blue velvet looking bathing suit that would make the UCLA Bruins proud which nicely shows off her curves. Eve is sporting a sexy fitness oriented outfit with an orange top and black shorts.

What kind of performance will Orsi give?

She gets off to a slow start, which she often does and Eve actually takes her down to the mats. It looks like Eve might actually extract a submission with her effective headlock. She manages to mount Orsi from behind and trap her in a head scissors.

We have to admit that we sense this is a big opportunity for Eve that may not come again unless Orsi lays an egg, which we don’t think will happen, since some of her DWW contemporaries are watching.

That’s the key to Orsi’s past performances.

Orsi does break the hold.

She is soon on top of Eve and it is essentially all Orsi after that.

Our Hungarian starlet submits Eve with smothers and two crunching body scissors, the last one so painful that Eve just lays there afterwards.

Well, this time Orsi delivers a credible performance and teaches the young upstart that she is still the star.

This match is all about Orsi.

Academy Award performance.


We’re back in Europe now.

Orsi will be meeting another new wrestler. Really new.

Let us start out by saying that Lourdes appears to be a nice girl. She has a beautiful smile, is shy but personable and is wonderfully curvy, with a feminine body, which we wish she wouldn’t hide in that darn karate outfit.

They still make bikinis and bathing suits in Europe, don’t they?

If she were on a reality TV show, she would probably be the one who got along with everyone. The voice of reason in the room.

At APL she is not on a reality TV show and when she faced the large blonde beauty named Star, complete with stars tattooed on her legs, to say that Star wiped the mats with Lourdes is, well, like saying twenty million dollar homes are kind of expensive.

She destroyed her.

Okay, so Star is a big girl and absolutely far more experienced than Lourdes.

Fair enough.

So, how would our DWW brunette fair against Lourdes?

We can’t predict it ahead of time, because after all, it is Orsi S. that we speak of here and she isn’t in front of her DWW contemporaries so the peer pressure factor is gone.

We saw that kick in at DWW when Orsi faced a gorgeous but less experienced Leslie who sailed into that match very confident. She was larger, feminine and very sexy.

She actually got off to a great start against Orsi. Many thought Leslie had a shot to win.

Still, Orsi was in front of her home crowd and, though in the beginning, Leslie was getting the best of her, even sitting on top of Orsi, our Hungarian Warrior was not going to listen to the Beatles and Let It Be.

After falling behind of the shapely Leslie, Orsi turned the tables and gave her a good whipping complete with some brutal body scissors that made Leslie howl in pain.

But once again. That was in front of her Danube peers.

Here she is at another company.

We’ll keep an open mind from a watch and see position.

Oh, oh.

The opening credits start by stating that up until this point, Orsi’s record at APL is won 2 and lost five.

Not very DWW like.

They really should change that record to won 2 and lost 10. Double the loss points for her performance against Germany’s Zahra who thoroughly humiliated her.

What is Lourdes record you ask?

She has none. At 0-0, this is Lourdes debut.

Time to begin.

Lourdes is the aggressor going for a head lock on Orsi who, at least initially, is on the defensive. She soon traps Orsi in a forward moving neck lock, slowly maneuvering the brunette around the mat.

One thing that becomes apparent is that Lourdes is heavier than Orsi, out weighing her by at least 20 pounds.

Lourdes takes Orsi down to the mats and tries to cover her. Orsi smartly encases Lourdes in a head lock of her own and with a vice like grip pulls Lourdes forward and attempts a floor to waist body scissors.

Normally this would work for Orsi, as it absolutely did against Leslie, who immediately tapped but given Lourdes very thick booty, ah, we mean “body”, and that loose Karate outfit, Orsi is not going to submit her with a body scissors.

Lourdes breaks the hold and is now on the offensive again gaining the upper position on Orsi. She tries to flatten Orsi out but our DWW Warrior won’t give in.

The two girls roll around quite a bit, struggling for position but neither can obtain a decisive hold. Finally, at about the three minute mark, Orsi is on top and has Lourdes in a text book smother position and yet, despite all of her experience, cannot submit her.

Orsi has this opportunity not once, but twice and both times Lourdes escapes.

Lourdes wins the positioning war and is now on top of Orsi. She cannot submit Orsi either.

For a moment, both beauties are on their knees and temporarily tiring.

This fight is energetic. Give them that.

Now it is Orsi’s turn to regain the top position, and the Euro Princess even tries a smother, to no avail. She then slowly maneuvers Lourdes into an upper shoulder head scissors but Lourdes eventually escapes that too.

Undaunted Orsi begins to apply a chokehold but Lourdes escapes that too.


Interestingly it is Lourdes who takes advantage of her new positioning and grasps Orsi into a side body scissors. Orsi struggles but to our surprise Lourdes closes the deal and squeezes Orsi out.

1-0 for Lourdes.

From whew to wow. A wow of surprise. It’s the new girl with no APL matches under her belt who extracts the first submission. Wonders never cease.

Will the former DWW star let this go down like this? Really?

Orsi is up immediately and ready to engage. Her new tactics however look a lot like the previous tactics and thus far are having the same results, which is no submissions. We see the leg to head scissors and an attempted smother.

In all fairness to Orsi, what is becoming evident, is that Lourdes is stronger than her so based upon that alone, Orsi is at a disadvantage.

Still, doesn’t her vast years of experience override that?

This time Orsi is persistent and traps Lourdes in a side body scissors. Lourdes keeps scrambling around but Orsi won’t let go. She finally traps Lourdes near the wall where there is very little room to roll around and Lourdes finally gasps, “Okay”, and Orsi has her first submission.

Orsi 1, Lourdes 1.

As round three begins, it is Lourdes who is the aggressor and attaches Orsi to a headlock.

Though up against a stronger foe, Orsi is determined that strength will not define this match. She eventually gains control and brings Lourdes down to the mats and decides the aggression of choice is an extended arm bar as she sits on top of Lourdes, who in deep pain, decides to give up.

Orsi 2, Lourdes 1.

Okay. Now it appears that things should go as expected. Orsi got off to a slow start but now, adapting to Lourdes wrestling style, she should be ready to roll, DWW style.

It starts out that way as Orsi grabs an aggressive headlock but eventually Lourdes breaks the hold.

The new girl is not intimidated.

As soon as she breaks the hold she lands on top of Orsi’s back and once again it the strength of Lourdes that is winning out over the skills, experience and training of Orsi.

Lourdes captures the Hungarian beauty in a choke hold and this form of torture doesn’t last long as Orsi urges Lourdes to stop and she gives up.

Lourdes 2, Orsi 2.

Remember the above Femcompetitor.com article citing Orsi as an enigma? This match is a perfect reason as to why. We can understand the power of Lourdes as an advantage and it does appear that Lourdes has wrestled before, just not at APL. She is very confident in her holds and applies them well.

We’re beginning to sense that this match could go either way, even though Orsi should win. As we know in life, what should happen doesn’t always occur.

Now in the final round it is Lourdes who is putting Orsi under pressure now fighting from the top and Orsi seems to be fading.

Lourdes is now in control and she begins to move Orsi around the mats as she locks in a side body scissors. Orsi becomes more feminine and submissive as she allows Lourdes to dictate the action until she squeezes hard and Orsi softly submits. Very erotic.

Lourdes 3, Orsi 2.

Even Lourdes is surprised at how this one is going as she looks at the camera and smiles.

The last round is an exercise in back and forth. Lourdes has advantages and finally Orsi does. A real upset would be if Lourdes defeats Orsi 4-2 but Orsi’s DWW pride seems to kick in and she is fighting a little better as she finally maneuvers Lourdes into a side body scissors. This time it appears that Lourdes will not escape. Lourdes is in pain.

Better happen soon.

It’s about time.

Orsi runs out of time.

The match is called and ended. Lourdes seemed seconds away from giving up. No matter. Even a score of 3-3 is an upset. This is why Orsi is the great enigma. We had seen her take on some bonafide stars and do some damage and then she lays an egg like this match.

Go figure.

Lourdes wins 3-2.

Hmm, summary time.

So she easily defeats new girl Eve but loses to a really new girl in Lourdes, which by the way, when watching the match, was no fluke. Lourdes truly got the best of her.

What can we say?

We can say that life would be less interesting if everything was predictable like a travel guide.

It’s the uncharted pathways in life that tends to change us the most, even at times, with the pain.

To love Orsi, you have to love unpredictability. You have to love surprises.

We are crazy about Orsi. She is super sexy and becomes incredibly submissive when losing.

Orsi S. and surprises?

We’ve gotten used to that. But then again, life is full of surprises.

Isn’t that what we all love about life?

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