It’s always important to remember history, even if it comes with questionable elements. DWW was the foundation of modern women’s submission wrestling. It was the articles written with appreciation about the DWW leadership and the beautiful young women that wrestled in Austria during the 1990s at femcompetitor.com that created a cultural shift where women’s wrestling is moving towards a corporate sponsored product. Without those articles our co-operative Femcompetitor Magazine would not have the surging traffic that it achieved.

Having said that, if you are from the female freestyle wrestling world, as long as you read the articles and stay on our sites, there should be very little objectionable. If you research other female wrestling sites, most will be erotic, including DWW. If that offends you, please do not leave our pages.

For those of you who have been DWW fans, please walk down memory lane with an eye to appreciation.




1. Luzia – DWW Hall Of Fame Wrestler Is Perfection!

Luzia flexing great photo 235_112



3. DWW Wrestler Dagmar Traveled The Road To Her Destiny 

4. DWW’s Sandra, The Silent Champion – FEMCOMPETITOR … 

5. Daniela DWW Wrestler, Like Vienna’s Night Life – Electric! 

6. DWW’s Tiffany, Wrestler, Swimmer, Winner 

7. FCI Womens Wrestling » Petra DWW Amazon! 

8. Katharina, German Wrestler, DWW, AS Film, Artist In Motion 

9. DWW-HWW’s Bori, Wrestler, Great Teacher-Mentor 

10. DWW Wrestler Edita, A Master At Adaptation

11. DWW Bea S, A Young Hungarian Wrestler Living Well 

 12. DWW’s Jana, A Wrestler With Vision And A Strong Sixth Sense

13. DWW’s LUNA, Very Dominant (Studies Show It’s A Boy!)

Luna movies-877_00000

14. DWW Wrestler Viktoria M. Skilled, Beautiful, Spa Laid Back

Hun wb270 viktoria3

15. DWW’s Denise, A Long Successful Hall Of Fame Career 

16. DWW’s Reni, Fit, Creative And An Exacting Competitor

17. DWW’s Adriena, Shapely, Sexy and Symbolic

DWW 0807_Adriena

18. DWW’s Lucille, Great Wrestler, Never Dull!

Lucille movies-542_00001


19. DWW’s Kati K, Wrestling and Dance, She Inspired The World  

20. DWW’s Joanna, A Sweet Journey Back Into The Golden Era 

21. DWW’s Dani, A Late Bloomer Who Blossomed Early

Dani 0806Dani

22. DWW, Puma, Wrestler, Belgian Elite Sorority Sister 

23. DWW’s Renata B, Strong, Confident And Very Independent

Renata B Czech_Girl_in_Prague

24. DWW’s Anastasia, A Downhill Skier At The Top Of The Mountain


25. DWW’s Timea, Her Wrestling Left Us In A Trance – FEMCOMPETITOR …


31. FCI Womens Wrestling » Michaela K. Euro Wrestler


32. DWW’s Timea S, Blonde Wrestler Who Worked Hard, But Had Fun


33. DWW’s Nina, A Wrestler Who Gets What She Wants


34. DWW’s Dana N. An Intelligent And Wise Wrestler

35. DWW’s Michaela, Her Rare Matches Are More Valuable

36. Evi DWW, Mom, Blonde Wrestler; Her No Nonsense Approach, Makes …


37. DWW’s Anita P, The Beauty of The European Union


38. DWW’s Anni, A Sexy Wrestler Who Survived And Thrived

39. DWW’S Lenka Makes You Yearn For The Good Old Days 

40. DWW’s Christine, Hungary, The Importance Of A Free Press 

41. DWW’s Antonia – A Beautiful Farm Girl In The Land Of Plenty

42. Germany’s Susanne, TPC, DWW; Soft Spirit, Hard Worker


43. Exotic Zsuzsa of DWW Saturates Your Imagination