DWW HWW Classic, Denise Vs Newer Kimbra, A Fight For The Ages

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February 27, 2022,

Anything that Hungary’s Viktoria organizes and orchestrates is well worth watching.

Over and over again.

The historical 2009 HWW Event is no exception.

The Czech Republic’s Denise, a longtime DWW favorite would soon meet Hungary’s Kimbra who possesses the mane of a lioness and the heart of one as well.

Before the match begins, we see Denise is going to be in very, very tough.

Being one of the initial DWW Team One Warriors, Denise has been a long time DWW favorite. While she loves wrestling in all forms, it was her cat fighting that earned her a stout reputation in Austria.

She also earned her own story from Femcompetitor Magazine.

DWW’s Denise, A Long Successful Hall Of Fame Career

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They capsulized her career well stating, “In the early part of her grappling career that began in the late 1990s when the DWW elite like Luzia, Hana, Sandra and Petra ruled with an iron fist, Denise tended to struggle. As time has progressed, so has her victory march with her opponents falling like Danube dominoes.”

Let’s review the resume of some of her battles before we enjoy her taking on the formidable newer Kimbra here.

Won Renata B. 13-1, Luna 4-1, Mary Ann 9-1, Routs Jana, Pamela 6-0, Luna 4-1, Mary Ann 6-0, Anita X 3-1, Mel 3-0, Eva N 4-0 and Dani 4-1,

Lost – Tiffany 3-0, Jana 6-1, Viktoria 6-0, and Antscha 4-2.

There were more matches of course and the 2009 HWW Tournament includes her battle against Kimbra.

Kimbra, who also has wrestled under the name Roxy, needs no introduction. We have rarely seen Kimbra lose and, lesser experience or not, we expect her to win here against the brunette with model looks named Denise.

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The event featured girls from Hungary and the Czech Republic including Tekla, Pamela, Anita, Orsi S, super star Antscha, Denise and the rising star in Kimbra.

Viktoria smiles and asks the gentlemen are they happy to be here. With a row of gorgeous girls standing there in their bikinis, ready to competitively wrestle, there is only one correct answer to that question.

After Viktoria makes the introductions and Antscha gives Viktoria a big hug, it’s time to get down to the battle.


Kimbra is wearing a long white knee support, almost like a stocking on her right leg and knee. A possible factor in the match but our victory odds are still on Kimbra.

The two begin the battle with an attempt on headlocks. Kimbra first and though Denise is second, the Czech model’s headlock is more effective.

As they crash to the mats, Denise is in control.

She has Kimbra in trouble early on and appears to be taking the fight to her. We wonder why? Is it because in 2009 Kimbra is somewhat new in comparison to Denise?


Is it because they are fighting in front of a crowd which includes Kimbra’s Hungarian contemporaries and leaders in Viktoria and Antscha? Maybe she’s a little nervous?


She had better right the ship soon because a headlock slides into a body scissors and Denise appears to be closing in on a submission.

Early in her career or not, Kimbra is not one to give up and she doesn’t.

About 3 minutes into the match, Kimbra begins to right the ship. (6:25)

Some of that she can thank Denise for.

The Czech brunette has one opportunity after another to submit Kimbra, the last being a floor to standing body scissors which she couldn’t secure. Kimbra breaks the hold and now begins to take control.

She now traps Denise in a ground level upper body scissors which Denise cannot escape but will not submit to either.

Kimbra will soon make sure that she does submit.

When she receives an opportunity, this girl knows how to seal the deal.

MMA style, she claps Denise’s right arm and literally begins to twist it to the left side above her shoulders. It looks scary like she could pull it out of socket. Denise screams and taps out.

The beauty with the model looks stays bent over for at least a minute, moving her arm and trying to collect herself.

As the second round is about to begin, the veteran Denise clearly looks a little rattled and to put it mildly, the temporarily lesser known Kimbra has absolutely gotten Denise’s attention who knows she is in a dog fight.

This is no run of the mill DWW veteran dominates the new girl joust.

The two beauties circle one another and both go for the headlock, Kimbra almost riding her cowgirl style. Denise is a veteran and knows how to fight so any submission for Kimbra in the second round will absolutely not come easy.

Denise begins to control the action, often riding on top of Kimbra but she cannot secure the submission.


For minutes Denise tries smothering Kimbra, one position after another, always on top and always close.

But no cigar.

Finally she clasps Kimbra’s chin and rolls her into a behind the back body scissors. This should be Denise’s opportunity to close the deal.

But she can’t.

Kimbra breaks the hold.

She now climbs on top of Denise and you get the sense of what is coming and it shouldn’t take long.

Kimbra maneuvers the Czech beauty into a chin lock and scissors grasping Denise behind the neck and pulling her closer.

Like wounded prey, Denise struggles but you can feel the life draining out of her. Kimbra straightens her legs around Kimbra’s neck and cranks hard.

Denise submits.

Kimbra leads 2-0.   (14:25)

Things are silent in the room. The crowd is eerily quiet.

At this point in DWW history, Denise the cat fighter, before the match was probably seen as the front runner due to her extensive experience.

How does a frontrunner respond?

Especially when they are unexpectedly losing in front of an audience who expected the more experienced fighter to win.

Some who have never been in that situation before will fade.

Others, though stunned, will assess their new and very real situation and try and recover. Come up with Plan B.

They are a little confused and publicly embarrassed but they will not give up.

Denise is an example of the latter.

She is clearly out to sea right now.

As she and Kimbra refresh themselves and walk around the famous DWW padded room in front of an audience, you can feel the wheels in Denise’s brain churning. Kimbra is more of a blank canvass.

Time to begin the third round.

Denise is determined. Good.

Round three starts with slow hand fighting and positioning. Both girls are determined and this goes on for minutes until Kimbra takes Denise down with a headlock and lands on top of her.

She can’t choke her out, which she has been warned about more than once, but she is in an incredible position to close the match out.

Denise is trapped below but she will not concede. Kimbra has her in an extremely bad position and given what she has previously extracted, this should be a done deal.

Surprisingly it isn’t.

Denise deserves a lot of credit and respect. She doesn’t give and eventually breaks the hold.

It is odd how sometimes you can respect someone you’ve long often seen winning, but even in defeat, continues to perform at a very high level.

That earns massive respect.

Next, both girls encase one another with body scissors. A mutual physical struggle and test of wills ensue. Neither caves in and the hold is eventually broken.

As they engage once more, Denise maneuvers on top and secures the advantage with a combination head scissors and arm bar. Turnabout is fair play. We can remember earlier when Kimbra had Denise in this very same position and almost dislocated her arm.

After screaming madly, Kimbra manages to break the hold.

That was a big one and possibly Denise’s last chance.

The two pause and stand catching their breath. Especially Denise. Once again, Kimbra is not letting on how she truly feels.

Time to fight.

Denise clearly doesn’t want to be blanked so she fights hard and taps Kimbra underneath attempting a cross body pin. Kimbra lays there.

The count reaches 5, 6, 7, 8 and you wonder if Kimbra is going to concede one submission and live to fight another round.

Don’t bet on it.

She kicks out, pushes Denise off balance and seizes the moment.

Now she is in the position of strength and tightens her grip underneath Denise’s chin and pulls her head towards her, slides her body up and tightens her legs around Denise’s upper neck and head, squeezes and Denise taps out.

It’s finally over. Kimbra wins decisively in a hard fought fierce battle 3-0.

Denise has completely earned our respect. She didn’t give up and by all rights she should have.

This is clearly one of DWW’s best hotly contested matches that has not been well publicized but now is squarely on the fully competitive radar and a part of our electronic history.

Leave it to DWW and her sister team at HWW to bring us classic matches.

Viktoria asked are we happy to be here?

We always are.

~ ~ ~

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