DWW Legend Denise, Model Looks Vs 18 Year Old HWW Anita, Women’s Wrestling Classic

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February 21, 2022,

Can someone be happy all of the time? Is a smile an indicator that someone is happy?

We know the answer to both of those questions is no.

As the expression goes, a smile is just a frown turned upside down, can you dig it.

Still, a smile is very disarming and often hard to read.

Like DWW’s Anita of Hungary. The young girl was always smiling. Maybe she’s smiling because she wrestles. We hope so.

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The rich culture of Hungary is strong in folk traditions and has its own distinctive style, influenced by the various ethnic groups including the Roma people.

The day that she chose to wrestle the far more experienced Denise, she needed to be positive because as the expression goes, she was going to be up against it.

Roman gladiator style.

The 2009 DWW HWW Associated Women’s Wrestling Event was one of the best early, fully competitive wrestling events ever.

In attendance to wrestle was Antscha, Viktoria as the moderator, Anita, Tekla, Denise, Kimbra and others to name a few. It was inside of the famous DWW studio with the gray padded walls in front of a studio audience that was very happy to be there.

We’ve seen Anita wrestle before.

Anita is a trained martial arts fighter and Thai boxer.

She’s very good but in 2009 we sense it was impossible for her to match up against a veteran like the gorgeous brunette with model looks in Denise who has been wrestling with DWW since the early days.

Here, Anita has recently turned 18 so she is just a teen and a true babe in the DWW woods.

The early stages of the match appeared to prove us right.

Once the match began, Anita had her hand and arm raised as though she was trying to protect herself from a coming blow, which never came. Instead it was an excruciating head lock by Denise that took her down as the two girls were circling one another.

Denise then lay on top of her and it was becoming very clear that Anita was not going to escape the hold.

The referee counted her out. Hmm, that was a little too easy. We knew Denise was more experienced but she is also more slender that Anita which would seem to give the nicely thick younger girl an advantage.

Maybe it will show soon. In the meantime, Anita?

Keep smiling.

It’s time for round two.

By the expression on Anita’s face, this time she is far more determined that Denise was not going to just plow through her like the first time.

There is intense hand fighting and maneuvering for about a minute before Anita seizes the advantage and backs Denise up against the wall with a neck lock. Denise is in trouble but in no way conceding anything.

Anita takes her down to the mats with a side body scissors.

This looks like a closing and submitting hold and Anita had erotically bent the more experienced DWW girl over, but we hear no expressions resembling a submission coming from Denise.

If anything she tucks her stomach in and is determined to weather the storm.

Anita can’t submit her yet, but continues to maintain a strong body scissors as Denise gains her footing, is bent over but standing, and attempts to roll Anita out of the hold.

Anita hangs on for dear life. She better because Denise has a tendency not to give up.

Denise rolls Anita towards the corner of the room. Anita is maintaining the scissors but it is not as secure as before. We have to give Denise credit. The type of body scissors that Anita previously locked on to her would have made most girls submit. Truly. We are amazed at how Denise withstood that charge.

Now though, still in a weakened scissors, Denise gains control from the top while Anita is lying flat with her stomach to the mat and Denise in the standing position begins to pull the young Hungarian’s girl’s leg back in a body back breaker.

Anita is obviously in pain but doesn’t give. She manages to escape and once again assert herself on Denise.

She gains the upper body control and is in an ideal position for a cross body pin. The ref begins to count Denise out and even though the Hungarian beauty is heavier than her, slender Denise refuses to give. In one count it appears that she will but she is merely saving herself for a major leg push to break the hold.

She does and quickly seizes the opportunity.

It’s back breaker time again.

Once Denise begins to pull Anita’s chin back into back breaker mode, Anita howls in pain and submits.

She then just lies there to gather herself.

That hurt. Bad.

Bravo Denise. That was stupendous.

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Denise checks to see if Anita is okay and she is but she clearly is not happy about the last hold. She does not acknowledge Denise but stands and begins to walk around to try and physically, mentally and emotionally collect herself.

Anita is not smiling.

Time for a mini break.

Denise walks over to the table by where Tekla is sitting and begins to towel off.

Oh how we miss the comradery and relaxation amidst the erotic violence of the great DWW days.

Round three.

Anita has a look of determination on her face that almost borders on anger.


Where is the smile?

As the two engage, Anita is the aggressor and after a tussle secures the headlock on Denise and aggressively takes her down to the mats.

This time she is not going to let go and begins twisting Denise’s body trapped in the headlock.

Now Denise has no choice but to scream a submission.

Surprise, surprise.

As Anita begins to walk around during the brief break, she keeps tapping her left shoulder that she apparently injured earlier in the match.

Round four promises to be exciting.

It is currently 2-1, in Denise’s favor.

Both girls are very determined.

Will strength and youth win out or experience and grit?

As they engage, for a minute it is hard to tell who will gain control.

Denise finally does and takes Anita down. She has trapped Anita once again in a pin and smother position. Once she has Anita there, it is virtually impossible for Anita to escape.

She will not escape this time either.

Denise smothers her out to win 3-1, then consoles the fresh faced Hungarian beauty afterwards.

What we loved about this match is that we never really expected these two Warriors to meet one another in battle because of the generation difference. They wrestled so hard that they even knocked down the HWW sign.

This was indeed a good one.

Anita not only has reason to keep smiling, as an appreciative audience of a great fight, so do we.

~ ~ ~

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