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Simplicity and beauty are a wonderful combination and very few names exemplify that more than the sweet name of Jana.

In Roman mythology Jana was the wife of Janus.

Janus is the God of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, duality, doorways, passages, and endings.

In the early beginnings of our competitive female submission wrestling industry there were three beautiful girls who stood out named Jana and all three were from the Czech Republic.

The name Jana is a Czechoslovakian baby name. In Czechoslovakian the meaning of the name Jana is God’s gift.

One of the girls named Jana wrestled for AS Films and the other two, perhaps a little more famous, wrestled for DWW.

In the 1940s, the most popular Czech female name was Marie. Next came Jana, Anna, Věra, and Eva.

Do those last four names sound very DWW familiar? Of course they do. The clouds part. Now we understand why so many DWW girls proudly carried those names.

Jana of AS Films was not a top fighter but she was energetic and truly never gave up, even when out matched.,, AS Films photo credit

We saw her in many matches where, displaying a very feminine demeanor, whatever victories she achieved were very hard fought.

Jana was shapely, sexy and very sweet. You could feel her personality flowing throw. Here she is pinning Doris.,, AS Films photo credit

Her wrestling was a gift to our community.

DWW’s Jana N. was a slender brunette who was as tough as they come and our friends at Femcompetitor Magazine fell in love with her and wrote about her.

DWW’s Jana, A Wrestler With Vision And A Strong Sixth Sense,, photo credit

Our beauty was very athletic as she participated in many types of sports including being an avid swimmer and she also loved music and dancing.

The management at DWW loved her as well. Just look at the reviews:

“When Jana was in her teens, she always enjoyed finishing off mature women and Jitka should be one of her next victims. Although Jitka was quite new and inexperienced, she’s a strong woman in her mid 20tees and she even made a good fight versus Tiffany when Tiffany was a beginner. Jana, however, is mean and cocky and she doesn’t show any respect. If you like to watch some fantastic scissors and head scissors then you’ll definitely enjoy this rather purist wrestling video.”

Sounds enticing. Give Jana N. her due. She was great at the crunching body scissors.

Here is another review.

“Jana is probably the best cat fighter ever. In the past she finished off BSA fighters as well as strong fighters like Daniela, Luzia, Edita, Ingrid and Denise. We cannot remember a single catfight that she had lost. Cat fighting is her specialty. This time it is Mary-Ann who should test Jana’s cat fighting strength. The rules are simple: Hair pulling, head scissors and face sit pin submissions are allowed. Mary-Ann is bigger and heavier than Jana and she’s well known that she will hardly give up even when she’s in pain.”

See what we mean. She is one tough cutie.

Hey look, Jana W. was no slouch either. Femcompetitor Magazine was enthralled with her as well. They saw her wrestling as a gift too. Very fitting for her name.,, photo credit

DWW’s Jana W, Her Wrestling Is An Eternal Gift – FEMCOMPETITOR …

Here was one of their observations about Jana W.

“Jana clearly had her challenges but one of the reasons we love Jana so much is that she didn’t quit. She fought through injuries and tough loses against brand new opponents but always put up a good fight. Jana’s wrestling along the Danube region was a gift, even in defeat. She was an erotic, feminine, athletic beauty full of heart. The fact that we are speaking of her today demonstrates that her wrestling was a gift that keeps giving.”

As of this December 2018 writing, we are in the heart of the Christmas Season and every country around the world has their own version and rituals when it comes to Christmas and the scenic Czech Republic is no different.

And yes, they do sport some differences.

As shared at, “In the Czech Republic, the Christmas season is a big deal. The country has a storied history filled with annual traditions that may seem a bit unusual to tourists.

Christmas Eve in the Czech Republic is celebrated with a grand feast. The featured dish is fried carp, which was purchased earlier and may be kept alive in the bathtub until ready for cooking.”,, photo via Prague Morning

Intriguing. We did not know that. Did you?

They continue, “Santa Claus is not the gift giver in the Czech Republic. Instead, Baby Jesus (Ježíšek) brings children presents on Christmas Eve. Usually, the children leave the room where the Christmas tree has placed until they hear the tinkle of a bell (rung by parents) indicating that Baby Jesus has delivered the gifts.”

That is a nice variance on an old theme.

We are fascinated by their creativity and we want to learn more. At they really breakdown the historical uniqueness of the holiday season in this vibrant land though some of the customs are no longer followed:

  1. No lights should be lit in the house before the first star comes out. After it does, dinner is served.
  2. The table should be set for an even number of guests. An odd number brings bad luck or death.
  3. An extra plate can be used to even out the number of guests. An extra plate should also be prepared in case an unexpected guest or a person in need comes by the house at dinner time.
  4. The legs of the table can be tied with a rope to protect the house from thieves and burglars in the coming year.
  5. No one should sit with their back to the door.
  6. Christmas dinner should consist of nine courses including soup, bread with honey, carp, potato salad, fruit (dried, fresh or canned), dessert (apple strudel or vánočka – Christmas bread), and other foods.
  7. No alcohol should be served on Christmas Eve.
  8. No one should ever get up from the Christmas table before dinner is finished. Doing so brings bad luck and death in the family.
  9. Everyone should finish their dinner and leave nothing on the plate.
  10. All household animals should be fed after dinner so that no one goes hungry on Christmas Eve.

We can understand why some of those rituals are no longer followed. Our favorite that should be followed everywhere is number nine.

Our Czech beauties are from a culturally rich place. We sensed that a long time ago back in the early DWW days in the 1990s.

Yes the three beautiful Czech girls named Jana are a great gift.

As long as there is a competitive female submission wrestling industry, their wrestling and legacies are the gifts that keep giving.

~ ~ ~

OPENING PHOTO photo credit 


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